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EXCLUSIVE: Lil KeKe On Fame and Love & Hip-Hop Houston

As a man and as an entertainer, years of accumulated wisdom have a yielded a universal truth to Lil KeKe, all money isn’t good money. Tha Don was recently in New York to promote his upcoming release, Money Don’t Sleep.  This latest project from this freestyle king drops on May 27.

During the exclusive interview, Don Ke, shared his insight on an array of subjects. When exploring the responsibilities and requirements of living on the stage Tha Don was asked:

Should fame come with an off-button?  Would you ever release a sex tape or agree to partake in a reality show; what happened to Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta?


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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    from the east coast but when i was interning for asylum in 06 i used to do promo for keke dude has some dope music …

  • brotha_man

    keke = Goat. when i was a youngin coming up in STL. texas music was on heavy rotation Face, Keke, Paul wall, chamillionaire, lil o, big moe, big hawk, and even lil flip….h-town will always have my support RIP DJ Screw.

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    don ke!!!!

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