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Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) Unable To Re-Enter America Due To "Immigration Issues"

(AllHipHop News) Dante Terrell Smith may want America to see him as Yasiin Bey but we may not see him at all for a long time. According to representatives at Boston music festival Together Boston, Mos Def has cancelled his U.S. tour due to being banned from the country.

The music festival, Together Boston sent out a message stating that Mos Def would not be participating in this year’s event and was canceling his upcoming U.S. tour. According to the statement on the festival’s official website, Mos Def is unable to re-enter the United States of America due to “immigration/legal issues”:

We regret to inform you that due to immigration / legal issues Yasiin Bey is unable to enter back into the United States and his upcoming U.S. tour has been canceled, including May 15th, Together Boston’s show at The Wilbur Theatre. Individual ticket refunds for this show are available at point of sale.

Last July, Mos Def participated in European news outlet The Guardian‘s simulated force feeding of food similar to what is alleged to occur in Guantanamo Bey.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    hope he aint paying taxes then

    • If he didn’t renounce his citizenship he is. The US is one of the only countries that taxes citizens regardless of where they live. He could be on the moon for all the care if he a citizen the IRS getting its money.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        thats what im saying. he aint renounce his citizenship and the US isnt allowing him in the country but still expect taxes…….smh foh

  • Very WTF. Please stay on this story.

  • How can an American citizen not enter the US?

    • patb2009

      Is there a warrant out on him?

  • ILLAmusic

    How is that even possible? He was born in Brooklyn…allhiphop keep up with this story



    • Immortal

      Well feel free to take your ass somewhere else where you feel more accepted.

      • Uhhhh….anyway…

      • twg23

        but seriously it is.

  • Jared

    He’s from BK. Like 10 mins from Marcy smh

  • Khepra

    It’s called ‘Patriot Act’

  • TheAkademik

    Here is a moment where rappers need to exercise their collective power to demand that Mos Def be given his rights as an American citizen….the likelihood is that we will still be focused more on Solange swinging on Hov in the elevator

  • TheAkademik

    Jay supposed to have Obama number right?….call that man and tell him to let that hip hop pioneer into the US since he pimped us all for our votes….we voted for him so we need to make our demands just like everybody else

  • RightOn

    You people need to really go study journalism. Why was he allegedly not able to re-enter? Due to immigration, legal issues? WTF he was born here so he is a citizen. Stop using ebonic and hip hop as an excuse to do a lame job. All this article did was make me Google for a more professional and reliable news site to get the correct info. The list you can do is include a link in you half-ass lame articles.

  • Savimbi

    Could the waterboarding experience vid he did a while back have something to do with this? not as in having done the video but who the producers of that video may be associated with? there’s definitely a bigger issue behind that…

  • RightOn

    There is NO way he can be refused to enter his country. It’s against the LAW and unconstitutional period. The ONLY possible reason for an American’s citizenship to be revoked is if he/she has committed a grave crime against his/her country. Such as espionage….

    • B_Biffington

      yes there is…

    • beenwiser

      Yes we have civil rights, *on paper*. In real life those rights are violated every day. You miiiight get some mileage out of that pocket constitution in a court room (might) but it won’t do jack for you on the street

    • patb2009

      unless he’s on the no fly list. That makes it hard.

  • The_Good_Life

    Thought dude was from Flatbush. Right now, being Muslim can get u hemmed up…

    • Galactus

      it ain’t about being muslim, its about being Black and exploring our roots

      • ImRickJamesBITCH

        Exploring your roots would make you realize that the majority of the blacks brought from Africa were Muslim and forced by the white man to change their religion and their names.

      • datdude

        SOLD into slavery by their own people. The awful white man “paid” a price that was ASKED by the African tribal leaders WHO SOLD THEIR OWN PEOPLE INTO SLAVERY FOR MONEY. But hey….that doesn’t perpetuate the stereotype that most white people are out at KKK rallies trying to “keep the poor black man down”

      • ║WoLFGaNG$TA↑||

        so are you justifying getting free labor for 400 years by the black slaves? so if they were sold by tribal leaders, a lot more were captured and forced to work from sun up to sun down, slavery still wasn’t righteous.

      • Lee

        The awful whites have accounts for the names of ships, merchandises and how much each of those merchandise cost. But no where is an account of amount paid for people. If they were sold for wine or silk. there would be an account….saying 200 Yorubas sold for 2 trunks of silk. But we have yet to see any accounts like that. So stop the lies.

      • They sold NEGROS, not AFRICANS.

      • Galactus

        even africans know WHO they sold to the white man, so-called “negros” and africans are not the same people

      • True!

      • ImRickJamesBITCH

        Can you show me the transaction between buyer and seller? Such a large transaction would have been recorded, if so, where is the proof?

      • anemia716

        proof? it’s a known fact, Africans sold other Africans.

        however, that was not the only method white people used to obtain slaves…

      • Africans sold NEGROES.

      • here is a copy of the oldest bill of sale, it says NEGROES…not Africans.

        If you can find one that says Africans for sale, I’ll give you $50 from the contest winnings.

      • ..

      • OWN people?

        More like NEGROES, who aren’t African.

      • Galactus

        I can dig it, but ISLAM is not our religion it is the arabs’ even Malcolm stated we are the “lost sheep” according to the bible, which the quran is based on… it even states in the quran who The most high favors, and that people is us, Islam was created by the vatican same as christianity, to confuse the “negro” into believing lies

  • iggieJ

    thats not true. He’s born in America and he is a citizen. All hip hop once again gets a big F.. hes got nothing to do with immigration.. born and raised here.. lol.. fail all hip hop fail

    • B_Biffington

      You can renounce your citizenship once you move to another country. If he did that, then he could have issues getting back in.

      • Not legally, but then again, the robberman can’t legally rob you.

  • Keef Tha Phonomancer

    This is either piss poor journalism, or The Mighty Mos Def is on one… either way, smh. Love Black Dante, hate this news. Stay on this story; the people demand more info!

  • Guantanamo Bay was the reason why they banned him. If we’re living in an country where the government has the ability to silence those who aim to speak honest truth, what else are we being lied about?

  • My Name Is My Name

    I still don’t get why he can’t come back to the states. To my knowledge he was born in Brooklyn

    • blastah

      He renounced his citizenship when he moved to South Africa.

      • George Jackson

        Moving somewhere else automatically means renouncing citizenship?

      • No it’s a process, but as a national, he still has the right to return to America / Brooklyn.

      • blastah

        According to US law if a US citizens actively pursues citizenship in another country it implies that you are rescinding citizenship and gives the home country legal grounds to revoke citizenship. Mos Def sought after legal residency in South Africa.

      • George Jackson

        Seeking legal residency in another nation is not tantamount to actively pursuing citizenship there is it? There are legal residents in the US who are non citizens (permanent residents but not necessarily citizens).

      • blastah

        Mos Def actively pursued it. He was born in the US not S. Africa.

      • George Jackson

        I know but how did he actively pursue changing his citizenship other than moving? Did he publicly renounce his citizenship? Take steps through US government agencies to begin that process?

      • He’s still an american national.

  • brotha_man

    theres more allhiphip is just mis-informing….guess ill go to tmz to get the real scoop

  • Kasino Flex

    He moved to South Africa over a year ago

  • johnblacksad

    How is that possible? I never heard that Mos ever gave up his citizenship

    • blastah

      he did when he converted to that jailhouse Moorish religion, hence the name change “Bey.”. Those psychos encourage their followers to renounce their citizenship because it is a “contract.” Some real funny mumbo jumbo they’re into.

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        How can someone renounce something they never had?Dred Scott Supreme Court decision research It.if so call blacks are citizens why do they have to get their voters rights renewed? I wait for an intelligence response.

      • The ruling was superseded by the Civil Rights Act of 1866. I don’t recall ever having to “renew” my right to vote in the same meaning of the word as renewing a subscription. Everyone has to register to vote otherwise you can go from county to county voting multiple times because for reasons of vulnerability there is no centralized data collection. FYI “Intelligible” is the correct word.

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        George Washington Bush renewed them research it.

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        George W Bush

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        I meant intelligent

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        Civil or human rights I prefer human.

      • Actually, it was “Intelligent.”


        register / renew

        You probably don’t consider a permit to be permission, etc….but you sound TRAIRD enough to lnow that if you try to do anything without the required permission / permit, the over see’r / officer will deal with you.

        IE: Having a gat with PERMISSION, building a house without permission, hunting / fishing, marrying, opening a business, working, driving, leaving the country, etc.

      • Registering to vote isn’t akin to getting permission. As long as you are a citizen living within the law you have the right to vote. Not everyone can own a gun and you can’t just build anywhere. Registering is you saying I agree to vote “here” and only here. Everything else is just for the purpose of raising government revenue they get money where they can because no matter what people pay.

        I say intelligible because most of this is a google search away all you have to do is construct a sentence that can be understood.

        Not sure if your patronizing me but you will have to enlighten me on what you mean by TRAIRD.

      • * Trained *
        As in trained how to think.

        Pre 14th amendment, there were no disclaimers.

        No permission needed to build on your land, then again, you actually owned the land ( Fee Simple ) now you’re just a tenent.

        Only people who couldn’t own a gun pre 14th were Blacks.
        Same with traveling / riding a horse.
        Hunting, fishing, earning a living / opening a business, etc.

        By trained to think, I mean conditioned, so you don’t think of a PERMIT…as permission & will even justify the need for it.

        A FREE man doesn’t need PERMISSION…but a FREED one does.

      • They are citizens, based on the 14th amendment, FORCED CITIZENS, and it’s not their voting rights that has to be renewed, but the governments committment to enforcing them. ( Assuming you’re refferring to the 1965? Civil Rights act.)

        Citizenship was forced on blacks, like slavery, and in a nutshell, citizenship is slavery!

        Before the 14th, only blacks needed permission to travel / drive, fish, hunt, marry, work, open a business, build a home, etc….after the 14th, everyone does.

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        Most of those amendments weren’t ratified research deeper.

      • Oh, indeed!

        There were 37 states, a quorum ( 2/3rds ) was needed for constitutional ratification, and with the 13 states in rebellion, plus Ohio & NJ? against it, it wasn’t RATIFIED, but forced, literally at gunpoint / martial law, into existence,

      • It was ratified in 1868 the civil war ended in 1865. New Jersey and Oregon rescinded ratification but later re-ratified.

        Northern states didn’t force Southern states to ratify the 14th amendment had they wanted to do so it would have been in 1865 when military government was imposed after Andrew Johnson appointed state governors as Commander in Chief.

        Local government was re-establish on local consent “elections” and one by one Southern states rejected then ratified the amendment after receiving political concessions. Pres. Andrew Johnson himself vetoed the first version he received.

        All this I remember from grade school, I get it you think me trained but I can honestly tell you in my relatively short life I have never felt racism or that my rights where being denied to me. Maybe I have been fortunate.


        How do you get a lion in the jungle to get used to living on a chain? 1 link at a time. A gradual erosion of rights, so small, you barely notice, infact, you were raised to accept….just a little more, and will raise your seeds to do the same.

        Military government = Martial Law
        Don’t confuse being passed / signed into law, with the actual constitutional ratification process requiring a 2/3rds vote or quorum, that they didn’t have, evidenced by the military government / martial law that was in place.
        IE: What was the vote count?

        The democratic process had ceased to function, and since you can’t govern…without the CONSENT of the governed, legally, those laws, and the ones founded upon them
        ( Black’s law Dictionary ) are null & void, in the legal THEORY of American jurisprudence.

        Technically speaking, the U.S. is still under martial law from 1865, which is why there are admiralty courts in the U.S.

        ( Notice the gold fringes on the flags in court & the water marks? )

        lincoln declated martial law & it was never repealed, this why presidents can bypass constitutional protections via executive orders, and why elected officials don’t have to act as a voter proxy.

        IE: You may not want a nuke waste facility in your ‘Hood, but career Representative Engleberg, or whomever, can take a donation from a PAC set up by the nuke waste dumpers & put the waste near you…all 100% legal.

        13th, 14th & 15th amendments, the CLORED Amendments, named that because they were only supposed to affecr COLORED people, passed during the reconstruction era, when the country was reconstructed, but reconstructed into what?

        A slave state?
        The 13th outlawed slavery.
        The 14th made Blacks CITIZENS.
        The 15th gave them the right to vote….on being a CITIZEN? after the issue was already decided by FORCED CITIZENSHIP.

        So why force Ninjaz to be citizens now?
        Lincoln’s sense of humanity?
        Loncoln never wanted blacks to be equal, nut google the 13th & tell me what is the difference between slavery & involuntary servitude?

        One is for profit & one is for pleasure?
        What’s the difference & why was it so important, that it required a specific disclaimer / distinction?

        “Niether slavery, nor involuntary servitude…”
        If you can figure out the difference, then you are ready to figure out what constitutes “VOLUNTARY” servitude to the U.S. corporation?

        Being born on U.S. soil? ( Jus Soli )
        Being born of U.S. Citizens / slaves / voluntary servants?

        Keep that in mind when you can’t find the vote totals for the 14th. Who voted for it & who didn’t?
        24 – 13?

        13 states in rebellion….Ohio & NJ against it. That’s 15 NO VOTES out of 37….under martial law….literally, at bayonet point!

        Military Government = Martial law
        In political terms that means “Fugg Yo’ rights, Ninja!”

        A few other bits of info for you.
        The U.S. doesn’t print it’s own money, the Israeli / privately owned Federal reserve does.

        ( P.S. Federal Express isn’t Federal either…but that’s a different topic. )

        The U.S. dollar is no longer regulated by the gold standard, meaning it is no longer a reciept for gold, so it is printed out of thin air, & LOANED to the U.S., at face value, with interest, by the Fed reserve, and since the FR is the only game in town….where do you get the money to pay the interest?

        IE: You borrow the 1st $100 ever printed, iat 10%? interest, nvest it / spend it, etc.
        Time to pay it back & yoy do whatever & get every last dollar ever printed back.

        You borrowed the only $100 in existence & now it’s time to pay up, & you have the whole / only $100, but here’s the catch…you owe $110 with the vig.

        Like king tito from “King Of Ny” said : “Let’s get down to the LARGE plus %10!”

        P.S. : that’s compound interest, in economic terms, the U.S. could never spend another $1 & stick up everyone for every USD$ in existence & still not pay off the national debt….to these private bankers, when the constitution ( Article 3?) gives the government the right to print / coin interest free money.

        debt = slavery
        Prostitution is illegal, so WTF is voluntary servitude?

        B4 you start definding the criminalization of prostitution ( Spreading diseases, breaking up family’s, etc….keep in mind, if the same dude saw the same chick, in a bar, & bought her a drink, & then poked, no crime was committed, the government made a % off the liqour sale, etc.

        Yet if the chick agrees to take the same mobey for the drink & volunteer to serve the john….they both can go to jail.

        YOU & all 14th amendment U.S. citizens are OWNED by the government, legally speaking.

      • Scroll down, i’m trying to expain that very point to ‘ole boy!

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        That’s when everyone became chattel property or legal fiction.

      • Exactly!

        Stay on these boards…Hip Hop needs intellectuals in the rumors comments section!

      • Far from mumbo jumbo, just a little too advanced for someone fully miseducated by the public Fool system that is geared toward teaching them to be good WORKERS instead of good THINKERS, to grasp,

        You appear to have taken a few college courses, or at least graduated from High School, so this is the type of topic where you wouldn’t be able to find your @$$ with both hands and a map, but a drop out would probably grasp it better, if they dropped out early enough, but CITIZENSHIP is a CONTRACT.

    • This is where that $E$ on CITIZENSHIP specifically comes into play.
      Google it for a background.

  • John Q. Public

    …pretty short article for such a major issue
    must be some missing facts

    • Keith N.

      Or Mos Def’s camp has not provided any additional information.

  • Agnieszka AK Karoluk

    this is not true. My friend is a lawyer who knows him and she spoke to him on the phone 2 days ago. He said he is in South Africa and he cancelled his tour due to scheduling conflicts. No idea why someone would make this up.

    • I was just looking for a source with verifiable information and was unable to find any.Hopeful Yasiin Bey will release a statement letting his fans know that this is rumor not fact

    • Diego Garcia

      sure we’ll just take your word..

    • blastah

      It has been reported in MSM. I think this is a PR disaster for him, and his camp is trying to keep mum on the situation.

  • Immortal

    You can’t be refused entry into the US if you are an American citizen. IF and this is a stretch IF he denounced his citizenship and became a citizen of another country then he is no longer subject to the protections of the Constitution. Another attempt by AHH to report something that when simply analyzed and checked into is false, and to dumb down those that patron the site.

    • Hangin’ Out w/ Kosha

      this is wrong actually. I am a citizen in Israel and in USA and if I use by Israeli passport I will have to get a visa within 6 months. Even though I have the US passport it’ll be checked under and although I have dual citizen ship you can still be in this situation. My reason? Even thougth I have my Israeli passport in Israel, and I am supposed to use my US one in USA. Customs officer mentioned that I would be treated like anyone else who is visiting.

      I assume MOs Def wanted to do something like this…(use one passport instead of the other)

      • It’s different, the Israelis OWN & RUN America, and are the only dual citizens who can LEGALLY be president, even though there is a dual citizen ( Kenya / America ) in office currently,
        Fugg ‘chet like this always happens to Blacks first, and if whites accept it for Blacks, they will be the next victims.

      • Immortal

        And that’s why I added the IF in there. He was born here and as an American he cannot be denied entry UNLESS he has renounced his citizenship or he has dual citizenship which wasn’t mentioned on here. Even if he was going to be locked up, he would be allowed in and arrested upon entry. Even if his name popped up on the travel advisory list, he’d still get in, and be detained by ICE until his situation is ironed out. I’m not infallible but I’m not wrong on this.

    • blastah

      Your grammar and syntax need a lot of work. I am just giving you an observation. Carry on, Immortal.

      • Immortal

        Ummm yeah…

    • Actually, if he RENOUCED his citizenship, the constitution would actually apply to him, pre 14th amendment, unlike now, where it doesn’t.

      IE: @nd amendment is not a RIGHT for American CITIZENS, it is a PRIVILEDGE, as opposed to native Americans, who can have a gat, without a permit, on the reservation, or off it, if their paperwork is in order regarding the tribe, etc.

    • Keith N.

      How did we not research it when we provided a link to the FESTIVAL he was scheduled to perform whom THEMSELVES said they got word that Mos Def was not allowed back into the country. This sounds like another attempt by someone to discredit the journalistic work done at AHH with a one-sided answer.

      Thank you for reading.

      • Immortal

        “This sounds like another attempt by someone to discredit the journalistic work done at AHH with a one-sided answer”…..did you even read what the hell you wrote? AHH and “journalistic work”? Seriously? Anyone could send out a link to a festival that anyone is supposed to be at. And using a bit of simple research would’ve shown that there is more to this than what was told. You speak of “journalistic work” on a site known for not proofreading the simple things that are posted? Wouldn’t that be a part of “journalistic integrity” or are you justifying the way this site has gone downhill over the last few years?
        Thank you for doing simple research

  • Truth Unstoppable

    Irresponsible article to say the least. Who writes this garbage without verifying the source first.

  • Pariss El

    If this is true it’s because he’s claimed his Moor roots. Once we wake up they will hand HAVE BEEN doing anything they can think of to lock us up or discourage us from the truth

    • Diego Garcia

      you’re not a moor ! ill pay your DNA test !Black is not a monolithic people ! just like Whites or Asians! stop with that ghetto ass jailhouse pseudo intellectualism! Africa is a continent full of different peoples the chances that you’re a moor is very slim ! seeing as the moors were the ones selling blacks from the subcontinent to whitey!

      • Bridgette Gray

        OMG! Your comment is freaking hilarious and so on point! I could not have said it any better.

      • Pariss El

        It is funny but nowhere on point. If you all don’t know what you talking about but commenting it makes you look really dumb.

      • That’s only because you are as equally uninformed as he is.

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        You’re very ignorant on the subject of moors and the history maybe you should check your facts it didn’t start in jail my so called Hispanic friend if that’s what you called yourself and if you do I suggest you take DNA test to find out who you are because you don’t look like you’re Hispanic to me.

      • Pariss El

        Which is also Moorish. He’s gonna be ok

      • Pariss El

        Diego you’re lost. And it’s ok sir. Just mind your biz and stay a slave

      • Pariss El

        By the way I’m def not Black, African American, Colored, etc. If you think it’s DNA in that then you’re totally dumb

      • Ronald

        You are right to a certain extent Diego. MST of A has been infiltrated by many ex-cons or folks on their way to penitentiary, but there are also many law-abiding brothers in the Temple as well. Yes, Moors did participate in the slave trade of other Africans, but so had many “sub saharan” Africans such as the Ashanti who heavily partook in the slave trade. It is the Moors or brothers of the MST of A who also proclaim their ancestry as well as their “Americaness” outside of Africa. Remember Moors rep the American flag.

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        We stand for the Republic.

      • Why?

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        T he United States of America as it stands now is a corporation and has turned of of its citizens into corporate fiction that’s why on your drivers license for example your name is in all caps this identifies a corporation refer to U.S.printing Manuel on how to identify a can also refer to Black’s Law Dictionary edition 1 through 5 for a definition of Republic.

      • Black’s law dictionary teaches the wrong law…since it’s based on the 14th amendment that was never ratified.


      • Adrian Carlisle El

        Check out free white person in blacks.

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        Bouvier’s law dictionary might be of some help sis is adapted to the Constitution and laws in the United States of America

      • Book? By who? Vid?

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        Free white person definitions inside of blacks Law Dictionary1st through the 5th edition these additions are the best ones to use.

      • No copy handy, can you quote or paraphtase?

      • Adrian Carlisle El

        you can find a video on youtube of a gentleman stating that President Barack Obama is the CEO of the United States of America Corporation.

      • i already know about the corp, I meant why stand for the REPUBLIC?

        The theory of it? or the corporation’s version of it?

    • Marie

      I can understand claiming that you are from Africa but to say that you are moorish seems to be a bit of a stretch. I am honestly asking though, what is your definition of Moor? Is it different from the Moors who are Maghrebis? Because if it is the same, how do you know that you are Maghrebis? Or are you calling yourself Moorish because of your religion? I am just confused because Moor is an ethnicity while islam is not. I am a muslimah but I don’t understand this Moorish thing with Americans.
      Thank you for answering my question.

      • Meaning they renounced their citizenship in the U.S. corporation.
        In other words, the 14th amendment, was never constitutionally ratified, so it included an expatriation or opt out clause, since it was “FORCED CITIZENSHIP”, forced on blacks, as opposed to compensating them for the wrongs of the slave trade ( reparations ).

        The 14th amendment naionalized Black people’s ownership, and slavery, with the banker’s corporation / The United States, as the owner.
        It also ushered in the age of equality, so whites are now slaves too, their creator, as 14th amendment citizens, is not Allah, but the government, etc.

        All slaves?
        Before the 14th amendment, only blacks needed permission to marry, hunt, fish, work, build a house, travel, etc… every “CITIZEN” needs that permission in the form of licenses or permits.

      • Marie

        So if you renounced your american citizenship, then you are a moor?

      • No, but Moor’s renounce their citizenship.

        As a citizen, constitutional rights become Priviledges, as an American national, the constitution actually applies.

      • Pariss El

        Are you Black Marie? And it’s a relevant question. Peace and love

      • Marie

        Yes. Why?

      • Pariss El

        Because legally you can’t be. Black is not a race. Nor is African-American. Negro. Colored. These are all TITLES under the 14th Amendment that still say we’re (according to the contract called The Constitution) 3/5ths of a human being. The 14th says we have “privileges” not rights. African-American was added because of Jesse Jackson in 1989. You can’t be under Africa AND America as a “citizen”. If you are claiming Africa, what part? Do you know their Govt? You gotta know the Govt and laws so you know how to deal within a U.S. court of law. Maybe there’s a treaty that may give you amnesty. Maybe your country in Africa allows what you’re being accused of in the U.S. as being a crime. The first treaty made with America is called the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1787 with Moors. It’s still in effect. But you are right on one thing…America IS Africa. Not the mainland but this is considered N.W. Africa known as Amexem (remember Pangea?) With that being said, Cush and Ham ran Amexem. Moabites contain Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, etc. which form this present Moroccan Empire the true founders of Mecca. Why wouldn’t you believe you’re not the modern day reality of your ancestors? History proves that all the above mentioned Nationalities of our people including Hindoos, Brazilians, Argentinians, Chilians, Mexicans, Columbians, Nicaraguans, etc…were all Moslems. That’s just simple Creed that we are allowed to have and had stripped from us. Now, since this is alot, if you believe and can understand this much…I’ll continue. If not, then there’s no need

  • Pariss El

    Gotta understand there’s a difference between an American and a U.S. citizen. Studying the Moorish Science, he’s def being watched. We’re the #1 internal threat to the FBI right now

    • blastah

      delusions of grandeur much?

      • He’s 100 on that…the moors got power just like America

      • Pariss El


      • Meaning if massa don’t tell these Ninjaz what to think or believe…they won’t.

      • shotman


      • The people are like sheep being led to slaughter, that’s why they are called “Sheeple.”

      • shotman

        If he’s delusional thinking moors are being watched that’s one thing, but adding grandeur implies that organizations like the black panthers that did get infiltrated via COINTELPRO was impressive or had aspects of splendor in the eyes of the gov’t. So that’s koo.

      • Not was impressive, but “Were” impressive. Was = Singular, were = Plural / Organizations.

      • shotman

        Turn around so I can shoot spitballs that was in my straw

      • Hahahaha!

        That’s why you continue to make the mistakes.

        People will take you more seriously if they see you are intelligent enough to write correctly!


      • shotman

        Obviously sarcasm isn’t your strong point.

      • Not on this toppic.

        Google “School ‘Em $aturdays” on AHH, I touched on this topic in depth.

    • American national – but yes, you are 100% correct!

      Welcome to the board & stick around, your input will be appreciated…but since you here, build upon what U.S. citizenship trully entails / means.

      • Pariss El

        It depends on what race you claim or how “they” see you as. For us “Blacks/Negro/African-Americans” we were never apart of the U.S. Constitution even in 2014 nothing has been overturned to prove otherwise. We were inserted as 3/5ths human which has also never been overturned. The Reconstruction Amendments are what lawyers use to say we as a people have become “citizens” which if you read the Constitution AND Black’s Law Dictionary, you’ll see a citizen is the lowest of the U.S. totem pole and has no rights the law has to respect. Lawyers say we are citizens because of the 14th Amendment but the 14th was NEVER ratified. Which to me is a great thing. And Mos Def knows this. This is why he is now Y. Bey. The people who don’t understand how Moors work here in America are those who don’t see themselves as anything else but “Black/Negro/African-American” (which makes no sense), so when they have the nerve to make fun of someone like me, it’s like a dummy laughing. Don’t take my words for it people, see what Mos Def is about. Peace and Love EDogz

      • >>> Fuggz with this dude hardbody!

        Take notes people…this is real spill!

        Side note on 14th.

        Since it was never ratified, B;ack’s teaches the wrong law, since it is vased 100% on the 14th.

      • Pariss El

        Well it’s Mos Def (pun intended lol) not LAW.That’s why we gotta come back into our own. Everytime someone claims their Sovereign status, the system-state (which is no longer the people), courts all loose money. Du process is out the door along with a lot of our rights. He’s still and will always be American. But when you tell these slave catchers you are NOT a U.S. Citizen they act like you’re a foreign terrorist when in actuality the foreign terrorists are all who hold public office.

      • I think he should sue….it would be a landmark case.

      • Pariss El

        Landmark as in a celeb bringing it to the forefront, yes. Theses cases have been won a lot of places. Men have won in child custody, traffic violations, etc. So it’s not a landmark as you’d think. It’s just done very silent. And for the ones who got off, there’s many more who were railroaded and are in jail

      • I meant landmark in the sense of American nationals being declared persona non grata.

        I’m sure Mos Def will raise new issues, but definitely the issue of being compensated when the USG violates a soveregn?

        Jus Sanguine applies & was violated.

    • Pariss El

      @dookiestain_laflair:disqus no he’s not. But he IS a Moor. If you don’t know why he even changed his name then there’s no point of this discussion for you to even begin to know why he has legal issues getting back into the states

  • im_a_hater

    I don’t believe it smh they lying

  • B_Biffington

    You guys should have paid attention in class. You can renounce your citizenship once you move to another country. You lose all rights and can be refused entry just like any other foreigner. If he did that, then he could have issues getting back in.

    • LoveasLove

      Where can I find the story that says he renounced his citizenship? Where did you get that from?

      • mamiel

        Worst article ever, didn’t explain a single thing!

    • Negative, because he is still an American national, born in BKlyn, he has a human right to return, as well as a legal basis of Jus Soli / Jus Sangiune.

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  • #bringbackmosdef

    • Menelik Sanders

      Dude that is sort of not Funny

  • MercedNative209

    aaaaaahahahaha thats what you get!!!! his music is whack anyway.

    • theobatts

      and you are an idiot,stop trolling

      • MercedNative209

        you calling me an idiot and requesting that i stop trolling is a form of trolling within itself. #StepItUp

      • Black Rose

        Eat shit and die trying.

      • MercedNative209

        eat mosdef’s dick, throw it up, have your dog eat it, then eat it out its ass

    • Gimme ya’ mom’s facebook, so i can Fugg that B’ish 2nite!

      • MercedNative209

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! did you just make that up?

      • Nah, I use it all the time!

        Feel free to use it….under license of course!

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    Praying for you My Brother Yasiin Bey!!!

  • LoveasLove

    Is it because he’s muslim and speaks truth to Power aka truth to the Obama Clan?

    • Uh, O doesn’t have a clan, he’s part of the Bush clan.

  • Dick Ross

    You can be an American Born Citizen and refused entry into the country. Its part of the Patriot Act . That section deals with enemy combatants. If it is true, Mos Def could be considered one due to the stunt he pulled. If so, there is no judge or lawyer that can argue for him because enemy combatants are not given rights under the US Law. I hope this story is wrong.

    • LoveasLove

      What stunt did he pull?

      • Dick Ross

        When he did the video showing how the Guantanamo Detainees were being fed. That raised alot of eyebrows across the muslim world. Alot of people were pissed. And anyone can be put on that list for any reason.

      • LoveasLove

        That was almost a year ago. Makes no sense.

      • Dick Ross

        You are right. It doesn’t but you never know who may be pissed behind the scenes waiting for you to mess up to pull your card. I HOPE I AM WRONG on this.

      • George Jackson

        Doesnt make sense but a lot of laws don’t and these are the kind of laws that get passed when the public is either not paying attention or too scared to resist.

      • Tom Huck

        That’s hardly a stunt. Reportage de verite is not “a stunt” unless you are personally invested in the Amerikan Ekxperience.

      • Stacie Ford-Bonnelle

        that wasn’t a “stunt”

    • Chad Goller-Sojourner

      Enemy combatant? Hardly

      • Well, technically, there is no specific definition, or even a specific person that decides if someone is pr not, nor is there a review process.

        This ‘chet was written by pro’s that make Don King’s lawyers look like jailhouse crackheads working for cookies or $00.25 soups,

      • Cocomaan

        Enemy combatant really means, “anyone that the government isn’t a fan of.”

        Guess they didn’t like Mathematics.

    • mamiel

      Dude, that so messed up

    • Yeah, but Mos Def isn’t the one we should be worrying about, us & our kids are who we should be worrying about.

      This kinda fugg ‘chet will only get worse.

  • LoveasLove

    This may not even be true.

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  • TruthSerum

    Be careful what you wish for might come into play here, I mean, right or wrong, all he ever did was complain about how much he hated it here. I’m having a hard time figuring out why, seeing as we’re so evil, he wanted to come back for a tour in the first place. I guess he doesn’t consider our money the devil.

    Same thing happened with Shyne, he sat there for years and did his “DEAR AMERIKKKA YOU RUINED MY LIFE AND MADE ME WHAT I AM” routine, then fought with everything he had and begged Puffy to pull some strings for him to help him stay.

    I tell people the same thing my moms told me growing up, “You wanna leave?? There’s the door, but once you leave, stay gone”

    • Guest

      Simplistic thinking. Those who love their country have a civic duty, an obligation to speak out against what is wrong with it and try to make it better.

    • Wonderful sentiment. Like really dig your implementation of traditional antiblack rhetoric. How many white sectarian bigots have consistently hated the US and experienced immigration problems when they travel? It’s routinely acceptable for white Americans to hate on the government, but a black artist? By the way, I haven’t heard a sectarian word from YB. Have you? He wonders about conspiracies and criticizes racist policies, and war, too, and is now barred from entry? GTFO.

      • If the story is true…pans out. I don’t think we can say he deserves the treatment.

    • sunny

      as an artist myself of course you want to perform for your fans. thats what the point of art is for, the release of your expression and then seeing people relate aka fans. so i think youre just being a little extreme. disliking america isnt a black and white discussion, theres a huge grey area of reasons to stay here and reasons to leave that all conflict. but i do get what youre saying.

    • Ninjaz wouldn’t mind leaving….with what they’re owed.
      The fact is, this is his birthplace, and so far, he still has the right to feel however he feels. ( * So far …for now * )

      So if they can do it to him arbitrarily…why not you or your kid, if they wanted to, for whatever reason?

      IE: Sold drugs & didn’t give the government a % of the profits, etc?

    • Danny

      What about Clive Bundy and his Minute Men in Nevada, that refused to pay his grazing fines for like 20 years and owes the US Government over $1 Million. He and his followers refused to comply to the US Government for 20 years and threatened US Agents with guns but they won’t do anything about it.

      How many Republicans called the POTUS names and defied him in public. They showed up with nooses at Rally’s. So how is that any different??? Or is it okay for white people to do but black people better obey Massa?

      • It always happens to black’s first!

    • Negus B. Chillun

      lol go ahead and promote that white supremacy, boy

      • You should offer him a job.

      • Target4Tyrants

        I don’t agree with him either, but what he said is not racist. YOU come off as the racist when you talk like a ignorant moron.
        Find Liberty & get right with it.

    • Target4Tyrants

      Your problem is that you see yourself in the government body. You can not seperate the government from the citizens. If you believe the government is a perfect representative of your morals and dreams, then by all means keep licking boot. But if you think it is a rogue government, get learned. Stop associating Patriotism with government because you sound like a useful idiot for authoritarians.

  • mamiel

    How about some actual journalism in this article, like letting us know if he’s a citizen or naturalized alien and what country he’s from if not the US? No, I guess that would be expecting too much…

    • Shantel Collins

      Yes I can’t reading to see if I missed something SMH

    • Joseph A. Cassar

      He was born & raised in Brooklyn!

      • scottrose

        And then he entered a bigamous relationship but divorced the second wife and failed to make child support payments, so who knows?

      • MiltonH

        I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t affect his being born and raised in Brooklyn. Or do they kick you out of NY and revoke your citizenship for that these days?

      • scottrose

        It’s conceivable that a court, knowing him out of the country, would have issued an order in favor of the mother making child support payments a condition of his re-entering the country. I have no knowledge of whether that is the case. But he has in the past not made court-mandated child support payments. And, not making such payments makes one in contempt of court. The courts then have broad powers to try to force payment. You never know when a malicious divorced parent might try to strike back at the divorced spouse by hiding their assets.

      • MiltonH

        There’s no way a court would do that. Do you have knowledge of this happening to a US citizen by the powers of Family Court? If so, please cite a source, that would be amazing. They’d rather have him here so they can throw him in jail as a last ditch effort, but they’d garnish his wages first. I can’t see how that court could supersede the US Constitution and your right to Freedom of Movement.

      • scottrose

        From a document explaining how court-mandated child support payments can be enforced:

        Passport Denial

        Passport denial is another effective enforcement tool. With this remedy,

        the Secretary of State must refuse to issue a new or renewed passport to any

        person known to owe a child support debt exceeding $5,000.132 Further, the

        Secretary of State may take action to revoke, restrict, or limit a passport

      • MiltonH

        The Secretary of State… so John Kerry signed off on this? Likely story.

        Anyway, passport denial is used to keep someone from leaving the country.

      • scottrose

        Actually, I heard just now that the whole story about Mos Def not being admitted to the United States was an internet rumor, and not true.

      • MiltonH

        That makes so much more sense. The vague wording of the “statement” and immigration law being used against a US citizen made no sense. It would have been more believable if the country he was in didn’t want to let him out because of something he did there.

      • Pariss El

        That’s so illegal. The question being did the Dept. of State notify him before hand with the child support issue? I’m pretty sure not. And that’s just for starters. No personal disrespect, I’ll be glad when you’re out of that job and into a new profession

      • Target4Tyrants

        “On the playground is where he spent most of his days” 🙂

    • I hope he sues, this could be a landmark decision.

      Even if he’s renounced his citizenship, he is still an American national, by birth, via Jus Soli / Jus Sanguine.

  • Guest

    He and his brothers ( management) just burned us again on a Chicago show last week. We are seeking legal action with regards to breech and fraud

  • Liam Knurtsis

    In the United States on March 13, 2009, the Obama administration announced its abandonment of the Bush administration’s use of the term “enemy combatant”…per wiki soooooo what the problem???

  • f that.. how do we get him back in the country is the only question that needs to be answered.. sneak him back in if that’s what needs to be done! Canada’s borders are notoriously unprotected. from what i understand, there are plenty of areas where you can just walk across the border like walking across the street to the bodega. this is messed up in so many ways. it needs to be fixed with some good ol American civil disobedience. it’s crazy that an American citizen has to sneak back into his own home.

    • Sarebolth

      Best chance is a Trebuchet and wings.

      • Through Canada, he can literally just walk over the border. There are lots of areas with no checkpoints. I knew a guy who lived in NYC but was a Canadian citizen. He was caught with a small amount of marijuana. They deported him immediately. He was back two days later. It’s not like how they treat Hispanic people with walls, guns, and patrols. Canadians are practically American citizens; the border is that unprotected.

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  • Tyguy

    Don’t panic and carry a towel.

  • Seriouslyfolks

    In 1950 the State Department revoked his passport, thereby denying his right to travel and, ultimately, to earn income abroad. Robeson fought this injustice for years vigorously but with no success. He repeatedly applied for reinstatement of his passport but was turned down. He filed a lawsuit against the State Department and faced discouraging delays, adverse decisions, and rejected appeals. Yet Robeson stuck to his principles and refused to swear an affidavit that he was not a Communist. “Whether I am or not a Communist is irrelevant,” he told the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1956. “The question is whether American citizens, regardless of their political beliefs or sympathies, may enjoy their constitutional rights.” In 1958 the U.S. Supreme Court finally agreed, ruling that the State Department could not deny citizens the right to travel because of their political beliefs or affiliations.

    • Then the civil rights act of 1965? passed, then the Patriot act.

      It is now legal for the government to murder U.S. citizens or jail them without due process, so, denying entry isn’t the worst they can do…legally.

      • BigNumber

        Digging the vibe, you sound like a No Agenda listener, and if you aren’t one, you should google No Agenda and check it out.

      • Adam Kurry?

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  • Zagaza

    In 2012 I was traveling the world on one way tickets painting in Africa, India, China, SE Asia etc. THe last leg of my trip was Australia. When I went to the sydney airport I was pulled aside in the passport line and told I was not allowed to fly? I laughed and said this must be a mistake because I am an american citizen BORN and RAISED. No mistake 8 long months later and about $11000 of scraped up cash from friends and family to pay a legal TEAM I was invited back into my country tis of thee…….Still to this day they won’t tell me why I was banned or what happened? I am an artist, a painter. I don’t sell or use drugs, I don’t scam or steal….I JUST PAINT. soooooooooo THIS IS SCARY AND CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE!

    • Thanx for sharing!

      The ? is…did you try & sue for damages?

      If so, what was the legal decision?

    • loue

      Your problem was one way tickets and you where not stopped at at US port an denied entry into the US. When you are traveling to a country that you are not a citizen of you need a return ticket otherwise you may be breaking the law depending on where you are. One way tickets are viewed as you intend to stay and need permission to do that. US citizens can only be denied re-entry is they have denounced their citizenship. Otherwise it would take a court order, etc

      • Nah, denying / renoucing citizenship in the U.S. Corporation isn’t grounds for denial of re entry.

        Citizenship is “voluntary”, birthplace isn’t.

  • Janus303

    Nowhere in the statement does it say he was refused entry. “Is unable to enter back” does not mean “banned.”

    • Sarebolth

      Dude, he used the wrong door and he refused to try to right one, so he turned around and went back. How silly.

      • Janus303


    • blackalaureate

      there should NEVER be a problem with a US born citizen traveling and then reentering the united states.

      • Janus303

        There isn’t. Never has been and there isn’t now. I guarantee that Mos Def is not the first case of banishment in American history. He likely doesn’t want to come back because he’s facing arrest on his return, and his history would indicate that to mean he may have a warrant for unpaid child support.

      • misanthropytoday

        Aha.. so its by choice. Makes sense that they’d try to make it something political.

      • blackalaureate

        you’re wrong. there was a black reporter who recently passed on who was denied entry to the US after having traveled to cuba.

        i don’t know what is going on with mos def, but my statement still stands…a person born on this soil should never have a problem entering the country after traveling.

      • nWc

        Cuba is a special case. Many U.S. citizens who have gone to Cuba (usually via “not quite illegal” means) have had problems returning and its been that way for decades.

    • Neither does “Hell No! You thick lipped, stiff necked, Muddachucka, you can’t get in!”, but the result is still the same!

    • TH1ST.™

      the wording is different but if you think about I’m sure you will agree the effect is the same. . .

  • Tahir White


  • Ace Sosa





    • Blaq_Boi

      Typing etiquette homes.

    • Slowmann


      • If he’s gonna die over a word…..his word is PoonTang!

      • misanthropytoday

        RC Collins?

      • Nah, Animal Mother.

      • eddieknucks

        Lol. You talk the talk, can you walk the walk? Classic.

      • I say we leave her for the mother loving rats!

        YA’ HEARD!!!

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    force feed at guatolimo (whatever) bay? – I don’t believe that !

    • Planet Earth Sphere

      Go visit then I would say and enjoy your ‘meal’.

    • He volunteered to go thtough the process & have it filmed to show people what the prisoners went through.


      It’s fugged up, check it out!

  • Ace Sosa

    look it up on youtube its on there

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  • Chris Pickrell

    What immigration issues? He’s from Brooklyn.

    • blackalaureate


    • You think it’s more probable he could get in, but be detained (for reasons unknown) before he could leave again ?

      • Chris Pickrell

        No. I think being a citizen of the United States, you kind of are exempt from the whole immigration thing.

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  • loue

    Mos Def is a born US citizen. He hasn’t denounced his citizenship so there is no other legal reason for him to be denied re-entry into the US. The US government could strip him of his citizenship but it would have to be done legally through the court. Why all the assumptions? Why don’t people check info before commenting and going crazy with conspiracy theories.

    • Tillmann Puschka

      the assumptions stem from the racism here on these boards.

    • FunFacts

      it’s the child support he owes

      • Liketohateus

        why do u continue to lie…they only stop people from leaving due to support…..are u mad at ur father?

    • mrfcobf

      Speaking of ‘why don’t people check into things before commenting’, do you mean REnounced his citizenship?

    • nWc

      People haven’t checked the info because there isn’t any. HIS OWN SPOKESPEOPLE said it was an “immigration/legal issue” and that’s what people are talking about.

  • A travesty by product of the war of terror

  • Annette Greco

    “Mos Def said that he did not listen to any of Osama Bin Laden’s messages because he did not trust the translations.” (Wikipedia)

    Right. Does Mos Def believe that the evil United States would be twising Osama bin Laden’s precious words with false translations to trick true believers into distrusting the Jihad?

    It seems hypocritical for him to be trying to sell tickets and music in the U.S. Why would he want our evil money?

    • J.Milliscone

      1) He’s from the US
      2) Governments quite frequently make their own narrative to push their agenda/ view

    • Target4Tyrants

      Your problem is you can not seperate the government body from the citizens like the rest of us. They do not represent us and until we do something about it, it never will.
      Get learned because you sound like a useful idiot for authoritarians when you write and probably speak.

    • Татьяна Соколова astound me with your dumbness

    • Liketohateus

      your a fool…a democracy always needs people to question the system thats why america is the greatest country….im sure u dont “trust” Obama right?..leave the country then why would u be under such an evil president?

    • The money don’t know where it comes from.

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  • I’ll trade him for Justin Bieber…..

    • Liberals are the devil

      I was just about to say the same thing!

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  • Fabian Hofland

    Guantanamo Bey?? Pun intended?

    • Keith N.

      Glad SOMEONE caught on to that lol

  • Jamie Brown

    The United States does not recognize citizenship renunciation. Once a U.S. citizen, always a U.S. citizen. Even criminals are extradited back to the country where the crime took place and protected by embassies worldwide. I want more information on this.

    • FunFacts

      he owes over 20k in back child support thats why he has been banned until he pays it

      • George Jackson

        Doesn’t make sense. They would want him back in America so they could punish him and hold him accountable for not paying. But I know you were stereotyping him because he’s a Black male.

      • Right!

      • nWc

        Funny story: Canadian comedian Dave Foley didn’t come back to his home country for years (I’m not sure if he can even come back yet) because they told him he’d be arrested as soon as he stepped off the plane because he owed tons of back-child support. Dave Foley is a white guy. So Mos Def’s reasons for not coming back to the US MAY be support related (no-one has provided ANY evidence to the contrary) AND such theories have nothing to do with racism.

        In fact, if “racism” is the first thing you think of when someone says “a rich guy didn’t pay his child support”, you might want to think twice before posting.

      • Thats not true. I work for child support. We suspend passports so you can’t leave but NEVER so you can’t return.

      • Liketohateus

        that not true racist prick

    • Yes it does, but you have to have your game wrapped square drum tight!

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  • Jamie Brown

    From what I can find .. there is no federal or New York state law that denies a natural born (native) United States citizen reentry. This is true regardless of the amount of time spent outside of the U.S. or criminal history. The Feds have unlawfully done it before, but never to such a high profile figure.

  • G. Jon Melodiousness

    “This article was amended on May 22 to clarify the circumstances of the tour’s cancellation. It is not clear that Yasiin Bey was ‘denied entry’ to the US, as originally reported.”

    The guy moved to the whitest part of Africa to avoid paying Child Support.

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  • But it’s OK for rock, heavy metal, R&b , other hip hop , and also actors, and other singer’s to move out of the this country and come back . So what’s the difference!

  • Veritablian



  • Kosse Moore

    immigration issues? What does that even mean? He’s a natural born citizen. On top of that, theres no explanation as to why, This whole article is really vague. Everything sounds fishy.

  • Story

    He has constitutional right to enter the United States if he is a citizen. He cannot be denied entry if, in fact, he remains a citizen. If he has legal troubles, that is even more of a reason they would want him here.

  • WMignonReed

    Is this the entire story. What else, where are the sources, who else has information about what can we do and why he is not being allowed to come back into the country I’m confused as to the next steps to take.

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