Hip Hop Rumors: Goin' Against the Grain: Future Spotted Hanging Out With Rihanna

While Cici is home getting in to the swing of things with motherhood, looks like Future has other plans…

RhymeswithSnitch reports:

“With Ciara back in LA caring for their barely a-month-old son Future Jr, Future Sr. was spotted at a club in New York partying with Rihanna into the wee hours of the night.

According to Necole Bitchie Rihanna and Future both arrived at the club around 3am on Saturday.

And this is no idle incident, people. The bad blood between Rihanna and Ciara runs deep [click here here here or here if you missed that].

Stirring the pot a bit Rihanna Tweeted just last week that “someone” ought to be grateful that she turned down their man.”



  • This is the part about being celebrity I would hate. Man can’t even kick it with folks without trying to disrupt your home life….exhausting

  • 6 weeks a long time to wait, plus u know riri goin, she a garage for all the drop top diks in the industry….but any way just cuz somebody chillin don’t mean sht. Also can anybody please tell me what the fk future be saying. Flipping the yam, whipping and flipping the yam turn a hard brick to a whatever the fk he said..bruh is butt booty azz meat on that rapping tip…beat tough but if skateboard p out rapping u its a problem. …

    • ukreporter1

      I guess you must have been up in garage to count the dicks huh? Where is your receipts for that speech.Everybody talking like they have been up in this girl’s vagina. You believe everything that is written or said about someone huh? If you feel that way NEVER deny what a lover hears or read about you true or lie. It’s back to the old adage , women and men can’t be friends unless they sleeping together. A bunch of BS. Just because Ciara and Rihanna were fueding she and Future should not be speaking to each other or hanging with each other? BS to that. Haters will hate.

      • Sorry bruh but u only read what u wanted to read off my comment, I don’t count diks bruh i play in poonani, so much so that I can tell a freak bitch when I see em. Riri may be your favorite artist but this sht ain’t even no where near serious to me..I could give 2 fks…commented cuz I was bored. I wouldn’t bang ol girl wit ur dik…..

  • RapItUp

    Ought to be grateful?? We give these heauxs too much power.. You oughta be lucky guys still want to risk their health sticking their rod in that public petri dish of disaster.. And she has just a step up from teenage boy body? B*tch please

  • GP

    this is exactly why black love don’t last. not taking up for future but when he first came out ri ri wouldn’t even touch dude, now he got a baby be her rival she wanna start something. Rapitup u right most men give them too much power. that’s y I still bang too short


    hoes gone be hoes

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  • Sean Power

    these niggas ain’t loyal lol ………..but could just business his try get another hit record to buy baby food

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  • JamieMehmetril

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  • jon dubock

    Drake’s heart just broke……again…

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  • AlbertoRipRon

    LOL Ciara, you are dumb for getting pregnant by dude.

  • disqus_8gQkV1Y55t

    Exactly how do you ppl jump to these conclusions??? Seriously….there is no proof of ANYTHING…..