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Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I. and Tiny Send Shots At Each Other Over Social Media!

Where is Dr. Phil when you need him! Somebody get Steve Harvey on the phone! Its looking like T.I. and Tiny are done and the whole thing completely unraveled over the weekend. You already know, but damn. This hurts a bit, because they were like the hood version of Jay and B. They were closer to the people and still in love. But. the Floyd / Tip fight really revealed a lot.

Here is what The Jasmine Brand pulled from the comments on Tiny’s social media.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 10.04.59 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-25 at 10.05.58 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 10.07.38 PM

And then Tip got on social media to dispel the notion that Floyd jacked him up. He also ends the video with that laugh that really isn’t a laugh. This won’t end well.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • bayridah

    I’m convinced T.I has herpes. he must of been pissed because he had a out break during memorial day weekend. lol that lip doe

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  • Ratchetness at it’s finest, but Tip don’t want to throw hands with Mayweather it could cost his life.

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Some of us takes us forward and some take us backwards. Congrats to Kanye for what he did in the last week….. TURNED UP THE WHOLE EUROPE for real! I live here in London, worked in Paris last week and you couldn’t but notice a black person is about to do something. Valentino opening doors to his palace so he could entertain friends and family, The Palace of the Versailles closing it’s doors so Kanye could have a party not to talk about the wedding in itself is a form of Greatness in itself. A true form of Art, Genius in it’s planning as he was able to evade paps! Call him what you want but he’s the honcho taking us forward not Tip and Floyd with all that money, fame and opportunities, they are out there still throwing punches and look at Tip on social media, talking about 2 black eyes…. They are fathers, both just came out of jail so possibly still on probation SMH.
    On the bright side…that boy Ye did it big even if it only last for a day, he did it his way…. I’m real proud of him as a black man, hope he can continue to brake down doors. Real palaces opening it’s doors to a black man and all went smooth with ought anyone braking stuff, messing up the art of them things going missing… Wow! I applaud Ye.

    Silence is the best answer to internet trolls! Stay positive! Grow daily and pray to be a better person with each day that passes.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      “turned up the whole Europe”. Riiiiiiiiight!

    • bisolabliss

      Hope you got paid handsomely for these paragraphs?
      Because it doesn’t make any sense otherwise you posting this gibberish.

    • David Gonz


  • PorchBoySlim

    Let’s keep it 100 TI you fucked your hand up trying to block one of those chairs that were thrown. If a professionally trained boxer can’t hit Floyd I know this nigga aint and thats real. lol

    • Ugk would say it’s too real/trill

  • Zone007 .

    T.I. takes an “L” for this one. I mean he gets salty over a picture and approached dude at his daughter’s b-day party!!! bitch move…Very insecure homie plus he is a hypocrite. If you notice he is never down for the one on one. He approaches people when they by themselves but brings goons with him when he wouldn’t say nothing if he was by his self. Another “W” for Money Mayweather.

    • Myleage

      he approached floyd by himself, twice lol. what u talking about?

      • HatingWhitePeopleSince85

        ?????????…. How did he approach him by himself when he ha young dro and other grand hustle members with him??? O_o

      • Myleage

        they were eating at different tables, t.i. got up and approached him BY HIMSELF and when things escalated THEN everyone else got involved. Mayweather said T.I. approached him twice about the subject. its not that hard to understand. idk why u even asked your question.

      • Naim

        T.I. going to keep running up on niggas and it’s not going to end well! plus Floyd Hands are license if he punch T.I. he’s going to jail point blank period

      • George G. Simmonds

        From Floyd’s own mouth, TI approached him once and asked to go for a walk and talk. The two of them talked. Then TI approached him again. Floyd said TI approached him, if TI came with backup Floyd would have said as much. Tip stupid for stepping but he did step to him

      • tra mo

        Come on bra tip only approached him cause grand hustle was already there in case shit pop off these rappers in the mainstream never approach nobody alone never

      • Myleage

        if u say so. its hard to believe an ex trapper is now a millionaire i guess. if u think tip isnt an OG and wont step to ppl try him yourself.

    • wickedjones

      I been saying the same shit the whole time.

  • Charlotte

    Does this count?? I mean is Mayweather now 47-0 because T.I. took a major L for this

  • Guest

    “ya nicca tryna patrol dat I gues he is a cop but I done had enough cause he making my shit hot…”It aint nothing to cut that bitch off”

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  • Executive

    That eye is swollen tho, ain’t no big deal.

  • I like TI but dude is actin like this is House of Lies and Mayweather is Mekhi Phifer. It aint go down like in that show though.

    • u cant lie….it fucked you up when he got blasted out of nowhere lol

  • Capital14

    and Mayweather wins again by unanimous decision

  • $17637591

    Tiny posting IG photos with Floyd like she a groupie. Out in these streets like a thirsty Thot….Got TI lookin foolish. When bitcches get horny….ni99az bleed.

  • Fosho3528

    Do any of them really know they’re making complete fools out of themselves? That goes for all of them. Bunch of grown adults acting like children. All the money in the world can’t buy them a little class.

  • Dougla Cat

    Damn TI, you fucked, now let Mayweather pluck that pigeon.

  • soyhiphop

    He f*cks numerous hoes so hey deal with it..she looks like kibler elfs sister by the way


    that was a bad chess move tip but @ the end of the day you knew that broad couldn’t be trusted hell the whole atl know the broad now she got you looking all sour and crazy and shit worldwide… real niggaz don’t approach other real niggaz bout no hoe respect that… You was wrong TIP

    • Ionno bout that one…I think women hold they water longer than niggaz nowadays…I understand Floyd on his position. ..tiny that man wife and sht..I believe a nigga should go for the ho automatic because if the chick ain’t raped she allowed it….but u and I both know both men and women lie to get up out sum sht…he prolly couldn’t figure tiny out and had to ask a real nigga not to lie to em.. on sum dumb shit .. he didn’ t factor in that he was bothering a brother, at fatburger, on his daughter b day, about sum broad, who aint his wife, oh and he’s also an undefeated champion. Yea I’d say that boy Harris was allegedly dead ass wrong. We don’t know the facts of course this ahh..I feel u on that niggaz not getn at niggaz bout no broad, but if that ho an expert at lying and laying, a cat like ti didn’t know how to handle it I guess…shit funny


    N!GGA SH!T….


    That bitch dun drove tip crazy but real reason tip gotta stand by this broad is because he has dark secrets that only she knows its deeper then rapp tip been wanting to leave the hoe but if he does she’s gonna blackball him

    • U know she gon air that shit out too

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  • Terrance Goodman

    I can’t front I like tiny during her escape days her n te chubby one (who slimmed down now) but now she tore the fuk up.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Thus nigga didn’t learn when black Capone jacked his jaw. It better yet listen to true story pimp c they jacked the fool way before. By this fool a victim always has been

  • Sharpcrease27

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think TI took an “L” in this ? It seems to be unanimous.

  • RealTalk_NoHate

    That nigga top right eye is swollen though…. RealTalk…

  • i’mreloaded!

    Love makes u do foolish $hit. In all actuality, T.I. turned her out on some freak $hit and got her doin threesomes and got her bedroom game molded properly. Now the thought of her doin all dat wild $hit dat u taught her to another nigga makes u blind wit emotion. I ain’t scared to say I have been down dat road and I learned from dat experience, don’t trust NO bish…..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bish………………………..EVA!

  • brotha_man

    that bruh got too many kids. better kiss and make up

  • wei sheng

    wow, white folk love this nigga ish, foolishness!!!!

  • Andre Moore

    don’t they know if someone presses charges they are just giving the cops and the judge ammo. how he gonna say he wasn’t in the fight as a defense when he on video bragging! niggas are stupid

    • OnlyFaDaReal

      He never admitted to being in a fight on tape. He could be talking bout anything.

  • Gonja

    So he gone set there & act like we don’t see his right eye got dotted?

    • digitallife

      Did you even watch the video fam…that was a fight between entourages and security..the two dudes involved in the argument ran like b*tches…you can see Floyd yelling and then huddled down between two guards the next moment. These dudes don’t fight in the streets like that..you ain’t paying that kind of security money to be taking risks.

  • lee

    all of y’all are wack its too many stds floating around so if somebody decides they not with it that’s there decision mind yours smh…

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    They gonna come out in a few days and say everything is ok.

  • Faceda59

    I don’t see where Floyd looks bad at all in this situation, hell I would have reacted the same way.He already told him it wasn’t shit but a picture.I for one believe that’s all to it.Y’all see the women Floyd dates, just don’t see him going after this hurt bitch.Then you pop your ass up at my little girl’s party talking that same shit.I liked that dude T.i a few years ago.Now days i’m like man just disappear. My hand hurts you can tell his yes men pumping his head up for swinging on Floyd.Funny how he never went at Gucci like that now that fool disrespected her on wax but Tip didn’t want that drama.Gucci called Tip out plenty of times he did’t want it.He felt safe with all the security around, get a cheap shot in and hope like hell security gets between us before Floyd kills me….

    • focus on you

      Go at Gucci for what? Last I checked Gucci is a nobody rapper, while Floyd is the champ.

      • Faceda59

        Exactly, like I said he felt safe going at Floyd with all the security around.The same disrespect came from Gucci he don’t want it.No security real street shit.

      • trilltalk1

        females are a niggas biggest downfall. he went at floyd because of tiny. gucci didn’t take a pic with tiny.

      • Faceda59

        He’s still wrong,nigga should be going at Tiny,not Floyd.He should just kill himself for being with that dog face bitch anyway.

      • trilltalk1

        right wrong or indifferent the bottom line is this what it was about, a female.

      • Yea but that hound face been having bread since waaaaaaay b4 tip

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        they been together forever, they been thru a lot of shit…. not everybody get the dime in the beginning.. TIP was real enough to stay with her and show her off in the public eye after he got all the fame and could have easily stepped off with the next video vixen…. its deeper than looks for some people

    • trilltalk1

      floyd has more security then any rapper you know. he a boxer not a gangsta. but something tells me he will find that out the other way.

      • Faceda59

        Not taking up for Floyd, he’s a jackass as well.But i’m not giving T.i any points for this stunt.He aint really want it.Tmz ass nigga..

      • trilltalk1

        nah he wanted it, thats why one of floyd people got stabbed and T.I. wearing a bandage on his hand.

      • Faceda59

        So you do you think Tip can take Floyd?I really want to know if you got this much faith in yo boy.I’m beside myself now.Somebody got stabbed over this ugly bitch..

      • trilltalk1

        hell nah i don’t think that and he not my boy. but floyd homie was leaking and T.I hand wrapped up. so he did want that trouble.

      • Trill, ain’t no way you believe that a nigga whose job it is to fight is some kinda pussi….I think Floyd from the D also so them points u tryna add just ain’t gon equal out bruh. I like Ti too prior to his crime stoppers escapade but do u honestly think Harris want it with one of the best defensive fighters of all time…oh yea he’s an undefeated champ also..get real bruh, I’m a pacman type of guy myself but I done watched enough boxing to know that tip don’t want none of what he was asking 4….Floyd even works out his neck bruh…lol u seen 24/7.

      • Could be mistaken but I think he’s from Grand Rapids

      • Smurfaveli

        Yeah he’s from G-Rap, but they get busy out there too.


        He is!!!

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    all I have to say is…what part of the ‘Game’ is that Tip??? you have to swallow that “L” Tip. #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

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  • Kofi Aychmeng

    You don’t have two black eyes something does look funny about that right eye tho. I am probably trippin , but the left kinda look swollen too.

    • Carlos

      You know he put ice on that the whole night before making the video. lmao. But real talk, that TMT dude was talking out the side of his head with that 2 black eye stuff. Usually, you don’t see the eye jammie right away. It takes a while to show.

      • ‘cHET! “Speed Knots” pop up instantly!

      • Fkn right they do….cartoon character style

      • lol~n’

        I can tell you hit hard!

        LMFAO@ Cartoon style
        “How many lumps do you want with your coffe?”

        “Ohhh, three or four?”



    Jay and Beyonce next.

  • David Gonz


    • brotha_man


  • digitallife

    Last week: Yo T.I a real n**ga, he really about that life…
    This week: That n**ga ain’t bout that life…

    It never ceases to amaze me how folks bandwagon hop towards the bigger celebrity in any situation…next week it’ll be back to T.I. is about that life.

    • I swear u right but I stopped fkn wit bruh after crime stoppers….

      • Naw actually, it was when that boy cried on every track on that album. Yea u know the one he put out when he was facing them gun charges…I forgot the name of that one..who can name it?

      • Oh yea and when he miraculously saved that dude from jumping off a building around the SAME timeframe….

    • Kharifa HartBreaker

      Man I still fuks wit T.I Regardless niggas stay flexing but you right

  • El moreno de Queens #Dominican

    She ugly

  • trilltalk1

    lol at the comments, anyway floyd a boxer. he not the toughest nigga in the world. boxing and street fighting are not the same.

    • Faceda59

      I agree with that 100%.But i’m still not running up on Floyd with just my hands.I smoke so i’m ending this shit as fast as I can.Sorry no fair fight for Floyd.

      • brotha_man

        im coming wit baseball bats against that cat. you got a good 2 min in a street fight…floyd can go probably go a good 10- 15 so if u dont do ur damage in those two minutes, you good as gone

      • I told a dude earlier that if u really pay attention most regular dukes up street fights only last 1 and a half to 3 mins at the maximum of tops. ..ti would be tryna suck mo wind than that asian nigga on big trouble little china..even if he did last, he wouldn’t be able too and that’s just real..gone like the mufuckn wind I tell u….

      • brotha_man

        sho u right

      • jordan r s

        You aint wroing, only chance ti has. But come on to much exposure and he is still on parole i’d bet. Hes suspect 1.

    • If u can box the fk outta nigga in the ring and can do so with RULES…imagine what a professional fighter would do without RULES. ..I wouldn’t get that shit twisted homie…I mean their job is to fight…think about what u said now


        That’s real talk right there!!! I heard Tyson was a lot more worse on the streets with his hands then he was in the ring because he knew how to street fight!!! Like you said, “NO RULES”!!!

      • Tyson knocked a cat out on the street while he was world champ….ti better quit playing.

  • trilltalk1

    the only way you will know if a nigga a real street nigga is if you know him or witnessed him doing some street shit. just cause you shoot somebody in self defense does not make you a killer. that makes you a victim who survived an attack.

    • Megapsycho84

      Exactly!! And then people have the nerve to call Gucci mane a “Killer”

      • Nigga on here argued me up and down bout that same shit…

      • Rolando Mota

        didnt t.i. get puched in the mouth for trying to flex in cloverland tx? then rapped about being in cloverland in “we taking over”

      • t1m3b0mb

        I wouldn’t call him a killer, but he sure held his own when the time called for it

    • MLB44

      Agree! Just like being shot doesn’t automatically make you a killa or real nigga in those streets (e.g., Tupac, 50 Cent, Game, etc.). TI was tryna get strapped up with machine guns and silencers after his best friend got smoked in front of him. He was a real niggga for that one, but we’ll never know if he would have been a killa (which is good cuz we don’t need anymore black-on-black violence or brothas incarcerated).

      • Rolando Mota

        didnt he get pinched and snitched on his boy then took a plea and appeared on crime stoppers?

      • MLB44

        I don’t know if he snitched. But I do know most people would have been given a long prison stretch in the feds for being a convicted felon attempting to purchase machine guns and silencers. So maybe he snitched or maybe his money and celebrity saved him. And maybe the judge and prosecutor had sympathy for him because his bestfriend died in his arms. But the point I was making was his initial action by getting war ready was gangsta and that is what a real nigga would do. But snitchin’ is never gangsta if that’s what he subsequently did to save his own a$$.

      • Sean Taylor

        If you’re on papers and you get caught with guns or trying to buy guys that’s not only a state but a federal offense as well. He definitely snitched about something.

      • Nemo hos

        Money money money…you pay more than a mil to the Feds the years go down…they could have did big meech the same way but you know the govt doesn’t like competition

      • jordan r s

        None of this is worth gun violence. Would just be sad and pointless.

  • Sha ♎October 22♎

    those tweet shots arent from her real page smh

  • justus182

    I can’t be the only one laughing at the irony of two dudes fighting over a chick that looks like a kiebler elf.

  • brotha_man

    they just keep giving fif ammo to ether cats

    • Iunno bruh but u may actually be on to sumn

  • Buster Cherry ™

    herpe hancock

  • brotha_man

    I done fell out of love and back in love again then out of love and back with my spouse more than Halle and J. Lo
    If she left me, my inner self would shatter
    I could leave her, cause I’m a selfish addict
    The problem is, I just don’t want nobody else to have her
    If we split, I consider my health a hazard
    Or else living in wealth and lavish
    And as far as these niggas who want to kill me, you never get a chance
    You a criminal chill with your subliminal Twitter rants
    You bigger than that, you just ain’t bigger than me

    -slaughterhouse “saydatthen”

  • timwest1000

    I see that canker sore on the corner of his mouth but no black eyes.

    • Sean Taylor

      Herpes!! Yuck….

  • Flesh Light



  • GP

    Mane T.I. need to let me Piggylette go!. Matter of Fact they shud rename they show to the new age muppet babbies. T.I. can be Kermit and tiny be piggy. nothing to say about they kids cause they kids. but these two busters are funny.

  • GP

    lol ya man snitch got some dude from the boxing gym to shoot this video. see ya boy in the mirror reflection off the car window! smh

  • jordan r s

    Why is TI even wasting time on tiny. I hate dissing people i dont know, specially their looks, but shes a bridge troll. Her ass comes up twice a day to ask passer-bys riddles like “how the hell did i ever get fucked” and “Why would Mayweather or TI put effort into this”. Shes TI’s wife right? I get not letting guys creep with your lady but beyond that what the hell he want with her? Shes the reason he went to jail the second time, having Ex on her like she ain’t realize he JUST got out of jail. No way Mayweather so hard up he gotta go after her, come on its such a bitch look for both. She a dirty hoe too, f*ck Floyd or not which i doubt she did, get in your position and stop talking shit bout the guy whos paying for your existince you no talent midget. She couldnt even make it as a stripper or hooker, no body wanna pay for a night with a transexual midget.

    • Nemo hos

      Hahaha that bitch put that nigga TI on the map


    Damn, when did all of this schitt go down between Floyd and T.I.??? I must’ve been on another planet!!!