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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Somebody Mad At Jay Z?

I have to admit that this rumor seems a bit silly to me. However, somebody hit me and told me that somebody is upset with Jay Z. They speak as if that person’s name is Rick Ross. I don’t know what the final sales numbers were on his last album, Mastermind, but the album is rooted in that. Seems like somebody, maybe Rick Ross is upset with Jay over the final sales tally for Rozay’s album. Now, the source tried to tell me some other stuff about Def Jam and whatever, but I rely couldn’t see this being real. But, they claimed that Def Jam was also upset with Jay Z, because the first single “Devil is a Lie” really didn’t pop off the way they expected it to happen. Anyway, last time I checked all of these guys were rich so I’m going to let it marinate in Rumorville.

Yeah…I question this rumor since Ross and Jay seem so friendly.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Danno

    O well. I really had high hopes for the Mastermind album, only to buy it and find it that it was a huge disappointment. I’m officially jumping off of the Rick Ross bandwagon after that one.

  • Savimbi

    Nah Mastermind sold poorly because it sucked if anything ross should be mad at himself, I never understood the hype behind the Devil is A Lie, sample was poorly flipped and it just didn’t resonate, Mastermind was an attempt at that same ol ross formula but it didn’t work, no growth, nothing. And i’m still confused as to how MMG is supposed to be the “hottest” label in the game right now yet if you add up all of it’s CEO’s album sales you barely get to approximately what? between 4-6 millions on his 5th album at that. either there’s a bunch of poor making decisions in those Def Jam offices or there’s someone continuously bank rolling for a certain purpose….

    • Savimbi

      the entire roster doesn’t even add up to 10 mill in album sales, if we talking statistics these niggas is loosing, and besides ross not many of them are touring overseas, hell they are barely doing any touring in the states, there is no real demand in the market for any MMG related music, it’s all chimeras.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      devil is a lie is a good record but cats think getting jayz on a record = automatic smash just like khaled with his they dont love you know more record LOL !! … i peeped longgggg ago that jayz is not a sure shot when Saigon did his jayz record and that joint literally went NO WHERE lol … cats gotta get jayz on one of them true alley oop record or get him on something the folks wouldnt expect …?????? lol even jcole x jayz collabs dont pop off LOL

      • johnblacksad

        Exactly… Freeway tried “Big Spender” with Jay on his second album (FREE AT LAST… which is fcuking dope by the way) but it really didn’t work.

        He really should have went with the song he had with Fifty! Take it to the top is a certified hit within the first 10 seconds I swear!!!

        Big Spender with Jay was just alright… I understand why everybody would think a song with Hov is a sure hit, but if you listen to both, there’s no wondering which one was better… Fifty killed the hook like he knows how to, and Free rode that nice beat… the chicks would have ate that song and dudes could still feel it too… definitely a bad choice there

        Free my ninja tho! It’s all good…

      • NEWSKULL

        Preach Bruh!… TBH I forgot about that song… 50 killed the hook indeed…

        edit: on some real shit Jay knew it was a hit but that Ego didn’t want that to happen… same thing Diddy did with Mase…

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        that song with fif was a smash too … i know free looks back @ that album like man we had one and let it fall … if he had a smooth rollout the way it should have been rolled out … freeway would of did gold easy if not plat … and not sure if you know … but fif spoke on that … he said he was ready to do a video with freeway on that one .. but since jayz wasnt supporting big spender he decided to fall back also …..

      • paylo360

        lmaooo i agree 100% hov cant turn shit into a smashes all them songs like holy grail suit + tie were luke warm at best but because its hov niggas pretending like its the best shit they heard all year

    • johnblacksad

      Didn’t like Devil is a lie… and it’s well known I love Hov

      I mean, overall I still liked Jay’s verse(of course!)… but that beat and that hook ain’t do sh!t for me

      • brotha_man

        war ready was the only “banger” and even that is a record you hear once and never listen to again…..by listen, i mean fast forward to jeezy verse.

      • johnblacksad


        Jeezy my ninja too… I’m excited the album on it’s way.
        I just love his bars!

      • brotha_man

        cant front i bump jeezy. my fave is still “thug motivation 101” – standing ovation

      • WeakSauce

        Can’t deny, that’s a classic! All around!

      • brotha_man

        still hate him and gibbs are at odds. those two together, whoa!

      • johnblacksad

        Yeah Thug Motivation 101 is still a go! Standing Ovation, Don’t Get Caught my sh!t too, Talk To Em…
        I also fux hard with The Recession… some mixtapes here and here…

        Jeezy has always had his way for captivating my ears

      • GQ

        Standing ovation is my fav track on there too.. good shyt there homie


      there’s someone continuously bank rolling for a certain purpose…

      and I have been saying that for years… IMO…Jay, Birdman and Puff…

      Purpose: erase the “realness” fundamental in the rap game…

      Drake, French Montana, Rick Ross… the fakest rapper on earth are the most promoted… see how the most successful “Started from the bottom”… “NEW RULE” I guess…

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    your reasoning is because they are rich ?? lol if you know anything about $$$$ and sustaining it… you have to keep making it … you cant keep dropping projects that aint selling @ whats its projected for … ross is projecting for plat + and not making it to plat … gold albums is cool … but sooner or later the label is gonna project for 500k which means the budget will need to get cut …

    also imo all of the ross/jayz collabs are mediocre good street ish but nothing commercial viable … except jayz song off mchg f*ckwitme …that was a banger .. ross should have held that for mastermind … that right there might of got him exactly where he needed to be … jay didnt need that record ……

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    ross prob literally thinking why i give jay that f*ckwitme record LOL !!

    • johnblacksad

      LMAO! true

    • johnblacksad

      I had to double that… LMAO! you ain’t never lied

      Now you got me wanting to see o’boy that portrays him in those youtube videos… I can see him giving the song to Jay for some Krispy Kreme


    LOL…blame another man for (your) final sales……GTFOH…rumors!
    but some dudes really do that tho…lol

  • brotha_man

    remaking “nobody” is an unforgivable violation. The Rap Gods are still upset about that terrible tragedy

    • WeakSauce

      I agree with you on that one, that a big foul! He cross that line you ain’t suppose to cross

    • johnblacksad


    • keepitswizzy

      yea for sure diddy should be ashamed a his self for allowing that shit….big would be pissed

  • WeakSauce

    What did Ross say, Look at the scoardboard, we winning lmao

    • johnblacksad

      ha! good one.. lol

  • Ill Tal Beats

    “I have to admit that this rumor seems a bit silly to me. ”
    “but I really couldn’t see this being real”
    “Yeah…I question this rumor since Ross and Jay seem so friendly.”

    How you mention a rumor probably fake THREE times in the article and still post it?! lol this site man… At least this article actually involved 2 rappers for a change.

    • RightOn

      Thanks saying what’s on my mind.

    • jdubba

      See, you misunderstood, it says ” I rely couldn’t see this being real.” which….. Doesn’t make any goddamn sense in any language! This has really become one of the worst written, poorly edited, just plain pathetic sites on the web. Illseed sucks dicks.

      • This has really become one of the worst written, poorly edited, just plain pathetic sites on the web. ALLHIPHOP sucks dicks.

      • keepitswizzy

        yea i agree…..this dude needs to use spell check haha…i corrected him last week on something and he erased the whole article lol

    • ChiVa02

      There is a part of me that wonders if they do this just to f*ck with us.. I mean, I have a 10 year old nephew that can write better than this.

  • Brindle

    Ross album only sold like 300K from what I understand but all these cats is having bad sales… its just the climate

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      its cuz the cd’s are garbage – artists just looking for one hit now-a-days

  • don king

    does now every rumor start with a sentence like “I have to admit that this rumor seems a bit silly to me.”, “maybe this story is fake.” or “i dont believe it, but…”??? seems like they try 2 eliminate themselfs from their bs-stories.

    • chippc

      Or I’m not a fan off…And then the writer proceeds to tell us everything known to man about the person accept their SS#

    • keepitswizzy

      lol ……

  • im_a_hater

    Wonder what 50 Cent Summer Jam show gonna be like

  • I hate reading these articles, I feel less than smart.

  • Papi Peligro

    HIp hop is falling off. Music in general is just falling off.

    • rocnation30

      i agree

  • Jay Smith

    Please, pure garbage……

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  • Faceda59

    I think most of you guys hate Ross because yall think he’s fake.I can understand that but Master minds is not a trash album there are a couple tracks that I think are ok.Since that Co shit came out about dude, brothers just be like F-Ross.I don’t give two shitz if he was a Co,hell it put food on the table.Teflon Don was nice to me.That track tears of joy is my shiiiiit.He didn’t keep it real by telling lies about that Co shit that’s the fake part about it to me .Most the rappers you listen to are fake,they sell key a week for 17.5 that type shit and yall suck it up.What’s Hip Hop?Telling lies on tracks to a dope beat 90% of the game.Real rap died in the 90s.That is most of what i listen to.I can’t keep up with this skinny jean loud color kissing dudes bs.Ross is ok I listen to music,I could care less about what the artist is doing in their spare time.


      couple of tracks are ok… I don’t give two shitz if he was a Co… @Savimbi see what they did?

    • Celz

      My niccas was sayin fucc Ross before that.. He’s fake he think he’s Big Meech, Larry Hoover, and whoever else.. He’s lame he’s just poppin because he has no integrity and will say whatever people want.. He raps above average and picks dope production but I can’t support that..

  • rocnation30

    Ross is a good rapper his bars are tight he’s probably top 4 in the game right now but his problem is he does entirely too many mixtapes which pulls from the quality of his featured albums…..all those MMG songs he gives to wale an meek mills and them other bums because they can’t hold down an entire album by themselves. which makes ross go hard on the entire MMG album which could be used for his own album i wrote about this already rappers need to make the public miss them this gives them more creativity and variety when it comes to doin their own music. Kanye, Jayz Drake they drop albums and then their gone for more than a year with maybe a feature here an their on somebody else album while working on their own album. Ross is burned out he need to take a break and focus on him leave the mix tapes alone and them raggedy ass MMG niggas alone……because after awhile all them records sound the same with a hard gangsta beat and street talk….hope he last


      Top 4… @Savimbi see what they did?

  • water_ur_seeds

    Ross got some good tracks, but they all sound the same these days…

  • OnlyTheReal

    If Teflon Don did’nt go platinum then nothing from Ross will. That C.O. shit because of his subject matter has hurt his career. I thought Mastermind was a great album

  • s0rethumb

    Tired subject matter= tired sales

    • Celz

      We get it you fantasied about being a drug kingpin and a respected gangsta. But Kingpins and Gangsta’s either get shot, go to jail, get washed up, turn informant, or become businessman. Your sales probably show that you need to wrap up your story while the few people left still care..

      • s0rethumb

        My fantasies were and are much more loftier than that. Not all of us drank the kool aide of prison industrial complex rap.

      • Celz

        Should have clarified.. I was agreeing with you.. Rick Ross tales are played out.

  • keepitswizzy

    all these people buyin rick ross album might as well donate money to the correction officers at there local jails/prisons….i never understood why people still accepted him after his “officer ricky” past…..he claims to push all this dope and is known for “coke rap” but never did it….music nowadays is full of actors and impersonators…thats why i only listen to music from 2000 and under….this shit nowadays is not the hip hop i grew up listening too….


      That dead horse has been beat to death already bruh; leave it alone and move on…

      • keepitswizzy

        lol….then just pass by my post then faggot…u must be a rick ross fan bahahahhaaha

      • JUSROMAN

        Faggot?? LOL!! Bitch please! I honestly don’t give two shits about any rapper in that regard. But your lil son of a bitch bastard ass need to go find out who your father is amongst the niggas standing on the corner in front of your moms house. SMH@dumb a nigga….

      • keepitswizzy

        lol tell em why u mad sonnnnn….fukin internet gangstas lol…gotta love em….

      • JUSROMAN

        Ain’t no body mad but you little boy.

      • keepitswizzy

        ok fag boy

      • Shalove2

        No son that funny not mad.

    • Sgt. H. Jennings

      Why does it matter if he use to be a corrections officer? He had a job before he got in the rap game. Big deal.. I don’t give a flying fvck what job he had or what he did. He could have been the chief of police or the freaking mayor so damn what. He’s making decent music at the moment and that’s all I’m concerned about.

      • keepitswizzy

        he dont make decent music at all….he couldnt stick to a song concept to save his life….any feature hes on he says the same shit…rappin bout money dope or jewels….music has been dumbed down by the likes of ross and wayne etc…there is no content anymore what so ever….and i aint supoortin no police….

      • Sgt. H. Jennings

        lol. I feel you my dude. It’s just music bro. Nothing more. He was only a corrections officer. Not a cop. He didn’t go to the academy or anything like that. Even if he was, I don’t care about all that. That’s his life. I just listen to music, if I like it I keep listening to it. If I don’t, I listen to something else. I’m not too concerned with their personal life. It is what it is my dude..

      • keepitswizzy

        i feel u bro i just wish hip hop wasnt so watered down….

  • D_Ably

    Ross mad and Jiggas slapped up

  • FatherSha_

    Why is Illseed still able to write articles for this website? It’s getting out of hand now.

    • SleepyTheGreat

      Illseed is just a name, its various writers for this shitty display of journalism, watch this comment get flagged.

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    • Rolando Mota

      stop snitching on yourself patna’

  • keepitswizzy


  • meanygreene

    I like to propose a question, if you were a very handsome man with all kinds of women coming at you, and one ugly but very rich female wanted you to date be faithful and eventually marry her, would you?

    • SleepyTheGreat


  • 5% Hov

    Jay didnt want to the video because… it werent hot.

    However FWMUKIGT of Magna Cater… that should have video for real

  • Calvindoentknwshyt

    huh so jay told you he aint wanna do the vid because the song wasnt hot ??? Ha!! WHO ARE YOU????