Arsenio Hall

The Arsenio Hall Show Canceled After One Season

(AllHipHop News) Arsenio Hall came back for more and left with less. 20 years after FOX canceled The Arsenio Hall Show after four seasons, CBS has done the same to the reboot after only one season.

The reboot of the late 80s/early 90s talk show debuted on September 9th, 2013 and in February was renewed for a second season. When the show was renewed in February, CBS Television Distribution  president of sales, Joe DiSalvo lauded the show’s appeal:

Arsenio is a tremendous talent and we’d like to thank him for all the hard work and energy he put into the show. We’d also like to thank Tribune and all our station group partners for their support of the show.

However, CBS is seemingly backtracking on those statements, claiming the show’s popularity did not meet its standards:

Arsenio is a tremendous talent and we’d like to thank him for all the hard work and energy he put into the show. We’d also like to thank Tribune and all our station group partners for their support of the show.

Hall responded to the cancellation of his show in the same press release stating that every party involved in the show “knew it would be a challenge”, but is ultimately grateful.

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  • Vadit Bolinger

    I was a fan his first go around but…

    • RichFromBX

      I’m stealing that shit right now…lol…

  • LoveAlchemist

    Damn that sucks. It wasn’t the best, but you could see the joy in being on television again. Some shows were hits, and most were misses. Overall, he will forever remain a legend for late night television.

  • jordan r s

    Yet conan is still on. I understand its not like one or the other, but come now there are way worse interview shows.

  • Well its a all around new era.

  • BrotherMan21

    I prerfer watching youtube channels… it’s a different climate for late night TV

  • Guillaume Pilon

    thats suck

    conan still my fav

  • John Q. Public

    Hes a very good interviewer but his opening monologues and skits were garbage…
    Plus Fox is a bad channel for a late night show.

    • Spirit Equality

      He was on CW in my market. He was on Fox where you live?

      • John Q. Public

        Yea they had him on FOX here.
        Plus his lead ins were old ass reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond & 2 and half Men

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        that cuz the whites today still have you in huts on a plantation

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      garbage? – that’s yo mutt race comments – you try’n talk about us, which you don’t know – and embarrassed to talk about yo kind , which you do know


    arsenio hall…was the first to bring hip hop to late night t.v….period!!!
    he is a legend and pioneer

  • TheAkademik

    niggas cant front…he had some popping interviews this past year…I aint never watch the full show though

    • Spirit Equality

      That Ice Cube interview was classic material. Probably the best Ice Cube interview I’ve ever seen.

  • junMaf*ckn

    Dayyuuum. Was Just Watching Last Night!

  • Kevin Anthony

    Wow. Maybe the 3rd time is the charm. June 1st. Soundcloud. Kevin Anthony-21

  • The Legendary Troll

    lmao. Lesson learned. Dont ruin a shows legacy by trying to reinvent it. let it rip

  • Montezuma1

    I don’t watch TV much so I don’t know how good or bad it was. Better luck next time though Arsenio. Just imagine if you hadn’t brought that idiot Farrakhan on your show 20yrs ago? SMH

    • 5% Hov


  • chippc

    In my opinion, this show was still better than whats being offered on late night. Arsenio Hall picked up right where he left off by giving youngsters the opportunity to perform AND, actually sit down and talk to them. Conan or whoever else let you do your song, but get you the hell of the stage shortly after.

    Them white folks lied right to his face when they had Jay Leno of all people come out and tell him he was getting a second season. He should tell em all to kiss his ass this time around, live on air.

  • Tom Donahue

    That’s what he gets for being a racist

    • Vic Sage

      ‘You’re an ignorant individual if for nothing else for being clearly mislead and misinformed…and then regurgitating that very innuendo and BS on this post here..” ‘Keep in mind for future reference that it is better to be thought a fool rather than to open it as to remove all doubt!!”

    • love

      He’s not a racist he kept it real at all times. Please keep things like this to yourself because it may piss a lot of people off.


      How is Arsenio “a racist”???

  • Spirit Equality

    You quote the same press release section twice in the above article.

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  • King Cold

    damn shame. a brotha doin positive things but they allow garbage ass shows like teen mom and love and hip hop to continue.smfh

    • Sean Taylor

      Society has become garbage that why the majority like garbage shows such as teen mom, love and hip hop etc.

    • soyhiphop

      Big difference those are cable shows his show was on a national broad casting station that’s the big leagues of tv you need top ratings or you’re quickly canceled

    • Doo Doo sandwich

      They is you too. Teen hoes with babies got a lot of views

  • Vic Sage

    Unfortunately he couldn’t recapture that ol school vintage Arsenio in a bottle..” This day and age handicapped him from the gate..” But I watched loyally because I grew up with the man!!” All the best Arsenio!!”

  • B. Robinson

    I hope he gets picked up on a cable network. The late night talk show as a medium is dead anyway.

    • Big_Chill

      yeah, hopefully BET, CENTRIC, or TV-One picks him up, I actually enjoyed his show.

  • B. Robinson

    I’m surprised The Tonight Show is still on the air. Haven’t watched it since they fired Conan. I’m in my 40’s, and no one I know really watches TV like they did years ago, at least not since Hulu and Netflix came along. Most of the shows on network TV suck ass nowadays anyway. Cable TV might be a better place for a show like Arsenio’s.

    • 5% Hov

      Never watched a whole show but always watch the youtube clips.

      F these jews networks.

    • hoeyuno

      Yea tv’s different. Definitely not the same game as when Arsenio was on back in the day right after In Living Color. .

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  • David Gonz

    the just couldnt get the right angle.

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  • hoeyuno

    WOO WOO WOO!!! Sorry bad timing? ..

  • love

    I really believe that its wrong to cancel a show that has been declared to go on another season.
    If I was Arsenio I would sue or protest.

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  • I suppose the majority are busy watching reality shows.
    What a shame.

  • TheOnlyCoop

    This show was good, but my black people would rather watch Nene and all of the other “reality” show idiots.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      never speak for black people again, lol but seriously

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Hey their my people but it’s the truth.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        hahaha i feel you i just wanted to talk shit…. on the real tho this show kinda felt like the old one which is what i think really hurt it. his monologue jokes were dry as hell

  • The Legendary Troll

    this fool got that blade hairline


    “BET” should pick up the show!!!

  • Myleage

    i doubt CBS other shows with white people had higher ratings than his show. seriously, i dont like to make anything a “race” thing but it does play a part.

  • 5% Hov

    The production cost for a show like this makes all region rating more important than not.

    If you ask me – Arsenio needs to go to Revolt….. we need to keep the money in house.

    Fu*k these transnational/former slavery networks. We got our own access to satellites with OWN and REVOLT.

    Shiiii…. This nigga got do the show live on youtube and make more money without them.

  • Lump Beats

    The monologue was huff but he did have some great interviews. Dick Gregory, Cube, crazy ass Suge popped up… they could’ve let him ride another season. I think he was running out of blalebrities (TM) to interview actually.

    • GQ

      Stole Blalebrities…

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  • jon dubock

    The show sucked….

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  • Modesto Koczwara

    Thank God!

  • disqus_000

    Will he run back to his pipe and join the rehab tv show. He had no rhythm. You have to be creative to stay alive in the biz.

  • Infamous

    Same people upset that it got cancelled are the same people that weren’t even watching the shit or is saying “I never watched a full show” You ain’t got the right to complain then if you didn’t support the shit.

  • meanygreene

    if there is one network that I do not want him to go to is BET. what have they done to show black people in a positive light

  • Sean Peterson

    if it wasn’t for Hall these new nigguhs wouldn’t have a lane to swerve in.,…

  • Jayoriginile

    Damn I just knew it was gonna be around for awhile…good guests…..good laughs…..and the comedian legend Eddie Murphy……

  • Flanny Macquiao

    maybe he got canceled because he let wiz bring an ounce of weed on his show

  • Obi Won

    I wouldn’t say the show didn’t meet CBS’s standards, but it didn’t meet todays standards. If its no drama, it no ratings. Now if Arsenio had women with a hair full of weave kicking and fight or maybe some corny rappers beefing on the show at the same time, it would’ve got more attention.

    • Doo Doo sandwich

      Nah. In the 90s his show was the only place you’d see rappers and now they’re everywhere so it’s no big deal for him to be canceled

  • GP

    Come one who didn’t see this coming! looks like eddie still up one!