Hip-Hop Rumors: Guess What New York Rapper T.I. Is Gonna Sign?

I am hearing some goodies on these these streets, y’all! Before I go on, RIP Doe B. Doe B represented the next level in Grand Hustle Records, but he was tragically killed. Now, we are looking at another situation that may push the Grand Hustle Brand along and I think T. I. is going to change the game with this one.

Recognize this guy?

Of COURSE you do! ITS TROY AVE! He’s hot in these streets and I hear he’s going to be the latest member of the Grand Hustle Family!


T.I. laughing all the way to the bank.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Juherd

    He laughing to the bank? Why? Cause Troy Ave bout to be the new Eminem or 50? Man, you a joke.

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      I agree if that was the case then lloyd banks would be multiplatinum by now and he is nice. This is a bad move on Troys part. The only rappers from NY still selling is Fab and Jay that is it. 50 albums have been doing bad.

      • yamotherlovesmeCRACK

        what is fab selling? what album has he put out lately?

  • I hope Troy didn’t hold out from signing to make this move.No disrespect,but he’d be better off w/ his own movement or deal.

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  • Griss

    I hope it aint true T.I.P been dead for years and he aint gone help this boy … someone from NYC needs to pick the boy up he wont even mix with them dudes

  • Personally i haven’t seen where Troy Ave has made such great music…i get the whole 50 influence but all i see is a arrogant artist in interviews who shits on other artist and then i watched the summer jam performance and really wasn’t impressed…just see another rapper havent seen nothin special yet…t.i. Musically hasnt had anything super dope since the trouble man album…most of his features have been pretty average, but he has enough going on to substain without music.

    • I too don’t see the big deal about him. his new york city album was ok. he’s better off signing with the parent company atlantic rather than sign with another rapper. imo

      • Alantic probably wouldnt have taken him without the T.I. Co sign…he’s the biggest artist at Atlantic…kind of hard to brek a new artist without the co sign

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Exactly what i said above. True point!

  • heavyboy

    To whomever wrote this, “Laughing all the way to the bank” is premature. First you gotta make the money…… then you can start laughing.

    • johnblacksad

      selling the bear’s skin before killin it sh!t… smh

    • johnblacksad

      counting your chicken before they have hatched sh!t… smh

      • heavyboy

        The writer can’t even confirm that he signed him yet so how the hell is anyone laughing to the bank???

    • johnblacksad

      laughin at those who drowned when you’re not done crossing the river sh!t… smh

  • Jared

    No hate to the South at all but if he’s suppose to BE bringing the NYC movement back why sign to Tip of all places?

  • Spikiyanko

    You guys are talking about how NY is supposed to sign this dude but who in NY is as active is TIP is? 50? Jay? Dipset? Think about it, NY dont run rap no more… Sign Troy sign, you’ll be Family Hustle a couple of times…

    • EniggaMA

      what NY running rap have to do wit anything tho?

    • Spirit Equality

      No city is “running rap”. Atlanta artists have hot singles and album flops (Soulja Boy, Gucci, etc). Houston artists created an influential style that artists from other cities are running with (ASAP Rocky). LA has TDE, but Game lost (?) his deal and Nipsey doesn’t want one. Miami has Ross and some Ace Hood album flops. No city is “running” rap.

  • dee

    I swear thats play son from kid n play

    • Lmao same greasy ass 4 head….

  • Guillaume Pilon

    hes hot??????

    nah not really

    nobody is checking for him

  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    i like how they asked “recognize this guy?” i was like hell no.but then since they said of course i do how can i not know who this dude is…oooopps my bad.

    • When they asked that shid I was finna say, “Is tht tha dude from House Party?!”

  • Spirit Equality

    Does Grand Hustle even have a distribution situation yet? They put out that Iggy Azalea (or however you spell it) album through Def Jam, but I seem to remember TI saying he wanted $100 million to partner Grand Hustle with a label (which I don’t think he’ll get from any label, let alone Def Jam). There are a lot of people on Grand Hustle still waiting to come out. Maybe Troy Ave would be better off indie than sitting on TI’s shelf.

    • Ipullcards

      I think he’s getting 50 mill from what I’ve been hearing!

    • B.O.B. Does pretty well over at Grand Hustle and truth be told prior to his untimely death Doe B. Was making quite a bit of noise

      • Spirit Equality

        Do you want me to name all the other Grand Hustle artists who can’t get a release date who aren’t named BoB?

      • Myleage

        u mean killer mike and young dro? who have albums out?

      • Spirit Equality

        Killer Mike has been releasing indie albums with El-P, none of which came out on Grand Hustle.
        When was the last time Young Dro released an album on Grand Hustle?
        My point is, the majority of the label roster hasn’t had a recent release date *through Grand Hustle*.

      • Myleage

        killer mike released pl3dge with grand hustle and dro came out with the album high times late last year. go to best buy you will see it

      • Absolutely…i would love to get this run down from you of grand hustle artist who currently have a strong enough buzz to put an album out for right now…mind you Iggy just dropped an top 10 album, and Dro album came out a few months ago when FDB was bubbling, so yes i’d like for you to name all of the GH artist that dont have a release date…oh yeah and theyre gonna drop the Doe B album as well.

      • Spirit Equality

        It’s not about who “has a strong enough buzz”. There are *major* record labels releasing new product all the time: some with buzz, some without much buzz at all. Key word: major. If Troy Ave wants a release date, he should sign directly to a major, not to a label run by a guy who can’t secure release dates for the majority of his roster.

      • If thats the case rundown the list of artist on majors who dont have release dates..most are unknown altogether, an artist as a label head understands the fustrations of an album being shelved so they work harder to get the releases…but i am still waiting to see your “list” of ppl on GH that doesnt have release dates…i think you just threw that out there and really have no real names to back that claim up….and yes indy or major what sense would it make to release an album if the artist doesnt have a big enough buzz to recoupe the money invested to put out the album??? I get that ppl justbsay random stuff on the internet but your argument holds no weight because nothing you’ve said has been accurate from a business standpoint.

  • EniggaMA


    • Ipullcards

      True but tip already said he was stepping away from rap

  • IceBergSlim

    This dude is wack..get your own style slim

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      go at the new york rappers that sound like they from the south, at least troy sound like new york!

  • GP

    I wouldn’t sign with T.I. dude have had a classic album since im serious, well urban legend was hot and so was king after that….. But troy ave with grand hustle I would say ti doing that to prevent 50 from jumping dude or he knows 50 going go at troy ave so that would help troy ave sell. not a bad move on t.i. business part, but dude signed B.G. and couldn’t do nothing with him. so if I was troy ave I’d be talking to jigga.

    • Myleage

      trap muzik, king, paper trail were all classics. b.g. said t.i. gave him a chance. no one wanted him til t.i. called up atlantic and made them sign him which is why b.g. was so grateful. but when t.i. kept going to prison, atlantic wouldnt focus on b.g. t.i. def help b.g. out and put him on two platinum albums. jigga nowadays doesnt have any real street rappers. look at what happened to beanie and bleek.

      • GP

        you right I forgot about trap muzik and paper trail.

  • Slaughtr

    I don’t even know who the fck a Troy Ave is nowadays niggaz like jiffy pop and instant chocolate milk then co sign like he’s some beast (yawn)… come on man where the innovators???!!!

  • thats gonna be the dumbest move ever!

  • YahMamma

    Troy don’t have a lane now that 50 took his hypemen back..

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  • DJ Exquizit

    that could work for troy ave…it just depends on the deal…T.I. can market him into the mainstream…im sure it can be beneficial for both parties as well as east coast hiphop

  • Obi Won

    It could be a good move for both, but these are two huge ego-maniacs.
    Troy already feels like he’s the KoNY, and TIP could use a refreshment in the game.

  • Sadat

    I was thinking he should stay independent but T.I. might give him that push he needs. But then again, T.I had some talent on Grand Hustle. He had Meek before Ross got him and let him get away so I question if he even knows how to give his artist that push. If there is truth to this, will see. Plus Troy Ave can use some guidance. He has to figure out who he is and work on being the first Troy Ave instead of the next 50 cent.

    • Jdilla2982 .

      I think Meek would of still been there wit GH if TIP didnt go to jail

      • Sadat


      • Breeze

        That’s the only reason why he went with ross. Shits fucked up tho cuz he probably wouldn’t have done shit with meek anyway.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      TI got locked and stalled everything. Meek had to move on. but going with MMG was better…. more airplay and facetime!

      • Sadat

        True indeed

      • Sadat

        Lets see what happens with this Troy Ave guy…

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        im curious to see if he can capitalize half as much as Meek did with the MMG signing….

      • Sadat

        I just don’t see him doing as well as Meek cause he’s putting himself in a box were as though Meek appeals to masses. He will do ok though. But just ok I’m predicting.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        i think your right…. he definitely will have HIS crowd but he wont be stealing anyones fanbase any time soon. lol

  • Signing your life away seem so old school…Why can’t these artist continue to grind and make it on their own?


    I’m about to beat my meat to my own website.


  • Breeze

    Only other artist on grand hustle really getting that music money is b.o.b.