MMG's Gunplay Says He Would Fought Solange Back In The Elevator

(AllHipHop News) Jay Z’s reaction to the elevator attack by Solange led to the creation of some classic memes. The 9-figure mogul also received praised for his measure, non-violent response to being hit and kicked by a woman.

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One fellow rapper revealed that if he was in that situation he would not have held back on returning blows to his sister-in-law. Maybach Music Group’s Gunplay spoke with The Breakfast Club recently, and the Carol City, Florida native shared why his elevator experience would have been different.

“She would got the business,” said Gunplay. “You wanna run up on a n***a like you’s a n***a, I’m gonna whoop you like a n***a.”

The “Krazy” rapper goes on to say that he would have fought the woman back and then handled the legal and career consequences later.

“I don’t care how much I’m worth. I’m going to spend it on a lawyer. That’s why I got money,” stated Gunplay. “That’s just me. It’s just instinct.”

Gunplay does add that he felt Jay did the right thing and commends him for his restraint, but for him he would have had to “put them hands” on a woman who attacked him first.

Gunplay has been involved in violent incidents in the past. He got into a fight with members of 50 Cent’s entourage at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards. He was also charged with robbing and assaulting an accountant in his office that same year. The charges were later dismissed after the prosecution could not locate the alleged victim.

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Watch Gunplay’s interview below.

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  • Dope

    And that’s why Jay Z has ”mogul” and half a billion attached to his name each time he is mentioned, while this fool is only known for having his chain snatched away by 50’s crew.

    • Blaq_Boi

      Co-sign all day. This coon tryna clown Jay for NOT hitting a woman. B*tch a$$ field nigga.

      • STFUUIgnants

        u mean house nigga?

      • RapItUp

        No, I think he meant reckless loony field nigga

  • johnblacksad

    I don’t condone hitting b!tches… but for the fun of it, I wish it was Gunplay instead being attacked by Solange in that elevator.

    The bodyguard would get it next tho… for slackin like he did

  • Blaq_Boi

    And this dear Gunplay is exactly why you will never amount to anything. Drop some work and stop discussing abusing our sisters.

    • golder1

      How is that abusing sisters! This double standard has to stop. Now when this video came out noone talked about the assault as abuse on men. A lot of people thought it was funny or Jay had to do something for her to act like that. What Gunplay said is what a lot of mothers tell their sons growing up. If a woman acts like a man you treat her like one. Now would I have fought her, no but I wouldnt have faluted Jay if he slapped the shit out of her for hitting him like she was a dude. Too many women who act like this, thinking they have the right to put their hands on a man when they are angry but that same many bet not defend himself because he is a man and she is a woman. That way of thinking should be dead!

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        “What Gunplay said is what a lot of mothers tell their sons growing up. If a woman acts like a man you treat her like one.”

        yeah……i wonder what his father woulda advised him to do

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    that right gun play…………REALL negga talk right there!
    there should be a bunch of co-signers of gun play “handling his business”
    since there was a lot of people clowning jay for not hitting solange when the story 1st was reported

    • IceBergSlim

      lol.. I feel you everyone was clowning Jay. My thoughts I would have restrained her but not punch her and it’s not about the the right thing for me it’s how I feel their is no good come from laying hands on a woman and we all have sisters, aunts and especially mothers and we wouldn’t want no cat laying hands on mom whether she is wrong or right..GunPlay is dead wrong his quote “You wanna run up on a n***a like you’s a n***a, I’m gonna whoop you like a n***a.”…That’s some weak shit! Real Talk

    • i_am_LOUD

      I hear you fam. But Gunplay sounding like a “Woulda-Kid”. I woulda did this and I coulda did that. Why he ain’t get no get back when the G-Unit cleaned him up real nice at them B.E.T. Awards? Lol

      • golder1

        G-Unit jumped him. big differenc going 1 on 1. Lets be real about that situation!

      • i_am_LOUD

        He was in no condition to hit anybody back. Can’t hit niggas back when you getting whooped. I said get back. No retaliation was taken for his ass whooping. For a nigga named Gunplay he sure does take a lot of L’s. That is real scrap.

      • golder1

        In the video he took some hits but they didn’t whoop his as bruh. But if it takes 5 or 6 games to confront I guy who really is the bitch.

      • i_am_LOUD

        He got whooped out. He even admitted it himself. Didn’t know this dude has so many fanboys with no real music. Gunplay looking like BloodyFace after he got beat. But you saying he ain’t get whooped. Right…

      • i_am_LOUD

        It’s real out here. You run ya gums and talking bout dudes well you gone get jumped. Not saying right or wrong. Just reality. So if you’re by yourself and the people you beefing with is 6 deep. Bout a 99% chance you gone get jumped. It’s called the street. Eat or get eaten.

      • i_am_LOUD

        Gunplay was on Twitter threatning them acting tough. Going on radio talking bout he ready to do whatever. He Gunplay right? So If I’m with my team & we been looking for you & we catch you. We gone jump you bottom line! And Anybody on my team that don’t stomp you out is getting stomped out too! So was they supposed to stand around and give No-Gunplay a 1 on 1 after you been talking all that Gunplay talk. FOH! You living in the not Real World lil homie.

      • golder1

        I’m a real man home. Don’t need help handling my problems. I think is a bitch move to jump someone instead of going hands up. Yes your boys are suppose to stand around and if u the one getting the business they are there to help break shit up but if u big and bad u don’t need help home.

      • i_am_LOUD

        Shut up you real woman FOH.

      • i_am_LOUD

        Ain’t no 1on1 in 2014. The sooner you learn that the safer you will be.

      • Nigga who u know can get to them g unit niggaz wit all they security. …..serious question. ..only way is to hop out wit the chops sticks and do anybody standing around….only way…guaranteed jail time tho…

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    This dude thinks he’s so hard, he got his ass kicked several times and still won’t stfu

    • Strong Black Man

      He is hard he went at a gang of body gUards. Fifty on the other hand got bullied by his own son

  • Obi Won

    “Cocaine’s a helluva drug”
    Kids, do not listen to Gunplay, you will lose.

  • Sean Taylor

    Ol’ leatherhead Christopher Columbus azz looking nigga.

    • meanygreene

      Ol’ on house arrest azz n!gg@

  • Reblogged this on HUEY mix wit RILEY.

  • End of Days

    Man his eyes… Looks like he has no soul.

  • ihatefaggots

    He got beat up by them g unit niggas and robbed there was no fight lol

    • Strong Black Man

      Lol at black people thinking jumping is winning hahaha

  • tra mo

    Gunplay need to go to bed

  • MrNoName2K

    Man theres always one who gotta come up with the stupidest sh*t to say talking about he’da fought her back in the elevator..smh, nigga you can eat them Ray Rice charges if you want to..

    • golder1

      He wouldnt have been charged for protecting himself. It might have been wrong morally but as far as the law he would have been in the right. Assault goes both ways. Jay choose not to take it that route eventhough he could have.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      if you think he is the only one thinking then you are mistaken my friend. gunplay just the type of person that dont give a shit and will say it, but trust me other is thinking it.

      • MrNoName2K

        haha oh hell nah fam, shit even i was thinking it. but actually going through the motions is a different story

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        lmao true true


    Ole raggity ass negro…

  • The_Good_Life

    “He got into a fight with members of 50 Cent’s entourage at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards.” I would say that description is inaccurate. From what I saw in the video a more accurate description would be, in gunplay’s own words, “he got the business.”

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      most people get “the business” when getting jumped. cmon son!!!!

    • Strong Black Man

      Nah he gave them business jumping is a coward s move but since black pelvis cowardice it’s acceptable

  • nystateofmind

    He bugging that’s the product talking

  • That would have been a bad career move, the mem’s ofSolange knocking ChinPlay out..AGAIN, would have been too much for even Officer Fawlse to ignore.

  • RayStantz

    We know Gunplay… that’s why you’re where you’re at and Jay’s where he’s at.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      if there were no cameras on that elevator Jay probably would have done more… and to be honest how many people (rappers) are on Jays level regardless of this or any incident.

      • meanygreene

        nas, to name one

      • Nas need mo bucks homie….ain’t a rapper out on jay level my boi…..

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        lmao, word. Rhymes had nothing to do with my response.

      • i_am_LOUD

        You the fake Ill Will anyways. You just like 50 & Ricky stealing a true real niggas name. That is lame.

      • Lmao I know u not referring to Nas are u? Lmao who the fk wanna be like nasir? That nigga can’t keep ONE hoe in check his whole life….u need to quit believing in rappers bruh…got my name for putting in work on supposed LOUD guys like u…nutn fraud bout me holmes…like I said earlier, loudest niggaz always the 1st to start sprinting. ….

      • i_am_LOUD

        Nothin ill about you William stfu. You talking about Nas life like you know him. You a clown

      • Naw nigga u talking bout Nas as if u luh that nigga or sumn…go head on wit that bullshid, dude like me could give a fk bout u or ya guy nasir

      • i_am_LOUD

        My guy? Fam get a life. Your whole existence is this site. Go outside and make love to a woman for a change. You bird.

      • meanygreene

        stop me if you heard this before. money isntg everything. if that’s the case,then Donald sterling deserves all of our espect

      • If you take away the money then Nas is still far behind in accomplishments and accolades too….I know sometimes people don’t get their just due but realistically jay got Nas beat hands down….All the way down to their respective women..

      • i_am_LOUD

        Now you speaking on another man pockets. Wtf do you know bout that man paper? Get a life my dude. You should worry about yourself you fake rap Wikipedia. Go get some woman bunz geek.

  • “OMG”

    crack heads are crazy

  • i_am_LOUD

    How come he didn’t hit 50 Cent, YaYo, and the rest of G-Unit back at the B.E.T. Awards? You remember when them New York City boys whooped him out and beat brakes off him in Atl. Because he was already on the floor bloody and battered. Shut up Gunplay with your Monday Morning quarterbacking.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      he did fight back. and lets not act like it was a 1 on 1. and 50 wasnt even rolling with yayo and banks that heavy around that time.

      • i_am_LOUD

        Dummy YaYo was there. You can clearly hear him doing his job “being the hype man” YaYo is saying “YEAH NIGGA” the whole time. Go to YouTube. So what he go jumped. Don’t run ya mouth to us NYC cats. You call that fighting back lmao. Hate to see you in a fight.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        cats like you screaming that NYC shit is funny as hell…. name calling and shit on a thread like thats supposed to pump fear in someones heart… you can scream NYC all you want and end up like that dude on worldstar, laid out by a hillbilly in front of a convenience store…. it dont matter where the fukk you from anybody can get there shit ran… last time i checked saying you from NYC doesnt put fear in anyone’s heart… but since you shouting out where you from like it matters…. Im from Philly, so that NYC shit dont mean anything to me. but who gives a shit where anybody is from. gtfoh!!!!! and so what i was wrong about Yayo being there… was him and 50 swinging?

      • i_am_LOUD

        Nigga you a Gunplay groupie. Ahhh this nigga booty hurt. NYC nigga what you don’t like it? Too bad chump. Go blog about Gunplay you lame.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        gunplay groupie nah bruh but carry on with the e-thuggin!!!! I dont give a fukk where you from… got mad nigs and family in NYC but you felt the need to big up NYC like Im supposed to care. I dont!

      • i_am_LOUD

        Nigga said I got mad family in NYC like I care or that matters. You looking for my approval. Well I don’t approve. You still a sucker. E-Thuggin thats a new 1. But lil homie I’m like this on or off my iPad. NYC runs this country and you boi. haha watch this bitch get mad now cause I rep NYC. He wants me to be like word you got fam in NYC, okay you cool. Fawk Outta Hea you corncake

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        nobody gives a fukk about you or you being from new york and nobody needs the approval of a bich ass dude talking shit thru the internet. i dont want you to do anything but get off my dikk with your keyboard gangster. Now im done feeding into your corny ass nonsense. oh…. NYC dont run shit, get off LA’s dick and give them back the gang culture and give the South thier sound back. FOH fukk niga

      • i_am_LOUD

        Nicca I’m your master. You have a need to be liked, telling me bout yo family. Nicca IDGAF about you. I’m a keyboard gangster oh really. Wtf you typing on then? You bloggers kill me. Sensitive bastids

      • ZUBU

        Word bro, I gotta give you props cause it dont matter where you from its about what you are about as an individual. A brotha from a lil hick town may beat the brakes off someone from a big city. Also not certain what that other brotha was talking about but Gunplay got heart, he got mopped up by 50’s folks but he tried to fight so I respect his effort.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        for real ZUBU… i dont even consider getting jumped taking a loss. gunplay do have heart plus everybody and anybody can get knocked out, one on one or 10 on 1. Philly got some tough ass dudes, just like any other city but what the hell would i look like acting as if my city has the toughest nigs out here. super thug internet ass dudes do not live in reality.

      • Immortal

        CoSign….for any doubts ask Shuge about getting KO’d by a barber, or when Kimbo got laid out in the UFC by a “nobody”. Rakim said best “it ain’t where you’re from it’s where you’re at”..

      • Cosign potna….I done ran thru plenty of these 50 states…gangstas and bitch niggaz in every town in amerikkka….Some places ya ass bet not be caught up in if u ain’t from there or don’t know sumbody….and that goes for EYWHERE…..

      • i_am_LOUD

        You typing paragraphs like a bitch. Get out yo feelins ho ass nigga.

      • i_am_LOUD

        NYC runs this country and all you suckers follow us. Philly lame too. Philly is like the ugly stepsister to NYC.

      • I always notice that the loudest nigga always be the first nigga on his back or hauling ass and all you can see is they back…….or does your name signify trees….which one r u bruh? Lmao

      • i_am_LOUD

        I’m a goon so I’m not gonna entertain your clown ass way of life. Yes dummy we loud out in NYC. And I’m nice wit mines poosie

      • Goons don’t talk shit over the innanet. ….ok killer, gangster, hustler…..I can tell u talk too much to be certified. Loud mouth niggaz stay getn they chin calibrated holmes….

      • i_am_LOUD

        Innanet??? Goons don’t call the internet innanet. Take your time and slow down stupid.

      • i_am_LOUD

        Go get a lady

      • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

        HE ran up on THEM. What did you think would happen?

    • Rich Martinezlpb


      • i_am_LOUD

        Yeah he would fight a bitch like Solange. That’s sooooooo Gangsta smh.

  • i_am_LOUD

    Cocaine is a helluva drug. I’m Gunplay biyach!

  • Phatt Killah

    Man i aint even gonna lie. i believe everything this cat says! lmao!!

    • johnblacksad


  • jacksjus

    My question is why is Jay-Z’s personal family business a topic of discussion on a popular radio show? This is ridiculous mane. I guess everyone is shocked that they are all human just like us after all. WTF are they running around asking ninjas how they would have reacted?

    • i_am_LOUD

      Because his dirty laundry got aired. He was on a hip hop show discussing the biggest hiphop rapper in a not a good look situation. Don’t be so naive. Get off your soap box.

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  • Live Well

    Jay knew there were cameras in that elevator. Solange did too.

  • Mack

    That’s why he’s Ross’s lil bitch while Jay Z owns resorts and islands. Make better decisions junkie.

  • therealest1

    This clown looks like a ghetto ass cracked the hell out of Michael Myers with giant dreadlocks, no white mask needed.

  • WeakSauce

    I’m sure this dumb fukk would fight his own mom for a snore of coke!

  • Darren Myt Collins

    thats cause he a bitch…

  • For all the lames constantly talking bout bruh getn jumped, i can tell yall hoe niggaz. Dudes ain’t shoot the one wit bruh….not 50, yayo or whoever else yall wanna talk about from g unit. Them niggaz don’t get no points for that shit…lmao gunplay always fighting and doing dumb shit so what that tell u….ionno bout u but niggaz that don’t give a fk about fighting is usually bout it in my opinion. Jumping a nigga is one of the most cowardly acts out there. Gotta let the chopsticks go since pussC’s wanna jump…sorry I went back yall…

    • i_am_LOUD

      If I’m wit my niggas and we been looking for you because you was talking all reckless. Guess what we all gone fawk you up. You getting jumped ain’t no 1on1’s you sound like a real live biyatch. You are a real cornball. Sad for you. And you try so hard.

      • U sound like a lil hoe bro…..don’t get amped up over no rappers bruh…they don’t give a fk bout u…Neither do I

      • i_am_LOUD

        Hey Gunplay fanboi, I never said anything bout no rapper. That is you lil will. You know everything bout every rapper. You a nerd. Go get some bytch azz.

  • bigdo

    Who didn’t expect this fool to respond this way to that question though?

    • La’shaun Saint Claire


  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    but he looks like he would be a b itch down, you would have to blow him up in his car or split his wig strait down the middle with the steel bat.

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