Chuck D Says Hot 97 Made A "Sloppy Fiasco" Of Hip Hop; Ebro Darden Responds

(AllHipHop News) The annual Summer Jam concert is the biggest event of the year for New York City radio station Hot 97. While many were celebrating the showcase of rap stars on Sunday, one Hip Hop legend was criticizing the station for its negative affect on the culture in his opinion.

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Public Enemy’s Chuck D sent out a tweet on June 2nd stating that Hot 97 has a made a “sloppy fiasco” of Hip Hop culture. The post including the hashtag #culturalCrime.

Chuck D criticized the station as a whole, but he went on to defend on-air personality DJ Funkmaster Flex. He also addressed The Morning Show host Peter Rosenberg’s role at Hot 97 and got into an exchange with the channel’s former program director and This Is Hot 97 reality show star Ebro Darden. 


Chuck D is not the first Hip Hop artist to criticize Hot 97 and Ebro Darden. Last year fellow New York emcee Buckshot called Darden an “Uncle Tom” and claimed he “f**ked up” NYC Hip Hop.

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  • YaheardSyndicate

    Sometimes when an O.G Talks you shut up. If Chuck D disses you that hard, its time not to respond, but take a look in the Hip Hop mirror, and re evaluate your life!

    • Terrance

      When I read this, the first thing that came to my mind was the phrase…
      “Hustle Simmons”

      Real talk tho.

      Not only did they make Revolutionary Music at the height of their careers, these guys are Well Informed Brothers that actually have been involved in the constant Progression of People of Color. They also SHARED that information with the general public in which helped enable many folks to become more AWARE.

      That takes guts because we ALL KNOW who and what you are going up against when speaking out politically on the type of platform they had.


      • The thing is…”these guys are Well Informed Brothers that actually have been involved in the constant Progression of People of Color. ” before they started rapping & continue to do so.

  • Deanna93

    Yeah sure, let’s blame anybody else, and let’s get carried away typing ish like “sloppy fiasco” and “cultural crime”. Let’s not blame anybody else BUT the radio station and certain staff. LMAO
    But I guess if Chuck D’s “businesses” were promoted by that station he wouldn’t have a problem, right?

    • 5% Hov


    • DPeart

      Isn’t the fact that they don’t promote Chuck D’s, or any other Hip Hip community based businesses not of a stereotypical bent, the problem? Under what premise do you hope to disregard the points raised, and then turn around the implications of those points on the people bringing that reality to light? If Hot 97 is not to held to account for their role in the cultural degradation of Hip Hop, then on whom would you suggest we pin those labels Chuck D has chosen to attribute to them in his critique? Was his anecdote not sufficient enough an example of the sort of corporate sanctioned mindset he finds objectionable, or is this just another attempt to demand that those targeted for what Chuck calls this “cultural crime” take sole responsibility?

      • Ebonic Translation =
        Chuck D asked “Who The Fugg Want WHAT?” then smashed Ebro when he responded.

  • Obi Won

    I’m learning it has to be balance, we wouldn’t appreciate PE or real hip hop if it wasn’t for the coon or foolish rap. Everyone has different agendas, some want to take over the rap game and do what ever it takes, and they have the sell out DJ to match.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      well maybe some need it .. but i dont need to hear coon ish to appreciate what artist like PE do … ijs

      • Yeah you do!

        Yin & Yang!
        If you have thorough people in your crew….you have to have poo putts / poop butts to compare them too.

        Ninja A does some coon @$$ ‘chet, ninja B keeps it 100!

        That’s the balance.

    • t1m3b0mb

      Calling people dumb n foolish is one thing but to use the term coon to label someone is far more ignorant, you can’t claim what real is when you say shit like that

      • Obi Won

        Maybe your confusing what I’m saying. For every North its a south, and its no east without a west. Point being, for every real dude that puts in work, works hard and grinds with a purpose, there’s a coon willing the shuck and jive to get to the top

  • 5% Hov

    I hate Ebro and those wack staff at HOT97 I tend to agree with anyone going against them.

    I’m with Chuck – F*ck these culture vultures

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      regardless what you say about ebro @least he aint hiding … i can respect that …

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  • GP

    chuck da man! but a sloppy fiasco is having flavor flav rock that grandfather clock with them rusted gold fronts. now that’s a sloppy fiasco! yeahhhhh booooyyyyyyyyy!

    • Ryan Cole

      Flav was intentionally the comic relief for Chuck’s serious tone. He’s stated that a million times. Flav is the hypeman.

      • GP

        I know that but he couldn’t have found a better hypeman.

      • Ryan Cole

        Flav is the best hypeman ever. His image didn’t really become a problem until he took it mainstream. By himself, he looks like a buffoon, and Hollywood loves shit like that.

      • GP

        lol cant lie he is the best hypeman, dude shakes like he cold or something, but I just finish watching that I cant do nothing for ya man. flav had the best dance moves in the world in that devil outfit.

      • Watch him in

        “Can’t Truss It”

        & you will see why the MAN perverted his image.



        Black steel In The Hour Of Chaos


      • Flavor Flav was PE’s sparkplug that kept them firing on all cylinders…..BooyYYEEEEEEE!

      • Surfbort?

        LMBAO. Real-Real Talk: Flav is the G.O.A.T. of Reality Television. The Kardashians, Real Housewives of Atlanta and I Love Hip Hop franchise owe a lot to Flava of Love. I give Flav credit for being a Ratchet Reality TV pioneer.

  • GP

    ebro going get his mic snatched next!


    Chuck D!! Ebro couldn’t say nothing disrespectful + he tried to get smart & Chuck splashed cold-water on his face! Nice!

    • Yeah, I just said that, Ebro was better off just taking his lumps quietly!

  • GP

    ebro going get fired and call funk flex. flex going tell him I cant do nothing for ya man

  • IceBergSlim

    OG..True HipHop

  • jubileeshine

    Ras Baraka, Mayor of Newark goes toe to toe with Ebro

    Published on May 29, 2014

    Ras Baraka sits with Ebro and talks about winning the election and the current state of Newark.


    • That’s what’s up!

      If Ras Baraka ever runs out of clean underwear, it’s comforting to know that he can always rest his sweaty balls on your chin!


  • atlantahiphopshop

    I wonder if this changes anything anymore. People have become so forgiving of fakeness, they will disregard Chuck D’s truths. Fake is the new Real. Corny is the new Hot. When you say you don’t like something, there is a group of bandwagoners, going against the grain, right there to call you a hater and hype the crap even more. They dismiss anything in the form of “constructive criticism” as “butt-hurt” or “hater,” because it’s not lucrative. It’s artsy, and artsy doesn’t pay out as wide and well. Greed and Racial Bias killed Hip Hop. Look around, What happened to “White Mike”? He’s Macklemore and does not need your image anymore.

    • Ryan Cole

      100% accurate. The art aspect of rap is gone from the mainstream. Nobody is pushing boundaries, and the most average rappers are pushed to elite status by default. As a people of the culture, we need to take hip hop back. Kick out the pop and blatant crossover acts.

      • Zookee

        Hip Hop cannot be bought or sold. Rap music has been appropriated by the masses. It’s no longer a niche OTHER type music.
        It is the main stream it is the lowest common denominator.
        Rap artists don’t consider their base when they cut a new track they only consider the lowest common denominator.
        The money rules the art and the art dies. Only those concerned with celebrity and low minded thinking get a kick out of it, the rest of us just watch from a distance wishing for the old days back.
        There is good Hip Hop out there. Corporates just don’t see any money in it so like back in the day you “the Hip Hop fan” will have to go seek it out in the further-est corners in the nicheiest of places.
        Where the cool kids hang out, because it isn’t around these corporate parts.
        This is the shiny flat square music by number side of rap.
        Rap for the soccer moms rap.
        This is rap for the pretend hipster rap.
        The keyboard edgy guys rap.
        The urbane non threatening disassociated violence rap.
        The rollercoaster mintrel show rap
        This is rap for the 21st century gentrified cloak and dagger crowd
        This is the gutter rap with a cleaned up image rap to make the sub-urbanites feel real rap.
        This rap is coke and pepsi rap. Snickers and mars bar rap.
        This ain’t meat and potatoes rap. That’s for the workers and stragglers and we don’t wanna be those people we wanna pretend we’re gangstas, movers and shakers.
        This is Bill Gates nut sack riding rap.
        If you came here looking for rap that feeds your soul , Hip Hop that bolsters your culture, you’re in the wrong place. The only place you’re gonna find that kind of Hip Hop is within yourself, and if you can’t find it there then you never had it and the corporate coke brick slanging E popping syrup slurping tattoo splurging tight jeans contrained rap is what you need.

      • ^’s this.

      • Thomas Dease


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  • Ebro took an L trying to go at Chuck!

    He would have been better off just taking his lumps quietly!

  • Freezamon

    got into an exchange with the channel’s former program director and This Is Hot 97 reality show star Ebro Darden. Did I miss something?…Did he get demoted?

  • Insite The-Formula

    if your going to mention buckshot at the end of this article.. then you should have mentioned that buckshut and Ebro came to an understanding and got on the same page

  • danboy1386

    If Buckshot and Chuck D pull your card you know you f’d up right?…

    • Black Adam


  • jboog

    Hot 97 is corporate music ,has nothing to do with hip hop or authentic hip hop, they are a disgrace funkflex incuded , how do these people have a job is beyond me….

    • Thomas Dease


  • Black Adam

    25 years later and STILL fighting the “powers that be.” Ebro get the f out of New York man. You’re helping kill my city.

    • Thomas Dease


  • KP Kev the Poet

    I just started a new Twitter campaign to get a weekly conscious Hip-Hop and a weekly independent show on Hot 97. Please go to twitter @kevthepoet and retweet the post “We Hip-Hop request both a conscious Hip-Hop show AND an independent Hip-Hop show on Hot 97” and add #hiphoplives #culturalCrime #Thot97 (or just copy-paste this, feel free to tag Ebro and Rosenberg.)

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    #hiphoplives #culturalCrime #Thot97 I just started a twitter campaign to petition for an independent Hip-Hop show and a conscious Hip-Hop show on Hot 97. We Hip-Hop request both a conscious Hip-Hop show AND an independent Hip-Hop show on Hot 97 @LupeFiasco @MrChuckD @Rosenbergradio @oldmanebro”

  • when hiphop was hot in newyork it was so many kinds of music out there that when N>W>A came out we was like we don’t need that and we didn’t at the time and all it did was push a negative image of our people but now what they was talking is lite shit and all the hiphop music is being disrespectful to our people and you can’t get a song in or on the playlist that is positive and hot 97 and newyork staions are responsible for this trend so yes chuck is right but this is the real problem in newyork hiphop that ALL THESE NEWYORK COMPANIES NEVER HAVE A BLACK PERSON RUNNING THE COMPANY BUT THEY WANNA MAKE MONEY OFF OF BLACK SWEAT THATS THE REAL PROBLEM FACTS- THATS WHY PEOPLE WAS BEHIND PUFF,JAY AND 50 LIKE THAT IT WAS SO CALLED BLACK OWNED until we have a stain like that this WILL CONTINUE (FACTS)

    • Thomas Dease


  • Thomas Dease

    it’s as simple as stop supporting negative rap and star endorsing positive hiphop!!!
    this was a culture that mainstream once frowned upon and until run dmc broke barriers(sold out) it became mainstream Russell Simmons then sold the vehicle to the beast that pledged to destroy what africa bambaata, cool herc, melle me,l black and hispanic culture will never see the beast sell Mtv /vh1/ Disney/ABC/NBC because these outlets keeps their race and philosophies alive,but were(blacks) are quick to sell out people out for to so call advance, but in the end who wins??

  • bigdo

    Chuck D kickin the truth again… Hot 97 and Power 105 are basically as ignorant as VH1 and BET when it comes to their programming these days… only idiots listen to that bullshit ….

    Got these children thinkin that people like Charlemagne are smart and that Envy is a real DJ… It’s all been reduced, basically to gossip talk radio… the emphasis isn’t on the music, it’s on the bullshit that these idiot fuckos are fascinated by, i.e. ignorant shit…

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