Hip-Hop Rumors: Peep What Epic Legend Kendrick Lamar Is Working With!

Do I need to say any more?

At any rate…

YEP. Apparently, Kendrick had visited Africa and the spirit of the mother land spoke to him when he was there. This caused him to write a song that he felt Stevie Wonder should be on. Seems like Kendrick has a good relationship to Doug E. Fresh, one of the official legends of the Hip-Hop game. Doug got Kendrick in touch with Stevie Wonder and the rest is history. This song is expected to appear on the next Kendrick Lamar album.

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66 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Peep What Epic Legend Kendrick Lamar Is Working With!”

  1. ILL Will

    Fck what yall be saying bout lil bruh but I like this dude….young boy ain’t scared to go hard, he can definitely spit it, but…..he seem kinda humble….If his album wasn’t the best that year ionno wtf goin on in the world today. I lucked up an found one of his vids one day, I thought lil bruh was Def gon get on the first time I heard em. One of the few new dudes I like from the new school.

      • Escobar

        Section.80 gets the play anyday of the week. You can hear Thug Life vicariously through HiiiPower. That’s not to say this cat’s on Pac’s level, but you can feel that same amount of passion. Feel me?

      • ddd205

        Uhh no. Nobody is trying to be 2pac nor does nobody want to, except the ones who started to like him after he died. Foh. Thug Life? Sounds nothing like it.

      • johnblacksad

        lol… he must be mad ha wasn’t around when Pac was still alive and he mad that mad youngins still love Pac even tho they wasn’t around when he was still around… smh

      • Escobar

        Born and raised in Echo Park, Los Angeles and this guy’s feeling frosty enough to try and get e-brolic over Pac.

      • johnblacksad

        oh Yasiin bey! …I mean mos def!

        Section80 is the bizness straight up! I put my whole family onto Kendrick with that HiiiPower… but the whole album/mixtape is crazy… That Reagan era, that Kush and Corinthians, Keisha’s song… that line about “she gives it all to her daddy but she don’t know her father” still gives me the shivers…, that verse about his daddy… smoke good eat good live good… etc… Section80 ftw!

        The passion is definitely there

      • Escobar

        HiiiPower’s too deep and dope to go unnoticed. I was surprised to see J.Cole produced it and that’s how they linked up before his first TDE tour.

        K.Dot knows how to hit those veins metaphorically. Reagan Era gets a play and a half too, I forgot about that!

      • TheAfroRican

        Word. I keep “Poe Man’s Dreams” on repeat. The lyrics mesh well with the Gil-Scott Heron sample.

      • Escobar

        Good choice of song, homie. For really.
        A.D.H.D hits home directly and gets the repeat.

    • Vinsanity

      What chu talking about? Ken got called out after control and then responded with “Im just playing, i didnt mean it”. Sounds scared to me.

      • Alex Gongar

        He Never said Im just playing, I didnt mean it, Matter of Fact he even threw some gasoline on the fire at the BET awards catch the last line? “King Kendrick”

      • reg joe

        Stop that. Because he didn’t run to get a gun after the fallout, he was scared? Come on now. Im about sick of uneducated brothers always talking about guns, shooting, bitches, and candy paint. Kendrick handled it astutely and very mature. He didn’t need to sound like superthug in response. He gave a measured, and appropriate response with thought behind it. That is how its done. Acting stupid and talking about going at each other and shooting at each other is a ignorant response for those that simply don’t know another way.

    • Terrance

      Word Yo. The first time I heard Drake was about a year before he blew. I was on myspace and some random songs were playing in the myspace player. His popped up and the sh*t sounded NOTHING like what he got out now. Actually STILL the BEST sh*t I’ve heard him on.

      I peeped he was from Canada and was like… “Damn, Canada got some sh*t out there”.

      INSTANTLY knew this dude would be a star.

      Turns out… Y’all know the rest…

      His music has changed since he been on but Kats can’t really say that Drake ain’t got bars. And I don’t really have him on my rotation like that. I MUST give RESPECT where it is due tho. The kid can write better than MOST and has a decent enough singing voice to get by and diversify his music. #GOOD4THEGAME

      • reg joe

        Exactly. These fellas don’t want to give him his props because it isn’t cool to do that now. Dude is talented regardless of the hate and shade throw by insecure brothers. When you have your own stuff together, another mans success doesn’t bother you.

      • ILL Will

        I always talk sht about drake cuz he soft as fk in my opinion but when he ain’t singing he is a pretty clever guy. I like some songs of his but that’s about it. He is talented no hate, I just don’t really think he should talk tough or act tough cuz his mannerisms be off. He seems like a good dude tho and he does have some nice bars at times. So yea I can dig it bruh


        KD is more soulful and humble, you don’t see him all over the internet. Can anybody name any bars from Drake. It’s all about how much money he makes etc etc. Kendrick is a young good MC with room to grow. Drake his formula will work for awhile til the next new Rapper blow up. Didn’t he just drop an Album awhile back. Ain’t even in rotation now. SMH!

      • ILL Will

        I didn’t purchase drake album because I don’t like him THAT much, especially when he sings that sht just……

    • ILL Will

      Lmao I wouldn’t ever know that….I wouldn’t even purchase some gay sht titled take care unless I was shopping 4 rnb…Drake so fugazi…softer than baby gums

      • reg joe

        Whether the man is soft or not is a moot point. I listen to him for his music, not whether he is soft or not. You young fellas get so caught up in that machismo bullshit that you cant even appreciate good music for fear that someone will think that you are soft for listening to it. That’s the difference in a man and a boy. A boy doesn’t give a damn what the masses are doing and feeling, he is too busy plotting his course and handling his business to even give a damn whether some other guy is perceived as soft or not. Man up. And stop calling names on the internet. That’s beyond childish. If you want anyone to take your post serious, grow up and stop calling names on the internet. Just my PSA for today.

      • ILL Will

        Lmao bruh i swear I’m grown and listen to rnb occasionally. I just don’t want to hear it from a rapper. You are absolutely correct about him being soft meaning nothing if the music is good. I talk about drake jokingly to get his FANS riled up. I like some of his songs just not the singing ones….but u know damn well that boy is more brittle than wet tissue. I see your point man and agree, I kid around bout drake but he is nice and has flow. Grown man right here tho bruh. I just think when he sings it sounds very homotional.

      • Escobar

        Get’s the up for keyword “homotional” – had me laughing for a hot second.

      • therealest1

        Drake is also a front running half Kike son of a bitch because he became a Raptors fan all of a sudden when they were in this year’s playoffs when he was never there when they sucked for several years since they joined NBA in 1995. His bandwagon dick riding Kike ass Jew jinxed them, that’s why they lost in the 1st round.

      • therealest1

        They lost in 7 games to Nets. Yes, a 1st round best of 7 which was concocted by a greedy ass Kike commissioner 10 years ago. Jews and money is like pigs and mud I tell you.

      • El Dogga

        LMAO!!! That’s the same thing I was thinking…….I can’t tell you which Drake album is which!

  2. IceBergSlim

    Yeah he is cool.. He is true to the hip hop culture he pulls from old school and adds his new school flavor and he is humble he doesn’t come from that generation I come from where your lyrics were based on true life experinces or the cats you came up wit. His experiences are from what he heard or knows from our culture as well as what’s going on with todays young generals.

  3. AngelaStathamnag

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  4. Obi Won

    This is what separates the regular pop radio artist from those that really want to make good music. Hopefully Kendrick keeps that mature mind frame, in addition to spitting heat.

  5. Ipullcards

    I’m telling U this is a good move. Let’s plant our feet where we are really from. We’re Kings use to roam freely until the Europeans disrupted our way of life and beliefs

  6. SleepyTheGreat

    All the backpackers gone get mad at me , but K.Dot jocked Drake with this move. Especially because now they got Stevie on both of their “Sophomore” albums.

  7. cricejr

    Honestly, I’m not sure if I could care less. I just like dope music and throwin Stevie Wonder on a hip-hop joint doesnt instantly make somethin dope. In fact I think the opposite but we’ll all see what happens.

    • Southcidal

      You think the opposite? About Stevie Wonder? Please go and fill your bath tub with water and put your head under that water and don’t come back up.

      • cricejr

        So to a simple minded person like you, you can take an awesome artist, throw him into hip-hop, and instantly the song is dope? You must think Herbie Hancocks “Rockit” is fantastic then right? That Eminem joint with Elton John bangs in your system huh? Too bad Ray Charles passed away, you coulda got that blazin hit with him and Danny Brown. FOH with that.

      • AlwaysBlossom

        You don’t know much about Stevie Wonder, do you? He ain’t foreign to hip-hop. In fact, I gather you probably don’t even know the roots of hip-hop anyway; ‘you just like dope music’.

        And to a simple minded person like you, it’s just the opposite. See how that works 🙂

      • cricejr

        Yep. You got me. I know nothing about hip hop music. Or Stevie Wonder. The internet does amazing things, like allow people to take incredible leaps of deduction by not comprehending reading.

      • atle fjeldstad

        I bang the song with snoop and stevie wonder all the time 😉

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