50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

50 Cent Addresses T.I. VS Floyd Mayweather Fight On Instagram (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) At one point, some genius Head of Original Programming at Comedy Central is going to give 50 Cent his own late night talk show discussing the news. Earlier today, 50 Cent addressed the recent fight between T.I. and Floyd Mayweather.

In his Instagram video, 50 advises Floyd to not press T.I. because his “uppercut ain’t gone mean sh*t when nig*as start shooting” in reference to T.I. 2007 arrest for gun possession.

Check out 50 Cent’s reaction to the T.I. and Floyd Mayweather fight on his personal Instagram account below:

  • chevy_weight_champ

    50 stay clowning on cats but I respect him cuz even though people say he is childish @ times or not 50 has always been this way, and I always get a laugh, so GET EM 50!!!

    • bigdoe6

      Exactly. This dude has always been making these comedy skits but people hate it cause 50 is successful and he’s doing it. What if 50 was broke will they still hate on him? A Black man becomes successful we start hating on him. Why is that? Some people need to get a grip on life and just chill.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        Why he had to tear other black men down on his way up?He made a career out of hating.The nigga destroyed Young buck and Jarule career and tried his best to destroy Game..I’m a 50 fan but he did some cutthroat shit though…

      • Sean Taylor

        Business never personal.

        Rules to this ish….

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        its new gen aft-crack born negros – the rule of helping each gerneration be better is over with them – now being jealous, murderous to each other while other races make money is their way

  • LOL ha! He always keeps it funny as hell

  • “OMG”

    50 loves drama

  • Jared

    5o you corny always talking like a female smh

  • Dragon Luffy

    This dude is like 45 years old and still acting like this. smh Meanwhile his oldest son graduated and he wasn’t there. WTF

    • bigdoe6

      50cent baby mother has a restraining order on him. If he’s anywhere near her he’s going to jail. Why are you so emotional???? You don’t know him or his son so why are you speaking on his family and situation? Get a life homie. 50 is filthy rich and your hating on a successful Black man. If you can’t beat him them join him.

      • Dragon Luffy

        Dude I all I heard was excuses. WTF does him being rich have to do with him not being a shitty father? You telling me to get a life and yet you’re bragging about another man’s wealth like it’s your own. Typical from a 50 cent d*ck rider

      • Luigi EFM

        You are totally right. He’s just a rich guy that doesn’t know what to do with his time or money. What a pathetic example to set, in terms of behavior, for young black men.

    • atlantahiphopshop

      Awwww n!gga please. They aint want nothing to do w/50’s ass. He paid his child support. His son sided with his Mamas booty calls and everything. Its more to it than you know. There are countless dead beat dads out here, why is 50 getting the bad rap for missing one event that would have gotten him arrested because of a restraining order? GTFOH! Your daddy must have left you as a child. Well get over it n!gga, Its rough out here. His son will be better off than your kids still. Now back up.

    • Is that you 50’s baby moms?

  • spanky520

    50 snitch stay showin people he’s a bitch.runnin his mouth bout business that aint his.should worry bout being a pos father

    • PorchBoySlim

      But you’re doing the exact same thing…Mind your business and stop commenting about videos. lol


    50 got one fuckin corny ass character when he does these skits. You cant act for shit fif

  • atlantahiphopshop

    50 is funny as hell, people slipping on him.

  • Liam Knurtsis

    it’s funny til you realize it takes a insecure LAME to continue to promulgate other’s business for self gain…

    • Sean Taylor

      It’s called having a sense of humor which I see a lot of people have lost in this politically correct world these days…..

      • frank perez

        What’s so funny about this.guy talking crap.

    • The Real Clayton Bigsby

      Shut up Liam

      • That was a LAME double entendre!

  • scullyson


  • hoeyuno

    Haha that shit is funny..

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  • Chris

    No hate but that sh*t wasn’t that funny.

  • missy

    when did he get to be the “Go To Man” for everything?

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  • Ms. Mary

    This man may have money, but he is one of the ugliest Negroes I’ve ever seen in my life. And he is corny as hell too. Why on Earth would anyone want to see him on TV? Every night and that?
    Us readers realized a long time ago that AHH is all up on this fool’s dick but Oprah he is not.

    • wickedjones

      because right now he’s the best pound for pound boxer. All the other shit, the bitches, money, cars, etc, is just the gravy.

      • I think she means Fif!

      • wickedjones

        my bad

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • kardsufur

    yoo why 50 always dickriding floyd. 50 gay as hell straight obsessed wit floyd. anything floyd does 50 be dickriding the shit out of him on his IG

  • southphillysol

    50 is funny but this time and energy couldhave been put intofixing his relationship with his son…..h

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  • Product of Da Reagan Era

    LMAO @ “why you keep going back to what the B!tc# look like?”

  • Montezuma1

    Show biz.

  • jrock

    tell em 50 that boi ti an og foreal

  • SideWayzTheGamer


  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Man y’all need to chill. We will never be united as a people until we unite in the comment section of these blog sites.

    (trying to keep a straight face)

    On some real ish, 50 is hilarious. That’s all this is about.

  • 5% Hov

    50cent has no friends….

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  • shbkyn45

    These no power blacks with money, not going to ever have power, so, they act up, to be seen. That is not power. Do something with your money, to move your race forward, instead of tearing it down. Sad. All the popular blacks, always on TV, stupid as hell.

    • Yup, I agree….While these black NBA players are making it rain, and spending money on unlimited orders of chicken and waffles, white people are owning things, and securing their spot in the world…Most black folks are truly weak with no sense of unity and growth.

      • shbkyn45

        You can say all that, after white criminals stole everything from us, for 300 years, free loaders, holding blacks in slavery, working for nothing. Blacks made this world that most people, sepecially whites, enjoy today while Afrikan people still suffer. How can anyone go around bragging about the accomplishments of white folks, you better go ask somebody, how and while whites are so successful. Whites are in denial of the human rights violations they caused African people, and brag about what they accomplished.

      • George G. Simmonds

        History lesson of the day: Africans sold other Africans to the whites. White dudes did not go to Africa and round up random people and kidnap them

      • shbkyn45

        That is exactly what they did, forced African leaders to round up African people, or they would take them, or kill them, it is going on in Africa now. France is holding 14 African countries hostage right now. Google 14 African countries forced by France to pay colonial tax for the benefits of slavery. Whites use this lie to make themselves feel good, saying African sold other Africans.

      • George G. Simmonds

        No, African tribes/nations would wage war on each other and the victor would enslave some from the losing side. They would then sell them to the Europeans.It is not a lie to make ourselves feel better because it does not absolve white people of blame. But the truth is that you cannot blame only white people for what happened.

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  • jon dubock

    sorry 50, your relevancy is of no need….ESPN already asked lebron what he has to say about this already….

  • Dam, so he ignore his own sons graduation and much like Jay-Z and Solange situation, now 50 is the first to speak on T.I and Mayweather…Dam and y’all wonder why people like Donald Sterling speak about black people the way he goes.

    • soyhiphop

      He wasn’t invited

  • You mean to tell me with all the money in the world, this is what 50’s life is reduced too? Just waiting for someones downfall, or for them to fu#k up so he can joke about it? Dam…I guess money really doesn’t matter after all.

    • BigHomie337

      He’s having fun. U should try and have some instead of waiting for every 50 video so I can say how he doesn’t mess with white ppl. I guess u never have any fun in your life. U always serious.

      • Yeah and he was having so much fun that he ignored his son’s Graduation too.

      • BigHomie337

        His sons mother has a restraining order on him. I’m not sure what any of that has 2 do with the joke he was making out of this situation.

      • You people are so used to not having role models, that might be why everything these Hip-Hop artists do you praise them instead of calling them out.

      • BigHomie337

        The irony in your comment is amazing. I can care less about what 50 does. I thought the video was funny. Now u on the other hand saying he only criticizes black ppl, he’s gay, he’s bored and doesn’t do anything for his ppl but year them down. U having expectations for 50 to be this black leader and shit. U actually expecting 50 2b a role model and u sound hurt that he isn’t. Lol. U better find u another hero.

      • “You people”…? You must be in the process of having a shitty day. Please take you negativity and fucked up excuse for a personality somewhere where someone might care. It;s like you’re literally waiting for opportunities to be just a little more racist. And no matter what the situation it’s inexcusable. You have so much of a ridiculous opinion of a man who knows not of your existence. Go make your life happier SOMEHOW, and stop trolling for attention.

    • soyhiphop

      And? Lighten up hes being funny

      • So was Donald Sterling, and he got fined for millions and banned from the NBA.

  • BigHomie337

    A lot of niggas on here mad cuz dude having fun. I guess none of y’all ever made fun of someone before or got a laugh out of someone else’s situation. Smh. Don’t be hypocrits. If u ever watched any type of comedy or movies they make fun of ppl most of the time, but being that its 50 and y’all don’t like him, it’s an issue. FOH.

    • It’s funny yeah, but coming from a guy who sold us this hardcore gangsta image, now he is wearing wigs and acting soft and pink….Leave the jokes to the real comedians….If 50 first debut as a comedian you all would have booed his ass. #justsaying

      • BigHomie337

        So him cracking jokes makes him look gay? Ok. I understand now.

      • Wearing wigs, kissing Game, and grinding on Soulja Boy makes him look gay… Yes

  • soyhiphop

    50 has a great sense of humor lol I still remember that pimping curly shit ..had me dying hes naturally funny do your research so was pac and big

    • And Pac and B.I.G are dead….I guess the jokes on them. #justsaying

  • Papi Peligro

    Man that mess wasn’t funny.

  • Babi Chellz S Fly

    50 is stupid ass shit but he ain’t never lied

  • JerZeBoy

    50 funny man and says what he wants… he basically ripping both them mostly weather but also TI’s wife saying “why you keep talking about what she look like, I don’t care if she fell out of a beauty pageant”…..lmao

  • The only reason why I dislike 50 as a person is because he don’t have the balls to do to other races what he has done to his own kind…When that white reporter chick dissed him by not kissing him, 50 cent said nothing, when Donald Sterling made his racist remarks 50 said nothing….Not even a joke Nothing at all…So why is it the minute something crazy happens to his own kind he is the very FIRST celeb to speak on it?

    • Duhneegrius Sharpton III

      He was trolling Floyd…it was for the lulz. Damn, son. You ignorant.

    • Dwayne Carter

      If u dont find it funny yo retard

    • Furiousone

      He said some things about Jimmy, i can see your point, but i wonder how much white people actually enter his life. He basically still street beefing and the streets and his people are black.

  • Rida Bone

    ahahaha..this nigga krayzie!!! Ingle Jingles Productions got Next!!

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    • billowred

      You should go f**k yourself in it dirty h*e

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  • shoon1

    50 seem like a lonely dude.. he threw away all his friends now he doing shit like this everyday

    • SammyG

      yeah, man. if 50 were still a ‘gangsta’ he wouldn’t be boasting; dude talks too much sometimes

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  • Pingback: Floyd Mayweather Explains Root Of TI Altercation – HipHopDX | ALIBABA ENTERTAINMENT()

  • Pingback: Floyd Mayweather Explains Root Of TI Altercation – HipHopDX | ALIBABA ENTERTAINMENT()

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  • That was pretty funny!

  • sexyt

    he just keeping it real shit its real out here!!!!1

  • AfricaChillin

    I feel like 50 has some personal matters to address with the mother of his son instead of taking part in something that really doesn’t have much to do with him. I guess we all have different priorities. To each their own.

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    LOL he is funny


    I’m about to beat my meat to my own website.


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  • Guest

    these rich” thugs” bring they body guards with em to fight so nobody gets hurt!gtfoh

  • How did I know bruh was gon be all over our screens wit tha comedy routine.

  • james drayton

    Your upper cut ain’t gone mean shit when nigga start shooting

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