[NEW MUSIC] G-Unit- "Grinding My Whole Life" (Remix)

Do not rub your eyes or look to see if this is a fan-made remix, G-Unit have reunited for their first song in three years on the remix to HS87’s “Grindin My Whole Life”.

G-Unit is scheduled to perform at  Mets CitiField Stadium next Saturday (June 14th) following the Mets-Padres game.

Check out G-Unit’s remix to “Grinding My Whole Life” below:

  • Word7

    lol Dope!

    • Doo Doo sandwich

      Lol is right it’s a damn joke

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    Hot shit! Real G Unit!

  • BigHomie337


  • Mo J

    Finally! Real Hiphop!

    • Doo Doo sandwich

      50 paying you? This shit garbage also real hip hop doesn’t exist it’s either not of your taste or is

    • Doo Doo sandwich

      How is this real hip hop they are saying the same thing chief keef says. Bucks first lines are literally one syllables saying he sells drugs and abuses women lolol

      • Unit

        Actual Gangsta Music. Non industry niggas… bitch

  • RAMADAwhite

    shit hard

  • hitman619

    Not a G-unit fan but I ot to admit this goes hard

  • pwid presents

    okkkkkkk cash money hot boyz if they can do this in the north whats happening in the south

    • Boomie Rogers

      Doogie gotta get out the pen first my nigga.

      • pwid presents

        respect respect we fux wit bg hard outcha

      • Boomie Rogers

        Already bruh. Me too. Been one of my favorites since Chopper City.

    • Whodi

      Man I wish I can see the hotboyz together again that’s shit gonna be epic but doogie got 11 more years to go. Maybe 2025

      • Turk had an interview last week said that B.G. Found a loop hole and may be getting out soon…i can def see a hot boyz reunion though…finacially it makes perfect sense.

      • Whodi

        When they let him out I’m believe it, turk just talking out his ass.

      • Hey we all said the same thing about Boosie lol…aint nothin like a jail house lawyer, they have nothing but time to find those loop holes.

  • Kevin Anthony

    For those of you that don’t know me, I put on for the Culture. Im a fan of Hip Hop just like the rest of yall, not selling anything, not expecting anything. I’m an artist who does this for the love For real. “The Classics” is a mixtape where I pay homage to all the Dope Mc’s that came before me (Nas, Pac, B.I.G, Com, Apathy, X, Guru, Jay, The Wu, an more) I need “Yall” to spread the word if you believe in what I’m bringing to the table. I appreciate every last one of you, much love. Go to Soundcloud type in Kevin Anthony-21

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  • Ipullcards

    But this track fits with the times. Isn’t that what every one said about gunit? They were outdated and nyc fell off.. Smh they ain’t all the way back but after summer jam yest think we reminded everyone how exciting it is to have nyc in the game

  • Doo Doo sandwich

    WACK…but tbh they were wack together anyway. Tde,slaughterhouse and ymcmb all better this is garbage

    • Boomie Rogers

      YMCMB? c’mon bruh give em mo credit than that

    • dee

      and this information is coming from “Doo Doo sandwich” mouth full of Bullsh!t

      • Boomie Rogers

        lol that explains it all

  • $30071418

    This shit hard period

  • PorchBoySlim

    This shit is HARD! G-unit is back!! lol

  • ForzaJuve5

    they couldn’t find a better place to take reunited photo than a bathroom

  • ForzaJuve5

    Buck was the most talented outta G-Unit anyways

    • 5% Hov

      Nah 50 still got it.

      He proves he can write a song

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  • Boomie Rogers

    damn, even yayo was dope

  • Montezuma1

    They look so happy to be together.

  • Sadat

    50 a smart dude. Right before the album drops he pulls this shit. Wouldn’t be surprised if Game was on the album. I respect his genius.

    • therealwayno

      The rest of them better be doing their best to capitalize off of this situation just like Fif.

      • Sadat

        They better. Especially Buck.

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  • king

    50 a lame

  • slumlord_vinny

    its hot, don’t trip

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  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    The hook is annoying and Kidd Kidd doesn’t fit in. But Buck has got to come out with some new shit.

  • Keyboard came with Extra Keys

    For some reason Buck’s voice sounds right when he with the Unit

  • Killuminati

    im pumped for this….g g g g g G UNIT!!!!!!

  • Tall Shon or T.S

    i love this.. say what you want about Kid kid he does fit wit them.. The lil homie work like crazy..

  • This shit Dope!!!

  • Arnold Sapp

    New York STAND THE FUXK UP!!!