Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes Owes IRS Over $780,000 In Back Taxes

(AllHipHop News) Either hip hop artists have the worst accountants or do not take paying taxes seriously. Today (May 28th), reports surface that Busta Rhymes owes the Internal Revenue Service over $780,000 in past due taxes.

Busta reportedly failed to make tax payment of $611,000 in 2008 and $178,000 in 2012.

In 2012, Busta Rhymes released Year of the Dragon, his first project after signing with Cash Money Records in 2011. Busta informed Vibe in February that he is planning to release his upcoming album Extinction Level Event 2 on July 4th.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    Thats small bread.
    im sure he can pay that easy since he signed to Cash Money/young Money lol

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  • promotions15

    Have you ever noticed when a Rapper is not being seen in the lime light with concerts, shows, Album releases or even featured on a single, they seem to be owing the IRS for some reason? I guess its their spending habits, less time to watch over their accountants and expenses on book keeping during the time they have shows, concerts, single or album releases. Damn, the music industry really seem to be crap now a days on the money ends of things!

    • A fool and his money are soon parted!



  • hoeyuno

    RUN!!!!! Shits a shame with our legends. There was a time when busta woulda been able to spend that on a car. .but I guess that’s also the problem. ..bust a grinder though and will get through this.

    • Guest

      damn shame….2 lamnorghinis named peppermint and some other crap, 20+ chains on lookin like mr. T

  • i’mreloaded!

    He should have that to pay. Busta got record and TV money. That is if he didn’t blow thru dat ish.

  • southside4lyfe

    Most of the time its because they didn’t report that money on their taxes and got caught not because they dont have the money. He will go sit down for six months and all will be gravy

  • Spirit Equality

    You forgot the third possibility: the IRS likes f–king with rappers. “Can’t a young man make money any more?” – LL Cool J, “illegal Search”

  • Spirit Equality

    And LOL @ “reports surface”. What is the source for this article? It’s not like you walked in the bathroom this morning and this report floated to the “surface” of your toilet.

  • The Legendary Troll

    The IRS has a secret department investigating entertainers. These tax stories arent popping up out of nowhere

  • Well for rappers who wear their earnings on their wrist and neck, it is common for the numbers to not add up on paper. Rappers really need to stop spending so randomly.

  • AK

    when will rappers learn they can afford to hire a accountant that will save them thousands maybe millions in the long run

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  • End of Days

    If rappers ballin how they rap about and portray in their videos… They can afford to go in there, pay that sh*t, and Diddy Bop out like a boss.

    • Sean Taylor

      That’s how you know most of what you see is all smoke and mirrors.

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  • chevy_weight_champ

    Cuzzo, when itz the I.R.S. making u throw out a Release date to pay them bacc, and not your own record company, you in BAD shape ha!

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  • Immortal

    Let’s see here….Wesley Pipes, Fat Joe, Crazy ass Lauren Hill….yeah they all went to the bing for not paying their taxes. That sh*t won’t happen to me….Busta Rhymes. Wake up ninja you’re next. Better sell those Flipmode and Aftermath chains. Those will get you at least 200.00 up here

  • Frank

    Stupid ass. “Death and Taxes”. Ever hear of it? Yeah? That’s cuz there’s fcking reason people say it!

  • Slaughtr

    The entertainment biz has always been treacherous this is not brand new but too think his tab is small is bs. Whoever can fork up 780,000 let me know. All glitter aint gold just because your on TV doesn’t mean you have cake, get in the biz make money and see for yourself.

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