EXCLUSIVE: Danielle Fishel Talks Censorship of "Boiling Pot", Racism + More (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Disclaimer: This is NOT Topanga Lawrence. This is Danielle Fishel and last night (June 2nd) AllHipHop had an EXCLUSIVE interview with her at the screening of Boiling Pot. Fishel holds no punches when addressing censorship that Boiling Pot has received, current race relations and how she got involved in starring in the independent film.

The film deals with college students who handle recent racist events on the campus and features graphic depictions of actual lynchings. Writer/actor/producer Ibrahim Ashmawey stated during the Q & A session at the Boiling Pot screening at Mist Cinemas in Harlem, NY that the lynchings were one of the scenes asked to be censored by festivals. Fishel explains how any censorship of Boiling Pot would erode the very practical impact the film is designed to have:

Whether it’s through a festival or it’s through an individual, everybody’s like ‘Can we tone down the controversy? Can we tone down the realness?’ That now just defeats the purpose. Then what do we get? We get another watered down movie about racism that doesn’t make any change? That when you walk away you end up being like ‘I think I feel good about that. We’ve come a long way. No, we haven’t really. We haven’t gone anywhere.

According to Fishel, the film took only 20 days to shoot. Fishel plays  Valerie Davis in the film.

Keep updated on future screenings and news about The Boiling Pot at their official website, Facebook and follow their Twitter account @BoilingPotMovie.

Check out the FIRST PART of our EXCLUSIVE interview with Danielle Fishel:

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    just read the plot on idmb and BOY do i got ALOT to say!!!… the quote on the promotional cover SAYS IT ALL… “EVERYONE IS RACIST”…. i know i haven’t seen the movie but that quote spoke VOLUMES to me…why? because 2 to 1 they are going to try and do the typical comparative of NAME CALLING to SYSTEMATIC WHITE SUPREMACY (which happens to be the ONLY form of INSTITUTIONALIZED racism in this country) i predict the plot will have stereotypes OUT THE ASS and a masked intention or agenda to promote the continuing GARBAGE white supremacy spews… if i were you guys id learn as much history as possible…because when this film is shown the shock factor with the actual lynchings WILL NOT give you any closure AT ALL on the subject of racism… i wouldn’t be surprised if they managed to sneak in negative subliminal messages about black people in this film….now don’t get me wrong i love me some topanga too but this shit here? all it will do is somehow ENFORCE the stigma of american culture/society known as racism…..


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