Meek Mill-Kid Cudi

Meek Mill Responds To Kid Cudi's Criticism Of Hip Hop (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Kid Cudi’s comments about the current state of Hip Hop earlier this year are still garnering responses from other individuals in the culture. Speaking with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill offered his defense of the type of rap music he felt Cudi was referring to with his remarks.

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“I think the braggadocio, money, cash, hoes thing needs to be deaded,” said Cudi while appearing on The Arsenio Hall Show. “I feel like that’s holding us back as a culture, as black people.”

In response Meek stated:

I seen Kid Cudi say “they rap about money, cars, hoes and all this stuff.” I’m like, bro, we don’t tell y’all what to rap about. If he choose to rap about sniffing coke, I ain’t gonna say nothing about him rapping about that. If J. Cole wanna rap about college, I might want to hear the experience of college. I’ve never been to college… Rap is rap. It’s about how you putting them words together, how you making them flows sound on that beat, and how you making good music. You can’t say 2Pac your favorite rapper and you ain’t trying to hear nobody talk about the streets, Jay Z. You can’t say it. What is y’all saying? I don’t understand it.

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Watch Meek Mill’s The Breakfast Club interview below.

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    every born African american with (those parents) got both white and black blood in
    them…(a black man) today is the slave and the slave master all in one…field niggas vs
    house niggas forever in this country….period! even in hip hop

    • Lump Beats

      It aint the only thing holding us back but it needs to be said whether he is a hypocrite or not. Rappers used to be proud to be smart and know sht whether it was street rap or not. UGK and Geto Boys would speak on sht that would make the average hood nigga think. Now it’s money drugs murder from proud dumb niggas with no shame and nothing more to bring to the table.
      I still like that wack street sht though sometimes…I just wish boombap wasn’t dead.


        LOL… 4sho…

      • Obi Won

        ^^^^^Hey Meek Mill, what Lump Beats just said!!!^^^^

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        boombap isnt dead it just aint on the radio… cats crack me up acting like there isnt a variety of shit to listen to!!!!!!

  • Sean Taylor

    You ok….

    Meek Mills: Yes I’m A-ok…derp derp.

  • WTF


  • Ipullcards

    He doesn’t understand cause he didn’t go to college dumb ass

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      so i guess the rest of us who didnt go to college or didnt finish college dont understand either then because college kids are the only ones who understand huh????? you know what else he dont understand…. going to college for 4 years, getting a degree in a respectable field only to come home and work a mediocre job, get stuck in debt and fighting to payback student loans!

    • Nice

      clap clap*

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  • Hood Oracle

    kid cudi is a hypocrite…indicud had plenty of money, cash, hoes oriented songs…the nigga did a song with too short for pete sake

    • Lucky Lefty

      satellite flight didn’t’s called progression.

      • Hood Oracle

        yeah but indicud was like last year I could see if he made music like that when he first came out…but for you to have a album where you basically do all the shit your critical about just last year just screams hypocrite.

      • hoshsi

        i really think you’re mistaken bruh. what songs on indicud are about cash money and hoes? the song with too short was about “pretty girls”…. the album has nothing of equal substance of what meek mill does. think you should take another listen.

      • Hood Oracle

        he did a song with a known womanizer but yall still wanna drink the kool aid don’t be fooled by these fake revolutionaries all I am saying and my point is cudi is a hypocrite the dude talks about sniffing coke, droping acid and all types of other shit including womanizing but he looks down upon dudes from the hood making music that is cliché of course but it is a means to get out of there environment…

      • hoshsi

        drink the kool aid? fam… you see a song with too short feature and you assume its backdoor betty? that’s some koolaid. at least i formed my own opinion by listening to both artists.

        meek’s music is catchy as fuuuhhh, but his material is fake-hood. he aint no gucci, no three six mafia, no jeezy, etc. all these newer ‘trap’ artists are spoiled little brats. meek def not talking about getting out of the environment. he’s just pure spoiled ignorance with no stories to tell.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        he may not talk about gettting out the environment that much but he is making moves to make sure in real life he is out the environment and so is his mothers and his crew.

      • Hood Oracle

        bro what are you talking about I heard the whole album i didn’t just hear the too short song he did and say kid cudi is a hypocrite he has other songs celebrating drugs and sex I just don’t understand why kid cudi think he so above it all…they’re are plenty of rappers that talk about drugs and sex why does he think what he does is so innovative or different i don’t see him doing anything that hasn’t been done in hip hop already

    • hoshsi

      uhhh, what indicud did you listen to cuz we ain’t listenin to the same album then.

      • right

      • Nice

        lmmfao i think everybody should just stop responding to the anti kid cudi statements because clearly these comments come from people who dont know what progression means smh ahahah they wanna be niggas for ever instead of civilized and cultured

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        having a difference of opinion does not mean “they wanna be niggas”…. you talking as if you know people based off this comment section…. now thats ignorant! dont assume

  • Brindle

    meek is missing the point, all music and concept/ideas have their place… but its a problem when that’s all you make is “igg nigg music”, nothing else… you never been to college, rap about why not, what did you do wrong or right, was it a good decision or bad… his statements yesterday where dumb also, about be a “king not a goon”… his mentality hasn’t grown since he was a kid… very simple minded…

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      thats why we have other rappers… meek can do what he want you want to hear something throw on Brother Ali, oh that aint your thing then throw on Big Krit, or Tech Nine, or whoever… meek doesnt have to do shit but count money… there are plenty of other rappers to listen to to find the balance.

      • Brindle

        you and meek are wrong in your thinking… but lets stick with your thinking… how’s he to grow beyond a Rick Ross if he only raps about the samething as Rick Ross and every other rapper out there, remember, his last article on here was him giving advice to be a “king and not a goon”… he’s stuck at goon status at MME, Rick is king. Meek is rapping about the same stuff he’s been talking since a kid…. All I’m saying is do better. its a shame that you and he seem to be satisfied with exactly what he’s doing now, which is nothing, and he don’t have the money you think he has, lot of people getting paid before him

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        Seemed to be satisfied with what he is doing??? What meek eat dont make me shit!!! How the hell can you say im wrong in my thinking! You have your thoughts and i have mine. Meek talk about money clothes hoes cuz thats what he living now… When he was a kid there was way more gun and drug talk bcuz he didnt have the money yet. And i neber said. Anything about how much money he has bcuz i dont know or care. The point was he is getting money and that is what he needs to do! Point blank period.

      • Brindle

        “And i neber said. Anything about how much money he has bcuz i dont know or care” is the opposite of “The point was he is getting money and that is what he needs to do!”… you gotta read your own statements

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        me saying he needs to get money does not reflect that i know how much he has or even care to know how much he has, there is a difference

  • Jason Mazur

    Why he got that Bobby Brown Jaw….

  • Lucky Lefty

    of course you don’t understand’re too narrow minded to understand anything bigger than the block you come from.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      he dont understand because his style of music always get hate thrown at it. shit, not everybody wants to hear Cudi’s lonely stoner ass music either. thats not meek being narrow minded, Cudi may be the narrow minded one, you need all the elements to have a balance.

      • I think thats the point he’s making, there is no balance. Most rappers are rapping about the same sh*t. Not ALL, but from what I hear (Im a DJ and hear a lot of music) its mostly about what Cudi is speaking on. Its whatever to me, but I agree that there is no balance

      • Thomas Smith


      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        There is no balance on radio and video… I dont deal in those worlds. I go out and find music and being a deejay you should be able to do that as well. Thats my point

      • People want to hear familiar music, for the most part, coming from the DJ in a club environment therefore that lack of balance on radio and video directly translates. Of course we can all dig for music but the average person doesn’t, and radio is STILL the most relevant form of music consumption. It reaches the most people across the board. Thats a major factor as to why there is no balance. SAme subject matter on radio.
        If its a hit on radio, everyone knows about it. If its a hit on youtube, soundcloud etc. only those audiences know about it.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        Yo thats a good ass point fam!

      • My dude!

      • Brindle

        you’re way off base, remove your emotions for meek and look at substance

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        Im not way off base. I have an opinion that is different from yours.

      • Brindle

        life aint ever gonna be that simple as just “my opinions different”… you’re off base as in, you and meek don’t get that your arguing with people thinking on a higher level than what you’re allowing yourself to think. Your emotions towards meek and his music are blocking it… You’ve got people saying that if you’re going to speak to the masses, then we have a higher expectation of you. You’re satisfied with saying, no keep your expectations low, “at least he’s making his money”, “at least he’s reppen the street” etc. Prostitutes are making their money and the homeless rep the streets, why don’t we give them an honorary “at least” statement… We gotta hold them to higher expectations…

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        My emotions toward meek… Nope how about the fact that he has life to live and i have mine. While you hold meek to higjer standards im trying to make sure my 12 year old keeps his A-B average and maintains honor roll, while coaching his football team every year, im making sure the viola he plays is always tuned correctly and makimg sire we make it to drum lessons on time. Im also making sure my clearance stays in tact so i can keep working for the state department amd waiting on my Va loan to comethru. So pardon me if i dont every rapper has to please every dam body, im a little busy with life.

      • Brindle

        You can’t be a man and hold Meek to a standard at the same time? You going back and forth on allhiphop, you got time for expectations… try it

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        Look bro if you want to hold him to a higher standard then by all means do so, but i do not have to.

      • Nice

        bruh you know cudi is right….. right??? “holding us back as culture as black people” you obviously missed the point…. “niggas like shiny shit” thats how white people think and all these rappers talkin about shiny shit is poisoning the young black kids including your 12 year old…. you should much rather your kids listen to cudi because he can actually show kids how to deal with their emotions not teach kids the quickest route to prison….. you just missing the point that everybody raps like ” NIGGAS ” time to grow as people bruh

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        thats the misconception, not all rappers talk about shiny shit. i didnt miss the point of anything. but cool fam you and ol boy got it. im tired of going back and forth.

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    Rap about whatever the hell you want to rap about. It’s your damn song. So what he raps about money, females, cars and all that other materialistic shit. It’s for entertainment purposes only.. Meek raps about what he knows and the things he wants out of life. It’s his life. I’m sure Cudi raps about what he wants to rap about. Obviously per the #’s which do not lie, more people today prefer to hear Meek’s music over Cudi’s anyway. I know I do. I like Cudi but that last shit he put out is somewhere on the beltway being picked up by someone in a orange jumpsuit.. Entertainment Purposes Only people.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      exactly man some of these dudes act like theses iggans raps are their blueprint to life. let theses dudes do their thing, if you like it, listen if you dont , dont listen. i dont care what you rap about but the shit better sound good.

      • Sgt. H. Jennings

        No doubt my dude… Couldn’t agree more..

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  • atlantahiphopshop

    In other words, Ignorant dudes like Meek should not speak as the “Voice of Hip Hop”. Anything is ok until you beat it in the ground. Meek can ONLY rap about materials and money. Never had sh!t rap. “Why you hatin on meeeee, Its not rented.”

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      who said he was the voice?

    • keylon jackson

      meek from the bottom of the street you dont know what you talking bout at your age meek couldnt get free wifi or internet street niqqa

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  • Oh dear, I saw that video was 44 mins + 22 s long and thought to myself FORK that I’m not going to learn anything from this Meek Mill fella.

    If it was 2 – 5 minutes I may have listened for the amusement of it, but anything over that is an overdose.

    Big up to those who listened to Meek for the whole 44 + minutes. LOL.

    Big up to Meek too for earning a living out of his craft (muisc)

  • ghettogov

    People can feel however you want about it but what cudi said is true and I don’t see why meek caught feelings over it.For the most part all that Shit is played out low key because it ain’t really selling anymore….but in all honesty meek raps a lil bit more than just material Shit and hoes also so I don’t see where he coming from….

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  • I don’t consider Meek a commercial rapper. I consider Meek one of the few real artists who just happens to be caught up in the “money, cars, clothes, and hoes” mindset on some of his songs. He does it in a genuine light though, so I respect it. He reminds me a lot of Tupac.

    However, I also respect Cudi. Hip hop culture should not be all about “money, cars, and clothes.” Artists have to talk about what they truly believe in. If it’s being politically conscious, talk about that. Further, if it’s “money, cars, clothes, and hoes,” talk about that also. We should be talking about everything though. We should never just resort to one theme to talk about.

    Life has an array of moods, so our music should reflect that. We should have happy songs, sad songs, though provoking songs, party songs, romance songs, sex songs, religious songs, etc. We have to be free and talk about whatever we choose to talk about because we want to do it, not because we think it will make sales.

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  • Kenny Lo

    Meek is a part of recycle-rap. Troy Ave is part of that too. A bunch of generic niggas rapping about the same shit niggas been doing 25+ years. Niggas still talkin seling coke/crack in 2014 like its 1994. Meek is full of consciousness and material that he refuses to use because he wanna stay cool and maintain his street image.

    The reason why Meek may never see a double platinum album if even platinum is because he aint sayin nothin. These niggas bring nothin new to the table which is why rap is on its last breaths as an art form. How many coke selling, chain rockin, $5 million whip slinging while making it rain in the club rappers do we need? I’m bout the struggle rap but cmon yall niggas all sound the EXACT same.

  • TheNewAge36

    I agree with Cudi on this. I mean there will always be a place for party bangers, people will always listen to them but artists like Meek, Big Sean, Tyga, Kid Ink, ASAP Rocky, etc. are all replaceable. Talents like Eminem, Jay Z, Nas, Kanye, Andre, Lupe, Royce, Cudi, Kendrick, Cole, and Drake only come around once in awhile.