Master P Responds To Wendy Williams, Announces New Reality TV Show

(AllHipHop News) For the past five months Master P and his family’s story has been told through tabloid headlines, social media video posts and rap lyrics. However, according to Master P that is about to change as

On a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show criticized Master P over rumors that he was filming a reality TV show about his current family drama. In a statement EXCLUSIVELY obtained by AllHipHop, Master P states Williams is misguided in her understanding of the show:

First of all, I thought Wendy Williams was my friend. I understand that her job is to entertain gossip but how could she keep picking up TMZ gossip as if it was real news when she should have contacted me directly if she was really concerned about my family, or me like she claims. If anyone understands being in the media and  having to deal with celebrity personal family gossip and betrayal, she should know because of her own situation. If she wants to know the truth, as my friend, she should call me directly to get the facts and the truth rather than joining the media circus and talking trash.

P does admit that he is filming an upcoming reality TV show entitled The Miller Dynasty that will document his family troubles. However, according P, the show will be “founded on integrity and family values”:

The Miller Dynasty is founded on integrity and family values. We are not perfect by any means; we go through similar struggles like any family. There are constant battles that we fight especially with having money and fame but with our faith and belief in God we are able to overcome any obstacle.

No word on when episodes for The Miller Dynasty will begin to be shot.

  • Epic Fail. Who needs another reality show?
    Who wants to see that?

    • RightOn

      What a hypocrite. Why did you click on this if you’re uninterested as you claim to be? I hate plastics like you.

      • Because I’m normally a big fan of Master P.
        I like what he did to uplift his community.
        I also like what he did business wise.

        Before Diddy started Revolt P was about
        to start his own network.
        This is why I think this idea of starting another
        reality show is a fail. it’s so washed up.
        How many rappers thought a reality show could
        save their career?

  • BlueScalise

    He is trying to explain the show in a good light, when all in all it will be another ratchet reality!!

  • scullyson

    First of all, I thought Wendy Williams was my friend.

    Oh word ? Well that was your first mistake.



    • jdubba

      The funniest thing is, he goes through all that, then admits he is making a reality show based on his family. Of course, it is based on integrity and family values. Like all the other reality shows. At least AHH will have another reality show to milk for a few months, bullshit site that it is.

  • Montezuma1

    All signs read Master P is broke.. No limit reached its limit.

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Shout out to P for being professional about everything!

  • GambitJonez

    I notice ALL the rappers that have done or do reality TV end up being washed up.or their careers become washed up and finished. They kill themselves when they do that reality shit. . Joe Budden, Game, T.I., Chingy, Ghostface, DMX, Consequence, etc etc.

    • Knickfan4life

      ghost face still has a career the rest of those dudes will never see a plaque again.

    • Kap Diva

      Master P is the first one who’s worth over $150 million though.

  • Once again, just a week before I said it…It’s that dam TMZ again, I told y’all these people are poison.

  • BulldogCG

    I rock with P, so ill hold of judgement until I see what its about. There is a positive and negative way to do anything, P usually be on the positive tip. I hope the naysayers are wrong, but I feel their skepticism. This reality t.v. shit been a mess, but TIP keep it positive, it seems, I can’t watch any of those shows, hopefully P can do the same. No way he broke though, don’t buy that.

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  • Faceda59

    Shit P almost 50 years old time to let go just make money from the sideline.Reality t.v just sucks.I don’t care to watch none of those shows.The people on love in hip hop are people that I have never checked for.One hit wonders, or career on its last leg.Plus those shows are disrespectful to black people.It says to me that this is how black people with money act on t.v.The fighting and calling women bitches is what keeps people watching.I hate that shit!!!!

  • OnlyTheReal

    I’d watch his show

  • $107640238

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  • I don’t need to see him clown his wife on TV, but if it is more wholesome like Run’s House I’m all for it.

    • Shaw Sway

      The only way I see a wholesome show is not to have his wife on the program. It’s no shade against her but having an estranged couple going thru an ugly separation on reality television, seriously doubt that series will be about a harmonious family.

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  • The Legendary Troll

    whenever you have to resort to a reality show, you know your career is over

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  • shelly Johnson

    I know that Wendy Williams is into Gossip…What is in her closet….we never hear her say what’s really going on in her marriage…hummmm

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