50 Cent's 1st Week Sales Predictions For "Animal Ambition" Are In

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent’s return to releasing albums has been preceded by months of regular headlines. He left Interscope Records, dropped songs/videos on a weekly basis, took a few shots at fellow Hip Hop moguls Jay Z, Diddy, and Steve Stoute, threw one of the worst first pitches in MLB history, and publicly sparred then reunited with his original G-Unit crew.

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All of these actions kept 50’s name in the press, but according to first week sales predictions from Hits Daily Double, the Queens native may not have translated that into huge number of albums sold. The site is reporting 50’s 5th LP Animal Ambition will open with 30,000 – 35,000 units sold.

This would be the lowest first week numbers in 50’s career. His previous LP, 2009’s Before I Self Destruct, pushed 160,000 copies its initial week. The highest opening week numbers for the “Smoke” rapper have been 1.14 million copies with The Massacre almost ten years ago.

Animal Ambition is 50 Cent’s first studio album since parting with Interscope and becoming an independent artist. The 30-35K range is similar to the numbers fellow indie artist Tech N9ne reached the first week with his Strangeulation album earlier this year. That project opened with 36,000 copies sold.

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  • i’mreloaded!

    He’s putting out an album independently without a huge single. I think he expected those numbers because he’s been off da music scene. Still, 35,000 independent is lucrative and nothing to sneeze at. He’ll make some coin. I fux wit dat “Flip On U” joint pretty heavy though.

    • Dreday410

      It sound like Interscope black balling him
      Ashanti released an album independent on a Tuesday her numbers took a week to come in and she sold 75,000 Tech 9 the same thing and he did 36,000 after a week so HOW DID they come up with 50 numbers in a 38 Hour span at 35,000

      • i’mreloaded!

        Yeah bruh, I see where u comin from. Makes sense to me.

  • Sweet Pea

    Sales match the quality of his music… 50 just ain’t relevant anymore. Stick to being a businessman you’re good at it and will make a lot more money. Maybe see if Floyd will get that SMS Promotions thing going again now he left Golden Boy lol

    • Dreday410

      The album came out Tuesday today is Wednesday
      So how the hell do you have the weekly sales already

      • Sweet Pea

        Responding to this story my man. I will come on and apologize to 50 and his whole family for jumping the gun if these projections turn out to be massively wrong. FYI tho; they won’t. He’s headed for a flop here – by his standards.


        Did you read the story?!?! It’s called Sales Projection’s this happens for every artists. They never said these are the official #’s.

  • Dreday410

    IF the album came out less then 24 hours ago how the hell do you already have the WEEKLY projections for sales when its only been 48 hours ?

    Sound like interscope has an influence somewhere ….

    How can an album that was given to the public for FREE online really do big numbers.
    I mean before the songs came out the Videos where already on youtube

    • Dope

      These kinds of projections are always released, for every major artist, even days before their album drops. It’s an estimate, based on popularity, market, other releases etc.. that doesn’t depend on the number of actual sales, though Billboard’s projection’s usually end up being pretty accurate. Not sure about this Hits Daily Double.

      • Dreday410

        Pharrell was said to do 80,000 but his numbers came back to be 130,000 after a week of sales
        Same with Ashanti who was said to do 35,000 but came back with 75,000
        If you off that much your projection is not really a projection its just some shit that they came up with…lol

      • Dope

        Dude, stop being a Stan and acting like a butthurt bit*h, answering every comment that doesn’t praise 50 (which is every single comment on this article). Unless you’re 50 Cent himself, you have no reason to make excuses for him.

        I like his music, most of the songs on Animal Ambition are nice, but we all know he will probably flop. I expected about 100K, these projections say 30K.. we’ll see. But whatever happens, who cares. I’m not getting paid for every album he sells, neither do you so chill, live your own life instead of acting like a 50 Cent groupie here.

      • Thanx Nerve

        Butthurt stan chill and lie low. Ashanti sold 28K for her first week you can google it. Pharrell sold 113K for the first week. 50 Cent can try to make up a fiction to feel good about this flop, but we all it hurts him, and it hurt his stans.

        He’s probably the most obsessed artist about sales, when he was hot he was always making fun of people with low sales.

    • Insterscope has nothing to do w/ this.He’s not on Instercope anymore.ALl albums get leaked and they do whatever numbers they’re gonna do.kendrick’s album leaked

      • Dreday410

        I know he not on Interscope if the project is INDEPENDENT
        I’m saying he gave the songs out for FREE on youtube so it is not like nothing on the album was not released before June 3rd

  • IceBergSlim

    Again, This cat his been in the game for over 10 years.. Get Rich or Die Trying Classic the rest some garbage what are these bammas holdin onto his raps are not inspiring he is not saying anything of substance and how many ways you going to spit out gangsta lyrics where you make a bamma think twice and most of the time he is singing anyway he needs to switch lanes..lol.. like my man from House of Pain and one more thing look at his crew all of them extra weak. I’m going to give you an example look at Wu Tang most of them guys have a separate fan base from the WU same with the Diplomats Cameron, Juel Santana, even Jim Jones they have their own Fan base. None of them G-Unit characters have a set fan base no career except 50 lets keep it 100 and str8 gangsta

    • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

      Why don’t you keept it 100 Raymond? Stop saying keep it gangsta and all that bullshit, you just a bitch

  • keepitswizzy

    Yea but nowadays it ain’t abt selling full CDs it’s about singles due to iTunes,,,hence the reason 50 dropped a single and video a week for the 10 weeks leading up to the release of his album,,,,he ain’t no dummy. Post about his units sold per single and I bet them numbers are way higher…..

  • Phibes

    You people do know this was initially a “Free” mix tape he decided to sell right? Street King Immortal is the album he’s banking on not this. He knew it wasn’t going to do big numbers.

    • Dreday410

      I said the samething the WHOLE album is on YOUTUBE for free every song was release way before June 3rd.

  • $18916246

    I hope his “ego” can accept this.

    • Dreday410

      You have to look at the bigger picture bro

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      his ego is going to love this … hes an indy artist with a viral and cyber marketing team .. and hes on par with one of the highest selling indy artist out there and its via a tape folks can actually GET FOR FREE !!!!!!! ijs theres no major promo for this album … no tv no billboards no nothing … the only things making it to tv is his music videos and they mostly get played on mtv2 … fif hit his mark with this one … by the end of the year it could see 100k …

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  • Dreday410

    50 is way smarter then you think bro do you even realize he just SOLD a FREE mixtape to 35,000 people (If those numbers are correct)

    Before June 3rd the WHOLE album he put on YOUTUBE he made 13 videos its 13 songs on AA….and with each video with a Million views he got paid from his Youtube account for the views , then turn around and sale it as a album and also get money from itunes single sales as well….THAT IS A HUSTLER

    This dude just really played a lot of dumb ass fans who still going to think “SEE 50 LOST HE FAIL OFF”

    • EvilGenius

      Very True… Well Said.

    • Phibes

      Amen brother! Unfortunately theses guys on here don’t want to hear the truth,they just want to hate. How is he losing when he sold you something that you can get for free!?!

      These dudes crack me up. If he sold 300K they would still hate on him & say “He didn’t even go gold”. Lol

      They don’t understand how the independent route works. I guess that’s why they say ignorance is bliss, cause ignorant don’t know he’s ignorant.Lol

    • bigdoe6

      You can’t tell these dumb cats nothing fam. Youtube, Itunes, Amazon is the new distribution model. Labels are not shipping units like that anymore. If 50 knew this album was projected to sell 35k the first week he could’ve pressed them up himself and drove around NY and sold them for a $5 a pop.

  • STFUUIgnants

    Just face it, gangsta rap is boring now. Only so many songs talking about the same ish is going to keep anyone interested. There’s no shock value anymore.

    • Savimbi

      You hit it right on the nail, it’s not that 50 Cent’s music sucks, it’s just that the Gangsta rap era is over with, i think people like ross ruined the genre and it’s popularity but fif is doing all this independently no major, i think this album is more about building his future label, he did mention something to that nature in his last breakfast club interview. Let’s not forget that his international fan base is crazy too, more touring, either way he wins and he’s still on the forbes list lol



    • dee

      The keyword to your whole comment is PAST. When it’s all said and done he prolly make 3 to 5 mill off this MIXTAPE not album. Thats more than what artist are making off major label albums.

      • Yall keep talking bout bread but the fact is ain’t too many people interested in dude music no more except his core fans.

    • They didn’t just move on they died instantly when he started doing all the circus sht instead of doing music

  • The Legendary Troll

    Lol went from going head to head with Ye to selling 30,000 k??? lmao

    • Guest

      it aint the same they prob only shipped 50k units …. this is indy distro … with viturally no street and television or radio campaigns … just alot of publicity and internet promo …. artist sale in the 100s + because of national coverage … and commercial reminders … and because of those moves distributors will ship more units for those artist …

  • Jared

    That pitch was legendary. Tops everything else lol

  • M*Murderist

    50 cents sucks!

  • SusieBartlettedo

    Jacqueline implied I’m taken by surprise that a mom can earn $8130 in 1 month
    on the computer . see post F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

    • Yea by twisting her twat on camera….

  • Lucky Luciano

    Am not surprised though? He released all these singles before the album? Fans are most likely saying why should we buy when we heard all of this already. 50 should just use this album and the whole G Unit reboot as way to build up to something bigger and better

    • Phibes

      This was a “Free mix tape” he decided to sell & use as promotion for his upcoming album Street King Immortal.He expected to do low numbers.

      • Greg Gorham

        Yes, cause if there’s anything we learned from listening to the album, it’s that 50 likes to fail.

      • U can’t honestly believe he of all people would be cool with those low totals tho? As big as his ego is i highly doubt it

  • bigdoe6

    The days of rap artists selling over 200k the first week are long gone. Labels don’t work or push artists like that. They stopped that years ago. The new distribution model is the internet. 50cent can tour year around without a album. 35k copies the first week is low but it makes sense to me. I don’t expect any of these kids to be buying a 50 cent album. The album is still dope though.

    • Greg Gorham

      Kendrick just did it in 2012. Drake did it last year. J. Cole did it. Jay-Z did it. Kanye did it. Even Ross did 179,000 first week. It’s harder to put up those numbers, but some are able to do it. 50 just isn’t one of them.

      • Nutn but crickets when u speak truth about 50 cent….he’s most of these dudes savior and sht. I like him too but he does too much sucker female sht. If he’s as popular as those other guys where are the numbers to reflect that? I think you are correct in your assessment, i think he alienated himself from fans like me by doing so much punk sht instead of music. If I hear 50 on the radio I want it to be a song, not bout him beefing wit his baby momma or talking bout other rappers and started weak azz beef.

  • Brindle

    No one sells anymore plus his music lacks the aggression it once had and he’s unwilling to conform to todays bitch made music. Yet he does his thing on the Fab track. He needed better music and go back to threatening and robben these niggas, bang it out.

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    Indie route or not. These are sad numbers for an artist like 50 Cent. I’m sure he thinks so too since reality is about to clearly show it’s ugly face. He does not have that buzz anymore and his antics are rather boring now. It’s a wrap 50. He was one who always bragged about selling this and that many units. NO excuses now 50. You are a very well known and popular artist. Doesn’t matter which route you go when pushing your album. Not for a international artist such as a 50 Cent. Simply put, no one is checking for your music today.. FACTS.. Numbers don’t lie.. lol.

  • orlando jackson

    Niqqaz on here are crazy the value of an album is not about the sale, 50’s album is nice like any other rappers album, but the thing is who wanna buy it? does the public still connected to the bs like 10 years ago?
    do you wanna hear a guy talking bout the street that he only goes out to promote his album, that only have one hit banger smoke?

  • Like 50 said. At worst he’ll make 3 million off this album. How many artists see that off of an album? some dont see that in a year. this is just to build up street king immortal and the gunit album. you have to be crazy to not see whats going on. plus the album is hot. the deluxe has maybe 15/16 songs i dont listen to 2 songs: “animal ambition” and “they know”. everything else is solid to me. he gave the album out pretty much for free. if thats the case how many albums did jay-z really sell? if you had a galaxy phone you got it for free…

    • Phibes

      Church!!! These cat’s just don’t get it!!!! And that 3 mill, some of these artist don’t see that much money through out their whole career. I would love to make 3 million this year.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        my comment above is fo you too

      • Phibes

        It’s obvious you don’t know a thing about the independent route & the money to be made vs. being part of a major.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        you see your wrong – proven by your jibbrish that try to distract from being wrong by saying something that has no point, nothing to learn or stimulate

      • Phibes

        What did I say that was incorrect? Like I said, It’s obvious from your comment that you don’t know a damn thing about the independent route vs. being with a major. I guess that’s why they say ignorance is bliss.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        re-read my comment – talking about a stranger’s (me) knowledge instead of making a point just proves your a dumbass that got nothing education or thoughtful to reply

      • Phibes

        You just proved my point!!! You say i’m wrong,but have yet to state what I said that was incorrect.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        nah – you proved mine 3 consecutive times !

      • Phibes

        I swear you are hilarious. So tell me what did I said that was incorrect?

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        ooh noo – I’m thru with you – I don’t associate with unintelligent trollers with no knowledge – just emptiness like you

      • Phibes

        ” I don’t associate with unintelligent trollers with no knowledge”

        So you need to kill yourself then. Pull your skirt down,your ignorance is showing.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        4 consecutive times – your already killed – your brain is dead , fingers are typing, but can’t think of anything

      • put it to you like this. he’s been number 5 on the forbes list for quite some time without dropping any music. i’d say he’s pretty good with numbers. you dont have to agree. think about it.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        don’t gotta think about your dumb shit – you can’t try’n distract from the subject because you see you wrong – we talking about THIS album , not distraction to any other projects

      • What does that have to do with what his album is selling or the quality of said album? Yall be acting like 50 god or sumn. Yea he winning monetarily, has been for some time. That music sht is don dada man

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      50 sayin’ he gon make 3 mil means its the truth? – FOH !

    • The_Good_Life

      Stan is that u…..

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        its the real Stan or a duplicate LOL !

      • The_Good_Life


      • thats cute. you came to comment on a post of an artist you dont like. interesting.

      • His favorite appliance is a Stanley steamer

  • The_Good_Life

    Like fif but it makes u realize that jigga is the truth.

    • chocboywonder

      Just a better pimp…Jay ain’t been hot since Blueprint, but all the niggas he put himself around is always the hottest at the moment.

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  • musicman

    This prediction is fake I saw this shit yesterday just a few hours after the album dropped .. its impossible to predict sales just after 7 or 8 hrs . All this is to discourage people from buying the album. Haters will stop at nothing to see him fall

    • The_Good_Life

      Jigga sold a mill before album dropped…

      • RazaBladeKing

        Correction: SAMSUNG bought a mill before the album dropped. Not fans. A company. Bought your boy a platinum plaque. Pathetic.


        Another correction: Jay also sold another million retail… What you call pathetic was actually pretty smart. Plus Jay is a brand he will go plat for the foreseeable future.

      • RazaBladeKing

        Uh… what? Were you correcting yourself? You said “Jigga sold a mill before the album dropped”, not me. That other mill you just talked about was in the year since MCHG dropped. And since Kanye got a platinum plaque for only 675K, i’d say a lot more people will “go plat” in the forseeable future too. Including Future. And Migos. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


        SMH fam, my first and only comment was the previous one I made. I was definitely correcting you. You said and I quote “Samsung bought a mill… Not the fans”, which is false because as I said he sold a million retail as well. Also, he sold that other mill between July and September. And never have Future or Migos sold a million albums and they never will.

      • RazaBladeKing

        Well, don’t shake your head too hard and hurt yourself, it’s not that serious. I figured this was the OP responding, didn’t check the names. My original statement defies correction. I addressed the other dude’s “Jay sold a mill BEFORE ALBUM DROPPED” statement by elaborating on who he sold THAT mill too. That’s the comparison. We can’t compare Jay’s total sales on an album that dropped LAST SUMMER to an album that dropped yesterday. My overall point is that the platinum stats have been dilluted by Jay and Kanye’s latest tactics.

      • Glad u said it….I was gon well…u know

      • Phibes

        He didn’t sell.a million.It was given away free as part of a promotion with Samsung. So even if you are not a JAY z fan & purchased a Samsung phone at that time you got the album for free. That’s different from actually going and purchasing it yourself.

  • musicman

    YMCMB sold 40000copies why didnt yall say they fell off GTFOH..

    • Phibes

      Because they love to hate on 50!

      • Naw is cuz he talks so much sht and always fkn wit other folks…

    • Greg Gorham

      Compilations never sell as well as solo albums. Look at the Self-Made records. People will say YMCMB fell off if Carter V flops, or Nicki flops, or Drake flops.

    • Oh sht ymcmb got an album out? Imma go buy this and 50 new joint. …Yea right I wouldn’t dare….I’m just hating for no reason, I’m bored. But on the real people talking down on 50 prolly cuz he does so much sht to other people and then come out the gates belly flopping. People love to see karma come back round……

  • Eli Pinilla

    Whoa!!! If true, then that’s light. Even if he’s independent, I would think he was established enough to at LEAST do 75-80k…..I’m a fan, but a spade is a spade and a flop is a flop. And 50 is LeBroning right now.

    • Guest

      Oh I see – ” Flopping ” — took me a while understand – LOL

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      These numbers came out Tuesday. We’ll see what happens by NEXT Tuesday.

      • Eli Pinilla

        I hope u right. I wanted him to hit over 100k at least.

  • RazaBladeKing

    I bought the album. I’ll say this… definitely not 50’s best work, but not bad either. I dunno what to make of it yet. Pilot, Smoke, Irregular Heartbeat, Twisted, Funeral, n Flip On Ya will continue to get spins in the whip, but there’s a couple tracks (Hustler and You Know) that sound like they got left off a G-Unit mixtape from 10 years ago. If you like east coast s*** (and old G-unit s*** specifically), you’ll like it. If you don’t… you won’t. Well, probably anybody can like Pilot, that jont might be a summer anthem.

  • the difference between 50 selling 30k and any other artist is that he owns the company. he can sell as much or as little as he wants.

    • He can own what he wants…fact of the matter is if sht ain’t selling, people ain’t checkn or interested or they don’t feel it’s worth the money. That’s the whole purpose of trying to sell a product, u want that bitch to sell….especially if he owns the company.

  • Eli Pinilla

    I comment here all the time, and am always defending 50, but them numbers are indefensible. I see people on here defending it by saying he’s independent and the albums been out and he owned the company and yada yada yada. All that shit is excuses. Weather your independent or not, numbers are based on how many people go out and purchase your album. Yall think 50 like these numbers?!?! If you independent, do you wanna sell 35k or 100k?!?!?! Moral victories don’t count here. And again, I’m a fan. And I agree with fif 85% of the time. But those numbers are ugly. Just nothing to excuse that. All albums leak and all albums been out, so there really isn’t anything to excuse it….

    • King Dolla

      its not a defense its the record business its about turning a profit…you sell 300k on a major and you owe money, you gotta go platinum just to recoup ….you sell 35k on independent and you recoup out the gate….he gotta b getting $6-7 off a cd do the math…he not a major so he didnt spend a stupid amount on marketing….Ya boy Tech 9 richer than majority of your favorite rappers his music tours and merchandice averages $20 mill a year and he dont sell large amounts out the gate…

      • Eli Pinilla

        I know how it works. But a flop is a flop. Only with 50 cent are people trying to bring up profit ratios and click bait revenue and such. 35k is horrible and even 50 wouldn’t excuse that shit. Tech 9 been independent, and he’s never gone diamond so u can’t compare the 2. I’m a major 50 fan, but I would look crazy tryin to bring up youtube revenue and profit margin per cd. Everything you said is true, and would make since if he was a newer artist that hasn’t already sold millions. You think lil wayne would do 35k if he was independent? or jayz? Eminem? Independent grind doesn’t justify low sales when u a major player. It just doesnt. I’m sure he’ll make a lot of money, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that only 35k purchases were made and all the other revenue from the album are coming from things that don’t involve sales…..I bought the album btw. So this just me keep in it honest if these predictions are true.

      • Tech can spit it….

    • Greg Gorham

      You’re right – if 50 was “competing” with someone who sold 35,000 his first week, he would be mocking them relentlessly. He did it with French Montana not long ago, who sold 49,000. The only way this isn’t perceived as an “L” for 50 is if someone uses an entirely different standard to measure 50 than 50 uses to measure other artists.

  • He is making music for what reason exactly man focus on creating the first shark tank for the hip hop community

    It’s time to Change the way your lady looks at you in the bedroom don’t walk but run over to http://www.BapsStore(.)com grab yourself a box of african superman…You’ll thank me later

    • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

      It’s advertising and product placement. Like making commercials.

      Puff said this a long time ago. You don’t make 10 songs on an album, you make 10 commercials. You try to get that ringtone money.

  • Dreday410

    To understand the (market/profit) of the Animal Ambition album you have to understand business stop hating for a second and understand how he promoted the album/mixtape is truly genius…This is why he will make 3 Million of ANM AMB

    Youtube pays at an average artist $2 for ever 1,000 views lets do the math before June 3rd release date:
    Twisted – (1.2 Million views) Winners Circle – (1.1 Million) Irregular Heartbeat (2.1 Million) Everytime (1.5 Million) Chase/Paper (2.7 Million) Hustler – (1.7 Million) Don’t Worry (3.5 Million) Smoke (2.4 Million) Pilot – (4.7 Million) Hold On – (3.3 Million) AA -(150,000)….Now lets sale the album on BITCOINS and singles on ITUNES

    Now lets release the SAME music on June 3rd as ONE complete album when most the material has already been out for two months……

    THIS IS WHY IT WAS BIGGER THEN 1st WEEK SALES…regardless of if it was 50 cent or lil Wayne the way it was build up from a market side is pure genius…you ever hear the saying “SELLING WATER TO A WELL”

  • RightOn

    50 did not evolve. Period. Add that to the thousands of people he pissed off by either gossiping like a bia or talking shhhyt about their fav rapper, and you get this sales numbers. I hear jigga laughing his ass off somewhere like ‘told u dummy, just coz there is a reporter front of you, dont mean u talk’

  • Jay

    Here’s what a bunch of you fail to miss. Despite the amount of money that 50 he has, his legitimacy as an artist is pitiful. He is single-handedly the one to blame for the division among artists in New York during the time of his reign. He wanted to be that “bully” and start issues with everyone. It worked for awhile. However, guys like Rick Ross, Wayne and Em started working with a DIVERSE group of artists. Now, you have labels like MMG and YOungMoney that are on every damn song because they are “civil” with most everyone for the sake of money and generating fans. They made smart moves. 50 is now sitting by himself because HE ALIENATED himself from the core of 2013/2014 Top-40 HIPHOP.
    As much as I despise YM and MMG, they’re doing things right, in terms of making money and keeping fans interested. Nobody checks for 50 anymore because his content is weak, his flow is weak, his rhymes are basic (he was even the worst in G-Unit besides Yayo) and overall, he doesn’t have the hunger he once had. His beats still sound like “Amusement Park” and “Straight to the Bank” etc… That worked at a time, but 50 has transformed as an artist to stay true to himself, but also work with new sounds and topics. NOBODY cares about 50’s “guns” or “money”. We all know about it. THese first week numbers are not shocking. 50 needs to get into producing and realize that rapping is not his calling anymore.

    The ironic thing of all of this is Curtis is singing all over his album. He’s singing the same way he criticized Ja Rule, who was the first to use this formula successfully, yet, 50 can’t get it down right. It’s even more ironic that 50 is the WORST when it comes to collabs with other artists. He has too big of an ego to let another guy (minus Em) shine on his own track.
    50 will never get his past back. It’s long gone because somewhere down the line, he FORGOT what it meant to be hungry for quality lyrics/music for his loyal fans. Moreover, this nigga forgot how to be a team player. He must have not learned how to share any damn thing in Kindergarten. You just saw him stealing chains out of spite. THis poor old man can’t handle any criticism of his music or his personal life, like the son he pretty much abandoned to live in a house with Yayo and Banks, so he acts like an immature punk.

    50 wants so badly to be a gangster still. But he’s not. He’s a successful business man that lives in mansions. He doesn’t party with a crew; he doesn’t have label friends. He is a man that is alone on an island, and that doesn”t allow him the ability to accept criticism of his “art.”

    Crazy how the times have changed. He used to be the man when I was in High School. Now, I look at 50 as a huge hypocrite for ridiculing other rappers’ styles, starting with Ja, his old G-unit Crew, Wayne, Kendrick, Game, Ross, etc.. He is the most JEALOUS rapper in the game because his lyrical ability, sound and potential is the WEAKEST around. Facts. Even Jadakiss, at his age, has way more to say and add to a track as a feature.

    That’s why you see the older cats still working with the younger guys. The respect is mutual. Nobody respects 50, other than the guys working for him, like KiddKidd or those desperate Gunit Boys. Nobody wants to work with him, unless the CHECK is legit.

    Believe me, other artists throw in a quick 16 for artists/friends for FREE because they know that it will come back to them through loyalty. That’s why you have STRONG groups like TDE, MMG, YM, Shady, BirckSquad, OF, HustleGang, etc..

    If only 50 were as smart in his HipHop relationships and honest in his ability as an artist as he is with his business in Vitaminwater, headphones…even women. He’d be in a better spot.

    Yes, he’s richer than most of us, including me, will ever be. But he’s musically, intellectually, and romantically ALONE (no THOTs 🙂 ) 35,000 in the first week is generous. That album as absolutely no content, terrible beats and disappointed many, me included, that hoped for the 50 cent of GRODT and even The Massacre. He is the epitome of a disappointment as a man, artist, father (according to his son, not his baby mama ( I don’t believe her) and the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE in hiphop. Next time you hear Fif sing on a song, just remember the hell he put Ja (the originator of sou, Ross, French, Kendrick, Drake and countless others through.

    He is a lost man and an artist that forgot what made him successful. He fell off because he couldn’t be humble for what he had at the top. He COULDN”T work with others out of selfishness. He will NEVER sell a millie again, not because of talent, though his talent is so damn generic and bland, but because he DIRTIED his name so much that nobody wants to really work with a guy that still acts like an angry middle-schooler that lost a rap battle on the playground.

    I wish him the best, but under those steroids and fake smiles, he is a broken man that is probably biploar, and introvert or just a generally miserable man consumed with making the same money he did in the past. It’s not happening.

    Start Collabing with the artists you tried to take down (and lost–Rick Ross, Wayne, Nas) and maybe you can leave the game with a better legacy than a rapper who made money off of beef.

    The whole “I got shot 9 times” doesn’t work anymore. It didn’t work then. You were a victim, not a gangster. Like Jada said, “Who gets shot 9 times and doesn’t shoot back?”

    Really, 50 just looks like a bitter old rapper that still sells himself over a GIMMICK.

    I’m not a Chicago Rapper fan (because I don’t know enough), but at least those dudes take their wounds and keep it moving.

    Hip Hop has evolved, and so has its fans. 50 is stuck in the moment. Candy Shop, Just A Lil Bit and In Da Club aren’t realistic. We don’t believe you. Neither do the artists.

    Get yourself togetther and learn how to be relevant like Jay-Z. Oh wait, you criticized him, too. But then again, look where he’s at and where you’re at. That Connecticut mansion must give you false hope or some sort of narcissism, I guess.

    And before you start talking shit, I’m not a 50 hater. I’m more of a writer that loves hiphop and I follow it closely. Wrote this from my phone.

    My favorite artists are more lyrically-focused and have more to say about life. 50 can only talk about being shot and his alleged money.

    • Poseidon

      That was on totally on point. Fif has ostracized himself and smacked down any olive branches that were extended his way time and time again. He only wants to outshine everyone around him, especially the artists he signs, and he makes it blatantly obvious.

      G-Unit reuniting isn’t on some inter-personal longstanding friendship shit lol, it’s business opportunism in the form of short-lived publicity used to temporarily push a new product and then disposed of soon afterward. Fif ain’t keeping these dudes around for too much longer than a new album – IF that even happens lol. He’s doing what he’s always done best: Use people as stepping stones to further his own cashflow and business agenda. Lol. It is what it is….

    • Nail on the head….ja ain’t sing first… bone thugs was out waaaaaaay before ja….you had a lot of valid points, dude has alienated himself from everyone cuz of his childish antics. I stopped listening to em because he was everywhere talking about everything but his music. So when u put out a mediocre album it looks very foolish because the public knows you been bullshtn and lolly gagging instead of putn out a good product. Now all that sht u been talking and doing just made u fall flat on ur ass….I was a fan but now I don’t know cuz bruh act like he 16.

  • chocboywonder

    If true, that is bad….but my question is, does this prediction include amounts sold on Shop50cent, cuz that’s where I bought my copy. Its known that HDD only use figures reported by the big stores (Walmart, Target, etc…) but it seems 50 is steering his fans to use his website to buy the album. Just saying, this number might be off….and with packages being sold out on the website, this might be way off.

    • Dreday410

      And what about the albums that was sold directly off BITCOINS download so did they count those too?

      For those who don’t know about BITCOINS it is a direct software website where you can buy directly from the source instead of major business

  • Chris

    Hell, the local trap-n*gga-turned-rapper could sell at least 15,000 copies just standin’ outside of WalMart…with no single and no promotion. SMH.

  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson

    Duh. Who DIDN’T know this album wasn’t going to sell?

    • Greg Gorham

      50 fans. That’s why they’re coming up with a thousand excuses now.

  • baller187

    nobody lookin for this nigga, he been done, enjoy your 100 mill and ride off into the sun already

    • Exactly….Nowadays fans are much more willing to support unestablished artists, than those who are super successful with nothing to rap about but the millions that they have.

  • 80nigga

    how can u predict in one day???? hell they said schoolboy was gon push 80 he did well over 120

    • Joao Victor Reis

      this predicition comes from monday, the day before the release.. isnt even based on the 1st day of sales.. is on the rumor mill of hdd

  • B.U.

    Indy numbers for a street artist with hardly any radio. Remember that, haters.

  • djdyg

    not to surprised, i’m a big fan, but i haven’t bought it. looking forward to ski and the g-unit now. AA seemed to be more of a street mixtape.

  • People like 50 cent have grown to become so big that the music gets lost in transition …..It’s bittersweet when you branch off to do others things, people loose focus on the main reason why you are famous……I think his fake beef, drama and scandals, are much bigger than his music…..It’s hard to enjoy these high profile rappers, because the struggle is not real…I have a better understanding and tolerance for unestablished artists because they have a story that is interesting to hear and worth watching to see how their careers take off.


      I think the way he marketed the album was pure genius. Just think if Jay Z would have done this the outcome would have been different. Maybe the album not GRODT but it’s a solid album, with visual. Low albums sales doesn’t mean the album bad. Remember Ice Cube use to always have a snarl on his mug. Well when u rich, you’re no longer hungry. What point does he really have to prove at this point. I judge the music not the man.JMO.

      • I kinda disagree…..There is always a battle between being rich and relevant…..For all celebs it is the most hurtful thing to be rich and famous and not be relevant….To be relevant as a celeb is a extremely hard to do, that is why artists are going to jail, talking reckless, and going anal things just to be on TMZ…..50, Kanye, Chris Brown Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Drake, Nicki Minaj, all of these people are hot and popping but they pay big money to be relevant to us regular folk…So again, 50 has tons of money but he would give it all away if he walked down the street in NYC and no one looked his way.


        yeah I feel you on that, Being Famous is a drug. He knows he’ll never do 10 million again. Just hate the sales factor that always brought up. Nobody ever talks about music anymore. SMH. Everything move in cycles. 2 years from now those names u mention will be in 50’s shoes.

  • 80nigga

    to be honest he knew these numbers was possible thats probably why he made his money early by releasing just singles dude practically did a mixtape

  • Craig

    Bottom line this should have never been an album, plus he basically gave it away for free then sold it, its listenable, but all he has to talk about is money, hes to big to not expand his horizon, he wann be like Pac put never speaks on black issues like pac

    • He can’t speak on black issues because he is a part of the reason why some black people (rappers) are struggling.

  • In my opinion, when certain artists reach a certain threshold in their career, they should be constantly recruiting new talent, and stop trying to be that hungry, unsigned artist which they are not….Yes 50 signed a lot of artists, but now is the time to start looking for fresh faces and not these old ass unsuccessful rappers who had a chance and never made it.

    • YahMamma

      he tried, and isn’t capable, he has no ear for talent – Cashis, Hot Rod, KidKid, that transvestite chick, he likes Keef, The best 2 songs he’s done in 8 years are the G-Unit joints over 2 jacked beats yesterday and today. Why ? He didn’t pick the beat.. 50 needs to make up w/ ShaMoney to really get that G-Unit sound back. He has a chance to own distribution of black music, but is too stupid to make real moves or has an inner circle of idiots.

    • Jay

      50 tried that and failed. He couldn’t market Mobb Deep, (ARGUABLY the best rap DUO of all time with the most consistent street-anthem formula. Havoc produces for the best and can rap circles around everyone and Prodigy is a better rapper than Curtis could ever dream to be), MOP, Mase, Spyder Loc, 40 Glocc, Olivia, small ties to Uncle Murder, Lil Svrappy (with BME)…

      50 cannot make other artists sucecssful because he is lyrically inept. His best rhymes were written by Em or Dre. The poor dude has been overrated since day one. The FANS made his career by proclaiming him the face of real rap. I have never heard a 50 song that was lyrically engaging, where I could just sit and think about it. Luckily we have a guy named NAS that represents what hiphop is about. (among others)

      AGAIN- 50 CENT IS A GIMMICK. He made his millions off constantly bragging that he was shot 9 times. His a VICTIM. That is his whole “gangsta.” When those wounds healed, 50 had nothing left to say except kindergarten rhymes (amusement park, anyone?)

      I love hiphop, but this guy is and has been a joke.

      • djohhwee

        @PainIsLove86:disqus rhymes by em or Dre ?? when did Dre wright rhymes ? if Mobb Deep all that why didn’t they sale on G-UNIT… they did there own beats and rhymes.. 50 had noughting to do with there production…. MOP and all the others you named ,, there still out there with other labels.. why aren’t they sales doing anything O its 50 right FOH em and dre wright his rhymes… lmao… em signed 50 because he fell in love with his mixtape.. and because of his rhymes . and why are you wanting nas and KRS rhymes out of a Gangster rapper ? 50 has not put out a cd in 5 years.. and has been on forbs list the last 6 years ,, he employs over 1500 people with his company’s film boxing headphones and record label and website .. say what you want about him.. but he gives back to his old hood and to charity’s all a cross the world.. and none of the people you name are doing that.. O Yeah NAS hocks Liqueur wonder how is that helping are people or hiphop ?

  • John Q. Public

    • Chris


      • TheMiddleFinger

        Cold. Just Cold!

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  • PorchBoySlim

    The album came out yesterday so how did they come up with these numbers? Either way I copped it.

    • YahMamma

      it’s based on statistics measured against 100000’s of releases over decades, it’s very accurate/predictable. You should take grade 9 math – it’s really helpful.

      • PorchBoySlim

        You slick talking on the internet dudes trip me out. lol

      • Jay

        You trip me out for wasting your cash to buy a rapper who has less to say than Helen Keller

  • YahMamma

    Look, at a major – he’d get to participate in about $6/unit average. Of that he’s get about 15-20 points (percent) – So if he sells 150,000 units he’d net about $180,000. Ok, but what about the $250k advance ? Spent that huh ?

    Wait – you can’t even afford to pay that back.. But you’re not a pop artist, you don’t sell 150k units. Uh oh – you mean we’re already in the hole ? Broke w/ a #1 record ? How could it be ??? You owe the record company, at least $70k – and they want their 250k advance back NOW, but won’t pay you you’re ‘share’ – thru some bullshit semantics – for more than a year – but of course, you don’t get any $, because you owe them – and it get’s worse daily – Ouch – interest, carriage fees, etc.

    And of course – that’s not all – What about legal fees and more than 1 specialty lawyer ? Marketing ? Travel, Tour Support, Videos, Security, Accounting, Booking Agent, Manager, Stylist, Hotels, Meals, Taxis, Studios fees, Promotion, Placement fees, Engineering fees, Art costs, Taxes, Rent. GAS. Weed, etc. etc. etc. life still goes on too… Guess who lent you a lot of that $, because they own many of those companies/services ?! The Labels..

    Look, if you don’t think getting to keep 90% of all of all the money, paid within 90 days, is a better proposition than a major label – you’re an idiot.

    50 spent out of pocket what he could afford, and grossed more than $250k real dollars he will really see in his real bank account in 30 real calendar days.

    The notion of 50 ever getting $250k real, earned out $ from a major is practically none – plus they’d want 360 to recoup from all his other ventures.

    If you also don’t think that labels are just very expensive banks who offset capital gains against capital losses (Trinidad James) – then you’re kidding yourself.

    • Approach a label like a bank…and they will treat you like one, but if you approach a label like an artist….they will treat you like one.

      • YahMamma

        Maybe some boutique types like Fools Gold, Duckdown, etc. w/ fiercely loyal audiences. Labels are big international conglomerates with a legal and accounting ratio that’s 6:1 vs artists. Your opinion is like saying if you approach a bank in a certain way, they will feel a certain way about your money. No. Sorry. There are no feelings in businesses like that.

      • Nah, my opinion is saying approach the label like a BUSINESS, as opposed to like an artist just trying to get on.

        Business plan for rap.
        Branding, stage show, video, etc, the whole package, as opposed to just having talent, but it’s raw talent, since the labels spend more on legal staff…than artist developement.

    • Poseidon

      Exactly what I’ve been thinking. He’s coming out of pocket for the first month of this release – no question about that. Only if this album creates more buzz off of good reviews after this first month, is he gonna start seeing any real revenue. And nowadays, sales usually plateau a little after the first month and then begin to dissipate after that. Either way though, he’s gonna make a profit. Nuff said.

  • Chris


    • True!

    • Blck46fl

      Yeah but Jay been cheating his sales for 8 years now! Look at the debt he left Def Jam with because of the dollars spent off pre purchasing his album and marketing dollars that was never replinished

  • TimeWillTellu1

    I’m just another person lost in the shuffle who will download this for FREE. Thanks!

    • lol

    • Jay

      Play it for when you clean the house. There’s nothing in the lyrics to keep you focused. I listened. Epic disappointment.

  • Dreday410

    Well regardless come Tuesday the real number will be out besides he can always pull that DEF JAM and buy the albums

  • NCcatsBALLhard

    Rick Ross won, lol

    • Mike

      Rick Ross was laid to rest when 50 put the MMG chain in his video and the “bawse” ain’t do shit about it

      • Jay

        Mike–what?! Ross won that whole beef by continuing to make better music than 50, make MMG the strongest label around right now and allow Curtis to dwell all by his lonely. Ross is a fraud, but he beat 50 and G-unit. Lyrically, Ja Rule beat 50 too. The only reason 50 had a run is because of some pathetic fans that wanted a new 2pac back. JA RULE MADE 50 CENT. And I’m not a fan of either. But if you take Ja’s formula of rapping and then adding a singing melody, you have 50 cent. 50 Cent didn’t like that he had to be the 2nd person to use it, so he got rid of Ja so he could be the “RapSinger”.

        Go back and look at the police documents. 50 has been better ever since BlackChild of MurderInc STABBED 50 in the studio. Since then, 50 has been butthurt and started beef with everyone.

      • Spirit Equality

        “make MMG the strongest label around right now”??
        Tell that to Stalley, who can’t get a release date. Or to Teedra Moses. Or Audra The Rapper. Never heard of her? Yeah, point made.

      • djohhwee

        you have it all wrong.. 50 hated jarule because the guy who put the hit out on him owned murder inc.. and 2nd 50 and jarule sound similar because they both where taut by the same person ,, Jam Master Jay…. who supreme had something to do with his murder as well…and 50 will never forget how jarule sold his sole to the guy who killed the guy who put him and 50 on… and remember 50 a street dude,, and wanted murder inc to fall.. and anyone who came to help them.. cant blame a brother for that… JAY was like a father to fif and jarule… anyway the streets know whats up…

      • illuminatedascension

        They was both screwing the same male hairdresser. That was the beef. 50 even mentioned the hairdresser in one of the beef tracks.

      • Mike

        couldn’t take you serious after i read “Ja Rule beat 50 too”…even Ja and Irv said a few months ago they took the L from 50

      • illuminatedascension

        Did you say ja beat 50 lyrically? Im far from a 50 fan but that’s ridiculous.

    • He did beat him musically at the time…His album was better during their lil spat

  • y’all suck

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  • Dreday410

    35,000 CD’s in 7 days (US Only)

    that will mean 50 cent with all the buzz is only selling 5,000 CD’s a day ?

    does this include the other forms (Itunes, Bitcoins, Thisis50, Shop50)
    because if you divide that number then you only doing 1,000 sales spread across 5 platforms of distrubution…..Hard to believe this numbers after just 24 hours of release

    • Joao Victor Reis

      this rumor is worse than it seems.. been out monday, the day BEFORE the release of the album…

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  • sammy.OG

    Listen you can make all the excuses you want about this dude but the real reason why he gonna flop is because he’s fake…he’s an actor WWE a clown kinda like BOZO ..right now I give ja rule the edge.sorry he really need to apologize to his loyal fans my hats off to you but this dude ain’t 100%

  • sammy.OG

    People don’t feel the same anymore TRUE COLORS always show in the end

  • Poseidon

    Sometimes people just get fed up and tired of the endless antics. And then, by him going out and doing more of the same, it only amplifies that feeling. He’s become a clown, inciting drama and making more noise providing opinions and narratives to all the hottest social topics in Hip Hop instead of keeping people focused on his music.,,,, That’s the Fif we wanna see now. That’s the Fif he’s gotten us used to smh.

    By now, I’d rather watch more videos of Pimpin’ Curly clowning on his peers than hear that new shit lol….

    On the real, I think he would of sold more units if he made a public spectacle of himself being a good samaritan, feeding children in Africa and pushing old ladies out of oncoming traffic and shit lol. Sorry but real talk.

  • Mike

    it’s 2014 idk who buys albums when you can get everything for free online…it’s also funny how people are trying to dog 50 about album sales but will go to bat and make excuses why some other rapper they like don’t sell records and how sales doesn’t mean a thing…..if you want to talk about sales lets talk about how many albums sold in his career because if you do that 50 would be 1 of the best rappers of all time but those that hate on 50 will swear he’s not even close to being 1 of the best of all time ( i don’t think he is but i’m just making a point)

    • Greg Gorham

      It’s 50 who made talking about album sales a thing. He’s done it for years – even filming skits to make fun of other people’s low sales. Karma’s just coming back around for him, and with all he’s said over the years, he can’t even pretend to not care that his sales suck.

      • Poseidon

        Well said. It ain’t about album sales to any of US. That shit is a non-issue to us humbler human beings lol. BUT, it’s what Fifty made a big fuss about his entire career, especially through throwing shade at others publicly for that reason. Now he’s forced to take a long hard look in that mirror and question some of the moves he’s made publicly. Shit is just too real.

      • Mike

        trust me i get all that…yeah he used to say that shit like 7 years and i think he understood the reality about where he stands in the public eye when before i self destruct numbers came out…that being said i’m strictly talking about the people going madd hard being hypocrites talking like album sales are everything but will make excuses for someone else they like…for example lets talk the Curtis album, most people will say that album is hot garbage but that shit went platinum. so going by people how a lot of people are acting that means Curtis was a great CD but i’m willing to bet the people that hate 50 will give 100 reasons why that album is garbage and how it doesn’t matter that it is platinum because it’s trash….you can’t have it both ways

      • Greg Gorham

        Agreed!! There’s lots of great albums that don’t sell very well, and lots of trash that does. I just think it was 50’s influence, as much as anyone, that created this standard. Charlamagne talked to 50 about this recently I think – it wasn’t until he came out that regular fans started caring so deeply about record sales. So to see him flopping now feels like karma to me. He created this standard, so now he gets to be judged by it.

        But I agree, if you like the album, it shouldn’t matter if it goes 10X platinum or sells 100,000 total.

      • djohhwee

        @mike curtis went Dimond it sold 10mill copys.. 2 @Greg 50 put out 10 singles from this cd all which sold over 50Gs a piece.. he under stands that people buy more singles than whole cds.. just with the singles he has sold over 500,000 copy’s at 99cents and 40 or 50 what ever he will do at $14.99 . where he gets $12 of that… he makes more then he would selling 5mill copys for interscope at 15 cents a cd… on the out side we see flop.. on the inside 50 is runnig to the bank…

      • Griss

        they dont undertand man ppl are really slow

      • illuminatedascension

        Nobody gets $12 an album you are making stuff up. A good deal is $2 an album and most guys aint getting that.

      • djohhwee

        he is independent.. you get all the money and distribution gets 30%…. if he was still with shady aftermath he would get just about a dollar a copy.. but its all his bro… he is doing it all out of his pocket

      • Greg Gorham

        We understand, you’re just changing the topic. 50 will make a profit from this release. I agree. But for a guy who has made a career out of mocking other people’s sales, 35K is a terrible first-week number. You know, if 50 was beefing with another artist, he would be laughing at this.

      • illuminatedascension

        that album sold because white people like eminem and he was associated with him. D12 also went multiplatinum. Dre’s production didnt hurt.

      • Griss

        everyones sales suck …

      • Greg Gorham

        Everyone’s sales are lower than they were a few years ago, but not this low.

  • foshow38

    This nigga would be lucky to go double wood! I know for the most part most of the niggas I know aren’t even looking to cop this album. Karma catches up to you! You can’t shit talk your way out of why you only sold 150-200k total albums.
    On a side note those new G-Unit tracks that came out these week are fire! I actually look forward to hearing more from the group than 50 himself.

  • Stopped checkn for 50 due to all his escapades but I would think a guy with as many fans and stans as him would sell more. These numbers don’t seem correct for his caliber gotta wait til the official sht come out.

  • TheMiddleFinger

    Where is the fork? This dude is done! Ha! ha! ha!

  • Flanny Macquiao

    Lol all you people are talking all this shit but dont understand nothing. This is his first album under G-Unit Records. Not on interscope at all. So there was no major marketing and promo behind his release.

    • sammy.OG

      Why not if he still feel like he the shit and can move units…
      That don’t make sense..stop making excuses for this dude even if he sold a million he still a fraud he WWE straight entertainment only

    • Greg Gorham

      No promo? Have you seen his press run? Why do you think there was a 50 story on every hip-hop site every day for the past month? He seemed to hit basically every major radio station in the country (some of them, like the Breakfast Club, twice). What was the purpose of filming music videos for every record if not promotion? You’re making excuses.

      • Griss

        again hes indy the press run has came out his own pocket … 36 in the us when u own everything is more than what these artist make selling a mill … n 150 worldwide is where he will end up about at

      • illuminatedascension

        The bottom line is dudes can’t sell without DRE. Ice cube, Nwa, snoop dog, eminem, 50, game, all saw a decrease in relevance when dre stopped producing they shit. Add to that that the internet makes sales damn near impossible for black music and white fans are fickle.

      • Greg Gorham

        I don’t care who’s pocket it came out of. The original post tried to explain his low sales by saying he had no major marketing or promo. He did have marketing and promo – he’s been everywhere in the last several months. So you can’t say his low sales are a result of no press. I’m not trying to analyze his profit margin.

        I think everyone knows if Drake were to leave YMCMB and drop a CD independently, he would sell more than 35K first-week. So would Kanye West, or Kendrick, or a ton of other rappers. 50 will make money, but he isn’t in the top tier of rappers people are checking for anymore. The glory days of 50 and G-Unit are over. That’s a fact regardless of how much money he makes or doesn’t make off of any release.

      • Cornel Dundas

        fif said it already, the rap game is out with the old and in with the new. he bin around for a while so ppl think they heard all he have to offer musically. g unit to the end those

  • ShortDogg

    Hi I am 50 Cent. I am sorry, please forgive me. I got rich but I still can’t rap!

  • Blck46fl

    He was supposed to cheat sales the way Jay-z been doing for the past 8 years?? 50 makes his money off outside corporate shit, he does music cause he still loves it not because he needs it. Niggas supposedly doing high 1st week sales running round here getting exposed by fake watch busta though! LOL

    • mike1994

      how does jay z cheat the sales?

      • Anthony Kelley

        the labels buying that shit homie fact

  • GMF357

    He didn’t sell anything because nobody buys CDs when u trying to make a comeback. Plus he gave it all away before the actual album dropped.

  • myasam2343

    I didn’t even know he had new music…

  • Griss

    35k is a US number so lets do the math .,… 35k at 12-13 dollars 420k paid back …. lets bring in the rest of the world he will end up 150k G-Unit is bigger worldwide than damn near anyone i mean Tony Yayo tours overseas by himself ur looking at 1.8 million in sales … so how is he loosing again ??

    • Jay

      Have you ever heard of industry points? 50 still has to pay his producers, video shoots, etc…he’s not seeing all the profits. You should know better.

      • Anthony Kelley

        already did that in single homie he sold 88,000 copies per single I guess people missed the interview of him saying that, also said he covered all of his promotional shit as well, so as he stated if the shit is a dud he already got sligtly under 3mill coming

    • illuminatedascension

      thats crazy. Yayo broke as hell.

    • SopasDePollo

      Quit making up numbers lol


    Even if the projections are true how could this be a flop when Mariah Carey just sold 58k in her 1st week? And she’s bigger than 50 Cent and on Def Jam. That is the number 1 Rap/R&B album in the country. WTF were ya’ll expecting from 50 based upon that?

  • sammy.OG

    Shit going plywood lol🔨

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Album needed better production and more songs…not a good album

  • Courtly

    stop hatin 50 is still th ish…#sk

  • miamidames

    yea too many 50 fans here.. I dont care if the album didnt have enough marketing honestly 50 did a lot of promotion for the album and truth is he should do better.. But anyways 50 is the one who always brings up the point of sales up and now he cant push past 35k smh..


    I wasn’t going to beat it today but I accidentally went on my site again…


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