Chance The Rapper Helps Stop Shootings In Chicago For 42 Hours

(AllHipHop News) The issue of gun violence in Chicago has been plaguing the city for years. Chi-town performer Chance The Rapper stepped up and helped halt the bloodshed in his hometown for 42 hours.

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Chance started the stop the violence campaign #SaveChicago with his father. The goal was to prevent shooting deaths in Chicago during Memorial Day weekend by spreading awareness through social media, radio, and community organization. According to the 2014 XXL Freshman, they succeeded in keeping the streets peaceful in the Windy City for almost two days.

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Check out Chance The Rapper’s series of tweets about #SaveChicago below.

  • I like some of chance music, 42 hrs is a good start for any city in the mid west. Big time shout out to chance and his dad for trying to do sumn to stop violence in OUR hoods. Did sumn the government couldn’t even do. Would be beautiful if this caught on everywhere.

  • Jamel Williams

    I’m glad to be first and give a big ups to this guy and his dad eventually somebody does want to violence to end in the Chi.

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  • jdubba

    Great stuff. The only thing is that last tweet “come help us”…. No one can help you but yourselves, not shooting each other shouldn’t require outside help…

    • John Barnes

      Wow this the type of society we have. A young man cry out for help and all you can say is help yourself. It’s way deeper than just shooting each other. Do you know what a murder beef is? If so you would know how hard it is to squash. Have some G damn compassion. Everybody so cold hearted that’s the problem.

      • :Murker Beef?
        If it’s that serious…it has to run it’s course & be what it’s gonna be, it’s the talking ‘chet, then reaching for the gat when a ninja get ready to close that mouth, type ‘chet that they trying to avoid!

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        your wrong – fighting went outta style here bout 30 yrs ago – you can’t even hit a child here – if you hit someone, you’d better disapeer – that’s what a lotta murders used to be for – a person hit someone, didn’t run , and now dead, – that’s why fighting became extint in the minds of Chicagoans, because hitting someone without running is a death sentence

      • meanygreene

        bruce lee said that, 50 years ago

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        bruce lee and me have similar knowldedge

      • meanygreene

        ahh, so you must practice jeet kun do

      • Nah, he practices “Skeet Coon Ho.”

        A style was massa skeets in his coon mouth, cuz he’s a Ho@$$Ninja that can’t fight!

      • Now you want to suck Bruce too?

        I bet your punk@$$ still talk ‘chet about Mayweather though, you simplistic, ham & egg eating, stiffnecked HouseNegro!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        doesnt matter who gets the gun … its the fact that it was used when there was no need … and if what you say is tru thats even more reckless to heat up someone that aint backing down from a fair one … i hate to say this but keep playing and sooner or later they gonna match your fear with fear … similar to what they did to the cocaine cowboys …. they gonna start giving these youngsters hard time lonngggg time just for gun possesion … and imo thats exactly what they want … young black males in jail …. and yall are out here running right into they arms … as bad as folks want to make it seem … i know it all too well about the characters and personalites in the community that fuel this kind of behavior … we can blame poverty, oppurtunities, being bored etc… on the violence … i blame the individuals as well as the parents raising these children … cause they arent … these people arent about anything .. just self just like the person who raised them … only someone who cares only about self can live like that …

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you tellin’ the wrong person homie – go tell them

      • He’s telling you Pu$$y, because you talking ‘chet & can’t fight, so you get a gun, etc. & become a tough guy.

        He’s warning your fa99ot @$$, before someone like me, takes your gun from you, turns it sideways, & shoves it up your candy @$$, & then down your throat!

      • That’s only because pu$$ies like yourself can’t fight!

        IE: Hit me, I’ll beat your @$$ so bad you won’t be able to pick up a fork or spoon again, let alone a gat!

      • Guest

        your death sentence is waiting for your mailing address

      • Says the chump scared to log in under M.A.G. / Sock Puppet account!


      • jdubba

        I have compassion and think this is a great story, and all respect due to Chance if he had a part in this. But I think that waiting for some outside person or group to come in and make things all better is not the right way to handle things, help has to come from within the community, looking out for an respecting one another.. No one instigates or perpetuates “murder beefs” besides the people involved, THEY start and only THEY can end it.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      my comment above applys to you too

      • jdubba

        not sure what comment that is

      • He said how much he likes to suck massa off and how he can’t fight a lick!

  • Troll_E_G

    The violence will decrease if the message is spread threw Chicago radio n not drill music …u can’t say stop the violence then play chief keef ….also develop some free studio programs since all these kids wanna b rappers…give em an activity….just a thought but a strong one nonetheless

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      you don’t know that – anybody that don’t live here got no right opinion – cuz you don’t know the whys

      • We can guess.
        Take the “IMAGE” of the typically Chi Town native, like, say, um, uh, ButchCraig’s stiff necked, House’NegroPean’s, B’i$h@$$, who talks big ‘chet, but can’t fight a lick.

        Eventually, like I’m sure has happened hundresds, if not thousands of times, someone knocks his punk@$$ out for it…instead of keeping his feminine looking mouth shut, he buys a gun, then feels tough enough to start talking ‘chet again after the doctors cut the wires off his recently healed jaw…..and now feels he needs to shoot the next person who attempts to chin check him for ‘chet talking, or continuously engaging in all sorts of daily fa99otry……or maybe he’s just looking to retaliate against the whiteman than took his sneakers after knocking him out, etc.

        Petty ‘chet that could be avoided, etc. but the B’i$Hmade ButchCraig retaliates, runs up on the whiteboy & blasts him, in the lower leg, slicing through the hair follicles on his ankle, narrowly missing the skin, but it richochets, upwards, and hits a marked car’s windshield, narrowly missing his local hero, Mr. Deputy Dog, now he’s charged with attempt on the dog, facing life, he snitches on everyone he knows / can, and has his fancy pant lawyer present documentation of him being a 100% B’i$hmade sucka that really ain’t about that life, he’s just Booty juice with his hands and a Sharkesia victim, etc, he gets a plea deal, 30 days in Cook County, that he spends eating Twix bars out Ninjaz Bootyholes, with so many 4-9-3-11’s up his butt, the first thing he does when he gets out…is take a giant poop!

        Ninjaz like Butchcraig’s wanna be George Zimmerman’s @$$ contribute to the empowerment of the culture when they are shot or knocked out!


      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        no one read your jibbrish coward – address to fed ex your 2 tickets or no talk

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      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        address to receive 2 next day air tickets – we’ll see how you are without hiding

      • Log in underButchcraig if you not too pu$$y!

        M.A.G. = Multiple Account Gump

        That’s you B’ish! EXPOSED!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        we aint even gotta guess chicago is just an mirror image of whats going on accross all the cites and poor rural areas accross america … and if we really put a microscope on it … these folks need a huge as whoopin and sent out of the country so they can see what real struggle is …. chicago is the results of immaturity with no discpline … its like a child you just let run a muck and never recieves any nutriment or any real guidance …. growing up in a major city like chicago is a privledge compared to how they could be living somewhere else in another country where the poor live in tru poverty ….

      • I know, I was just pulling up the skirt on ButchCeaig’s M.A.G. / Sockpuppet account @butchcraig:disqus to show he’s the type of pu$$y to create a MAG account to talk ‘chet under.

        What a fugging #Hoe@$$Pu$$y!

      • Immortal

        You are one instigating muddachukka

      • Hahahaha! I just couldn’t resist pulling the skirt up on his / ButchCraig’s sock puppet account.

        I wouldn’t really knock him out though…..unless his B’ish@$$ shows up to Meet Up & get Beat up! 🙂

      • Immortal

        Stick N Move….Stick N Move…

      • >>In Nintendo’s Punch Out’s voice:
        “Jab, jab, str8,…Body blow, left HOOk!

      • Troll_E_G

        Im from leclare opinion matters

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      in the beginning yes … but as time goes on …. the good thing about music is it changes landscapes and pushes things out of style … think nwa when they first came out … which would be similar to the chicago movement .. because the music repped the local culture which was gangs … and it turnt it up for awhile similar to chicago … but fast forward today … cali especially compton aint what it was during the nwa days …. shoot you barely here gangster music coming out of cali … its all about tight jeans and partying these days lol … but the same could happen to chicago … by using music to push drill and that chicago culture rap will eventually wear it out and make it look old and stale … and maybe … just maybe push them to do other things that are more postive and less destructive especially after really reflecting on thier past….. just a possible look on the positive side …… gangs are still in LA … but it aint like it used to be ?????? or is it ?????

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    SUPER TALL Respect Given – but as a resident and street ‘OG’ – I think it was coincidence, and heavy police presence for dui’s etc. for holiday weekend – do it twice and you’re proven

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      either way take heed !! maybe both needs to happen on a more consistent bases … and instead of stopping a mass amount of innocent civilains looking for drunk drivers … focus on the current true probs that plague those streets everyday … but i say that to say dont disregard looking out for drunk drivers either ……

      • W.E.B. Du Bois


    • OG? you mean “Other Girl?”

      You B’ish@$$ pu$$y!

  • tra mo

    I dnt no him but salute and hats off to any human being taking advantage of the position they in to benefit the whole community

  • meanygreene

    he was on chicagoland. that show is crazy

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    you knolw its bad when we celebrating such a small accomplishment in light of something that should be common sense … sad … but it also shows if we are proactive about being POSITIVE instead of constantly being proactive in a negative way … the outcome can change !!

  • WeakSauce

    My city ain’t doing it right, we need to stop the violence!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      we????? it aint you and it aint me … the individuals need to look @ themselves … and show and prove … step up … aint nothing WE can do … until the individuals who put themselves in these positions or create violent situations where innocent people get hit etc…. stop and look @ themselves …. this will continue to happen …………………………….. but most you cant tell them nothing … cause most are too young to see a future …. or some are so f*cked up by the system they cant have a future and ouchea making sure they aint out there alone ……. so they out there on some secret agent mess bringing other folks down to thier level …. theres a community with in the community that is constantly working to tear folks down … until folks dig into that fiber ….. its going to continue @ a constant rate ….. and its sad cause most wont get it till they much older … its so many dudes out here that turned thier neighbor out that made it to see older age and def have a totally different outlook on life period after living through it and reflecting on it ……………… but by then its too late cause dude is gone but he left his seeds there and a new terrorist is in the hood keeping the tradition going … #thecycle

      • WeakSauce

        I feel you on that, but I guess when I said “we” I didn’t really mean you and I… But I get your drift. It starts with in themselves follow my good parenting. A lot of parents just accept what their kid is doing and just hope for the best. Not the right way to go about things….

      • I hear u but WE was slaves once. and if we said aint nothn we can do, we’d still be. house n1ggas still existed but we fought & won a war to free ourselves. I think it’s a lot we can do & one rapper & his father reached out to the community & made it happen. I wonder if Twista said he would rock a free show every Sat w/ a surprise guest in Chi town for every week that there was no murder what would happen. A lotta rappers endorsed murder but most of em wont put that same effort twd discouragn it. Gotta giv Chance The Rapper his props

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  • GodBody

    I’d like for us to stop killing us, but I guess it’s easier to kill ya brother, rather than a person who wouldn’t give you a job or cuts ya lights off, or tries to demean you!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      the chances of anyone killing anyone they dont know … is slim to no chance …. black on black crime is a mirage … its a lil over the top … but reguardless of the rate … its always gonna be high amongst those who live and hang around each other ….

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