50 Cent Launches His SMS Audio Headphones

50 Cent Explains Why Solange Would've Never Swung on Him, His Son's Graduation + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent stopped by SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation last night and spoke with DJ Envy about not being at his son’s graduation, why Solange would have never swung on him if he was in Jay Z’s position in the elevator fight and more

50 Cent built an empire on the image of a man who survived nine bullet shots and is an aggressive marketer. According to 50, that image would have kept Solange Knowles hands off of him if he was in Jay Z’s position during the infamous elevator fight:

I think that they would understand that if you do that then I don’t actually have the ability to not [retaliate]. I think that’s happening because that he can sustain and watch. Now, if you know a person’s temperament…Lil Mama walking on stage, she feels that comfortable with Jay. If I was there, she wouldn’t have walked on that stage with me.

Earlier this week, news surfaced that 50 Cent was absent at his son, Marquise Jackson’s high school graduation. 50 Cent explains that the root of the reason for his absence is Marquise’s mother and their lack of communication:

We don’t have communication like that. During the Easter holiday, they stopped by my grandparents home and talk to some of my aunts and said some stuff about it. But, they didn’t say anything to me about it. I’m overseas at the time they could’ve easily said ‘is there way I can reach out to him to give him the actual time and place?’ Really what it is is a girl looks for any opportunity where she can shed some light on her being associated with me in some way.

Check out 50 Cent’s interview with DJ Envy below:

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  • loco_en_el_coco

    Has 50 always not had eyebrows?

    • Changeclothz

      lmfao lol

  • That big ass Dr pepper add is blowing my high…..

    • Guest

      cop that ad block app for your browser fam

      • On the phone wit it…passing minutes u know….

  • Dubz

    Dude’s need to stop this whole “She wouldn’t have done me like that” nonsense…especially if that elevator would have opened up to the media frenzy they had on them afterwards. Hov played it smart…move on and get over it.

    • David Gonz

      JAY STAN

  • RightOn

    Poor 50. You Just keep name dropping to stay relevant while Jay, Diddy and Dre are stacking millions and millions without talking about lames like you. They stacking, you gossiping.

    • RightOn

      Example: In today’s news Jay Z opens a new 40/40 in Atlanta airport. In other news, 50 talks about how Solange would not have swung at him. Lol

      • LOL~N

        50 still winning though…considering his position when he started.

    • SOHO

      U really defending Diddy?

    • Mike G

      50 Don’t hold his tongue or kiss ass that’s why and he still sitting real comfortable.

  • Jared

    Everyday 50 appears to be taking L’s. He does everything except music

    • golder1

      50 aint took any L’s the man is winning. He has made more money outside of music dont think he is really worried about that. Plus interscope just paid him $23 million. Sounds like he is winning bruh!

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  • Butch Magnus Milosevic

    The only time this nigga gets press is when, he’s bad mouthing someone or when someone’s bashing him… Sux to be him…

    • SOHO

      But you watching the video?

      • Butch Magnus Milosevic

        Don’t get it fucked up, I’m a fan of 50. Just pointing out that when the nigga feeds starving African kids, or pays for a poor little girls funeral, it barely gets any press. But anything bad about Jay-z or Diddy….


    It’s so sad what this nigga has become and check billboard all those songs he drop none of them is in the top 100 in any category rap, rnb, pop, it don’t matter…..,so so finish

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  • king

    50 rap career been over

  • Dam, you would think all the money in the world would make him more humble…He kinda does have some good points but, he is rich, he should even have to still be talking smack about other artists like this, dam shut up.

  • illmaticnigga

    i respect 50 for many things, but how your son can get anything he wants for the most part, yet little man dont have a cell to call his father direct and let him know when his graduation was. if i was envy i would of asked him that .

    • fasho

      True dat. You ain’t Envy and Envy damn sure ain’t Charlamagne because they were obvious questions anybody would have asked.

  • Montezuma1

    Tony Yayo ain’t the talk of New York 50 Cent is. Talk Talk Talk. Just shut up man. Why interview unless you’re pushing your music or TV show. What’s the purpose of discussing anything else? You got nothing to talk about so you stay off topic.

  • “OMG”

    lol people still mad as hell @ 50

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    is 50 talking bout music in this interview or is this the typical 50 interview where he’s asked everything except his music?
    i dont have 20mins to waste………

  • Twonpass

    man, stop the bullshit, your a rich man, you could have easily ( should have known) found out when your dam son graduates,
    your priorities are not him , obviously
    (speaks volumes about you)
    you could have easily taken a quick moment to celebrate the turning point in your son’s life. returned back to whatever overseas engagement you had….
    a kat with his kinda bread, dont have to worry, they will wait on you.
    Again , his priorities are a lil warped, and no excuses why he couldnt have made it. Stop that lazy ass shit Black men ….dont care if your child’s mother is a lil special, check her ass man up and go be a father and show support.
    No Balance anymore…

  • fasho

    This dude ain’t winning no points missing his son’s graduation and these excuses lame as hell. You got to be the bigger man and the parent, this ain’t no rap beef with Ja Rule and Rick Ross. All that money obviously don’t make you a MAN. 50 literally proves he has no heart and will eat his own young. Not clowning but dude definitely needs therapy because it’s obvious he never dealt with loss of his mother at such a young age and that stripped him of the ability to have compassion for even his own. But hey, Animal Ambition is stores on June 3rd.

  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    So lunge would of hit you too curtis, you probrobaly would of hit her back…