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Terminator X Says Music Biz & Public Enemy's "Greed " Is Why He Left Rap

(AllHipHop News) Terminator X retired from making music years ago, and the Public Enemy affiliate has now spoken out on why he stepped away from the game. In an interview with Crazy Hood, the DJ says the obsession with money is one of the reasons he left the music industry.

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“I left the music business because I was fed up with the greed and cutthroat environment that it is—this includes Public Enemy,” said X. “That is not an environment I choose to be in. My family started an ostrich farm, which I participated in, but it is not the reason I left the music business.”

After a conversation with Quincy Jones at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, Terminator X made the decision to come back to the business. He is now a contributor to Chuck D’s RapStation platform.

“I decided that I was coming home to my music only on my terms and I would not let the music ‘business’ come between us again,” X added.

The rap game has surely changed since P.E.’s heyday, and X does not have a positive opinion on the current state of Hip Hop.

“I think the subject matter of modern Rap is, for the most part, the worst it’s ever been,” said Terminator X. “Most of what I hear out there is either sex, violence, or drugs. I would be happy if they would simply find anything else to rap about.”

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  • Sandeep Z

    Dude is wack!

    • Sean Taylor

      Nigga you’re wack…now go listen to some Chief Queef you ignorant azz younging.

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      shut up!

    • Kill yo’self!

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  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    That’s the most Terminator X has EVER said in an interview.

    • He usually talks with his hands!

  • Well, if “rappers” could hear what this man says, would be fu kin nice ye?

  • don king

    he is right bout the major rap, but there is still a bunch of rappers out there with important subjects 2 rap about. the problem is just that they r mostly more underground n get no major platform 2 spread their messages, like back in the days. cause the greedy record companies only want money n a smart rapper has morals n wont advertise bs-products, like expensive alcohol, clothes, cars,…. they dont want the youth 2 think n live with morals. they want dumb non-thinkin consumers, who do anythin their favorite rapper says. but dont forget bout ppl like immortal technique, killah priest, jeru the damaja, talib kweli, ab-soul, common, lupe, gza n so on. (i just listed a couple of the dudes who still bring new music out, there r even more retired rappers with jewels in their music). i can understand really good why ppl complain bout the status of major hip hop, but i dont understand why they dont mention non of those listed rappers 2 give their followers or just the average hip hop fan who reads this, an adress 2 go 2. if u love hiphop n u dont know their material, please check them out, u definitely wont regret it!!!

  • Green Blood

    The state of hip-hop has always been about the youth. So if the youth wanna talk about bitches, money and all dat other shit…there’s nothing we can do but listen and wait and see what the next generation does…

    • anemia716

      you thoroughly have no understanding of hip-hop.

      “The state of hip-hop has always been about the youth”

      ^ no more than ANY other genre of music.

      • Green Blood

        Ok but that was my point…

    • MalcolmLittle

      It was about the youth back in his day cuz the culture was still young itself…Hip-Hop’s 40 years old now, at what point does it grow the fukk up?! We would clown a 40-year old man for still actin like a kid and talkin about juvenile shit, plus it’s MUCH more to life than just “bitches, money and all dat other shit”…

  • STFUUIgnants

    Some MC’s be talking and talking
    Trying to show how black people are walking
    But I don’t walk this way to portray
    Or reinforce stereotypes of today
    Like all my brothers eat chicken and watermelon
    Talk broken english and drug selling
    See I’m telling, and teaching pure facts
    The way some act in rap is kind of wack
    And it lacks creativity and intelligence
    But they don’t care cause their company’s selling it

    “My Philosophy” by Boogie Down Productions (KRS-One)

    and this was true over 20yrs ago, its 100X worse today


      DOPE, got to pull that out the closet.

    • I already knew after the 1st line!

      PURE Fiyah! & Instant classic!

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  • End of Days

    “I think the subject matter of modern Rap is, for the most part, the worst it’s ever been,” said Terminator X. “Most of what I hear out there is either sex, violence, or drugs. I would be happy if they would simply find anything else to rap about.” <– My expression every time I turn on the radio… Between the subject material and auto tune it's pure repetitive nonsense.


    what makes this wack is its all kinds of rap out there if you (go look)..its not mainstream
    from christian rap,conscious rap to acid rap…and you got popular rap, battle rap and more…niggas kill me like everybody should be on the same shit…yeah right!!! if i want
    to listen to it go find it…don’t complain or limit rap…its a SPORT (NOW)..not a GAME!
    wont get alot of upvote for this keep it real comment…..LOL d!ck riders need not apply!

    • STFUUIgnants

      thats the point go to most “hip hop” sites and 99% of the rap is the same tired subject matter. And bc of that rap has the reputation of only pertaining to the same subject matter. So when someone doesnt rap about those things, they are considered lame or weird….its not art anymore its just negative propaganda & stereotype pushing bulllshit


        WTF.. hip hop…web sites… talking about where hip hop started
        IN THE STREET!!!

      • STFUUIgnants

        the state of mind “in the stree!!!” is exactly the same, bc rap sites & mags just report it.


        naw boy….alot of YOU bloggers can’t make it in the
        streets….hell can’t even SAY the word NIGGA really
        the magazine give you the clean version…not the real deal
        most ppl who buy rap music don’t even live in the areas
        where it comes from…and they can’t….they just want to be down….and thats how BIG MONEY is made…and im cool
        with that….because i know the difference….period

      • STFUUIgnants

        thats the point, because being a real nigga is not helping us in the long run, because niggas ALWAYS lose in the end. There arent many successful niggas, bc if you’re successful too long, you aint considered a real nigga no more


        yeah you right….go from most popular….to most hated
        but that’s not hip hop fault that up to the individuals…and the
        rest of the world to decided on…been like that way before
        hip hop…and niggas aint losing…its more and more winning
        everyday and that will never stop!!!

      • MalcolmLittle

        My dude if you think we ain’t losin then you’re lost, straight up. We’re more lost than we’ve ever been, and the simple fact that we think makin a lil money automatically makes us winners proves that.


        lol….the white man kill waaaaay more blacks than blacks could
        ever kill….period…

      • MalcolmLittle

        No doubt, not sure what that has to do with my comment though. I was talkin about how we’re losin as a whole mentally, not who kills who the most.


        what are black losing? when we came with nothing….

      • MalcolmLittle

        And we still have nothin fam. Yeah we’re allowed a few crumbs now and ain’t gotta sit at the back of the bus no more, but where’s our group economics? Where are the major Black businesses and corporations that get the same support from the community that Asians give to other Asians, Jews to other Jews, Arabs to Arabs, so on and so forth? We’re losin cuz we’re the biggest consumers in the world, with nothin to show for it cuz we’d rather spend with everyone BUT our own, we’re quick to give it right back…then we wonder why we’ll always be perceived to be at the bottom of the totem pole, it’s cuz we have no economic power and therefore they don’t HAVE to respect us. That’s just one aspect of how we’re losin…try and kick some Black history to majority of our people in 2014, see what kinda response you get. All we wanna do is turn up and let that almighty dollar dictate every fiber of our being while our kids absorb what they see and think that shit’s what’s poppin…if you don’t see that as losin then I really dunno what to tell you bruh…


        LMAO….you sound crazy….to let the media tell you that
        let them and you tell it…. we should just kill ourselves huh…
        but wait…white ppl got the higest percentage rate of that
        and everything else too!…like welfare and prison! with no dirty
        cops… black folks good homie….and we take it where
        (they) say it couldn’t go…and i dont care what it is
        and REAL BLACK FOLKS don’t ever want to nothing like
        know coming to this country jews or arabs…please! they the
        ones i see… getting they ears pierced sagging they pants
        banging hip hop wear jordans, calling each other niggas…lmao
        boy if you don’t knock it off…. BLACK POWER!!! its more
        black ppl in collage than ever before in history…in this country….smh

      • MalcolmLittle

        Wait…so you mean to tell me “real Black folks” DON’T want the same economic power as the Jews and Arabs, which would translate into more political power? “Real Black folks” DON’T wanna see our bread circulatin within our OWN communities first instead of shoppin with everyone else first? Sorry but now you’re the one who sounds crazy bruh, either that or you been talkin to the wrong black folk. You make a decent point here and there, but in general you’re all over the place with it fam, a good 90% of that post wasn’t even coherent. You say there’s more Blacks in college than ever before in history, meanin more Blacks saddled with student loan debts for the rest of their lives and no guarantee of a job for em when they’re done (cuz at the end of the day that’s what they’re most likely aimin for, since we’re taught to be workers instead of owners of our own shit)…yeah it’s still good they’re gettin that knowledge, but let’s look at the big picture here. Plus on the flip side of that coin, there are also more Blacks in prison on bogus ass charges than ever before in history…so again, PLEASE explain to me how we’re winnin so much. We’re “winnin”, yet NO ONE takes us seriously…not even ourselves. How far ahead can we really be when we still can’t even step on the political stage like every other group to have our issues addressed and met, even with a “Black” president? Every other group can do that, but we can’t…that’s a winner to you fam? Boy if you don’t knock it off…LMAO Black Power indeed…Black ECONOMIC Power. Black unity. THAT’S winnin homeboy. If it ain’t about that then what the hell you REALLY talkin about?!


        ECONOMIC POWER….in my country (america)….jews and
        arabs are catering to me…LOL and you think that’s POWER
        my city have the biggest African american population by
        percentage in the country…if we don’t want your service any more we (black folks) will BURN IT DOWN (reevaluation) and
        crime and poverty is not new here!…POWER…jews or arabs
        what POLITICAL POWER do they have..never been (president)
        in my country..Jews and Arabs running who’s congress!!! not
        mind never…. UNITY….LOL…i know you not talking about
        the (riches) group of Africans on the (planet)….LOL or maybe
        you talkin about how the SPLIT and WAR in Arabs (home)
        land witch is waaay worst than ANY BLACK GHETTO in america
        ..WHAT I WAS REALLY TALKING ABOUT…was (hip hop) and
        how divided and how UN-UNIFIED the white man is with his
        dollars he stay at all the concerts and buying mainstreem ,and
        love underground BLACK music….even buying black fashion
        too…arabs and jews too! BLACK MAN hip hop exports
        world wide! now that’s a (takeover) and its by (their choice) im cool with that if your not…im cool with that too!

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    I understand what Term X is saying.
    OK, let’s dig deeper with this. Rap hasn’t changed much at all since the 80’s and 90’s. The biggest change is the level of creative control the artist have over their music and the way it’s distributed. This could be by owning their own labels whether it be joint ventures (50/50 deals), YouTube, WSHH, social media and the amount of money they are making from all things combined. I know a lot of the artist today aren’t making as much as they rap about but the majority of them are making a heck of a lot more than their counterparts from the 80’s and 90’s based on the avenues I mentioned above. That’s pretty much it. The content isn’t any different than what Too Short, NWA, Kool G. Rap, Ice.T, LL Cool J and a host of others rapped about in
    the 80’s and 90’s. Sure, we had Public Enemy, KRS-One, Zulu Nation and several
    others speaking on different subject matter that people wanted to hear for one
    reason or another. Today you have Common, Talib, Mos Def, The Roots, Nas, Lupe, and several others who are talking about different subject matter than their
    more popular counterparts today. Put both a 2 Chains album and a Talib album
    out the same day and check the #’s of units sold. We all know who wins that
    battle. Doesn’t mean 2 Chains is nicer. It could simply mean what he’s rapping
    about is obviously what more people want to listen to or more importantly, what
    they find to be more entertaining today. Entertainment Purposes Only. Yes,
    hip-hop regardless of it’s roots or whatever the originating form claims to be,
    it falls right in line with tv, sports and any other thing you use for your
    viewing or listening pleasure. Hip-Hop is not your mom or dad. It’s not your
    teacher. It’s simply music… These are their jobs at the end of the day and they
    are going to do what puts food on the table and money in their pocket. If they
    choose to be flamboyant then so be it.. They are not and should not do what you
    think they should be doing because a vast majority of the artist from the 80’s
    and 90’s aren’t and did not eat as good as these guys are eating today. I don’t
    blame any artist for creating what they want to create. It’s their music. You
    don’t have to listen to it and this goes for Term X, Chuck D or any other
    artist from yesterday or today who has a problem with the state of hip-hop

    • STFUUIgnants

      Most people arent going to search for alternative music, thats why its alternative. So the complaints are valid. On a site like WSHH most of the rap is the same over and over again, so the message is, thats what rap is: killing niggas, dope money & bitches….thats it, no more no less. That also influences the future generation, who are going to think, “In order to rap, I need street cred”.

      • Sgt. H. Jennings

        No doubt. I agree with what you’re saying 100%. The bulk of the music today is very negative in the sense of how society view the art as a whole. I was speaking from a entertainment standpoint where most of us listen to music, go to the movies, play video games and watch tv for entertainment purposes. If we’re looking for a more social conscious or something with a bit more positive vibe we know where to look. The same avenues in which we are listening to Yo Gotti, Eminem, 2 Chains or whoever we can easily search for a different artist with a more positive or certain message. We have a choice and the power to listen to what we want but majority of the people in society who listens to hip-hop prefer to listen to those artist who speak on money, females, cars, drugs, murders or whatever.

      • STFUUIgnants

        I get that, but do you think if different types of rap was more promoted, then more would gravitate toward it? Back in the days when you watched BET, you might see 7 or 8 different types of artists ranging from Eazy E to Public Enemy, De La Soul to Heavy D., Eric B. & Rakim to Biz Markie, Ice T to Pharcyde, The Roots to Esham. With the exception of Lupe most of those artisst you named before are all about 40 years old. Its like choosing a car with only name brands you’ve heard of, you think thats what you SUPPOSE to buy when it comes to a car. Nobody getting into rap is going to search for something nobody else is listening to, since they are trying to fit in.

      • Sgt. H. Jennings

        I do feel if there was different types of rap being promoted on the scale like what’s being promoted now, more people would start listening to those other artist. Popularity is huge in music and even more so when it comes to hip-hop. Most of society follow the trends so they don’t feel left out or feel they are missing something. I think of Macklemore and what he has been able to do based solely on him talking about something different, he’s white and it caught the ears of individuals (the listeners like you and me), who have the power to put it where it needs to be put which brought on his popularity. I’m not a huge fan of dude but he was being heard everywhere for a little while on several stations to include pop, adult contemp and urban. He came with something different and slid through the cracks. Imagine if him and 15 other guys with similar approaches got through the masses,,, we’d be or shall I say a lot more people would be listening to more of that type of rap instead of what currently controls the hip-hop airwaves today…. It’s what’s popping at the moment. Seldom is it what’s positive..

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  • Az1@tik-blkmn

    Bring it back, that ol New York rap. Bring it back! Bring back the story tellin uncle Ricky! Bring back the humor biz markie! Bring back that knowledge and wisdom so the youth will grow and understand and focus on building instead of destroying the culture. Yes things must take its course but I think we’re long overdue. Bring back real skills. Make it hard for just anybody to get on the mic.

    Being an mc should mean responsibility. True art speaks for itself so you don’t have to worry about the money it’ll come in when you’ve paid your dues. Sure the average rapper today is just tryin to feed their family I get that. But don’t sell your soul and your people out to get your immediate family ahead. Because then your career as a rapper won’t last anyway.

  • Maitreya One

    why these dudes keep complaining and find the talent they like

  • ericsmith


  • La’shaun Saint Claire

    Yes, one of my favorite DJ’S, Homie don’t play that!!!! and i can dig it.

  • Concur with you “basically what the gangs admire not longer innovative!