Meek Mill Beefs With His Own Artist Louie V Gutta Over Slowbucks Chain Snatching

(AllHipHop News) It may be beef season again. First there was the chain snatching incident at Summer Jam involving 50 Cent and Slowbucks, and then MMG’s Meek Mill got into an exchange online with his own Dreamchasers artist Louie V Gutta.

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The back-and-forth between the two began after Gutta sent out a tweet that was apparently responding to the Slowbucks/50 Cent situation. Gutta posted a comment about “karma,” and Meek attempted to check his protégé.

Gutta then went on a day-long Twitter rant taking repeated shots at Meek including claiming he is his ghostwriter and threatening to attack him in the future.


Meek also sent out a few tweets addressing the Summer Jam snatching and Gutta’s attacks. Meek later deleted some of the tweets including one where he stated he was not going to call Gutta to speak about it.

Meek Mill tweet


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The situation then moved over to Instagram where Gutta posted a picture of Meek made up as a woman. He used another post to dispel any rumors he was a “rat” or “snitch.”


If I was a rat I would of killt myself! U know ain’t nobody tell! @meekmill u jealous b***h You just was in the interviews sayin s**t cool last week u d**k ridin! u gone take up for a n***a from NYC but when this s**t happen 2 ya own n***a u distance yaself how real is dat? u diss ya homies all day ain’t puttin nobody on u jealous over b***hes and jealous cuz I’m better than u u ass forreal…tryna hold a n***a back that’s nut s**t! I ain’t cyssero or nun dem other rappers I’m outchea forreal I just seen u! U wouldn’t dare call me a rat to my face cuz I’ll break yours b***h u must be high!

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  • Dointer

    That new Styles P album is pretty dope.

    • Was there ever any doubt?

    • Doo Doo sandwich

      For someone from ny but in reality it’s trash

      • johnblacksad

        I was gonna ask but I’m thinking I don’t even care to know who you’re listening to.

        If you don’t fcuk with S.P., you probably listen to that bullsh!t

      • Trinidad james, soulja boy, that weird nigga based god, fabo from d4l…..lmao just a few artist in heavy rotation round his way….

      • I ain’t never heard the ghost come soft and I ain’t from NY? Holiday dat nigga in the boof….lmao

  • Kids these days. lol

  • 1hiphophiphop

    Whoever Slowbucks is just became a star off of getting his chain snatched lol

    • That’s how this generation is…back in the G your career would be finito

      • The_Good_Life

        Slowbucks is hood security for artist. Meek is their latest high profile client . Getting his chain snatch just killed his grind.

      • Oh ok I never heard of dude nem til this video. Damn so if they hood security where was his backup? Prolly hauling azz like 2 chainz crew…

    • IceBergSlim

      Right ..Never heard of this Joker

    • Myleage

      slow and bucks do clothing and security

      • foshow38

        That’s the funny shit “security” where was his???

    • meek be losing alot…and l.v wont thats y meek got shushh

  • dehova

    He’s a bitch and all that now but when you were going at Tone Trump he was none of the above right? Man, I love Nubian people but there’s another N word I can’t stand

  • bigdoe6

    Blame that groupie Slowbucks. He out here playing checkers while 50 playing chess. Slowbucks be on that groupie ish. Aside from that Meek is soft. Homie will never fight nobody.

  • Reblogged this on HUEY mix wit RILEY.

  • $21384666

    I saw meeks preformance , just sum whiney lil fuk runnin around. Meeks awful

  • $18916246

    Meek is a young energetic successful HIP-HOP artist who is going to see to in-house jealousy ….simply put this is the cost of success. Meek will need to clear up the ghost writing talk tho…that there can really hurt your credibility as a true mc. If your not writing your own music as a HIP-HOP artist then your simply a label made pop act. Anybody claiming to have written music for a known successful artist needs to be truthful and specific or be quiet…ain’t no need in shooting blanks. All that noise will get you attention but you ain’t hittin shit. You wrote it ghosty? We need titles, verses, and why did you do it. Know the difference too. Just because you are in studio giving encouragement and helping an mc sort through verse to meet a production deadline doesn’t make you a writer.Though you can claim production credit. But know to do just that, state your claim and get your money. Don’t be a crab talking side ways about spectating the mixtape and album process and now you wanna trade in pom poms for pen credit.

    • Doo Doo sandwich

      Lol you’re delusional as hell.

      • Ipullcards

        Super delusional. Me and my homies say the same thing about meek he got flow, but he fake! Did fake sh1t to casa now that he on he tries to high side on ppl but he’s not helping the culture of rap in Philly! Ain’t really putting anyone on. His man former producer asked for 5stacks cause he had a baby on the way and wasn’t all the way straight n meek put him on blast! That’s ya man! Help get u on! Smh

      • JerZeBoy

        Amen to that!

      • I feel what u saying but he did try and put on tha young boy who got murked

      • $18916246

        Men don’t steal, yeah most don’t borrow….words from a HIP-HOP legend Rickey Walters AKA SLICK RICK! You on the pay roll? Then why would I “HAVE TO GIVE” anyone cash. Black men need spines, back bones. I’d be ashamed to have to borrow money from anyone. But we all fall short sometime, so in a time of need I’d humble myself and pray GOD obliges my prayers. I’d be satisfied though with what ever I could get from a friend and understand if a friend told me no. A man stands on his own.

      • Ipullcards

        Pride comes before the fall! Ever heard of a humble bum? No! So of your down on hard luck and you’re suppose to have residual Income from a deal that helped a friend get rich, and that friend is a rapper than u might wanna ask nice. Bottom line he deserved more than 5 grand! Know the situation and do your homework before you start speaking down to black ppl!

      • $18916246

        I’m not speaking down bruh…we just appear to be crabs in barrel for more often than we need to be.

      • Ipullcards

        I understand your plight and what you mean but this isn’t a crab n a barrel situation. This is actually an opprotunity to help someone that helped you get where you’re at. It’s more of a am I my brothers keeper thing. This man helped you get recognized which lead to millions for meek. Not only that he changed his number on the man and the man had to resort to Instagram. Like being selfish and not reaching back to help those who helped you is crabs in a barrel. So yea meek is that crab kicking philly dudes down cause he wants to be the king and the only one shinning in philly

  • brollya

    so i guess this was staged too

  • baller187

    kinda sounds like meek scared of this nigga

    • IceBergSlim

      lol.. You know this bamma must be real in the field with his


      he is

    • D. Rose in the paint

      Meek has somethin to lose…..this Louis V nigga dont…its a difference

      • Mar

        If meek not gon follow through with his threats as “the voice of the streets” then Wtf he wrapping bout it for.. That separates him from category of the real street nigggas in the game.. Followin through with the life u claim n consistently rap about without change is what elevates most these nigggas tht can’t rap for shit tht why Chicago drill scene so hot.. No reason his camp shouldn’t at least approach n correct niggas …Arab and Louie v both told id meek was never really bout tht ish

  • Brindle

    they didn’t have to put that boy’s picture up there like that



      • Brindle

        Real niggaz? Jack azz, this a website. Ain’t no real niggaz maken pic decisions.


        you must be cracker

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  • So now cats on here don’t like meek? I seem to recall everybody and they momma playing that dream chasers when it came out…Every car wit bang had that sht blasting. How can u hate a dirty kid wheelie’n a dirtbike who goes on to be a success? How?

    • ll3acdafukup

      Not me bruh nothing against the homie, but I was never a fan I thought Cassidy won the battle also.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        he may have won the so called battle but where he at???

    • Papi Peligro

      Man I don’t remember that ever.

  • Weedras

    That Louie V dude seems like a straight up dunce…. smh…

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  • Dreday410

    LOL…G-Unit comes back for 48 hours and already nigga’s getting robbed on stage…other rap groups are beefing within there own camp…Maybe it is best that they don’t add Game to the Unit shit will REALLY be hot in Rap this summer.

    • smale45

      bro. Add Game to G-Unit now and you have a nuclear bomb ready to go off at any minute. Maybe Fifty and Game should try out a long distance relationship ? 😀 Game just emails his verses to Fif and he caries it from there ?

    • Jdilla2982 .

      Is Game on Cash Money ????….If so both sides would be raping the shit out of Game wont see no royalty checks




      thats album garbage who lied 2 u








        you right officers ricky

      • yung Viking

        yall pussies been tight since the roc broke up, NY aint been the same since. Only person moving anything up there is French and had to surround his self with southern niggas to do so. Everybody else str8 washed. That go for them new niggas to trav, troy ave, etc………


    y’all niggaz need to get rid of 50 asap I’m sick of this rat





  • Automatik

    Lol how is meek telling 50 that he wasn’t supposed to let slow get robbed when slowbuck are friends with trav, and trav is beefin with 50, then slowbuck and trav are taking pictures with 50’s son.

  • Meek 2010 had the potential of a grenade with the pin pulled out but since he has been mmg’d his most of his shit is hot ass juice.

    It’s time to Change the way your lady looks at you in the bedroom don’t walk but run over to http://www.BapsStore(.)com grab yourself a box of african superman…You’ll thank me later

  • YEAH so meek be saying shit about his milky cow…he goonnna lose alot trust me

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  • Mar

    This the second dude with official street credibility from philly tht sayin meek wasn’t putting in no work in the streets .. Not sayin he wasn’t in streets but for a nigga who claim to ce so official and 100 he do lotta rapping bout shit he never done.. Instead rappin from sight. He playin a watered down tupac…explains the social media rants and contradictions.. And bein a groupie instead of a man for his girl… Def gettin a new view of him n since his character been tested few times