Hip-Hop Rumors: Did 50 Cent’s Son Go In Or Not?

50 Cent and his son Marquise and a pretty contentious relationship, even by modern standards. You know the whole texting fiasco that played out a few news cycles? Yeah, that. So, Marquise graduates over the weekend and apparently, his dad Curtis was apparently not there. But, there are reports that Marquise went in on 50 and this is where the finger wagging sets in.


People saw this and got it screwed up:

This fake account had over 200k followers and it is all the way fake.

Still, 50 didn’t make it to his first born son’s graduation. Clearly, life goes on

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Papi Peligro

    Man 50 gone regret that.

    • RapItUp

      #SMS #AnimalAmbition is clearly more important right now

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      nah, his mother should have her son prepared to know h s graduation, while celebrated , is just a first step of lots of accomplishments

  • Chris

    I just asked my wife how she would feel if I missed our son’s graduation. She hit me with the “n*gga please” face.

  • TruthSerum

    Hate to say it but with how many problems 50 has had with this kids mother, he might be doing the kid a favor by stepping off the scene. How much happier a day would it have been for him if 50 showed up and the 2 of them caused a scene??

    I have first hand experience with this kind of situation, I never even met my dad till I was 22 for reasons like that, he knew his relationship with my mother was so unhealthy that it was better for everyone involved that he stayed away, so he just sent his checks and moved on, then when the time was right tracked me down. To this day he won’t be in the same room with her tho, If I ever get married I’ll have to make a decision which one to invite. It’s crazy but it’s reality, some people really hate each other that much.

    • Dope

      Great comment, people don’t seem to get that in some cases it’s best to completely avoid the situation if possible.

      I don’t know about 50 and their relationship, if they are cool they can easily celebrate away from all that hype. But his parents meeting there certainly wouldn’t be a good situation if mom can’t keep it cool, as 50 probably could in public.


      Word?…On some real shit if you are past a relationship, I don’t see why you would hate that person… you shouldn’t even care about that person… The way I see it Your Dad is still in love with your mom he just has way too much ego to admit it…

      … I am living the same thing 50 is going true… And It is TUFF as Hell especially when the Baby mom is still mad… But just cutting the check is such an easy route… I tried that but it didn’t make sense to me after a couple of months because I felt like I was missing out on my kid education… and That’s really losing the war … I love my child I don’t care if the baby mom is unfair, use all kind of psychological tactics, talks all kind of nonsense, My focus is My child… So really I have to Be Strong Minded for my kid mental/emotional/intellectual well being… that being said it is really easy for a regular guy like me, that’s a very tough thing to do if you are popular and run multiple companies like 50… You are already under a lot of stress the last thing you want is some baby momma drama… so In some kind of way I understand him, I mean he is that nigga in terms of mental toughness but he is just human and there is so much a man can take…

      P.S. That fake account… I bet the baby mom is behind it… still mad she ain’t having the same treatment as all the Mrs Combs… Well she used to but she blew it, she didn’t play her part right… at the beginning 50 got her a house and was giving her 500k a year… Guess what? she decided to bring in her new boyfriend and wanted more bread… here comes justice, The Judge said 50 was giving way too much money, she went back to 10k/month I believe but the judge said she could keep the house since it was a mutual agreement, a gift or some like that (well that’s what she said)… so 50 send some goons and burned the house down (that’s what she said and quite frankly I believe her lool) … so since then she is trying all kind of shit for payback… poor kid is being manipulated but it is almost over… two years from now he will be 18…

      • meanygreene

        file for custody, bruh, that’s what I did, and it worked

  • Jared

    Damn that’s a spitting image…That lil ninja look just like him lol

  • Jared Pruitt

    Fif didn’t want to overshadow his sons important day with his presence at the graduation. But the foul shit Marquise did by blasting pops on social media is completely contingent on significant time spent in a home helmed by a single black woman..


      indeed… but Marquise was just being manipulated… Marquise is 16 now…it is the time when you need your dad guidance the most…

  • dehova

    He’s lucky he has 1 parent that treats him the way he wants to be treated. 50 came up differently, losing his mum at an early age. If you listen to his music he finds materialisms as important and showering his son with gifts and providing him with the means to go uni are his way of showing love I suppose weather we agree or not.


      hmm nope it is the other way around… he said he will never spoil his child… I remember he was outraged when her baby mom ask him to buy 50 pairs of new jordans for Marquise… 50 actually put her on blast on radio and she confirmed… 50 had a hard time but then again he was supposed to go through al that to withstand the pressure he is under… so 50 want his son “to know how to fish” cauz that’s how he got where he is at… giving him maybachs and Bentleys at 16?!?.. forget that!

      • dehova

        Bro, he also said he paid for a house for them which she had also moved her new boyfriend in (possibly the one that got burned down!)

  • Montezuma1

    The kid is bytch and it’s his momma’s fault. I go in on 50 all the time but this right here is some bullshyt. No one knows the reason for anything that goes on in a man’s personal life. I’m sure this kid has been so disrespectful and unappreciative to his father that his pops said fcuk it. Also, with all the hostility between 50 and the mother why would he want to be around her and her family? There’s lots of bad blood and the potential for a scene was high. Maybe not attending was best for everybody. Clearly these bums love getting attention at the man’s expense. He doesn’t trust them and I wouldn’t either.

    Shorty if you read this and I’m sure you will. Stay neutral in any beef between your parents. You’ll become a man one day and possibly have to deal with the same issues as your father when it comes to women. You don’t know how you’re gonna handle it. Your mom has gotten in your head and forced you to choose sides. Unless your father is putting hands on your mom mind your fukking business and stop addressing your pops on social media like a little girl. Look how Dr. Dre’s son handled his lame azz father. With class. Take notes before your mom have you out here in skinny jeans and jeggings.

    Lastly, It’s HS ni99a. Pop shyt when you graduate college!

    • They said the acct is fake anyway.IDK how a kid is a bitch for wanting his father at his graduation though.Seems like a big moment for most ppl

      • Montezuma1

        He’s a bytch because this isn’t the first stunt like this. Fake account my azz. He need to stop being a tool for his mother. Hood rats raise all these sorry ni99as walking around and when things go bad blame it on the father they undermined. That chick is trash. Period. If you read my comments you know I’m no 50 stan. I just call shyt like I see it.

    • Casor_Greener

      Yeah suckas get brainwashed by these hoes and don’t know how to act. what he is really trying to say is “I love you and i miss you Dad”

  • 50 was busy, watching Rick Ross’s every move. #fail

    • Brooklyn Stoop


  • Sean Power

    maybe he wasn’t invited, woman are shady, and when your man that don’t live home with your kids and has busy life on the road sometime your ex will hide thing to make you look bad

    • diondraedwards

      How the hell u had a gradation if my child is in the 12 grade and may is approach I’m going to call him and ask for the date or u could call the school this wasn’t a pre I graduation his son is old enough to have an intelligent conversation that nigga just didn’t care to come damn all these excuses

      • Sean Power

        i’m not 50 cent fan or dick rider but just saying there 3 side to every story
        his side, her side and the truth

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    Stop crying kid you know what he does .. damn


    50 Cent STANS are the absolute worst!!!! The only logical & acceptable excuse for missing your kids High School graduation is to be in the Hospital (Very Sick/Dying) or Jail!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ramesses The Great

      Nigga 50 paid for his life and his mom’s.


        ^^^If you are a father you obviously don’t do shit for your kids!! or you didn’t have one growing up!! He’s supposed to pay for the things he has that’s what a REAL father does whether he’s with the Mom or not!!!

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    i wanna go in on 50……….and if you read any of my comments you know i have no issue doing that, HOWEVER, i have no opinion on the relationship between a Man, his Ex women and THEIR child. when i was young i was on the anti-man/blame your father band wagon……….nagas aint ish, my dad aint a “real man” when i get older imma be different woo woo woo.
    2 things i realized as i grew into manhood………….1) things aint always what it seems and 2) these chicks is crazy. so on the outside………..yeah it look “F”‘d up, yeah yeah im sure if you was him you would be there. we all know this. but lets not forget 1) we aint him 2) aint got a baby by her 3) aint went thru whatever these 2 went through and lastly that aint your child.

    on the flip side……..when i graduated from High School i didnt have ANY family there……so i also get why 50 son would feel a way (yeah the story is fake) though, but at least he had someone to attend. i got my name called and it was silent………..smh so embarrassing lol

    • Chynna Redd

      aww bless your heart!!!

      • Ramesses The Great

        Bitch please

    • Eli Pinilla

      I was looking at your photograph amazed how I favored you
      I remember being young wanting to play with you
      Cause you was a wild and crazy dude
      And now I understand why my momma couldn’t never stay with you
      From the roots to the branches to the leaves
      They say apples don’t fall far from the trees
      I used to find it hard to believe
      And I swore that I would
      Always hold my family as long as I could
      But damn
      Our memories can be so misleading
      It’s misery
      I hate to see history repeating
      Thought you were the bad guy
      But I guess that’s why
      Me and my girl split
      And my son is leaving
      I did chores, did bills, and did dirt
      But I swear to God I tried to make that shit work
      ‘Til I came off tour to an empty house
      With all the dressers and the cabinets emptied out
      I think I must’ve went insane
      Thinking I was in love, but really in chains
      Trapped to this girl through the two-year-old who carried my name
      I tried to stop tripping
      But yo, I couldn’t and the plot thickened
      That shit affected me, largely
      Because I know a lot of people want me
      To fail as a father
      And the thought of that haunts me
      Especially when I check my rear-view mirror
      And don’t see him in his car seat
      So the next time it’s late at night
      And I’m laid up with the woman I’mma make my wife
      Talking ’bout how we ‘gon make a life
      I’m thinking about child support, alimony, visitation rights
      Cause that’s the only outcome if you can’t make it right
      Pissed off with your children feeling the same pain
      So, Pop, how could I blame cause you couldn’t maintain
      I did the same thing
      The same thing

      Phonte- all for you

  • Live Well

    The account was fake so this is a moot issue.

  • Green Blood

    But if 50 showed up…the graduation would’ve turned into a autograph signing

  • BALLER ✔️

    Dumb baby mom = you know girl 50 cent giving me 500,000 a year that mo fukk a got a lot of money!!

    Dumb baby mom friends= oh he’ll nah girl that mofukk a make way more money.

    Dumb baby momma= that’s it I’m taking his dumbass to court…

    Judge= listen hoe he giving you wayyyyy 2 much money! ! Guess what you getting now 10,000 A MONEY DUMBASS BITCH!!!


    Dumb baby MOM= I’m chilling with some dumbass hoes I gotta change my circle WTF O HELL NAWWWWW…

    Cries to sleep every night thinking how she won the lotto but then lost the ticket

    • Ramesses The Great

      Actually she ended up getting $6,500 per month lol.

      • Ipullcards

        Loser bishes take loses even when they’re suppose to win

    • Eli Pinilla

      Don’t forget Dumb baby mom- ” well ngga, I got the house and my boyfriend living with me”

      50= house mysteriously gets burned down…

      • BALLER ✔️

        Lol yeahh buddy

    • therealest1

      The ignorant chick got greedy with that. I recall she was getting $10,000 a month without any court mandate, then she tried to get smart and take it to court to legally get more.

      The judge ended up mandating 50 only had to legally pay $7,000 a month going forward.

      She should have stayed content with getting basically $120,000 a year for raising a kid and living expenses. I believe that’s tax free too.

      • Guest

        It is actually less then the $7,000/month lol

  • Andre Moore

    First of all if 50 did show up so many people would be asking for pictures and autographs that it would take away form his son and all the kids graduating. I wouldn’t want someone famous at my graduation its suppose to be my day not his.

    • LoverOfHipHop

      Kanye actually went to someone’s graduation with no problems. Jay and B went to his nephew’s graduation too.I see what you’re saying though.

    • keylon jackson

      if your son is dying and he needs your blood? you gon put it on the famous shit too?

    • soyhiphop

      Who cares that’s his first born son he will never get that moment back a pivotal point of his sons can’t restore precious time..I remember all things pertaining to me that my dad was involved in I can’t put a price tag on dad..ya’ll be father’s to your children even if your baby moms a bitch

      • Capital

        nigga its only high school graduate from college then holla

      • soyhiphop

        You’re an imbecile you downplaying hs graduates like they just finish kindergarden. Is the biggest step into independence and a posible brighter future you can’t go to college if you dont finish hs right? With so many hs drop outs be glaad he just mad you ain’t had a dad in your life I bet lol

    • HatingWhitePeopleSince85

      You sound stupid! His fame is no justification for not showing up to this boy graduation! Obama’s status doesn’t stop him from COACHING his daughters soccer team! And attending their functions so why should 50 be any different! Smh

  • trilltalk1

    the nigga didn’t go cause the nigga didn’t go. we don’t know the relationship. it is easy to comment from the outside looking in. niggas always wanna throw the moral clause on the table. but the realest shit is this, every one is different some live by that clause and some don’t. just cause someone doesn’t do something the way you would does not make you right or make them wrong. it makes us different thats life trilltalk

    • Carlos

      real talk…nobody knows what is going on there. Maybe his sons mother told him not to go. Anyway it is their business whatever that is.

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  • Eli Pinilla

    This lil ngga needs to man up!!! You graduating from a private school in atlanta. You live in a Damn mansion and where money is coming from and what your gonna do for it is a stress you have the luxury of never having to deal with. That’s a liberty your father provides you that you will never appreciate because unless he cuts you off, you won’t know what it’s like to create a lively hood and deal with the stress/fear of failing. Same fear that got him to be able to support yo ass. You see his Damn career ain’t where it should be. You know that ngga ain’t in the club blowing all his Damn money. He tryin to promote an album, headphones, movies so yall ass can live without the stress of not knowing. There’s nothing worse than not knowing. Chill yo ass out and let your pops be. He’ll come around and so will you. Especially when you grow up and you see how life really is for people who don’t have what you have cuz your pops is out there hustling instead of die ‘n 10 years ago and you graduating from some public school in Queens crying cuz your dad dead or he out there broke in these streets and couldn’t provide for u…..

    • u do kno he never said anything and it was a fake account doe right? i mean thats a lot of emotial ass typing for some fake shit

      • Eli Pinilla

        That’s a general sentiment cuz he been talkin bout his pops like that…..and 50 really did miss the graduation and had to put out a statement through his pub that he didn’t Make it cuz the mom didn’t tell him and didn’t want him there… it ain’t all fake neither….

      • orlando jackson

        hope if his son get shot he wont find no excuse like that… niggas are finding excuses for 50 while dude is somewhere eating breakfast lol

      • thats not even funny.

      • Changeclothz


    • orlando jackson

      lol what do you know bout 50 and his son’s life…

  • pauleyPee

    I get that we don’t know what happened, and I get that this was a fake twitter/insta scandal, if you will………….. But all that to say that there is no way that I would ever miss my daughter’s High School graduation. I don’t care how crippled I am, how poor I am, and/or how overwhelming my celebrity may be… I’m not missing that shi* under any circumstance within my control.

    • KobieDixon

      Jordan, what if the other parent is so bitter they use the courts to keep you away? Is it worth risking your freedom?? Never say never. I use to. I did everything in my power for 5 years to be in my son’s life. After his mom psychologically kidnapped him I still tried. It wasn’t until she started causing conflict with my job and the police that both my parents were like leave her and your son alone.

      • Phatt Killah

        Hey man make sure you Keep a journal of all the things that are going on. Send emails to her the whole 9. And Keep them joints til he grows up. The minute he turn 18 and the mom comes out the mouth wrong, put her ass on BLAST! That’s what my boy did and now he has a good relationship with his son. He finally forgave his mother but hey, she played the bad guy in this one. No need for you to get sh*tted on or hated because of something that was out of your control. JMO

      • pauleyPee

        “… I’m not missing that shi* under any circumstance within my control…”

      • Good edit!

        50 wouldn’t either!

      • pauleyPee

        That’s not an edit. That’s what I originally said. Trolls man… These fu**in’ trolls. lol

      • * Real Spill *

        All a Ninja have to do is act like he don’t give a fugg about being in his son’s life…..and the mom will be dragging him to court making him participate.

        They go for what hurts….and if a Ninja act like spending time hurts & is fuggin him up in the game with his new, barely legal, rich wife…& Baby Momz will force that Ninja to take custody. She might even off herself so a Ninja has no choice but to take custody, so becareful not to play the whole “I’ve never been happier in my life” role up too much.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      you never know ish happens BUT!! thats one of those things that you must make up for !! dont sleep on the positive accomplishments!

    • i_am_LOUD

      I hope you lose your legs stfu

    • What about a restraining order?

      • pauleyPee

        What about a restraining order? lol

      • BM’s has one of Fif…so he can’t attend & stay free & rich, etc.

      • pauleyPee

        What does that have to do with his son’s graduation? And if you’re going to respond, respond with some law straight from the book. Not your “for the sake of argument” assumptions. Nigga could have went but I’m not judging him. I don’t know his situation. But me? I’m going. I’d talk to my lawyer first and go. Why are ya’ll so hell bent on defending this man?

      • If BM’s is some some sucka ‘chet to get a restaining order & tell little man you were to busy with heaux to show up, what can you do? Show up, then go up the river, broke, cuz she sued you?

      • pauleyPee

        lol So he couldn’t have sat outside of the mandated buffer range? Dude, go get you some Wingstop and kick your feet up. It’s two days later, my ninja… Let 50 Cent’s problems be 50 Cent’s problems. smh

      • Who’s to say he didn’t? The pic from inside the buffer zone? The fake twitter account?

        Believe none of what you hear and only 1/2 of what you see.

        Wise up!

  • Yung Nutt Da GODD

    50 jealous his son is now smarter than him.

    • True, but you know how petty 50 is, he’s the type to buy a college & have it follow him around teaching him.

      • Yung Nutt Da GODD

        LMAO…i could see that.

  • chippc

    I wanna know who lies in wait to create a fake profile of a kid to try to stir up possible real life problems with his pops? How does that even cross your mind during the course of the day? You gotta have more going on in your life than that.

  • wickedjones

    Sons always side with the mother. I don’t care if the mother is a crackhead, thief, hoe, or whatever

    • you ant been to too many places i suspect

      • It’s different in the white culture.

        Whiteboys disrespect their mom so much, sometimes I have to check them as a complete stranger.

    • True!

  • @Real_SirJamie

    50 didn’t go because the child’s MOTHER was there and they have a RESTRAINING ORDER against him. Anyone with a search bar on their computer or phone can find that out, but go ahead paint him to be a “bad father”.

    • orlando jackson

      oh ok so you saying if his son is dying he cant go there also i got you

      • Frank

        that’s how restraining orders work. You don’t get allowances for deaths or anything.

      • He can….but he can be sent to jail for it!

    • Good call!

    • Bullshit, 50 clearly said that he didn’t have phone or internet service to know that his son was even Graduating……This man is a multimillionaire who can simply ask a judge to go to this event…Just like how he went through great lengths to destroy other rappers careers he could have went hard for his own child.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Don’t know. I’m pretty sure mom dukes got his head all wrapped up into her world and the boy inadvertently is just another mouth piece of his mother. Once he steps into manhood, he probably will understand a bit more on why his Dad made the choices that he did.

  • Funny how 50 can drop what he is doing to attack other rappers, and even make videos with their baby mothers, and can’t go out of his way to see his son graduate?…And you all wonder why people like Donald Sterling dislikes black people.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      well he if could pretend to be there i think fif would of made it happen or have french go out there and record it for him … remember those things are easy for him cause he can do it where he stands .. it aint like he made special arrangements to go see these people or do those things …. in most cases its on the spot or they came to see him …. not making excuses but thats how it goes ……. i mean i cant speak for another man but i def dont see how you miss graduation even if you did @least make up for it when you can do something cause thats every kids first big step into the real world

      • Easy…when he’s talking ‘chet to / about you, while you have his standards of living on par with a white graduate…50 paid his support & it’s about to end…that ‘chet will teach him more about life than school ever did.

      • it’s just interesting how 50 cent was the first to comment on Jay-Z and Beyonce’s elevator fight, but uninformed about his own child graduating from high school.

      • Uninformed or prevented from attending by restraining order or mom dukes fugg ‘chet?

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      you fool, whites do the same thing – much more often – get out in the world and learn a little before kissing white pedophile d##k

      • You just don’t like to hear the truth….Instead of looking the other way black men need to do better.

    • The son dissed 50, ow he has to deal with it!

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  • KobieDixon

    I’m in almost the same exact situation as 50 (which is ironic because we’ve the same birthday). Some mothers who no longer can be in the relationship with the father of their child(ren) they’re still in love will often do their best to hurt the dads the only way they can -thru their children. It’s really sad how children put they’re trust in their mother’s leadership only to find out –WHEN THEY”RE 40 years old– that they were being used as pawns the whole time because of hurt feelings. Fifty was a proud dad from the gate. The only way I can see this relationship becoming so sour is by a sour mom who thought she might be the first lady of hip hop and in the end just became a bitter bird.

    • Damn near all women do that ‘chet!

  • KobieDixon

    In some countries in Europe the term psychological kidnapping is admissible in family court. Mother’s here should face time for intervening in and not advocating paternal affairs..

  • For eybody making excuses for the guy it’s fkd up bruh wasn’t there period. Can’t let a nothing azz bitch stop you from seeing ya son. Court or whatever I’d be sneaking to see him, fk all that.

    • He bit the hand that fed him….Fif would be doing his son a great diservice if he didn’t allow him to deal with the consequences.

      Hopefully the mom saved some of that 50K a month support…..looks like she will be needing it!

      • Guest

        Where you get 50K a month from???

      • 25K, My bad.

      • Guest

        More like $6500/Month, the Judge cut it down from $10,000/month.

      • Yeah, it was cut down a few times, ‘ole girl originally asked for 50K per mnth, but ONLY got 25K & 50 got that reduced to the $6,700.

        $1,500 a week, 80K per year.

        She went to court, and that’s the ruling, but it’s obvious that she could have played her cards right & gotten more, in the long run, just by playing her position.

        18 comes fast when you doing fugg ‘chet, what is she going to do for income for the next 30-40 years?

        Love & Hip Hop?

      • dj coldheart

        Broke and hip hop

      • You better copyright that b4 I do!

      • Black Trump

        I was thinking the same thing, but Fiddy prolly has to pay till he gets outta college.

      • Maybe, still…

  • Slaughtr


  • Black Trump

    fiddy funded this kids whole life… all u did was walk across the stage and ur pops money prolly paid for the cap and gown you walked in., smh these hoes ain’t loyal

    • Nice

      loyal??? bruh thats his child…. nigga you know how much dat shit hurt to not have yo pops actually BE THERE for you??? money dont mean shit to a child yall should be ashamed praising dis nigga just cuz he got money

      • Yep…that’s why the baby mom’z restraining order kept him from going!

      • Mec-One

        It was a temporary restraining order over five years ago when the house in long island burned down and she was trying to blame 50. But, even if it was still on it shouldn’t have stopped him from showing up at the sons graduation ……. he didn’t have to be standing right next to the mother ……. it was outside he could have been chilling in the back some where & sent one of his security to let his son know he’s there …….

      • Technically, sending messages = Violation

        Restraining orders can be renewed.

        Maybe he didn’t show because his son talked mad ‘chey & sided with moms.

        50 is old school, he’s not going to beg anyone to let him look out for them…especially if they got grimey, no matter who it is.

        Lesson of the day….who is better off without who? 50 off child support or the baby’s mom & son talking ‘chet?

      • Black Trump

        I “praised” the guy based off him taking care of his son. In a perfect world a well rounded relationship is ideal…But we don’t live in that world. yet while u may not be able to have that loving relationship with your kid(s) for whatever reason, in this case the kids mother, he still gave support. and that deserves some praise cause a lot of mf wouldn’t have did that. ohh and fiddy say “he never got an invite” and he was in Budapest filming a move at the time” the kid sister said “it was a fake page” life is life and it is what it will be and these hoes still ain’t loyal lol

  • dj coldheart

    Fifty said he didnt even know he was graduating that day nobody called him and said shit. I think fiftys baby moms is on that bullshit all in his sons ear trying to discredit 50. Nobody knows the whole story so it aint nobodys business. Fifftys baby mama tried to sue him for more child support after she was already getting cashed out like 10 grand a month. That bitch got her child support dropped down to likle 6500 a month hahah

    • Mec-One

      50 was paying for his son to go to that private school ……. I’m sure all he had to do was make a phone call to find out dates, time, & place of graduation ….. no way she could’ve stopped him from showing up if she didn’t know he was going to go

  • drac215

    I didnt go to my daughters graduation either!!! When she turned eighteen she thought she was grown and became very disrespectful to her mother and my upbringing of her in Christ!!! Shes lived with us all her life until about two months before graduation(grandma took her in). She got worse and worse with her daily routines. Graduation comes and mom and I said we loved her, nourished her, protected her all these years and she could care less. When we didnt show up she knew why(the holyspirit touched her slowly) and now shes back home!!! You can never let a child when they become young adults get to cocky while still under your care!!! The Bible says honor your mother and father!!! Good job fif, God bless people in Jesus’s name!!! Peace

  • El Dogga

    This is no ones business……..

    There’s nothing to see here carry on….(police voice)