Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay To Be Kanye West’s Best Man?

Well, my how things have changed. Kanye West and Kim K are getting married and it seems like a lot is changing at the very end of it all. But, yes…one major difference is here. They are saying over at RadarOnline.com that Jay has agreed to be the best man – with a catch. Jay and Beyonce will both be there as long as they don’t have to subject themselves to the roving reality TV cameras. Apparently, Jay gave Yeezy a gift to solidify his feelings for his bud! “The best news came when Jay sent a gift to Kanye with an inscription referring to Jay Z as the rapper’s ‘Best Man.’ The gift was a gold-plated, diamond-encrusted flask, delivered with a $10,000 bottle of scotch, for Kanye to have for his wedding day,” an insider told Radar. “Kanye was almost jumping up and down, he was so excited. He was running around Kris‘ house to find Kim saying, ‘Baby, look! Look! Jay and B are coming!’ Kanye has been begging Jay to reconsider his decision not to come to the wedding, an even more devastating decision that left Kanye groomsman-less when he declined being his best man during the televised nuptials.”

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  • Ninja seems kinda corny…why give a fugg if the next man shows up to your wedding?
    Ray J should show up though….& get the party popping!

    • Immortal

      Ray J would probably have Kim wet thinking he is the “best man”.

      • Definitely some sort of scuffle breaking out!

  • Lump Beats

    How many iLLseeds wrote for AHH on the daily? Many money… say me say many many many.

  • Jared

    Was this completely made up as far as his reaction? It’s either that happened or not lol. It’s not like 10,000 people were there when it happened they might as well give up the source

  • Just leave Solange beefing ass at home, yall know she will start flinging chairs and stuff. lol

    • Qudus

      You need to send your CV to TMZ, they’re hiring…lol


    Ray J gonna be the wedding singer…..AND he’s gonna sing I Hit It First for the closer!!

  • TrillKhvil

    This entire story is BULLSHIT!!!! From start to finish.

  • ChiVa02

    Okay AHH, now y’all just flagrantly makin sh*t up.

  • WeakSauce

    I’m all for Ray J getting an invite! After all, he did try to donate all that money. Kudos to Ray J for been so thoughtful!