Lil Boosie Compares New Album To 2Pac's "All Eyez On Me" (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Lil Boosie EXCLUSIVELY informed AllHipHop less than a month ago that the comparisons between him and the late Tupac Shakur have become so prevalent that fans refer to him as “Boo Pac”. In a recent interview, Lil Boosie speaks on his upcoming Touchdown 2 Cause Hell project and compares it to a 2Pac classic.

Boosie called his upcoming project Touchdown 2 Cause Hell “a classic” during an April 2014 appearance on BET’s 106 & Park. In his recent interview with HotNewHipHop, Boosie calls the album “the best double-disc since [Tupac’s] All Eyez On Me” and explained how he is infusing his music with other classic acts:

I’m bringing that real quality music, what’s really going on in the world besides popping bottles and models and things like that. I got that stuff that…that single . That Cutlass on three wheels talk. That reality rap. That N.W.A, Geto Boys Rap, and people gotta feel it.

Lil Boosie’s Touchdown 2 Cause Hell will be available on July 15th.

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    WTF boopac? …these (NEW) fans than created a monster!!! LMAO!!!

  • tra mo

    Subject matter wise if u LISTEN to his songs they are somewhat comparable to 2pac listen to distant lover,mind of a maniac,dont know my struggle, rain,who gon love you better, pain etc gotta listen tho

    • John Q. Public

      im a really nice guy sometimes, that don’t make me Jesus Christ…

      I bet if Pimp were still alive he woulda told Boosie calm his azz down with this one

      • scullyson


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  • John Q. Public

    …this guy

  • therealest1

    Lesbian looking with a fucked up ass haircut bitch please! This new generation of ass clowns have so much audacity to compare their worthless albums to classics before the public even hears it.

    • kingpush

      read some of your comments and I come to the conclusion that you a bitch ass nigga

  • John Q. Public

    So what REALLY IS the best double disc (Rap) album to drop since “All Eyez On Me”?

    • John Q. Public

      imma go with UGK “Underground Kingz”

      • The_Good_Life


      • John Q. Public

        My fav Pac album… but not a double disc

      • don king

        i go with Killah Priest “The Psychic World of Walter Reed” is super dope. the lyrics r incredible! hes 1 of the most underrated rappers 2.

      • John Q. Public

        Ill check it out on spotify see whats up with that

      • don king

        yeah u should definitely do that.

      • IceBergSlim

        UGK.. NO Doubt

      • I fuxx wit ya on that…..

    • John Q. Public

      “Life After Death” came out after All Eyez as well

    • Fosho3528

      Wu Tang Forever

      • John Q. Public

        I knew there would be a Wu fan that would say that… honesty never listed to whole album…

        Ironman by Ghostface is my sh*t tho

  • Sydewayz Soundz

    This fuckin guy….you ain’t Pac yo…

  • The_Good_Life

    Boosie…you got the jail time but you need to survive shots to head and nuts first. Good luck.

  • Immortal

    “That reality rap”…..haven’t we had enough of that? How many more “hoods” are there to speak on? How much more weed can one person smoke? How many more strip clubs are we going to go to? I don’t need anymore “reality rap”. I need some Reality Hip Hop. Glad to see J5 is back with some new stuff.

    • Ipullcards

      B5? I love them. They were on 106 and park singing there little hearts out. The youngest reminded us all of Michael Jackson but they just dissapeared???

      Just fuxing around lol..

    • idk, but i can smoke a lot of weed

  • Soulgasm

    I just don’t get it. I’ll admit, I’ve never been a huge Boosie fan, but again, I’ve never truly listened to his lyrics. So, I’ve tried to give dude a chance and listen to a lotta tracks that some cats tell me to check out (and then some), and I still do not see the comparison to Pac. Pac? I understand the pain in his (Boosie) lyrics and the “realness” he speaks about, but he repeats the same lyrics in his songs. He simply recycles his lyrics. Plus, the delivery is just not on point. The level of acceptance with this era, has just been brought down to almost nothing. To compare him to someone with the influence and reach of Pac, is just disrespectful. Bossie’s reach has never been, and will never be on that level. I’m not knockin dude’s hustle…get ya money; and I will still listen to some of his new music. I’m just knocking the unvalidated opinions that everyone has when they say he’s the next Pac. But hey, everyone’s entitled to an opinion; I just wish there were more educated opinions…

    • Bumpy Johnson

      his features are gonna be – 2chainz and im guessing -> yo-gotti , future, probably a lil rick ross, and other bubble gum rappers…ima big boosie fan but his music has never and probably will never come close to .blue print 2, street disciple, wu tang is forever, n Life after Death. EVER! he just not as talented lyrically and the time/era wont allow him to.

      • Obi Won

        That’s a bold statement. Your a big Boosie fan but an album that hasn’t even touched the light already is worse than Streets Disciple & BP2?Those albums were bad.
        But then again like Nas said “your best success is my worst blunder” and those are the Juggernauts of rap. We’ll see though

  • scullyson

    How can he make such a comparison ? Boosie trippin.

    • ccwaterbound32

      why don’t you wait and see what he has to say if it’s jamming cool if not then don’t f**k with it…simple…

      • scullyson

        Nah homie there’s no need to. 2 pac was only in the Rap game for about 10 years before he died and amassed a net worth of aprox 40 million. Lil boosie net worth right now after 15 years is aprox $500,000. That speaks volumes right there alone.

  • Renzoe

    Sorry i don’t think so, pac had integrity i could go on about lil boosie not near pac level ANY LEVEL!!!.First pac didnt have 7 kids with random thots i will give it to him thou hes taking care of his kids,he suppose to.Pac uplifted his people our people not just in music but by his actions,check out you tube you see many videos of pac in interviews talking some real shit.I’m sure the younger generation might be feeling lil boosie some of his music is ok,but hes no where near pac.i mean pac had a interview when he was 17 before he was famous talking about what he wanted out of life and whats fucked up about the world at 17!

    • ccwaterbound32

      Just to set the record straight I AM NOT D**KRIDING!!! In Baton Rouge boosie would talk to cancer patients,give away bikes and toys to little kids who scored high on their LEAP tests and overall grades, He organized and coordinated an Easter Bash for kids, He spoke to kids about the dangers of the streets and how education was important…I admit boosie aint on pac’s level as far as consciousness is concerned but you gotta RESPECT his track record as far as giving back to his community! so speak what you know and not what you THINK things are….

      • Renzoe

        That’s great that he gives back , i’ve given back also and im not rich i think everyone should give back if you ask me rich or poor,but comparing your album to pac is something for us music listeners to say not boosie.If his ablum dont live up to the hype hes going to look stupid! LET THE CRITICS AND FANS DECIDE

  • dan tyler

    First Schoolboy Q compares his album to the Chronic, now Boosie compares his album to All Eyez on Me. The sad part is people who didn’t grow up in the era will believe them

  • Dubb

    Gangsta Musik and Ghetto Stories.. 2 albums from Boosie and Webbie in 2003.. for those who don’t understand why Boosie is saying what he said in this interview

    • they both suck doe.. try and understand that shit

      • Dubb

        lol you win

      • lol



    • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

      you put that out there like you really saying something. niggas with at least the average amount of intelligence dont listen to that non-sense.this niggas album will be as hot as randy savages album …go read about it nigga

      • Dubb

        If you don’t like it, then it ain’t for you nigga.. I ain’t finna bump with y’all boys.. y’all niggas too emotional on this site.. I’m not gon tell nobody to check out some bullshit or sayin the nigga finna be the next Pac.. if you tryna listen to some real life shit then that’s it for those who don’t understand like I said.. quit cryin nigga

      • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

        you the one sounding kinda sensitive you hoe ass trick nigga

      • Cali weed Im gonna let u finish and all BUT Washington State got the best weed of all time #StillAllWestcoast

      • Dubb

        lol simp

      • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

        nigga please you clown yourself for even admitting you like that non rapping assclown

  • soyhiphop

    Im a. Lil boosie fan but im also realistic..he hasn’t dropped anything buzz worthy upon his release..guess we will have to wait and see

  • soyhiphop

    Now on him comparing his next album to all eyez on me? What he smoking on?

  • mr morgan

    As far as my favorite double CD I’m gonna have to go with krayzie bone thug mentality a slept on classic

  • Dadon850

    So he saying it’s better than Biggie album Life After death?? Boosie better get off that lean

  • dajudgementday .

    Boosie will never be what Pac was to black people.Pac was a panther,Pac was a hero,Pac was an intelligent thug,Pac was an originator,Pac was the realist,Pac was the truth,Pac was a ladies man,Pac was a role model for black men,Pac was a poet,Pac was an actor,Pac was an activist,Pac was Makavelli !

    • pac could also RAP!!! lol boosie on lil b level of rapping.. lol.. ok he not that bad, he more like riff raff level.. ahahhaa

  • Executive

    But April fools day was a long ass time ago?

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  • “besides popping bottles and models and things like that. I got that stuff that…that single . THAT CUTLESS ON 3 WHEELS TALK” this nigga just contradicted him damn self.. lol #WeakBars

  • nystateofmind

    Ok boopac all eyez on you…

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  • Maitreya One

    how about being yourself

  • i’mreloaded!

    This da type of $hit dat happens when niggas gas deez rappers up. A below average rapper claimin to be similar to a legend just because niggas was on his dicc cuz he did time. Niggas are fooled by da street image and I know dis cuz before he went to jail, nobody was screamin Boosie except maybe a few folks I know from down dat way. 2pac? Man, stop.

    • IceBergSlim

      Agree..100 percent

    • Reality

      I’m a true hip hop fan. Some of my favorite rappers are Black Thought, 2Pac (my favorite), Method Man, Chuck D, Rakim, Q-Tip, Talib, Mos Def, Slick Rick, Nas, Outkast, Bun B, K-Rino, Geto Boys, Big Krit and etc. I’m also from the south and have been listening to Lil Boosie since he was with Concentration Camp. True Lil Boosie is no Tupac. I don’t take his statement as him comparing himself to Tupac. If someone says that Dwight Howard is the best center since Shaq, that is not saying that he is on the same level as Shaq. That is saying that they feel that, there hasn’t been any other center closer to Shaq than Dwight Howard. Everybody has their own opinion on the best 2Pac album. That is a personal thing. Different songs affect people differently. People relate to songs and content differently. They have certain memories and feelings associated with different songs and albums. When he make that statement, that’s his opinion. There are some albums that came out that he has never heard of. No person has heard every album out. For him to say that album, he probably feels like this album puts “HIM” in that same mode that that specific album put him in. People onn here hating on Lil Boosie as a whole, I ask that you do your research on him before doing that. If all you know from his catalog is Wipe Me Down and Zoom, you know nothing about him. Labels put out what they want to. They put out what they feel will sell to the market. I say start with “Pain”. Go back and listen to his older stuff and his underground records. After doing that research if you still feel that way, that’s your prerogative.

  • Fosho3528

    Wu Tang Forever came out in 1997. Might want to rethink that statement. Wait… Boosie’s mentally slow a** fans have no idea what hip hop is anyways. Simple Simon a** ni**as.

    • Obi Won

      Na that’s not true, i’m a true Boosie fan, but a true Hip Hop fan as well.

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  • Fosho3528

    All Eyes On Me isn’t even the best Pac album.

    • rocnation30

      OK then what is……only argument is ME AGAINST THE WORLD

    • John Q. Public

      My 2 favorite pac albums are…

      1. Makaveli
      2. Me Against the World

      …followed by All Eyez on Me

      But if you count the Greatest Hits double disc that’s def the best compilation

      • Fosho3528

        That’s pretty much my order too. I swap Mak and MATW around depending on what mood I’m in.

      • Yall tripn me against the world was the best. …..lmao

  • Jared

    GTFOH with that

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  • HipHop1980

    Biggie album Life After death 1997!!!

  • arrdeesss

    You know what? I was wanting to check this out but now it can only disappoint me. Why do dudes say shit like this. Boosie not even the best rapper on his label tbh.

  • atle fjeldstad

    I like me against the world better than all eyes on me.. I actually think boosie is a great rapper, he got a understanding for music and he speaks on alotta topics. Didn`t like his latest tape, but his albums have always been solid..

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    No doubt, it ain’t that hard to top All Eyez On Me


      Your are obviously an unintelligent, inbred country azz muthaf*cka thinkin’ BOOPSIE with his trash unintelligble ‘lyrics’ & lack of charisma or ANYTHING of substance to say, can even be mentioned in the same universe as the late great icon Tupac ‘2PAC’ Shakur & his legacy! GTFOH!

      • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

        LMAO! I must have hurt your little feelings sweetheart. ”2Pac is the biggest rolemodel in my life” hahahahahahaha!


        PAC means a LOT to the World bitch! He’ll go down in history & be remembered 50 years from now! Your lil butt boy BOOPSIE will be a ‘footnote’ at best, most with intelligence won’t remember this dimwit short time from now…………but don’t let us waste your time, run back & get in line to see that BOOPSIE ‘show’…… remember he’s ‘2PAC’, as he’d tell everybody…………..

  • Dan_Tebasco


  • and now he is dissrespecting 2pac.. imo dno pshh

  • IceBergSlim

    Slim you have lost every since of mind you have left..You don’t have the foundation nor the skills Tupac had, you can never fill his shoes or his style and concept of music. His interpretation of the young black male coming up was groundbreaking a street smart intellectual.

  • Boosie needs 2 shut up with this 2pac shit he aint no where near PAC in everyway

  • Obi Won

    Lol, Boosie, I get it, you feel like Pac at times, hell Ja Rule and a good percentage of rappers felt that way. But the only comparison you have is, its a double disc, and both of you had a lot of songs fresh out of jail. But continue to be BOOSIE, and i’ll continue to be a fan of the real music. Stop the comparisons and just say your putting out quality Baton Rouge music. That’s good enough for the fans.

  • WeakSauce

    This guy need to get off that high horse he is on. Reality will hit him once he drops the album. Then he will be like, I feel like Nelly, both of our double albums went triple Wood!


    Nicca PLEAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!! A piece of PAC’s bodily waste HAS MORE INTELLIGENCE & TALENT than BOOPSIE has had in his entire ‘career’! Need to send this Nicca BACK TO PRISON for impersonating ‘someone with talent’! GTFOH!

  • king

    No way not even possible his album would reach the status of pac’s albums.

  • Liketohateus

    this nigga went to jail and lost his mind

  • Liketohateus

    in my opinion all eyez on me isnt all that its not pacs best ..Makaveli is Pacs best album

    • MultiKingdarius .

      Exactly bro. Don’t get me wrong , I LOVE All Eyez on Me, and it definitely was a crowing achievement of the 90’s, but either The Don Kilumanati or Me Against The World was more inspirational for me.

  • I was always more of a Webbie listener…..

  • Ter-Mar Reason

    Half these comments prob werent even able to live on their own when tupac was DROPPIN heat like all eyes on me. Let alone me against the world. You had to follow him through his digital underground days to truly appreciate him as an artist and know his family background struggle to appreciate him as a political figure. I personally met him on more than one occasion and seen his impact up close and personal. No one will come close to his persona in this generation of hip hop. End of story.