50 Cent Sells $5000 "Animal Ambition" Bundle & Other Merchandise

(AllHipHop News) With just under two weeks to go before 50 Cent drops his comeback album Animal Ambition, the G-Unit leader is offering his fans the chance to purchase exclusive merchandise featuring the LP.

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50’s official store website is selling several bundles related to his 5th studio album. For $40 buyers can get a bundle with a T-shirt and CD, or for $180 a 50 fan can get a shirt, CD, signed poster, and a pair of SMS headphones.

The Queens rapper was also offering a $5,000 package that included 5 copies of the deluxe CD, 3 T-shirts, 5 signed posters, 2 pair of headphones, and the chance to hang out with 50 himself. Unfortunately for those willing to give up 5 grand the bundle is already sold out.

Animal Ambition is scheduled for release on June 3rd.

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AA Bundel


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  • water_ur_seeds

    Why would you want 5 copies of the same CD and poster, 3 tee’s and 2 head phones? lol

    • Green Blood


    • Chris

      Desperate times call for desperate measures, Brotha’.

      • Anthony Kelley

        umm its called getting money, nothing desperate about it

      • “Keep what you want and flip the rest… GET MONEY, ANIMAL AMBITION.”….

      • Anthony Kelley

        just shows he has loyal ass fans they are paying for the album that they have heard but they are getting his signature and they are getting to go to his house to hang out with him. I don’t know how many 5,000 dollar bundles he had but he completely sold out of those, Hustler…..welcome to the Independent game

      • “Keep what you want and flip the rest… GET MONEY, ANIMAL AMBITION.”

    • Keep what you want and flip the rest… GET MONEY, ANIMAL AMBITION.

      • water_ur_seeds

        Spend $5000 and get few dollars back, essentially losing money haha

      • 5% Hov


        For real for rea

      • Well the science behind the marketing is that the 5g’s is really to be able to meet the dude, the other stuff is to sweeten the deal. U dig? I wouldn’t pay the 5g’s myself but just breaking it down.

      • water_ur_seeds

        I know the largest part of the $ was to meet 50, but that aint worth $5000 either, its prolly worth $500 at best, I wouldn’t pay that lol

        They might of well given 2 copy of everything and a meet, that way you can get them all signed, put one in your collection and 1 in storage…

        He prolly wanted to give more CDs out so it pushes the record sales up lol

    • 5% Hov

      He wants you to pay to promote his shit .. LOL


      Because it is not for one person… it is “you and two of your friends” that gets to hang out with 50…

      • water_ur_seeds

        Ahh ok, I didnt see that…

  • GQ

    A more simple design would’ve killed it! Givenchy already did that type of style of tee and other “designers” over killed it. I wanna hear that album tho.

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  • jd

    Genius. Just pure genius. Good job, sir.

  • tra mo

    For 50 not to have them major label marketing dollars i think he promoting dis album real good salute big homie

  • End of Days

    I feel like I can get that shirt from Ebay for like $7.00…


      really now?… lmao

  • Lolrax

    This album is going to kick ass, so excited about it. I’m glad he got off that Adam Levine bullshit the label was pushing him into. Street 50 is the best 50.

    • 5% Hov

      Hahaaha really?

      • Calvindoentknwshyt

        YOU a real hater yo lol

  • “OMG”

    50 is a smart guy and always has ideas and things up his sleeve. He knows he ain’t gonna sell millions so his doing this which is a great idea. He will probably sell less than some of todays mainstream artists but will make more money. Even Nas is going this way, other big names should follow and do the same.

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  • 5% Hov

    50 = Great Interviews.

    One day someone gona knock 50 cent out on camera.

    • guccci7383

      i’ll be waiting 4 the day.. 50 hands is crazy.. somebody gonna get thereself put on worldstar. with the tag when keeping it real goes wrong

  • Hang out with 50 and do what, learn how to find successful black peeps to diss? LOL

    • Calvindoentknwshyt


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  • Guest



    It is a CD, a DVD and a T-SHIRT for $ 40…

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