Rihanna and Jay-Z

Hip Hop Rumors: Hov Wants RihRih To Clean Up Her Act!!!

Hmmm…this may not go over well.

As we all know Jay-Z just signed Rihanna on to his label RocNation. Well word is before they get started he wants RihRih to clean up her bad gyal act and take a few notes from the Queen Bey.

DishNation reports:

“”Jay Z is so enamored with his superstar wife’s style and image that he’s urging his longtime protégé Rihanna to clean up her bad girl image by dressing and acting more like Queen Bey.

The rap mogul – who discovered the Barbados-born beauty nearly a decade ago — recently signed Rihanna to his Roc Nation record label.

Now, a music industry insider tells Dish Nation, “Jay is trying to shape a less ghetto, more elegant image for Rihanna. He wants her to ditch the sheer dresses” – like the nearly nude one she wore to the June 2nd CDFA Awards – “and the marijuana logos and references.

“Jay warned Rihanna that he runs a tight ship. He suggested she tone down her drinking, smoking and partying and go on juice cleanse to rid her body of toxins.”

“Jay also told Rihanna to curtail some of her more outrageous social media posts.”

Not so coincidentally, Rihanna quit Instagram last month.

But the Jigga Man pulled out the big gun when he asked Beyonce – whom Rihanna once referred to as “gorgeous, a stab to my self esteem” – to mentor the ‘Diamonds’ singer.

Says the source, “Beyonce is giving Rihanna tips on speaking more eloquently in interviews and she went through her wardrobe and tossed out some of the wilder stuff, like too-short denim daisy dukes and leather chaps.”

“Beyonce also suggested less garish wigs and makeup, and she’s pushing for a moratorium on Rihanna getting anymore tattoos.”

“Jay also banned Rihanna from any future communication with Chris Brown and he was a driving force behind Rihanna dumping Drake, because he’s dissed Jay in the past.””

Looks like Hov refuses to take a loss…Rihanna better hop onboard quick!

  • Da Ledgendary

    This sounds like complete bullshit.

  • jd

    I read the 1st sentence and was like “Damn, why did I click on this?” I’m sorry brain. I’m out.

    • Real sht

    • RapItUp

      I’m sorry brain, lmaoo!!

  • Dhz30

    “i want you to stop doing all the shit that keeps you in the headlines and makes you marketable to this ratchet ass generation”

    • Roxy

      Jay Z is just hitting her where it most hurts: in her pocket. She either shapes up or ships out. It’s that simple. Haha, I’d love to see the look on her face.

      • 5% Hov

        He was being sarcastic you fool.
        The story is Bull.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    ““Jay is trying to shape a less ghetto, more elegant image for Rihanna.”

    WOW…………less “ghetto” thats pretty anti semetic. i wonder if the ADL going to get at Dish Nation and this bogus story? or did the jew’ish people trick us again.

    • cry me a river

    • Brindle

      LMAO… that comment struck me too… she do what she do because that’s how they get down in Barbados, not a good or bad or “ghetto” thing….

    • 5% Hov

      Anti Semitic means Anti people of Semitic Origin.

      Thats means mainly ARABS>

    • Elayorx El

      I’m wondering if this comment went way above heads, because from my angle, it should be nominated for post of the year, thus far. I see you, BK. Respect.

  • Where this shit come from? Sound like sum bs, besides u can’t change a lil ho by just talkn

    • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

      hit her in that pocket book i bet she will fly right

  • GP

    jay shud want her to clean out her twat!

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  • Sean Power

    she was just backstage with drake at summer jam lol

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Rihanna has never sang a song about giving head in the back of a limo until her man cums “on her gown”.

    Bey has. Pretty sure she’s not the standard in classy anymore.

    • ThaTruth4

      Just because she sung about something sexual (which by the way, everyone does it, & her job is 2 entertain), doesn’t make her any less classy, just makes her normal (to most of us).

      • David Gonz

        shes a byter. a no class byter.

      • 5% Hov


        Act like her album didnt crush your world

      • David Gonz


      • Ray

        Thanks for pointing that out, Nemesis Enforcer is an idiot.

  • ericsmith

    hay I would have done the same thing to my home girl

  • digitallife

    This sounds more like don’t compete with my wife than clean up your act…did we miss something or was her most recent awards show appearance virtually a strip club moment on stage lap dance and all..so we are supposed to think she should be like Bey? Ok break out a pole then….

  • John Q. Public

    …well I like Rihanna just the way she is

    • johnblacksad

      damn… I need a rear camera view asap!

    • Slick Blak


    • dehova

      Kinda makes me wish Beyonce would dress like Rihanna

      • John Q. Public

        …almost there

      • dehova

        Is that photoshopped? If not praise be upon you Sir!
        And to think AHH are saying he’s cheating on that with a snow bunny

      • John Q. Public

        not photoshop… off one of her music vids from her new album

  • JamieMehmetril

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  • Realist4200

    How’s Rihanna “ghetto”? She just goes by the rules of Sex Sells.

    That b!tch Iggy Azalea acts (lots and lots of emphasis on the word Acts) more ghetto than Rihanna.

    Is Prince ghetto too? Madonna?

    • Roxy

      Yes, they are but JayZ doesn’t care about them. She is lucky there is still someone who cares about her. The way she’s been acting she is just going downhill.

      • 5% Hov

        Your brain has ZERO critical thing abilities.

        How do you now what Jay said or didnt say?? When have you ever heard him say anything about Rhianna??

      • Roxy

        You’re the fool. It’s “critical thinking” not ‘thing’. Second, you don’t care about my post, so skip it. If this is just rumor and it pisses you off, then why are you here reading it? Gossip blogs are just for that: entertainment. I read it as an outlet for after work. Go take a chill pill. You obviously need it. And by the way, change that ugly picture of yours. If you are indeed that ugly, find something more decent to put instead of your face.

  • Golgo 13

    ye i don’t like the weed smoking Rihanna at all

  • brotha_man

    jay gotta keep his side chick focused

  • ShortDogg

    A bunch of made up shit! Jay did not say anything.

  • This is why I respect Jay-Z because he is really about his business and he is not into all that scandal stuff…lol……..Rihanna need to realize that she is a mega superstar now, sometimes you have to elevate and drop old habits,,,Rihanna is too big of a celeb to be in the back of some club drunk and high with her boobs out…..In my opinion Rihanna is showing to the world that being a celeb is not fun, and been a regular basic everyday person like you and I is much more fun and exciting. #justsaying

    • 5% Hov

      I respect Jay because he’s a mogul.
      Not because the gossip websites make up some bullshit about what he ALLEGEDLY said to someone about how much cloth to wear…

      • Dude you act like it’s so out of the norm for Jay to say such a thing to her…She is his artist/investment it’s not that far fetched.

  • lando

    And this is coming from the camel’s own mouth. I don’t think so. Eventually she will calm down as she gets older.

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  • ChicagosHope

    That makes no sense since Bay wears next to nothing on video shoots…

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  • am just glad rihri is changing for a good reason…she shuld st it with CB …DRAKE was ryt

  • Faceda59

    This just says to me Jay likes to control people under his wing.She is not Beyonce and doesn’t have to be.You can’t tell people who they can date or wear.Wtf is wrong wit yall?

    • Roxy

      I agree that he can’t tell her who to date. She is free to date whomever. BUT at the same time he is stepping in to help her. A hoe image apparently and supposedly blends in among erratic young people but on the long run she will lose respect and credibility. Besides that she is not getting any younger. What is she going to do? Age and continue acting like an old hoe? Good for him for stepping in on time. Someone had to admonish her.

    • 5% Hov

      So you just read the article, skipped the bit where it says “insider” code word for “bullshit”….
      assumed its real… then assume stuff about Hov… a dude you never met…


  • Roxy

    It was about time somebody stepped in and did something about her improper behavior. She was out of line and needed to be put in place. Adopting a stupid, arrogant, ignorant attitude was taking her nowhere; perhaps the second Lindsay Lohan. Beyonce is the right person to admonish her. You don’t see Beyonce with tatoos or drinking and smoking pot, or stooping as low as to have beef on twitter with her husband’s exes, or showing her nudity or cussing on twitter or IG and the list goes on. Beyonce is classy, calm, cool, composed and collected. Rihanna needs dozens of glamour tips and how to act and look like a lady, not a hoe. She is not getting any younger and she’s making herself look like a fool becoming the laughing stock of everyone. “Oh but she’s sexy” Yeah, right, but no man wants to wife a hoe or a slut. I’m glad someone finally stepped in and put her in her place.

    • In my opinion RiRi is showing to the world that she instigated the situation between herself and Chris Brown…This guy is messed up for the rest of his life, while she is still a loose cannon. Only a matter of time until she puts her hand on someone and then the tables will turn.

  • Glasscut

    These Thots running wild says uncle ruckus.. Jay lucky he’s talking to that girl i’d sell her to the africans

  • 5% Hov



    I wasn’t going to beat it today but I accidentally went on my site again…