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Quincy Jones: I Was A "Baby Gangster" + Criticizes New Michael Jackson Album

(AllHipHop News) Quincy Jones has sold enough records to have an opinion on everything. During a recent interview with Canadian radio station CBC, Jones criticized the recent Michael Jackson album Xscape, describes Vibe Magazine as a “disaster” and more. In 1993, Quincy Jones founded Vibe Magazine and 20 years later, Vibe Magazine was sold to Spin Media and reduced to a quarterly release instead of its usual monthly release. According to one of the most accomplished musicians ever, the magazine was not one of his best moments:

Vibe was a disaster. I let it be in the hands of somebody else. That doesn’t work. It was terrible.

The accomplished composer claims growing up in Chicago he “saw a dead body everyday” and had gangster life aspirations growing up. Ironically, the self-proclaimed “baby gangster” was able to turn one night of crime on the town into the start of the most illustrious producing career ever:

We had the city covered. We were baby gangsters. We had all the stores. Working all the stores. Steal boxes of honey.  This was during [World War II] in the 40s. The Armory were our recreational center, but it was also an armory for the military. We went in there and we ate up all of the lemon pie. Ate the ice cream, had pie fights and everything else. Then we walked around and broke in the rooms and so forth. I walked in one room, saw  piano in the dark, I closed the door and something said ‘go back in that room.’

Jones reveals that Jackson and himself went through “900 songs to get Thriller. To get nine songs.” After stating that he disapproves of the new L.A. Reid executive produced Xscape album, Jones states that “it’s none of our business” due to the multiple parties involved with monetary interests:

They’re trying to make money. And I understand it. Everybody’s after money, the estate, the lawyers. It’s about money.

Check out Quincy Jones full interview with CBC here.

  • tra mo

    Baby gangster ? Nigga went on a sugar rush

    • RightOn

      Lmfao! Thanks for a real laugh.

    • PorchBoySlim


    • SleepyTheGreat

      Funniest Comment Ever

  • Gabo Toura

    Nice to hear him call out these losers motivation for releasing a new MJ album…..hope it tanks & end future attempts at trying to do the same!!

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    900 songs to pick for Thriller? Yeah right…

    • K. Lionheart

      I’m sure he probably meant demo recordings done by other artists and composers

  • The Arsonist

    The New old Mj album is garbage, some of those songs ive had since the late 90’s and some of them are totally incomplete and they used another singer to fill in the parts Mike didnt finish, they should let MJ R.I.P we have enough great music from him that theres no need for new old music.

  • Mark Imakebeats Ford

    i got that new album. but i didnt pay for it. I paid for thriller tho. I can see what quincy means. theres some ok joints on there tho.

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  • Kap Diva

    The new Michael Jackson album was amazing. Quincy just mad because him and his no talent son weren’t invited to produce on it.

    • IceBergSlim

      Right.. The hell with Quincy he is like Spike lee coming out his mouth side ways. BS..I will say that song he is talking about is weak but he always has something negative to say about Mike’s career if he was not involved.

      • Both of those men have achieved mire than you ever will, and you’re sayin their the haters? Ok.

      • Kap Diva

        So, being able to play an instrument and compose music constitutes someone achieving more? How about Ben Carson and Dr. Martin Luther King achieved more than we and Quincy ever will. You probably think that athletes are amazing, huh?

      • I see what you did there, took what I said about you and tried to turn into something else. Thr funny thing is tbat every individual and group of people you mentioned have displayed more than you, and yet you call QDIII “no talent”. Thats hilarious.

      • Kap Diva

        QDIII and his his father only make music at the end of the day. I hope that you see what I did because it was meant to teach you how ignorant you sound lol.

      • Kap Diva

        Exactly! People don’t seem to remember Mike stopped working with Quincy in 1987 after The Bad album. Quincy and Mike hadn’t been cool since then. Mrs. Jones has been suing Michael Jackson since 1990 and is still suing Mike in death.

    • Why didnt they hire someone with talent like you then? Im sure you’re better than them.

      • Kap Diva


  • One of the greatest of all-time. Nothing but love for Q.

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  • Zoja Rusita

    Quincy knows best. I don’t like that Mike himself did not give his approval. Somehow, it is just not the same. I do hope his children benefit since I know that Michael wanted them to be provided for. Joe Jackson and his lazy sons do not deserve to benefit. Mad respect and love to Quincy.

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