Tragedy Khadafi: Jay Z Was Afraid Of Me & Nas Joining Forces

(AllHipHop News) “I was Scarface. Jay was Manolo. It hurt me when I had to kill him and his whole squad for dolo,” rapped Nas on “Last N***a Alive.” Those bars represented the God’s Son rapper taking on then rival Jay Z and his Roc-A-Fella crew by himself. But what if Nas had joined forces with fellow Queensbridge emcee Tragedy Khadafi for that battle?

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Tragedy tells ForbezDVD that he believes Jay Z was afraid that would happen, and he purposely tried to prevent him and Nas from teaming up.

“I think dudes fear me and [Nas] coming together. They really do, and they know who they are. I remember one time somebody told me that Nas said that Jay Z said I was talking crazy about Nas at a show. I was like, ‘What the f**k was that about?'” states Tragedy. “I believe Jay probably did say that… It’s dawning on me like this n***a got that little Roc movement going on, and then he see us doing little s**t together. So he’s probably like, ‘I can’t let these n***as come together like that. Theses n***as would crush our s**t.”

During the sit down, Tragedy also discussed his role in the so-called East Coast/West Coast beef and the New York response track “L.A L.A” with Mobb Deep and Capone-N-Noreaga. The “Intelligent Hoodlum” says he approached Fat Joe about contributing to a counterattack of Tha Dogg Pound’s “New York, New York” song and video, but Joe was not interested in taking sides.

“I called Fat Joe, and I was disappointed,” says Tragedy. “I’m not going say Joe is soft, because I don’t really believe that honestly. What I will say is I guess he felt it wasn’t politically correct for him at that time. I do believe that Suge Knight had a part to play in some of the other brothers I reached out to, because he was running around. He was shaking s**t down.”

Apparently, a Prodigy verse was removed from “L.A L.A” and Nas declined to be on the record as well. Tragedy states Esco did not want to be on the track because he was “not feeling” Mobb Deep at the time.

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Watch Tragedy Khadafi’s interview below.

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  1. Brooklyn Stoop

    “I remember one time somebody told me that Nas said that Jay Z said I was talking crazy about Nas at a show. I was like, ‘What the f**k was that about?’” states Tragedy. “I believe Jay probably did say that…”

    somebody said something to somebody about nas to someone that new someone that jay knew who told jay something about someone that i knew who heard that jay told someone else that told someone that i was wack.

    all i have to say is CNN War Report

  2. Dointer

    Tragedy’s lyrics and real life accounts is what got me into rap music, and I am the furthest person from being a gangster you could ever imagine,

  3. Guillaume Pilon

    come one tragedy

    nobody care bout that anymore

    they buddies now

    just put out music

    the track walk with me still a classic

  4. cromthelaughinggod7

    Tragedy lyrics I have to say he is better than nas on that level. Nas is the greatest also but really listening to his lyrics it was really really deep. His lyrics are sick. I say those two are the best.

  5. Elayorx El

    I gotta say, that Tragedy is one of the greatest to ever do it, and I’m not even familiar with his entire body of work. It makes sense that Nas is also considered one of the greatest, because if you look at his contemporaries, comrades, and “competition”, no wonder he became that nice. He had to, if he wanted to be heard, and taken seriously. I will always love, and have a deep sincere respect for those guys, because they truly stepped up, on some, “Hip-Hop birthplace NYC sh!t”, as opposed to those that came over here shooting videos, “kicking down buildings”, doing what they were told to do, in order to help create the controversy that would further divide us, and inevitably be used as a motive in one of Hip-Hop’s darkest moments, with the murders of Pac, and Big. Hindsight is truly 20/20! Queensbridge, is probably one of the most important contributors to real Hip-Hop culture as we’ve come to know it. QB, salute!

    • foshow38

      You lost me at “Tragedy is one of the greatest to ever do It, and I’m not even familiar with his entire body of work” Just with that fuckery I can’t even read everything else you had to say!

      • Elayorx El

        Pardon if the meaning was lost with that wording, but his work is so deep, from all that I’ve heard, based on quality, content, and his history, I’d have to say that he is one of the nicest, and I still have more from him to listen to. That’s all I meant. If you can’t get past that small discrepancy, that’s on you fam. Take care.

  6. Raheem Classick

    Tragedy has joined the Gossip Girls Club with this quote > I remember one time somebody told me that Nas said that Jay Z said I was talking crazy about Nas at a show. SMH #TheseRappersNeed2StopIt

  7. Clondyke Classic

    Man stop. That roc-a-fella roster was so legit it wasn’t nothin they could do out there. Jay still would’ve made the same moves he made regardless if this nigga and Nas got together or not

  8. foshow38

    This dude was nice at during the 90’s era but his movement wasn’t strong enough to say that shit. Even with Nas they wouldn’t went anywhere, Nas hasn’t helped anyone’s career but his own. Not Nature, Not horse, Not Cormega, Not Jungle….

  9. Ryan Cole

    I like Trag, but none of that stuff he said made sense. Nas wasn’t on “LA, LA” because he wasn’t feeling Mobb at the time, yet they stayed on each others albums from The Infamous through Nastradamus.

    Trag had some DVD a few years ago about his life and had little kids shitting on Nas, talking about how he doesn’t come back to the hood, and some older lady talking about Nas wasn’t a thug because he was an A student in school.

  10. foshow38

    Dam looking back 90’s had some of the best rap shit eva! More classic albums made in that era than now. Be lucky if you a good single that’s not trying to make you twerk, make it rain or popping a molly. That was a golden era!
    On a side note: Forbez Dvd on youtube got some good interviews with some legendary rappers worth checking out.

    • Boriqua Oliveras

      Thats true..there were more classic albums (every track was banging) and better MC’s than they are now. The music was WAYYYYY better than the shit they put out now.

  11. ShortDogg

    I swear to you people must dream about Nas. If you google Nas, someone has said something about nas, love nas, or some type of rap battle or who is the greatest rapper alive or who is the King of rap. Nas is always mentioned! Dude is no joke!
    Nas will always get paid! Sh!t I went into the wrong field after college. Nas is a “F” empire!!!

  12. Black Adam

    Dont know about all that Jay and Roc nonsense but that War Report Album was in heavy rotation back in HS days. All in the lunch room and walking down the streets of downtown Brooklyn.

  13. Triple7_skylakegreat

    So it seems the game reversed and burnt me my man turnt States he took the 1 to 3 snitching on me how could it be we were team . I guess we got divided by the cream FBI ran to my crib where I live snatch my wife childwelfare took my kids yo I can’t live.

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