Signs The World Is Coming To An End: 8-year Old Brother/Sister Rape 10-Year Old

What is going on? These people are SICK! Apparently a brother and sister teamed up on a 10-year-old and raped her! The boy did the actual raping and the sister allegedly held her down. The girl ran outside the school and her family discovered what happened. I can’t even fully express how crazy this is! Peep what the girls mother said:

“She came out with her knees and hands shaking and crying. I jumped out of the car and asked her what was wrong and she said ‘mama they touched me down there. The little boy pulled his pants down, pulled her pants down.” said the mother, adding that the sister held the victim down while her younger brother raped her. I’m not blaming just the kids. I blame the teachers, the people who are supposed to protect our kids when they’re at school.”

Here is the video:

  • Jared

    That’s just sickening and parents need gone investigated. Back to Hip Hop

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    You blame the teachers? Blame the parents of those kids. That is LEARNED behavior. The parents got some splainin to do.

    • Immortal

      Don’t know how much explaining the parents could do honestly. I don’t think I’d hear anything coming from the mouth of the parents of the children that raped mine. I’m not talking tough but being honest; I don’t think I’d hear anything short of their last breaths. But you have a point, there is something going on in that house that triggered the response from those kids.

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  • DontReplIWontRead

    Lol this is hilarious

    • Ipullcards

      Hilarious? You have to be a sex offender. Damn we got trolling sex offenders now? Ill seed you fuxing up!

  • Yung Nutt Da GODD

    La’Tasha Givens can get all 4 inches of this work, trill talk, my niggas.

    • colossus


      • Yung Nutt Da GODD

        So you sayin’ I can’t skeet on your niece?

      • blinkid

        Grow up you fool.

      • Yung Nutt Da GODD

        But why you mad, tho?

      • colossus

        All good homie, karma is a trip. When it comes back on you, it gonna hit hard! Proverbs says don’t rebuke a fool, so go on and do you pa!

  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    more then likely those 2 children that attacked the girl are also victims of abuse and are just mimicking what they have seen.

  • tha OG

    The world we live in is sick!!!

  • Brindle

    people getten sicker and sicker due lack of discipline, expectations and accountability plus an everything goes society…

    • In other words….quite a few people gotta get fugged up behind this ‘chet….quite a few.

  • John Q. Public

    i see we got some sick new commenters on AHH below… musta came over from WSHH

  • sapawi

    what now

  • sapawi

    some one should be held accountable so these two do not do another child this

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  • Black Trump

    were they supposed to be hiding her face? smh

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