Floyd Mayweather: I Told T.I. "These H*es Ain't Loyal" (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Hours after engaging in a physical altercation with T.I. this past Sunday (May 25th), Floyd Mayweather went directly to Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. Besides showering strippers with money, Mayweather used the Club’s song selection to explain his altercation with T.I.

In a cell phone video from the strip club, Chris Brown’s “Loyal” song was blaring through the speakers. In the video, Mayweather repeatedly says “that’s what I told T.I.” when the song reaches its chorus of “these h*es ain’t loyal.”

The following day, Mayweather apologized to Tameka “Tiny” Harris in an interview for referring to her as a “b*tch” when he yelled at T.I. “control your b*tch”. Tiny went on her personal Instagram account following the altercation and sided with Mayweather and alleging T.I. of infidelity.

Check out the candid cell phone video of Mayweather in the strip club hours after his altercation with T.I.



  • Sadat

    I thought he said this after apologizing to Tiny for tell T.I. to control his bitch until I notice he got the same clothes from the day of the incident. So this must be footage from shortly after. That wouldn’t have been a good look for Mayweather.

    • RapItUp

      “Hours after engaging in a physical altercation with T.I. this past Sunday (May 25th), Floyd Mayweather went directly to Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. Besides showering strippers with money, Mayweather used the Club’s song selection to explain his altercation with T.I.” —- bruh, it’s all right there as soon as you start reading! He went straight to the strip joint.. Read people, Jesus!!

      • Remember them reading is fundamental commercials…..

      • RapItUp

        Lol I just had to go back like.. Didn’t the article just spell this shit out?? Damn!

      • Sadat

        Remember those…

      • Damn bruh u definitely got me…..I ain’t mad

      • RapItUp

        Lol he got super mad though. Haha niggas can’t read and shit b

      • Sadat

        I watched the video first. And I said in my comment that I realized it happen the same day when i saw what he had on. Calm down with the exclamation marks BRUH. It aint that serious.

      • RapItUp

        Lol don’t be mad at me because your comprehension game is REM sleep at best.. Keep watching those vids.. Bruh. Haha

      • Sadat

        You replied to my comment, typing with exclamation points, but I’m mad? You a clown

      • RapItUp

        Lmao!! Took so much offense. It’s ok doggie, perhaps next time you’ll proofread your comment before you post it to the masses and look like a complete dumbass. Don’t be mad at me! Oo, here’s another ! for you too, to get my point across! Haa!

      • Sadat

        Like I said. You a clown. Im done with the back and forth. Thats what lames do and I’m getting out of character.

      • RapItUp

        Yea, that’s what lames do.. And now you’re out of character, responding on an online forum, like it’s made for. Thank you for reaffirming I’m dealing with a juvenile.. Good luck in the real world, kid. Pick up a book, too

      • RapItUp

        Furthermore, didn’t know exclamation marks were exclusively used to represent anger. What are you, in the 2nd grade?? Should I make the exclamation marks big and red too?? Just chalk it up BRUH.. Nobody will look at this thread again in a couple days. Lol!

      • Sadat

        Seemed a little aggravated in your text to me BRUH. You tell me why you used exclamation marks.

      • RapItUp

        I just put the fork in you.. You’re done for today. Lesson to take home; read the story before posting things online that might bring about just, and rational criticism. Seriously wasn’t a beckon to get your panties all bunched up. Just read. BRUH! 😁

  • corny

  • don king

    floyd is a piece of shiat. couple weeks ago, he was in t.i.s position, cryin cause nelly fvcked his bitsh n now hes tryin 2 b nelly. WACK thats why alot of ppl dont like 2 see floyd winnin, cause hes not the ppls champ. his character is like a dumb n ugly childish a$hole.

    • Brindle

      he stole your girl too?? or you just Pac fan??

    • 5% Hov

      wf? u reading rumors like its fact son

  • Live Well

    Floyd was right where TI was about a month when he caught all them feelings over Ms Jackson’s Instagram. He playin the “Who’s the Mack” role right now but he of all people can relate to how TI felt.

  • $30071418

    If you jump out the Window for a woman, chances are she won’t be on the sidewalk to catch your sorry ass.

  • soyhiphop

    N!ggaz get mad at donald sterling’s comments yet act a fool like tip and floyd

    N!ggaz march and demand justice for trayvon martin yet say nothing about deshawn lil marcus little baby keisha marvin and jeromes murder which all happened in the same 24 hours

    N!ggaz are backwards..looks up to an og in the hood before a doctor that made it out the hood..makes 15 dvds about ogs and big drug dealers..not one dvd about the lawyers senators doctors and ceo out the hood

    N!ggaz will brag about having a prison record like if he can get ahead cause of it..yeah my man check my rap sheet nuffin but pistol charges and direct sells im real and im proud now can I get hired? No n!gga get out of my office!

    N!ggaz will make reality shows about having 7 illegitimate kids with hood rats with the following names champagne alizae sharkiesha lime’arita amnesia diebeties..dont be a n!gga or a sp!c go for yours dont let them boxed you in with the ignorant aka modern prison slave aka depend on us aka the tribe that lost its true path to greatness

    • Chris

      Bruh said “Amnesia” and “Diebeties”. Rollin’!

    • RightOn

      Preach brotha preach!

    • Immortal

      I’m going to sit back and wait for some fool to hate on this truckload of truth.

    • god free

      first off you right but you act like doctor and lawyers do anything good either I know you like this dumb mf says doctor don’t do nothing Im not talking about their line of work Im talking in the community…i know a lot of doctors they don’t care about black issues they care about golfing…you right we glorify drug dealers to much….but from my experience they did give back more then I seen any lawyer or doctor did…it might sound insane but i bet if you did research you would see that unfortunately Im right

      • soyhiphop

        Ok i know from personal experiences of drug dealers that gave back but it’s hypocritical ain’t it? Is like hey kid ima get you new sneakers for you and all your friends..hey mrs walters you late on your light bill I got you mam..hold up I got to go back to infesting my neighborhood with poison have your aunts and uncles selling everything they’re going to steal from you..oh yeah we shot black from the projects so his crew might be riding thru bussin them guns oops you little sister got hit in the skull? Is ok I got you kid we paying for the wake lol…wake up you can’t be helpful when you’re the detriment. .you can’t be the answer and the problem you one or the other no gray areas

  • The_Good_Life

    Tiny out a pocket. Tip been waiting for an excuse to bounce. Now that he got one, tiny gone take a big L. No pun….

    • maya

      How is she taking an L? She had TI during his cute days. He’s old now, anyway. She can upgrade. She got money.

      • therealwayno

        Upgrade to what tho? Floyd? The common mistakes over and over we see with women, even the “celebrity” women is that they leave one guy, their provider, their family, because yeah he wasn’t a perfect peach — and then they split the family up, physically, emotionally and financially and run and go get the same or worse type of dude. Can’t wait to see this upgrade.

      • maya

        Doesn’t she have her own money?

        Anyway, we don’t know what’s been going on behind closed doors.

      • The Black Fist

        Upgrade?? that’s what she can NOT do! Only a broke nigga will take her (take her money) coz from head to toe, just being honest, she is hella ugly!

      • maya

        There are MANY wealthy, successful men who settle down with average looking women. Everybody doesn’t have to be superficial. After a certain age, most people learn that looks don’t mean much at all.

      • god free

        yeah she ugly a nigga with money is not going holla I don’t know what made ti… she prob can suck the shit out a dick my guess

      • Her mouf always moist in the creases…lmao sure sign

      • $30071418

        Black women always cause the stand up guy to take the L because her lonely “home girl” says she needs to upgrade to a perfect man. And the handsome guy she just met with the nice words and the HIV, she crowns him as the savior of her world.

  • afromix

    hope TI is not gonna catch an other case of this pity stuff. if your girl goes online a put you down , just call the divorce layer , and get you a nice thot. for a few weeks. that will get your moral up.

  • plsDontreply

    Floyd must aint heard trap music….

    • Prolly cuz he too busy trapn money and niggaz in that ring….so what u saying…

  • Jakne

    Floyd hit that! Women I dont care how bad we as men mess up, yall cant do what men do! Now tiny looking stupid, floyd called you a bitch(T.I. defended you calling you a bitch), then floyd apologize…….then floyd come back the next day and called you a hoe!(These hoes aint loyal-everybody know that was directed to tiny) All tiny kids watch the net, now they see floyd disrespecting their mom, damn tiny. Now she’s looking dumb in the end. But she’ll never admit that. But aside from that, T.I. should’ve checked tiny, not floyd!

    • maya

      Oh please. People say much worse shit about Tiny on a daily basis. You think her kids don’t see people calling her ugly and Miss Piggy? Now people wanna care about her feelings and her kids’ feelings? Doesn’t add up.

      They had an open relationship.

      • jacksjus


    • RapItUp

      He said this right after the fight, so the apology towards Tiny came after this video as well.. He only apologized for the direct slander though, not this implied scenario here.. Lol

  • RightOn

    What I don’t get is..Tiny is uglier than Fyona after sunset. I really dont get it.

    • She might got that snapper down there…u see how many kids she spit out…sure sign

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  • jon dubock

    Dont know who is less attractive, Tiny or DMX’s wife….

    • i’mreloaded!

      DMX’s by a wide margin

  • Dude was only rapping along to the track. LOL

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  • Guest


  • meanygreene

    tiny must got dat heaven

    • I was thinking the same thing cuz beauty wise she ain’t winning nan pageant ever….

  • meanygreene

    “you chasin’ the wealth and the fame. you need help with your brain.
    you got it twisted, slow your role like you just got a ticket
    or end up on the curb, like furniture when you just got evicted.” kenn starr
    that’s what both these dudes need to do.