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Dame Dash Talks CEO Beef W/ Lyor Cohen, Responds To Funkmaster Flex + MORE

(AllHipHop News) Earlier today, Dame Dash responded to Funkmaster Flex’s rant during his appearance on The Combat Jack Show last night(June 5th). In his interview he explains why he wants to have “CEO beef”, Funkmaster Flex, Steve Stoute helping Jay Z get sued and more. Dame Dash was one of the most powerful record executives during one of Hip Hop most volatiles times in the early 2000s. During that time his Roc-A-Fella artists had engaged in beefs with D-Block, Nas and others. However, Dash now feels that CEOs should no longer benefit from rapper beef:

These CEOs  have made so much money off of rap beef for so long. It’s not like when two rappers have a problem with each other they sit them down to squash it. They actually put a battery in their back. Sort of like a battery might have been in Flex’s back and have them beef with each other and make money off the winner.

Six months after Dash’s DD172 Record label released Curren$y’s Pilot Talk II, Curren$y signed to Warner Bros Records. At the time, Lyor Cohen was the chairman and chief executive at Warner, a fact Dash says Cohen used against him by using Curren$y:

I also noticed that these corporate people were trying to bomb on me and making it look like I had a beef with a rapper to keep the beef off of them. But I couldn’t really answer right then and there, because guys like Lyor Cohen were using people like Warner Bros [Records] money to fund his personal issues. So, I can’t fight a man when he’s using somebody else’s money, especially when I’m funding other businesses. So I was like, Imma let him get that off. Imma see what they do for the next five years.

Lyor Cohen left Warner Bros Records a year after signing Curren$y, which Dash viewed as making him vulnerable. Cohen is now running an independent label, 300 and Dash remarks that he doesn’t have “other people’s money to use to do all of those corporate tricks he used to do.” Dash wants to “make money off of CEO beef instead of making money off of rap beef.” One monetization method Dame has come up with is holding a public debate with Lyor Cohen. One of Flex’s claims was that Dash accused Cohen of being a culture vulture, however used his financial backing for Roc-A-Fella when Def Jam purchased a stake in the company in 1997. According to Dame, not only did he not “use any of Lyor’s money”, he sold a stake in the company to improve Roc-A-Fella’s independence.

When Flex was like ‘you used their money.’ No I didn’t use any of Lyor’s money. I used Universal’s money. I sold it. We sold it. We made equity and we sold half. The reason why we sold them half is so they can fund it. We were partners 50/50. We built equity and earned it based on a multiple. But of a businessperson, or rather, a person who has a job wouldn’t understand that.

According to Dame, when Jay Z was arrested in 1999 for stabbing record executive Lance “Un” Rivera, Steve Stoute “got Un the lawyer to sue Jay.” Around 1999 Rivera had his label Untertainment Records under Epic Records which was a subsidiary of Columbia Records, where Stoute was a record executive at.

Check out the full 2 hour+ interview on The Combat Jack Show below:

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  • Never Bet Against Dame…He Truly is The Ultimate Hustler and has helped make alot of ppl alot of Money…Every Nigga Aint a Dummy.

    • SBRon

      Yeah, but it’s damn near 2015…NOT 2000!!!!

      • If anything that makes the argument even stronger…Dame did all that he did prior to the internet age….imagine if Dame had access to twitter,ig,fb,itunes etc back then…he got that off straight muscle and hustle…cant take it from him.

      • EricHiesenberg

        actually its benign in Dames point.

      • Huh?

  • Swagavelli

    He hustle’s off of other people’s talent. If Jay doesn’t become Jay then Dame is a nobody.

    • GP

      if jay doesn’t become jay!<—— help me out with this one, lol. naw just playing I got what you saying but all in all your right!

      • Swagavelli

        Bro what is this interview even about all I heard is im from Harlem and don’t ask about another mans business and I don’t hold money???

      • GP

        brah I don’t even know, I think the fighting over who going be the spokesperson for men hair club. lol two wet coffe bean head niccas , naw two dry tootsie pop head niccas, naw two marble madness dome niccas, lol

      • Mind Design

        If you didn’t get anything out of the interview then it say a lot about you. One of the most powerful thing he kept drilling in this interview is that the the culture should stop fallen for the trap of rap beef. It makes Blacks look stupid and makes the vultures money.

  • dee

    Like I said before anybody thats against fuk flex Im on they side idc if its donald sterling

  • GP

    Funk flex looks like a wet hot pocket and dame dash reminds me of bald bull from mike Tyson punch out!

  • Niki

    Dame, aside from explaining your thoughts on the hip hop culture and the vultures, you need to stop saying pause…no one is expecting you to suck another mans d*ick etc…so stop with the homophobic rhetoric, please…you’ll sound more intelligent without the “pause” nonsense…please it’s very childish, I am just asking you as a patron of the arts who understand humanistic and cultural ideals….don’t taint your thoughts with trying to remain a “man” who is “straight” who despises “culture vultures”

  • I don’t care what Dame has to say..Once he makes all that money back he will stop complaining…..White folks complain and speak out when they have money, black people complain and speak out when they are broke. #justsaying

    • Casor_Greener

      Yep! He just mad mayne. It’s hard to accept personal responsibility…Especially for your losses

    • Troll_E_G

      Foh with that slave mentality…u thinking highly of white folks to say that smh….no way in the world Dame broke and even if he was…y throw ya brother under the bus when he tryna promote black economic independence

      • All I am saying is why are most of these dudes promoting economic independence after they loose it big?…You can’t deny that Dam lost a lot of money in the industry…When he was “Big Pimpin” the only thing he cared about was his own economic independence.

      • DJ7

        He addressed cats like you in this very interview…what type of MAN eye hustles another MAN’S pockets? Insecure ones? borderline botty boy? Wtf is up with that?

        Kicking mud on a cat dropping *knowledge* is suspect and one has to question your motives. Wtf is up with that?

        The way you constantly whine about 50 kicking mud on other successful black men in your multitude of comments on AHH, you’re quick to do the same ish. Wtf is up with that?

        Just a few “scratch your head” questions for you to ponder…

        Don’t rush to respond…it’s not really necessary… anybody that’s caught your hypocritical views in the past is already agreeing with my post & we’re laughing at you….right about now…

        Carry on

  • Zookee

    Funniest interview I’ve heard in a long time. Flex can’t recover in my eyes.

    • Mec-One

      Flex lost when he started putting hands on girls and co-signing Cee’s whole movement ….. smh

  • Deanna93

    I understand both what Flex and Dame are talking about, I fully comprehend the two, quite different approaches to the (music) business. The problem here is, that they talk and talk and talk past each other, and not try to understand the other side of the story.

    Dame talks all day about empowering the culture, meanwhile Flex is talking about real money and the current state of the game and how it’s done. The sad thing is, that until the people who love the culture, the so called “fans” themselves don’t become real supporters, and don’t put their money into supporting these ideas that Dame has, nothing will happen. Money talks, Flex knows that. As long as the current generation of hip-hop artists’ major financial support comes from a non-black audience, hip-hop won’t change its way to the direction these people want it to. I’d love to see the day when the topic of conversation would be “which is my favorite album of the year that I bought”, instead of “who’s music is trash at the moment”.

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  • Montezuma1

    Well Dame may have his own motives but let the mudslinging commence. NONE of these guys were any good so why not sit back and enjoy the show and get valued insight as to what to expect and how to deal with the game. Instead of rooting for one or the other just peep game. Lots of natural cheerleaders here who don’t know how to do much else I see.

    • Troll_E_G

      How can u say neither is good esp Dame

      • Montezuma1

        Because Dame is making sense today doesn’t erase his history. Dame was young and obnoxious and loved the spotlight too much to be a serious behind the scenes player. Seems like he’s grown up but we’ll never know until he starts poppin again, if it happens. if so then the change is real. I liken it to people who find religion when in prison and backslide the minute they’re released. Ultimately I think Dame had his time. He’s 42 and looks every bit of 50. Life has taken a heavy toll on him. He may not be able to do it again though. Perhaps someone can learn from what he says and not make the same mistakes. Peace.

    • Zookee

      This was the perspective I came here looking for. You said exactly what I suspected you would (if you commented at all). Now my confirmation bias is confirmed will indeed watch and learn, and so should the rest of you.

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    They’re both right, but in the end Flex is on point: Dame missed digital & let Jay-Z realize he didn’t have his best interests in mind all of the time! That’s why he had NO clue Jay-Z was dumping him for a better situation.

    • Keith N.

      Ask anyone who was in the game back then…Dame stuck his neck out for Jay Z. How you think Roc-A-Fella was built into the empire that helped Jay catapult to where he is now? Dame Dash’s business tactics. Also, Flex saying Dame missed digital is 100% untrue becasue Dame had his own site which housed ALL of the videos of Curren$y, K.R.I.T., Stalley, etc when they FIRST got hot(2010)..and he had his own shows on there..it was called CreativeControl. If there’s ANYONE who missed the digital age…it’s Flex(who JUST recently got a site and social media presence like 2 years ago).

      • digitallife

        Some day the truth will see the light bruh…that’s the thing about hip-hop it’s a what have you done for me lately business. This man literally took his own money to build the roc, him and the silent partner…they bought jay out of his contract with relativity…we may have never heard of Jay if Dame didn’t believe so much in dude he’d risk his future for him but to hear people say it Jay never needed dame.

    • 5% Hov

      Nah you crazy… Creative Control??
      How many videos did you see them put out.
      At one point they were everywhere….

      As for Jay …. He knew but his loyalty didnt let him believe it…


  • Papi Peligro

    All of this is what’s wrong with Hiphop. It was supposed to be about Unity. Everybody at every point just a lame snake in the grass. Flex sound like a B!tch in heat when he talking. He done D Rode for so long. Dame trying to talk you in circles like a sales person. People writing want the article so they’ll talk about stuff with no meaning. Fighting on Twitter but won’t do nothing. Robbing and videoing it. Note to all of you nobody on this no more. Nobody likes PEOPLE WITH NO SUBSTANCE. No substance to any of this.

  • Immortal

    All this talk about “rap beefs” vs “CEO beefs” and the money that is made of each. Lets try a “new/old” tactic and end the “beefs” make some quality music and get the money that’s out there. Beef to me is Kool Mo De and LL, UTFO and Roxanne, Hammer and those damn hammer pants. Breakin vs. Beat Street. PE, KRS and Rakim vs ANYONE on the mic. Those are beefs; this crap we have today is childish tantrums for attention.

  • Eli Pinilla

    “smarts are great but if not accompanied with character, morales , and humility; it’s just another trait”

    This is what someone said about dame who did business with him….I agree

  • Ipullcards

    I see what dames doing. Say what you want he’s going on the offense towards the ppl who slighted him and kicked him while he was going through his break up. He could spend mor energy getting to the money all this is doing is giving him free pub..

  • doeboy215

    Come on B. I get it, you got a problem with Lyor and Joie, complaining about them making money off the culture. But its not like he aint rob some people in his day. He danced around owing beans 1 mil for state prop clothing deal. He danced around paying interns. He danced around owing currency money. Currency has said that he owes him money. Everyone in state prop was getting raped thru there deal. Dame is a smart dude. He aint doing all this for nothing. Everything Dame does is a calculated chess move. The real reason he doing all this will come to light soon. Oh and flex is lame, I don’t even know why he felt the need to put his two sense in.

    • Clondyke Classic

      He bout to drop a book or something most likely

  • I’m going to put it like this, both Dame and Flex have been involved in a few shady business practices which seemed to be a norm at the time. They’re both as bad as each other IMO.

    I really think these grown men should just stop airing each other’s dirty laundry in public and cease making themselves laughing stocks.

    • 5% Hov

      One is an Employee.
      One is a Boss who impacted the culture globally.
      Totally different.

      • I’m not disputing that one is a business man and the other being employed.

        I’m stating that they’re as bad as each other.

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  • 5% Hov

    5 things I took from Dames 2 hour interview (AIR OUT) on Combat Jack…. as a Young Business Owner

    1) Dame IS right

    2) Dame is still a little salty and bitter. (you can’t blame him) But he definitely is not mad at JAY. At at all.

    3) Dame is a hero entrepreneur – Independent tycoon that deserves respect. Meaning he was Indie before you know what Indie was.

    4) Funk Flex has an employee slave mentality. How can he possibility to relate to what a Business Man has to do out here..

    5) The Breakfast Club… Hot 97… Big Boi – all need to give Dame a proper Interview and stop acting like we the public dont wanna hear what dude has to say. The Black Ball must stop.

    *6/// Dame did alot for our culture – business wise. Personally I want this man to prosper.

  • Church AV Brooklyn

    Funkmaster Flex is a fukkn Coon, a uncle Tom ,a house nigga and last but not least a fukk nigga!!. We need to rid our community of these sell outs. Flex is buffin that “jew” Knob. He actually put himself on the spot by involving himself, thus solidifying his spot and loyalty to the “jews” whom are behind the curtains pulling the strings. Dame Dash is talking some real shit, we should be in control of the program since we are the ones most affected(Negatively) by the music . The “jews” have been controlling and manipulating the “black” community from day 1 in good ol Amerikkka. The “jews” funded, controlled and profited from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade aka African Slavery in the USA. The “jews” own most of the section 8 houses in the ghettos throughout Amerikkka, Most of the Judges in America are “jews” because you have to be a lawyer to be a judge and “jews” are bred to be lawyers 90% of the time. Hence Private Prisons aka modern day slavery, cheap labor(10 cents a hour) to produce products for companies such as Dell, Nike & Victorias Secret just to name a few. Its a real Quagmire that we are in, but we can get out of it. We have to get serious about our education(Lawyers,Doctors,Engineers etc.) and start practicing group economics(Spend your money with black businesses only) like we did in the past (Black Wall Street, Harlem Renaissance). Most of these sports teams are owned by these same “jews”. Just stating the facts. We dont need a leader anymore, all they gone is kill him/her. Just look out for your own first and last. BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER! BLACK POWER!!!!!!! #ControlYourDestiny #Blackpower #FUNKFLEXCOON

    • Troll_E_G

      This made me proud to know its more brothers like me out here ….#Black Power

    • Abibi Fawohodie

      Protestants Dominated the Slave Trade and the Jews made money with them but I feel you. The Protestants dominated the slave trade. Jews got into the slave trade after they got kicked out of Portugual they created mulatto children called Lancadoes and traded and betrayed Africans.

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  • Kevin Anthony

    Not everybody scared to put on for the culture and say something. Different. Kevin Anthony-21 soundcloud


    I wasn’t going to beat it today but I accidentally went on my site again…


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