Slowbucks' Entire 12-Minute Press Conference On Summer Jam Incident

At the Bostany Law Firm in the Trump Towers, Trademark and Copyright attorney  John P Bostany spoke on behalf of the present Slowbucks in regards to the recent assault and robbery at Hot 97’s Summer Jam.

Check out Slowbucks full press conference outlining his investigation on 50 Cent and others:

  • digitallife

    Get yours if you can..they did him dirty and he seems like he’s about to do em even dirtier. Ain’t no real limit on brand damages, personal yes..brand? NO!!

    • Mind Design

      Most intelligent response here.

  • Tureign Jamez

    this is shameful promotion on behalf of slowyucks…

  • Tureign Jamez

    thebasementradiodotcom were playing this and clowing them and the laywer

  • Dointer

    Brand damages? If the owner of Burger King gets his workers to beat up the owner of Mcdonalds its not going to make me stop buying my burgers from Mcdonalds.

    • Guest

      that made no sense. if they were on hiphops biggest stage, they are there to promote each other’s business and leverage off each other. he got jumped and got robbed which is an act of defamation since in hiphop culture, someone who gets robbed is looked at as a punk or a loser. its defamation………

      • Dointer

        “they were on hiphops biggest stage, they are there to promote each other’s business and leverage off each other. ”

        Really ? Which page of the rules of concert performing handbook did that come from ?

  • born2shine

    i cant completely disagree with this. it may seem like sucka shit but the way he got yapped for his chain was sucka shit too. when u cant fight fire with fire, pour water on that bitch lol

    • Dan_Tebasco

      “when u cant fight fire with fire, pour water on that bitch” dope quote lol, but Slowbucks gonna lose much more than his chain from this

      • born2shine

        oh most definitely… his street cred is FINITO 👎👎👎👎 SMH

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    at the beginning when that lady walked in – I thought it was a alien

  • djdyg

    Can’t feel bad for the guy, everyone knew and said after he took that pic with 50’s son that he was gonna get delt with. He only got a tiny lil beating and his chain took, no big deal. He should have just gone on twitter and said he took a L and kept it moving and in 2 weeks everybody would have forgotten. this is ruining his brand.

    If game can get away with beating 40 glocc up on camera, this guy ain’t winning shit.

    • Dointer

      For real, judge a man by his enemies…….I think if Slowbucks takes this approach, he will take the L and keep on movin.

  • johnblacksad

    Hold up… I don’t get it… we’re havin press conferences now to explain how you got your chain snatched?!

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    When I saw that pic I thought it was a SNL skit parodying the thing or something

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  • Phibes

    Dude looks scared as hell in that video. The look on his face when his lawyer mentions 50’s name is priceless.I think he Sh*t himself. Lol

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  • Montezuma1

    Sue Hot 97.1

    • EL_BARK


  • GP

    he looks slow.

    • Joseph Thomas

      hence the name…..Slowbucks

  • Franky Babylon

    Maybe him and 40 glock can start a group. Niggas start beef, then get beat up and sue. Jesus and here I am wanting people to go back to just fighting and stop all the sucks ass shooting. Just take your L, man up.

    • GP

      lol. I agree franky. they should call the couple the no hands band. did 40 get knocked out by game after he ran his mouth?

      • Franky Babylon

        Lol @ No Hands Band. I don’t believe 40 was KO’d but supposedly he was beat up or jumped at gunpoint. What I do know is 40 had many videos if him and his crew running up on people. Same happens to him and he wants to sue.

        This is just as bad as snitching on yo connect or people, when nobody made you sell dope. People choose a lifestyle and then start cry they a victim.

  • Ipullcards

    This nigga had a press conference with his lawyer and a camera smh lol. He just got his pass revoked.. Snitching on tv? Smh

  • JamieMehmetril

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  • lando

    What did Slowbucks do besides take a pic with his son?

    • GQ

      Thats all he needed to do.

      • lando

        Really, yo thats the stupidest shit ever. 50 just needs attention. I could see if he did something to his son but a pic.

      • GQ

        If we beefing and you take a pic with my son, I’m at yo head too! AND You got my other enemies around my kid, taking a pic as to say “Fck you, I can get you touched”.. believe me, the average person woulda took more than a chain.

      • lando

        See you didn’t tell me all that. Thats a different story right there.

      • GQ

        Hell yea

      • Automatik

        And they were in a music video and the song was dissing 50

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  • Brian Loys

    Even this dudes boy meek mills said he should not b on the sage:. All angles show fifty and fab near the front. 150 looked over in the video all he saw was some big ass dude pick the chain up from the four small book had taken off running at that moment.. If the chain was snatched that means the lock it would have been broken however when people were passing the chain along they will put in it over there next and letting it hang which means what the lock was not broken the chain was not snatched

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