Ab-Soul Reveals "These Days…" Album Cover & Release

(AllHipHop News) Ab-Soul’s debut album These Days… finally has a release date and an album cover. On his personal Twitter account, Ab-Soul revealed the release date for his upcoming album to be June 24th. Along with the release date comes a preview trailer of the music video for his song, “Stigmata”:

June 24th was one of the dates Top Dawg Entertainment CEO Dangeroo Kiapawaa allowed fans to pick over for the album’s release date. Along with the release date and trailer for the first video from These Days…, Soul also revealed the album’s cover. Check out the album cover below:

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  • John Q. Public

    dope album cover

    • kpman80

      What’s dope about it? Serious question

      • Idontreadreplieshahahha

        The first single wack. They just either in tde nuts or think rambling is lyricism this guy rushed his product and released a trash first single and I’m not gonna lie like these hoes

      • InTheNightKitchen

        How do you know he rushed this album?

      • Boomie Rogers

        His last album came out TWO YEARS ago nigga. Don’t think it’s rushed. Most of u niggas are too slow to comprehend anyway. Troll on retard

      • Doo Doo sandwich

        Shit trash regardless

      • TruthSerum

        Because, of course, everybody who doesn’t share your opinion on music is lying

      • John Q. Public

        the concept and execution

        but art is subjective so your question is hard to answer.

        I like it. if u don’t… that’s cool too

      • kpman80

        I dig that..I honestly just wanted to know

  • QaadiruRashaad

    thats a really dope cover. thats thinking outside the box or thinking as if their is no box. Im looking forward to his album. #Dope #AbSoul

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  • J.C.

    is June 24th really enough time for enough promo, especially in the shadow of
    GKMC & Oxymoron?

    album sales aren’t a scale for an artist’s quality, but soulo is already slept-on of as it is…

  • The Legendary Troll

    thought this was trinidad at first

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  • Terrance

    Been hearing about how good this guy is for a while now. Didn’t check for him after I heard that song about the Anunnaki (sounded like mockery to me). However, I decided to take another chance on him and must say this joint is on the up & up. Gonna look him up now. #GOODLOOK

    • Idontreadreplieshahahha

      You a lie. Just cause he’s “deep” doesn’t mean the song is good. Stigmata is wack video and music. It’s looking like another let down like school boy wack joint. Isaiah and Kendrick the only one putting in work

      • Terrance

        I never said the song is good.

        I haven’t heard the song yet, just this clip. I think the clip sounds good though. As for the video clip, it wasn’t bad either.

        I don’t know anything about how deep he is because AGAIN, I’ve only heard 1 other song in which I didn’t like. In that song he mentioned the Elohim and in this one he is referencing Christianity.

        Common sense tells me he READS tho. #DONTSPECULATE

      • ThePostTube

        Isaiah is dead. Ab-Soul comes with jems more than the rest of crew so clean out your ears and keep them open for the album before sprouting such nonsense. Although I do agree, Stigmata is not all that.

  • Mad City

    It would have been better without him on the cover – just the fish and the cross. Regardless, I know the album will be straight fire.

  • 5% Hov

    These TDE nggas missed a trick.
    He should of went up the same day as 50 cent.
    He could of built the buzz and outsold 50 easy.

    • tha OG

      Real talk June 3rd would of been perfect

  • AK

    damn they barely gave him time to promote it , schoolboys album had a cool year to build up his buzz soul only got 3 weeks thats messed up considering he arguably makes the best music on tde

    • TruthSerum

      He’s the one that was complaining about it and threatened to leak the album. They giving him what he wants so if he turns around and complains about the sales it will be his own fault.

      Aside from all that, lets just hope the record is dope. We already Knew Ab Soul wasn’t gonna blow up or nuthin anyway, I mean, If Q couldn’t come close to Gold with all that Promo on Interscope then Soulo aint have no prayer. I still think Control System is the best album in the TDE canon after “Good K.I.D”, so lets hope he keeps the momentum going.

    • Doo Doo sandwich

      Nah,music is trash lyrics great. Rashad and Kendrick make good music

  • #TheseDays #AbSoul #TDE #DMT

  • richboii

    Ab Soul album will be food for the mind , TDE is everything the game needs

  • Obi Won

    I’m sure its going to be a great healthy for the mind album, but it isn’t going to sell well. Albums and artist like this never do.

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