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Mac Miller Says "F*ck Kendrick" Again; Confirms Ab-Soul Collab

(AllHipHop News) Ten months ago Kendrick Lamar took aim at several of his peers on the Big Sean track “Control.” One of the targets of K. Dot’s lyrical challenge was Mac Miller.

Miller addressed Kendrick’s verse on his own track “Friends” featuring Schoolboy Q off the Faces mixtape. “In this Game of Thrones, it is known/I got the 4G, L-T-E connection boards/No Control, f**k Ken Lamar (F**k you Kendrick!),” Mac sarcastically rapped.

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Today (6/1) the rapper/producer repeated his expletive (tongue-in-cheek?) response to the Black Hippy member. During a Twitter #AskMac session, Miller answered a fan’s question about whether he thought Kendrick would have something to say about his “Friends” lines in the future.

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While it appears Mac Miller does not seem concerned with Kendrick shooting back, he does plan to stay connected with other TDE rappers. He is expected to appear on Ab-Soul’s forthcoming album These Days.

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70 Responses to “Mac Miller Says "F*ck Kendrick" Again; Confirms Ab-Soul Collab”

    • Sean Peterson

      they asked that same question of MC Hammer back in the day,come to find out nigguh was a boxer in the navy….dont judge a book by its cover…

    • Cloud Air

      i think kendrick is talented but i didn’t like control either because he came out dissing people saying he wants to murder them and calling them out by name and then on interviews he’s like “its competition” … or how he said he’s the king of new york then in interviews he’s like “i didn’t mean it like that”

      its just annoying man.. seriously.. its like politics and flip flopping.. and its not love for those guys he dissed because think about it.. why didn’t he say “i got love for schoolboy q but i’ma murder you” he didn’t do it to his own crew at all.. only outside people.. if he did it to his own crew then he could say he was just poppin off.. but since he didn’t, ITS PERSONAL

      they try to act like its a game but once u say a person’s name its not general anymore

      • Sam

        The King of New York bar was a reference to an old Kurupt verse that came out five years ago. Niggas got offended and took his shit too seriously. if it’s personal why is the only who really cares is Drake?

      • Breeze

        Control of what? Please don’t say hip hop lmfao. . . Boosies home (sarcasm) lmfao

  1. Sean Power

    anyone that know mac miller personalty wouldn’t take this serous his just drop bars and joking around, his not caring grudge like drake

    • brotha_man

      i see like this if you claim to be the best you better be able to hold your own. the other day i was at the gym balling white boy comes in shooting threes brother steps to calls him garbage they played one on one white boy did him in. im talking 21-7 type score even dunked on the bruh bruh. come to find out white boy plays D3 ball. if you talk smack back it up.

      • dehova

        Fair enough but lyrically …man, Kendrick has more fans in Mac Miller’s family than Mac Miller does!
        What does Mac Miller bring that’s new to the table? I can’t hear it.

  2. brotha_man

    first off the Face mixtape was str8 firrreee.
    2nd this is old as the mixtape has been out a while.
    3rd nothing wrong with stirring the pot to show that you belong
    4th i think it was taking out of context.

  3. BALLER ✔️

    Fuk kendrick and Miller I haven’t heard anything good from him v besides his shit with wiz HIGH LIFE

      • BALLER ✔️

        Corbin wells LOL I’m from the block where HIP HOP STORED I think I have a better say so in RAP then YOU go listen to JUSTIN BIEBER

      • corbin wells

        sorry all credibility is lost with a 2 chainz picture brah.

      • BALLER ✔️

        dude your name is Corbin wells look at your f****** picture you’re done

      • corbin wells

        2 chainz picture brah…. literally one of the worst rappers.

  4. Zabrak

    Kendrick Lamar is a living legend, where as I’ll be legitimately surprised if Mac Miller is still popular in five years

    also, Mac Miller is Jewish, so don’t bother turning this into a white vs black thing

    • Embassy

      “Kendrick Lamar is a living legend” just waiting on his first real song. It’s starting to look like all he can really do is go hard on a guest spot.

      • Embassy

        Oh yes GKMC was very good, almost as good as Nothing Was The Same, about as good as The Heist, and not quite on the level of MMLP2. It was better than Yeezus and MCHG, but only because Ye and HOV don’t really have much left to say, and Kendrick was hungry. I’m sorry if I don’t consider Compton to be the new Jerusalem – just cause a rapper is from there doesn’t make him a saviour.

      • Matt

        LOL not quite on the level of MMLP2? I really do hope you are joking. GKMC blew MM out of the water lyrically and conceptually.

      • Embassy

        Yeah, sorry, feel free to disagree, but we are debating personal taste at this point. Lots of albums come out in a year, and it shouldn’t be blasphemy to say that Kendricks wasn’t the number one best album of them all.

      • Matt

        You say you are waiting on his first “real” song, how would you consider any of Eminem’s songs more real? I don’t understand how you can even compare the two. Please elaborate. Listen to Kendrick’s song “Real” if you want to hear a real song.

      • Embassy

        What I mean is, I’m waiting for anything he does to matter to anyone outside of those who like him because of “what he means to hip-hop”. Where’s his “99 Problems”, “Jesus Walks” or “In Da Club” or even “The Motto”?

    • 5% Hov

      Because Jews can’t be white now??? wtf??

      Ever been to Isreal?? White americans and White Russians.
      Ask Donald Sterling about the black jews….

  5. Andy

    Damn why all the hate in here, for Mac Miller and Kendrick. I mean I’m not a Mac Miller fan, but still…

  6. Guest

    Okay…… what ima say is fact’s. Mac miller is loesing fame, but is spitin better then what he did before. kendrick wants to make a name for him self like”eminem” did, an show he’s the badest dude in the game. an i give kendrick respect 4 that. Mac Miller wants beef, kendrick is weighting 4 beef. I’m ah fan of both these artistes. I feel that kendrick is going to END Mac’s Career. I studyed both of these rapper and MAC has skill, but kendick has skill+talent.

  7. james

    You are all retarded, mac and kendrick are cool with each other, are on a friendly basis relationship and mac humorously, sarcastically insulted him once. For anyone who doesn’t know, he’s chill and just got a sense of humour like tyler/odd future do where he insults people he’s close to and jokes around a lot. I blame whoever wrote this article for writing it, just another bullshit article going off a tweet and a bar, for retarded consumers to buy into.


    I wasn’t going to beat it today but I accidentally went on my site again…


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