T.I. Says He Is Done Talking About His Altercation With Floyd Mayweather (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Snitches get stitches. In the “hood” you are taught to not divulge anyone’s culpability in a crime even if you were the one the crime was committed upon. According to T.I., he is seemingly abiding by those rules and refusing to speak on the Floyd Mayweather fight during Memorial Day weekend.

T.I.’s only response to the news of his physical altercation with Mayweahter at Fatburger in  Las Vegas was an Instagram video refuting the claims that he sustained two black eyes as a result of the scuffle. During an interview with TMZ, T.I. claiming to not have any knowledge of the fight. However, he does explain why he has not made any statements on the incident:

Whatever did happen — if anything did happen — he may be used to talking after his fights. Where I’m from, we don’t talk after ours. Ain’t nothin’ else to say.

Check out the full interview below:

  • Gonja

    Done talking about? Nigga you never addressed it!

  • T.I is a fraud, he acts like the biggest thug, and when he gets threatened with jail time then he gets all soft and pink….This man been in and out of drama so many times, one day he will get locked up for good.

    • Jared

      You must know who he snitched on then. I’m still trying to figure that out lol

      • Don’t even begin to act like you ain’t see that crime stoppers PSA nigga….that’s like condoning snitching on the whole universe…stop believing in these rappers man

      • Jared

        Lol I don’t believe shit but I need some proof before I throw those allegations out. I can’t base it off a commercial lmao

      • What u mean bruh he on that bith talking bout it out his own mouth, what more u need CSI? Lmao

      • Rolando Mota

        he probably think Rick Ross is the actual Rick Ross

      • Y’all slay me…Too funny

      • Oh he ain’t the real freeway rick?….he sure doing a good routine jacking that man sht…Rick coulda least paid the man for using his likeness lmao

      • Rolando Mota

        he snitched on someone involved with those guns he was trying to buy……..for protection when he got his homie killed for always starting shit.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    fake emcees they always act hard but wont walk the street without their bodyguard- Gangstarr

    • bigdoe6

      That was from Hard to Earn right?

    • That sht still resonates and applies today….Our generation IS/was dope

  • Montezuma1

    Good TI because none of us want to hear about it. Maybe Tiny does.

  • brotha_man


  • Killuminati

    comin from the guy who snitched to get a year in jail…smh

    • Casor_G

      Who did he snitch on?

      • Everybody u clowns, he condones snitching as evidenced by the crime stoppers commercial, i understand u gotta do whatever u gotta do but them crakkkaz had that nigga on his knees begging 4 the pardon. His 1st album was a classic and yea he can definitely rap but man he killt me with that sht. Yall can continue to idolize but just know, you and me would be doing fed time…he might have not actually snitched on somebody but he definitely made it known that it’s ok….hell he did a PSA about it, that’s fact. Same sht with a different variable. …The cd when he was facing time too just reeked of begging, i was done after that.

      • Killuminati

        i agree….that commercial was prob a condition of his plea deal…or parole

      • Rolando Mota

        well…….no shit.

      • Killuminati

        take ur sarcasm somewhere else….

    • Jared

      Yeah I’m trying figure who he snitched on too.

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  • SOHO

    Meanwhile Mayweather’s at home like

    • Laughing heartily den a mufkA

    • k.newell

      leave her for sure

  • djdyg

    t.i. suffers from short man syndrome

  • Guest

    Someone make sense of that first sentence for me. Worst grammar ever!

  • Guest

    Someone make sense of that second sentence for me. Worst grammar ever!

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  • Johnny Caruso

    TI didn’t snitch.He had guns in his possesion.he was going to do a yr max anyway for that.Its not like he was about to do 5 so he had no reason to snich.Stupid niggas be thinking he switched to get out of 5 yrs that fool wasn’t facing that much time.Dude had elle gal automatic guns in his possesion that’s it.And yall acting like he switched to get off a murder charge.Dude didn’t snitch he did the time they gave him for that and that was that.

  • David Gonz


  • i’mreloaded!

    I love Tip’s music and think he’s super talented but dat tough guy $hit he always on is old. Shoulda just left dat broad. Dough befo’ hos. Gon fucc around and get into something u can’t get out of. Grow up and show some class brotha.

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  • GP

    this is funny ti worth about what a few millions. money worth about 200 mill. I see y this dude shut up with 200 mill money can do a lot of things!

  • k.newell

    T.I. is not a snitch nor hot yall is just a bunch of haters!!!!

  • k.newell

    50 needs to go head with what ever his name is mayweather tip T.I. is not tripping off of tiny fo real

  • k.newell

    like T.I. said karate dress high heels sound good blackberry R.I.P. cashing out Keisha 4 of july RFK yeah fo sure

  • k.newell

    like when people say T.I. is hot I get offensive like a P.G. Plaza when that nigga said that I was heated I went on the nigga if he would of jumped boyeee that’s real love T.I. karate dress high heels lol