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EXCLUSIVE: Calvin Klein Bacote Explains Why "Crime Don't Pay" (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Prior to AllHipHop’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Calvin Klein Bacote, he spoke to hundreds of inmates at Rikers Island. In the second part of our interview with Bacote, he imparts his view on why the often glamorized life of crime does not pay.

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Two of the Best Picture nominees from the 2014 Academy Awards were based on criminal enterprises (American HustleWolf of Wall Street) and Hip Hop itself has celebrated former criminals. Bacote has served numerous years in prison and explains how you could not pay him to do crime:

Nine times out of 10 you get caught. You have to pay for your lawyer. You have to do substantial amount of time. Inside, if you man enough, you still going to be able to save some of the money you have that’s going to go to your family. Then on top of that, you going to do multiple years in jail. So, crime is not….you can’t pay me to do crime right now. I can go out there right now and get a couple hundred thousands or something like that. But, with my luck, crime don’t pay.

Calvin Klein Bacote released his first book Neighborhoods Under Siege: Memoirs of a Brooklyn Don this past February. The book is currently available online and in bookstores.

Check out the full second part of AllHipHop’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Calvin Klein Bacote below:

  • Montezuma1

    Calvin what are you doing man? How is any of this gonna pay your bills. No one cares what you have to say. Not being mean just being honest. You need a co-sign from a lame ass rapper to have value to rap fans. How’d it come to this? The “real” chasing” the frauds? Do what you do and stay away from the credit cards. They was calling you “plastic man” all over Brooklyn. That ain’t gangsta.

    • Less time for CC fraud…than CC possesion.

      • Montezuma1

        Not true. CC fraudsters usually cooperate. If they don’t the charges mount. It seems simple and harmless but the identity theft involved is serious and each use is a different charge. They can stack every purchase and every identity stolen and bury you. They all end up cooperating. It’s a fag hustle anyway. All the fags do it. It’s how they stay faking the glamorous life.

      • Crillz triggers mando mins.
        The hustle can net 100’s of racks vs 2yr bid…..but those are the ones that cooperate & turn over the profits.

        Some do it the right way though.
        Can’t knock the hustle….some say Hollywood & writing books is a fag hustle…..but “QUEENS RIEGNS SUPREME” & American Gangsta ( TV show*) turned out decent products.

        >>Stands by “E” cover…but doesn’t duck behind it!

      • Eli Pinilla

        Queens reigns supreme was a good ass book. What was the name of that dude who gave the author all that source material again?!?!?

      • That was Fif’s book I think?

      • Pirate7x

        Hell yeah, would make a great film or miniseries like I said above.

        BLACK BROTHERS INC.: RISE & FALL OF THE PHILADELPHIA BLACK MAFIA is another classic worth reading. Compex and expansive but still hella engaging. If you set the Wire in Philly over 3 generations with unfortunately even worse violence, that’s what the book is about.

      • Montezuma1

        American Gangster was the shyt but I could never finish QRS. Didn’t interest me for some reason.

      • QRS seemed like a good read, but I never read it, only excerpts, but AG was a smart move, *potential episodes for days.

        You probably didn’t like reading QRS because you lived through it!

        A book about Petey or Boy George would probably be a banger….but wouldn’t intrest me much either!

      • Pirate7x

        Trust me, Queens Reigns Supreme was damn good book.

        Whomever options & turns that into a film or mini-series is gonna make bank and have a mad-quoted gangster classic on their hands on some Paid In Full, Blow, Goodfellas, Belly type stuff.

        Characters, eras, rap stars, politicians, violence, cops, etc. mixed up for the crime story gumbo everybody devours.

    • Naim

      no one cares what he’s saying but You took the time out you’re busy schedule to comment about Calvin!. He accomplish something you didn’t realize rather good feed back or not he got you to comment and talk about him

      • Montezuma1

        What did he accomplish? I’m trying to save this dude cause he knows his rep is in tatters. He need to stay off hip hop sites and the internet before he gets exposed. That’s all I’m gonna say.

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  • ericsmith

    no crime do not pay ask the cops and they will tell you that

  • slumlord_vinny

    I normally just read the comments and keep it moving but I had to post on this one. I remember Klein and used to see him around the way back in the days. Dude even had a following where a few of my peeps took the last name Klein. ie. Cliff Klein, etc. The fact that Calvin wants to tell his story at this point in time is his right and I support it. Why the hate if a Black man wants to advise other Black men that selling drugs is not the way to go and what the outcome will be. I know who I am and Im straight from Nostrand Ave. But I really wonder who they have logging on this site nowadays. Now I get the beef stuff alot of cats have with him and I know what thats about but the street stuff is what it is and should stay in the streets.

  • johnblacksad

    depends if you get caught or not

    “Some of us made it, most of us digressed…
    In the name of those who ain’t make it,
    My progress is your success”

  • Eli Pinilla

    “Either get rich or die po, a ngga fell short and got jamed but he tried though” krit