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EXCLUSIVE: Freeway Rick Ross Releases Excerpt From Upcoming Autobiography

(AllHipHop News) Former drug kingpin Freeway Rick Ross is set to tell his life story in a new memoir Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography. The book, co-written by journalist and best-selling author Cathy Scott (The Killing of Tupac Shakur, The Murder of Biggie Smalls), will be released June 17th and is now available for pre-order at

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During his run as the head of a nationwide drug enterprise, it is estimated Ross profited nearly $300 million. He was eventually convicted and later released from prison. Ross then began using his voice to speak to young people about the perils of the dope game.

“Ross, his rise to the top, his struggles along the way and his path toward redemption describe the journey of a great man who was able to find his purpose,” states Dr. Boyce Watkins. “So, while others might steal his name and glorify his mistakes, we should take the time to understand his path and realize that both the best and worst of Rick Ross were made in America. I recommend this read for everyone.”

Another part of Freeway Rick Ross’ life will also be told on film later this year. The movie Kill The Messenger, starring Jeremy Renner as investigative journalist Gary Webb, will cover Ross’ involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal that took place during the Ronald Reagan administration. Webb’s original series of articles in the San Jose Mercury News alleged the CIA was complicit in smuggling drugs into the U.S. which effectively ignited the crack-cocaine epidemic of the 1980’s.

Read an excerpt from Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography and watch the trailer for Kill The Messenger with Michael K. Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire) as Ross below.

Rick Ross Autobiography Excerpt

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  1. therealest1

    True ass life shit by the real individual unlike a fabricated life for a rap career shit like that fat ass former C.O. William Roberts did.

      • Ryan Cole

        I’d say that most rappers exaggerate their involvement in that life, while Officer Ricky’s is completely made up.

      • Casor_G

        How do you know his is completely made up? Just because he was a CO means he couldn’t have sold drugs?

      • Ryan Cole

        Considering that he lied about even being a CO, plus:

        -stealing another man’s name. If you were really heavy in the drug game like that, why are you jacking someone else’s name instead of using your own?

        -And why are you denying that you even knew who Freeway Rick was? He says he just got the name out of the air. He made it up. Word?

        -You went from Trick Daddy’s weed carrier in real life to kingpin in the booth. What happened in between?

        – If he was really in that life, his rhymes wouldn’t be so one-dimensional and repetitive. His rhyme stories are too Hollywood.

      • Ryan Cole

        Damn. You must’ve just started listening to rap and ignored people’s bios. 50 got permission from the original’s family AND his street cred is even verified by dudes that he has beef with. If guys who don’t even like you co-sign your history, what does that say? On top of that, Curtis Jackson never denied where he got his name from.

      • foshow38

        Good point..but the only thing that would be different from Officer Ross is that 50 cent was a real hood nigga prior to being a rapper!

      • atlantahiphopshop

        Now you’re describing a corrupt cop. Either way he loses. It’s the fact that he’s a liar out the gate that ruins his whole credibility. Take away the beard and tattoos and you got another lame rigging the system, again. SMH Hiding behind shades so you can’t see the lies in his eyes.

      • Twonpass


        i got some beach front property for sale in Montana for you…..

        really.. even Stevie Wonder can see William is lying….

      • Casor_G

        When did I say he wasn’t lying.? I said he exaggerates like everyone else. All these dudes steal names of real killers and drug kingpins. How is he different?

      • ILL Will

        FREEWAY RICK IS STILL ALIVE and walking this earth……All the other gangsters dead so it’s like a tribute to a fallen soldier….Rick Ross stole a living persons persona while he was locked down.

  2. RapItUp

    Freeway… Please.. Just go away.. Tired of seeing your old pathetic mug on these pages. We get it, you’re the REAL Rick Ross. Got it. Thanks, glad you’re not rotting in prison (although you deserve to) now please, amscray!!

      • RapItUp

        Ryan I am halfway trolling, but I do partially feel this way. I’ll come back to explain when I get home, as my job blocks disqus and it’s rather tedious doing this on the celly!

    • Killuminati

      now take that statement and substitute it with officer ricky and id like the comment…otherwise nah

      • RapItUp

        HAHAHA!! so original!! Never heard that one before!! Now hurry up, your 30 min. on the public library computer is almost up. Run along, now..

      • Gonja

        Nigga I’m at my desk I can do this shit all day if I want to be “lame”, but that’s dead, just learn how to read before writing dumb shit in the comments.

      • RapItUp

        I never said lame.. Why put it in quote? You’re obviously some punk kid at his SCHOOL desk.. Leave me alone junior, you’re bothering me.. And I’m positive I can read, write, articulate, and just straight out-class you.. Across the board.. This old tired bum Rick Ross is super annoying but you’re taking a quick trip to second

    • bigdoe6

      Fam if he was a fake i would be on your side but this dude is the real deal raw and uncut. Your favorite rapper made a good living by telling his story. It’s just too bad you don’t support the real.

      • RapItUp

        The real deal… Real deal what? Kingpin? Dope boy? Are y’all so pressed on what’s real or not to see this guy was just a mere pawn in the game? He wasn’t flying the planes over himself. He didn’t know Hector. He know Bradley, and Tanner down at the CIA.

        So, you negroes keep drinking that “real” kool-aid. This guy played a huge role in the destruction of black communities across LA and God knows where else in the country. “My favorite rapper” lol you dudes couldn’t be any more one dimensional. Good luck in the real world. Keep glorifying this asshole. And poor ‘Gonja’ down there is a few tracks short of an album, Lord help him

    • Montezuma1

      Lmao! Freeway is crazy man. They made the movie but it’s not about him. What a fool. He could’ve done this years ago.

      • RapItUp

        That’s what I’m saying! Right now it just seems like he’s reaching for relevancy! For the past few years. Super corny ex-kingpin!

  3. TimeWillTellu1

    This isn’t the real Rick Ross. Rick Ross is the big guy from Miami ha ha Dont be fooled by this phony Rick Ross trying to take shine away Rick Rozay ha ha SMH

  4. Roosevelt Five Fifths Media

    Every self-professed drug kingpin turned rapper should read this article and study the Iran-Contra scandal. Even Jay-Z cleverly mentioned the Iran-Contra scandal and Oliver North in his song “Blue Magic.” Accordingly, WAKE UP!! Hip hop needs to be original again and stop talking making inartful music about the things that they want you to rap about so you can destroy yourself, destroy your community, destroy your culture, and make other people who don’t care anything about you richer than they already are.

  5. ILL Will

    I think this story should be told….I bet their are legions of folks who don’t know how crack got here. Some people weren’t held accountable. Whole cities were destroyed by the same people who were supposed to protect. It truly is a deep story, slick mufkaz man. They picked a poor brother who couldn’t read to scapegoat

    • RapItUp

      He couldn’t read, maybe.. But even somebody who can’t read know what all them 0’s look like.. His moral compass was fucked, and I think instead of trying to defend his unholy ass name, he needs to just gracefully bow out and let his ‘legacy’ carry on. But if you look at the dolts who responded to me below, he’s the best thing since sliced bread. Because he’s ‘real’. Lol wow

      • Rolando Mota

        Well since there is a guy literally imitating this guy….you can say he real.

      • RapItUp

        Lol poor Rolando.. what I said went so completely far over your head, next time I’m gonna need you to digitally raise your hand before you blurt out again.. ok? the adults are speaking

      • Rolando Mota

        lol….sure it went over my head……ok

  6. eric


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