SOLD: The L.A. Clippers Have A New Owner

(AllHipHop News) The former CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer has seemingly become the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Ballmer has submitted a $2 billion offer to buy the team, a record bid for an NBA team.

The the business man’s bid bested Oprah Winfrey, David Geffen, Larry Ellison and others looking to purchase the basketball franchise.

Only the $2.1 billion Magic Johnson and The Guggenheim Partners paid for the Los Angeles Dodgers tops Ballmer’s offer.

Donald Sterling recently signed a letter to give him wife authorization to field offers for the team and she has accepted this bid, reports the Los Angeles Times. Sterling, who was decimated in the court of public opinion for racist comments, has to agree for the sale to be finalized. Previously, he has vowed not to sell at all.

Ballmer lives in Seattle, but has promised to keep The Clippers in Los Angeles. He is worth $20 billion.

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  • dee

    Way too much for a team that hasn’t achieve nothing.

  • TruthSerum

    You didnt really think he was going to sell to Magic or Oprah did you?? Dude would probably take a lower number to keep the team in a pair of white hands.

    • RichFromBX

      the team was pretty much up for auction and the NBA’s approval is still required. If Magic and/or Oprah came in at $2.2 billion, the team would’ve been their’s but they’re sensible business people and never would’ve over-valued the team like that to just make a point. It’s going to be a long time before this investment starts to pay off for Ballmer. The reality is it may never make a profit for him unless the Clippers win a couple of championships and remain competitive for at least the next 10yrs

  • Fosho3528

    Making an 80 year old man sell his team for 2 billi is far from a punishment. He bought the team for 15 million. That’s quite the return.

  • Slaughtr


    • D. Rose in the paint

      Im black and I cant stand most niggas either….its not like he’s wrong for it….modern day black Americans are bred in the worst most backwards culture but fail to see themselves in context of the world around them. But compared to everyone else black Americans act like fuckin monkeys….of course there are exceptions but for the most part its completely true

      • I gotta disagree with what u talking bout bruh if u broke it down statistically I would say your statements are false, you can never group a whole race of people together in that manner when only a small percentage of the people are bad apples. I would never self hate my kind like that, and b4 u talk down on us we have been systematically not afforded the luxuries of being equal. Ain’t no excuses about it either, the shit we deal with daily other races would prolly fold. If u want proof just hop in your whip and goto a side of town where there aren’t many of us, you will see what I mean when them blue and red lights with the siren pulls ya black ass over. We playing on an uneven field with the other team cheating every way possible but we not getn that refs whistle for foul play. I won’t ever knock a NIGGA for doing what he gotta out here. You should be proud to be a part of such a resilient race..we gon get ours eventually. Check that self hate at the doe bruh

      • Celz

        Teach my nicca

      • Celz

        Muthafuccas always want to act like black culture is so terrible but act like all the normal black people you walk past every day aren’t black or something.. Like neil degrasse tyson isn’t an astrophysicist or the dude who invented the Super Soaker isn’t a freaking rocket scientist.

    • He’s 100% within his right to feel the way he does, just as you are to feel the way you do.

  • hate to say it but if this is true, Donald and nem still won….2 bill for the clippers? That’s waaaaaaay high…Ballmer Ballin tho

    • D. Rose in the paint

      He bought it for what? $13 million or something like that….lmaooooo

      • Think they was saying like 15….whoever THEY is…

  • Jakne

    Gd Mn’n ppl, we all know ppl w/ money stick together. This Microsoft dude don’t need the Clippers, nor did he show any interest in buying them until the other day.I figure the ownership titles maybe changing, but the money won’t. Think for a sec, if I’m friends w/ someone of my status, the nba let me find someone to sell the team to, why not pick a friend of mine. Work out a side deal w/ him, which the microsoft dude doesn’t need the money of the side deal, but the rich help the rich. So really no money exchanges, if any a small amount. Donald just wont go to the games, he’ll watch it at his mansion on a 1000 inch tv screen, checks still coming in, family investment still in place, he’s still a racist, and the blacks are still making his family live good by dribbling and shooting the basketball. I wouldn’t call donald a genius, any jerk could’ve done the maneuver. The NBA should investigate this deal closely. I knew Magic wasn’t getting the team. The Clippers are like a baby of Donald, he isnt letting go that easy.

    • RichFromBX

      Ballmer has been interested in buying an NBA team for a while now – a few years back he tried to buy the Kings but was outbid which explains the over-payment here – he wanted to make sure he didn’t get beat this time.

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      I know what you are saying-but Ballmer is no friend of Sterling. They answer to the same powers that be, but Ballmer has no loyalty to Sterling.

      @Everyone saying the Sonics are coming back- it’s as quiet as a church mouse in Seattle on the topic. We are not breaking ground, turning over cars and selling out Kemp bobbleheads.

      It would be a surprise if this ownership worked that way- but you can’t find more than 20 delusional locals thinking the Super Clips are coming to town.

      Folks need to see the budget plan and full disclosure of contracts in blood before they start that
      hype all over again. For now, being a Blazers fan by default will do.

  • Escobar

    Microsoft CEO purchases Clippers? SEATTLE SUPERSONICS ARE BACK!

    This is how Steve will coach his team:

    • Realist4200

      LMAO @ that second one.

    • Slick Blak

      Shit is funny for real HA

    • Steve definitely worm food but I gotta up u on that one bruh….Second one was gangsta

  • TheAkademik

    Owners happy they may not have to vote now

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  • John Q. Public

    So, I guess the moral of the story is “Being Racist Pays”

  • WestCoast323

    Lmfao!! Sterling lost it all over a 10min Tape!!!!