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Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Jay Z Be Recording With Beanie Sigel And State Property Again?

I heard another rumor, rooted in the rumor that Beanie Sigel is out of jail! I heard the Jay Z might be getting back in the studio to help Beanie get back in the mix. I don’t know how true this is, but this is what I am hearing. Now, this reunion of sorts may not just include Beanie, but I am hearing Freeway may be in this mix too. Honestly, I haven’t heard that any of the other members of State Property proper will be included in this. But, I think this is good new for Jay. He needs to get back with the people like myself that live on the hardcore side of life! Most of these rapper’s today aren’t big enough or don’t have the pedigree to hang with Jay. More on this in a few….

Its that time!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Stacie

    Good for Jay? NO, good for Beans. Coming at Jay split his fan base. I love Beanie but i thought it was wack how he went about things. Must of be the lean!

    • Ipullcards

      Nah must of been the boss who stole a company from his best friends and back stabbed them and scratched the roster except those he thought could sell for him

      • Stacie

        Stole? If I remember correctly it was Dame who said Jay offered him everything he just wanted the masters to Reasonable Doubt. Dame didn’t want to do that. I couldn’t understand how he allowed proud to cloud his business mind. He was bought out of everything. Although it didn’t stop him from acting like a baby. Taking hindges of the doors!

      • Stacie

        Beanie and state property said it was Dame(Mr. I’m not raping the industry) who stole their money. They said Dame had them spending their advances in the club.

      • Ipullcards

        what I use to read n those days he was more on the music side than a business side during reasonable doubt. That was suppose to be his last album. He didn’t have to separate from dame they could of cleaned house. But the fact that jay was plotting this years or months in advance is the shady part. Business is business, but he plotted to back dame in a position where he had to close and jay waited until his cache had risen high enough to cut the dead weight. That I don’t respect.

      • dee

        I agree 100% I been saying the same thing but people seem to look over how he did Dame. I dont want to hear it was Dame because you can look back at old tapes and see Dame would fight hard for Jay. Jay is shady and like I always said if he would do that to Dame and Biggs he would do that to me and whoever else. Idc what nobody say ill trust Dame before Jay just saying actions speak louder than words.

      • SBRon

        Nah, I tried to post this a few days ago & these weak bastards wouldn’t allow it!! Jay was courting Bey on a yacht in the Mediterranean & Dame was catchin’ feelings like, “Oh now Jay can’t hang with the fellas, chasin’ after that (fill in the blank)!!”
        So he started making moves he knew would cause friction in the camp…that’s how I see it because I had dudes turn on me for the same shit!!

      • KOOL KING K

        Beans was talkn bout how jay slick fucked over dame in that rockafella deal amongst other things. I seriously doubt they gon collab again

      • Ipullcards

        No last ten years all I heard from anyone from the roc was that jay stole it from dame. That’s just matter of opinion but dame can’t force another man to spend his moeny that doesn’t sit with me n my logical
        Mind. If u choose to pop bottles that’s on u

      • Casor_G

        Dame screwed himself. Nobody wanted to work with him because he was a clown so they started Xing his ass out. when they found out he had no real talent. “Ok then make another HOV”. dude was riding coattails

      • Ipullcards

        Listen bro for a while I thought like that cause I see him acting up being a gesture but he was a lot of times in those office meetings going against the grain and trying to fight for our culture. In that respect I think jayz uncle tommed rocafella. He went corporate

  • 225CampLife

    Good to hear. The song “What We Do” was my shit back in 2002

  • therealest1

    What in the assfuck? Must of doesn’t make sense after reading some of the posted comments. Proof that ghetto public school systems are fucked up and don’t teach right. It’s must have.

    As a chick said, Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and you’re shit.

    • Joshua

      Grammar is only part of it. You need logic as well. Just because your grammar is off does not mean you do not have good logic. Read between the lines. Also, it is not JUST what you say, but how you say it. Grammar DOES help, but it just HELPS.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I don’t think he owe Beans anything but it would be nice if he made sure he was good. I think Beans would do the same if roles were reversed. Loyalty!

    • Sadat

      Beans made millions. He chose to be out there still doing dumb shit. Label, Clothing Line, god know what other ventures. Spent that shit on lawyer fees. At what point do you detach yourself from the bullshit. The nigga was a businessman still getting caught up in street shit. Just found it hard to make the transition i guess. If him and Jay was on good terms it would’ve been nice if he made sure he was good but he was at Hov neck before he went in.

      • brotha_man

        true. they did give that brother alot, he f’d up. scarface said it best when he said beans could be the best rapper, but beans cant leave that street sh* alone

    • 5% Hov

      Look…. Beans would tell you if he wasn’t in his feelings.

  • O.W.E

    I know allhiphop isn’t talking about correct grammar, I have never seen a site with the most worst grammar… LOL, good info just horrible grammar… LOL

  • GP

    sheeesh if I was beans id smack jay in his mouth then record a song with em. I mean every man must watch his own money and if its tru dame dick them I’d smack dame do and I’d bet he dash.

  • Guest

    i guess…(just) for the sake of making music….

  • brotha_man

    freeway is my dude, if he get the right people to back him he would be nice. he needs to make records with jake one

    • RAMADAwhite

      he’s been making records with jake one. He’s all over jake one’s last project

    • ChiVa02

      He did. The Stimulus Project. Actually bought it. Dope record..

    • johnblacksad

      Free my ninja too! He can never leave my Top 10 list… stays spittin them bars!

      “My house is like the White House but it’s all black”
      Free! lol… jus on some very random ish

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Stop with the lies AHH, you being a Hypeman for the Jay. Be a f8ckin grown-up site and get an exclusive on with these mugs and confirm from there. This is a bullsh8t story. Never let ILLSEED report on anything Beanz ever. He can swing low on Jay’s nuts, but seriously- it’s slow news Monday. You’d do better reposting from Huff’s DAme response on the Elevator incident. The sh8t is funny.

  • LoverOfHipHop

    This would be dope if true

  • The Legendary Troll

    Jay too big for that. I HIGHLY DOUBT he goin waste time with these nobodies

    • dee

      nobodies? If you saying they a nobody then you are to.

    • 5% Hov

      WSHH reject

  • Clondyke Classic

    Jay did the right thing man no need to go bacc. I fucc with Beans heavy but he showed some hoe type tendencies when Jay decided to move on. Wasn’t even no need to do all that bullshit

    • 5% Hov


    • Qudus

      What are you on?

      “…when Jay decided to move on” my a$$.

      Beans didn’t say ish about Jay until Jay held him back from moving on. 50 had the deal on the table and Jay because of his ego – not wanting to lose an artist to 50 – didn’t release him from his contract, he instead offered him some cash which Beans turned down. And after that, Beans went for his jugular.

      Now you come on here putting the cart before the horse…twisting events, talking about “…when Jay decided to move on”

      • johnblacksad

        What are YOU on?

        “I can say sh!t that’ll make Beyonce look at you different”

        Listen my n!gga… I think it’s safe to say we all love Beans on the mic, hardcore, raw, grimy, street, real… whatever… that’s not the issue here.

        That sh!t he said about possibly snitching on Jay is definitely some hoe type tendency like it or not… If you love Beans for the code he is supposed to be representing, you know damn well this type of threats is forbidden by the same god damn code.

        If Jay didn’t move on, what the F do you call that then?

        C’mon… again : WE ALL LOVE BEANS, but some of his cards needs to be pulled too

      • Qudus

        Ha! Jay’s sidekick…lol

        My whole post boils down to a single point, Jay set Beans off, period.

        And in response to your quote: “I can say sh!t that’ll make Beyonce look at you different”

        I reply: All is fair in war and love

        Jay with his over-inflated ego started the whole shenanigans in the first place.

      • johnblacksad

        If that includes reneging on your own code of honor, then yes, maybe all is fair in war.

        I’m starting to see what the problem is here… he!

      • Qudus

        The problem was/is your boy.

        Whatever transpired between them did and if they get back together, good for them, if not, whatever, I don’t give a toss either way but I’d rather people state events as they transpired chronologically, simple.

        And quit with the ‘ni99a’ stuff, I know from reading these pages you are a Caucasian based in Europe and for the records, I’ll inform you that I’m a Black man, so DON’T EVER address me in that manner again.

        We can go back and forth with our opinions and whatnot but I won’t entertain the ‘ni99a’ stuff from you.

      • johnblacksad

        fcuk you then n!gga… I’m blacker than you if anything… born in africa, raised in africa, moms african, pops african, all four grand parents african, their parents and their parents’ parents african… I mean…

        You tho, I can’t guarantee ain’t no caucasian blood in yours… so miss me with it… N!GGA!

      • Qudus

        Hmm, a m0r0n that can’t form a single legitimate thought outside of gargling Jay Z’ balls turned internet hard man.

      • Clondyke Classic

        Nah Beans made the first hoe move. when the Dame and Jay split Beans stayed with Dame. The only person that went with Jay Z from the jump was Kanye. I understand why Beans didn’t make that move cuz he said he didn’t wanna choose sides so he just stayed neutral but by not choosing a side, he basically chose a side. So Jay decided to move on just like I said

      • Qudus

        So, not going with Jay was “the first hoe move”? How?

        Jay chose to be his own man and went solo but Beans doing his own thing is a hoe move while Jay’s was a power move?…that logic stinks of hypocrisy.

        If Jay had truly decided to move on just like you said, he would have cut his man loose completely, not tie him down with a contract, that’s how someone moves one, you cut all ties.

      • Clondyke Classic

        He didn’t just do his own thing off the top. What happened was him and the rest of SP stayed down with Dame that’s what I’m talking about

  • Executive

    That would be fuckin dope! It’ll maybe make jay step his weak ass bars back up.


    well beans had two different Bentley at one time!!! a part owner of a clothing line and and jay on both albums with the R.O.C…..and NEVER WENT PLATINUM…EVER!
    they beeeen show him love………

  • LOL at these rumors, seems like anyone can send an email to AHH and they’ll publish it.

    Oh yeah, I’ve heard that Suge Knight is now an R n B singer, would you care to publish that too?

  • Kevin Anthony

    If true, looking forward to hearing something new from the Whole state Prop! For those of you that don’t know me, I put on for the Culture. Im a fan of Hip Hop just like the rest of yall, not selling anything, not expecting anything. I’m an artist who does this for the love For real. “The Classics” is a mixtape where I pay homage to all the Dope Mc’s that came before me (Nas, Pac, B.I.G, Com, Apathy, X, Guru, Jay, The Wu, an more) I need “Yall” to spread the word if you believe in what I’m bringing to the table. I appreciate every last one of you, much love. Go to Soundcloud type in Kevin Anthony-21

    • 5% Hov

      well its not true so…

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  • EniggaMA

    doubt it. jay don’t move backwards.

    • 5% Hov


  • sakiru oresanwo

    This is a rumour section, why are a lot of people getting made at rumours in a rumour section?

    • Because its either just dream’t up by a docile AHH ” Journalist” or a bored folk just randomly sends in an email to take the piss out of the AHH team and they publish it.

      9 times out of 10 if AHH covers a story and no one else covers it, it usually BS.

      I must be addicted to this strange hip hop blog and might need to head to rehab.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    I hope so maybe Jay can go back into classic rocafella shape then

  • 5% Hov

    No. Is the answer.

    • Lou Velazquez

      ok jay good looking on the info foh niggaz swear they know evrything lmfao!

  • 5% Hov

    “We all made millions /
    Beans would tell ya if he wasn’t in his feelings” – Hov

  • Beans was that dude….listen to the song ‘die’ and he pretty much raps all the sht that can happen up in one song…can’t tell me that boi wasn’t raw. State prop I liked them boys too

    • Dante Rapper

      “I could catch a bad break like Big or PacI’d rather go out in the Masjid makin’ Salat”

      • johnblacksad

        “might get sparked, might not feel no pain…”

      • “Die caught fkn his bitch in his bed, die cuz a nigga THOUGHT I snitched to the feds”

  • baller187

    that the one nigga jay should help, help someone with all that cash

  • digitallife

    Jay helping beans lmao..more like Jay helping himself. After all the criticism the last few years about him being too boughie now he wants to work with street artists…we saw this dance once before.

  • Guest

    I heard motherfuckers saying they made Hov
    Made Hov say, “OK so, make another Hov”
    Niggaz wasn’t playing they day role
    So we parted ways like Ben and J-Lo
    I should’ve been did it but I been in a daze though
    I put friends over business end of the day though
    But when friends, business interests as they go
    Ain’t nothing left to say though
    I guess we forgot what we came fo’
    Should’ve stayed in food and beverage
    Too much flossing
    Too much Sam Rothstein
    I ain’t a bitch but I gotta divorce them
    Hov have to get the shallow shit up off him
    And I ain’t even want to be famous
    Niggaz is brainless to unnecessarily go through these changes
    And I ain’t even know how it came to this
    Except that fame is
    The worst drug known to man
    It’s stronger than, heroin
    When you could look in the mirror like, “There I am”
    And still not see, what you’ve become
    I know I’m guilty of it too but, not like them
    You lost one

    • Mike Caesar

      “But when friends, business interest is they “GLOW”” props for the verse tho

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    I don’t blame Hov one second for obviously being the smart one out the crew or surrounding himself with people who has bigger more positive things in mind.

    Look at the rest of them:
    Dame, a has been. Doing interviews with any B level website that’ll listen. Complaining about any and everyone he can think of. Shits mad corny actually. Stole one of his lines. lol
    K. Biggs, uumm well we know where he’s at. Wonder when he gets out.
    Camron – (Dipset) yea, ok. Nothing worth mentioning.
    Beans, yea, that’s why we’re here. He just touched down.
    Rest of State Property, nothing worth mentioning.
    Kanye – well he rolled with Jay. You see how well he’s done. Regardless of the choice in wifey. He’s def the second most successful artist to ever be on Roc-A Fella.
    Bleek, lol.. Bleek is actually more than one hit away now. lol..

    All I’m saying is so many people talk trash about how Jay did this and that but the facts are there. Look at all those he use to ride with. Look at what they made of themselves… That’s not Jay’s fault. Who wants to be around that shit. I don’t…

    • DollasTX

      nigga er’body came up with crews – michael jackson had the jackson5 but he was the SUPERATAR that stood out … what happened to ROC-A-FELLA is a part of life and business – i bet if CAM the niggah you said wasnt worth mentioning offered to rub his dick across your forehead you’d prolly let’em – FOH

      • bisolabliss

        Quote: “i bet if CAM the niggah you said wasnt worth mentioning offered to rub his dick across your forehead you’d prolly let’em”

        LMAO…the fvck…damn!

    • reg joe

      Some folks don’t think that they can do better, so they don’t. They stay stuck in that BS, and look for street cred, or any kind of love that they can get, since they didn’t get it at home. When you know better, you do better. That trying to be hard crap just gets you shot, in jail, or homeless. Folks need to look at other crap other than trying to be hard, and make something out of their lives. Prof O ….and yes, I’m a black male professor at a major university. It can be done.

  • It’s one thing to help somebody but sum dudes think u owe em or gon do everything for them….fk all that

  • SusieBartlettedo

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  • Guest

    hope so cuz the niggah needz a favor … but if he gotta rely on JAY-Z (i would wait on it)

    • FerragamoFelz


  • DollasTX

    we talking the same niggah that wouldnt buy m&m’s from a kid off the street who may very well one day become successful in his own right (hand to hand sales is hard as phuck, too many no’s and phuck no’s involved) doubt if the niggah willing to reach back and help the niggah BEANZ – hell he wouldnt even support him during trial resulting in missing a tour and possible finance to fund MORE COURT DATES LOL let alone his family – FOH with this rumor

  • foshow38

    Did this nigga Illseed really write “He needs to get back with the people like myself that live on the hardcore side of life!” Illseed hardcore LMAO…
    Beanies made some of his best music when he was under Rocafella. I hope they set aside the B.S and make some ill music together, Rap needs that!

  • Psyer

    If it is true, I’m not surprised…