50 Cent Throws Horrible First Pitch At Mets Game (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Fans of 50 Cent praise the Queens native for his rap skills and business savvy, but the G-Unit leader is not going to get many kudos for his performance on the mound at a recent Mets game.

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Fiddy was on hand to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Citi Field. Bob Uecker of Major League fame probably would have described the throw as “juuuust a bit outside.”

50 was a good sport about the situation though. The Animal Ambition creator laughed as he walked off the mound and later talked about the wild pitch.

“That was Curtis Jackson. I don’t even like when he comes around,” joked 50. “50 Cent is the best. Curtis Jackson – I don’t even know what’s the matter with him.”

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Watch 50 Cent’s first pitch below.

[mlbvideo id=”33211751″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    “That was Curtis Jackson. I don’t even like when he comes around,” joked 50. “50 Cent is the best. Curtis Jackson – I don’t even know what’s the matter with him.”


    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      he handled it like a G tho and laughed at himself…. his repsonse was hilarious. he knew he couldnt throw a ball. lmao

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        the reason why that quote stuck to me cause of 2 people.

        Jay and 50 BM

        both them said something bout people becoming the character they creates
        jay said it best
        50 BM said something along the lines but it interesting to me that after these to said that then he came out saying this

  • $18916246

    Wow……I thought all drug dealers could pitch.

    • tra mo

      Haha funny i like that

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    after seeing the pitch, lmao……to funny

    good to see a story actually about 50 and what he doing instead of stories of him talking bout the past or someone else career

  • SmashBandicoot

    He throws like a girl.

    • Brooklyn Stoop

      a cross eye girl

    • I know girls that pitch way better than that, c’mon now. He throws like himself.

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  • Executive

    That throw equals his rap career.

    • Hector G

      no because his rap career began with a no hitter

  • Trill Gates

    Dude tries to make himself look unbreakable. I can throw better than that

  • Eli Pinilla

    Goddamn fif, you throw like a b*tch lol

    • I hope u mean a female dog & not human. U don’t have to be a female athlete to to pitch; I hadda mean throw at like 8 yrs old. Poor Fif

      • Eli Pinilla

        I mean a bi*ch, like a b*tch. Not a dog and not always a woman, but a b*tch……

  • WeakSauce

    He said it himself, I’m not a Ballplayer, I’m a rapper….. Stick to what you good at Fif….. Damn that was a HORRIBLE THROW!!! lol

  • Sadat

    Let the memes begin! lol

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    In the pic, he looks like a retard trying to throw a ball

    • Realist4200

      Looks like a Make-a-Wish charity member.

      • RightOn


    • Sean Taylor

      you said it!

      *50 goes derp derp

  • hoeyuno

    Ahh man fif..

  • Realist4200

    If that was me, I’d say I was aiming for the camera man. It wasn’t too far off if you consider that.

  • naw, it wasn’t jus the pitch, it was the way he threw his arms up after, droopn his wrists. Ya’ll keep feminizing that horrible pitch, woman didn’t hav nothn 2 do w/ that.


    This nicca EVER thrown a ball before?! NO warm up, practice or what? Needed to bring in GAME from tha bench to pitch for him or sumthin….. that was HORRIIBLE!

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  • YOU ALL DO REALIZE THAT 50 DID THIS ON PURPOSE, RIGHT?!! The dude can throw a baseball. He’s a former junior Olympian boxer, and a body builder / weight lifter. He’s very athletic. He did this as a publicity stunt for his album which comes out next week. If he would have thrown the ball regular, no one would be talkin about it. But since he threw it so crazy, he’s all over the news, ESPN, radio shows, blogs, and hiphop sites. He just got FREE publicity. ALL PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY. He really knows how to market himself (like Master P back in the day).#AnimalAmbition #SMSAudio #ThisIs50 #GUnit #SKI

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      just cause you lift weights dont mean you can throw a ball … and honestly if all you do is work out .. chances are your throwing, tossing, hooping logic will be off … anyone that hoops and work out know …. there is a difference with shooting pre and post workout … the ball is much lighter post work out so you have to adjust your shot ….. im sure the same is with baseball … i used to play baseball but never worked out prior to playing …

      • I feel u. But what I’m saying is that this pitch was waaaaaayyy off! I’m not sayin that he can throw a strike. But he can (and most of us who play some kind of sports) can throw a pitch somewhere near the plate. It wouldn’t have been that off (unless it was done on purpose) lol

    • Sean Taylor

      I agree….any publicity is good as far as 50 is concerned. Pretty smart if he did in fact do it on purpose.

    • Realist4200

      I still think he wanted to hit that camera man. That would have got him some attention.

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