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Gucci Mane Says He'll Knock Game Out On New Diss Song "The Definition"

Gucci Mane is currently incarcerated for federal gun possession, however a new song from him entitled “The Definition” has been released. In the song, Gucci throws shots at Jeezy’s CTE label and states he’s “robbed a few Cali n*ggas” after starting with Game:

Game the definition of a rap nigga/I’m not a lover or a figher, I’m a trap n*gga/On Twitter talking about you want to scrap n*gga/Well, I’ll knock yo ass out and drag you to the trap n*gga.

While there is no information on when Gucci Mane recorded the song, the lyrics suggest it is in relation to Gucci’s boxing challenge to rappers he laid out two years ago. Game was the first rapper to respond to the challenge during an interview with VladTV  a week later stating that he would take Gucci up on that challenge.

Check out Gucci Mane’s “The Definition” diss song to Game below:

  • Mac7504

    How is this fool not blackballed yet? Or dead? Guy has mental issues….

    • RazaBladeKing

      Which one?

      • Mac7504

        LOL I see what you did there….Gucc. Didn’t he want Wayne or

  • djdyg

    Game will probably kill him on a track but in the streets Gucci>>>>>>>>>>>>>the guy from change of heart.

    • That Change of heart doesn’t take away from Game still being way bigger than Gucci and he ain’t big for nothing,he puts hands on niggas

      • RapItUp

        I don’t think many people are bigger than Gucci.. Lol have you see any updated pics? I’m sure he’s not fast.. But that nigga is gordo homie!

    • RealSpit

      Niggas always want to bring up that Change of heart spit. Like that makes him not strong enough to whip someone ass till he records you getting that ass whipped like he did 40 glocc. Just because the nigga was on Change of Hearth doesnt mean he cant scrap. smh@ youngsters

      • danboy1386

        did any1 else catch that extra footage of games boys getting their licks in on 40 Glocc? Not a fan of either just asking.

      • RealSpit

        40 should be the last one to bitch about getting jumped (if game did jump him, but i doubt it.) Did you see the video of 40 glocc and his crew KO’ed a homeless man or when him and his boys claimed to have lil Wayne & Bird Man trapped in a SUV with this clown nigga bangin on the windows saying “Come out, what set you claiming” or Plies bitch ass was trapped in the bathroom while 40 bitch ass glocc and his boys was trying to jump him?? It was nothing but Karma, 40 Glocc got what deserved.

      • danboy1386

        Somthing fishy with it why would 40 known for fighting and being a goon take such a massive L stand there take a beating n not fight back? I agree tho karma is a bitch. Would love to see two of these rap dudes just shoot a true fair one. Wont be holding my breath tho.

      • RealSpit

        Even after that i would of still had respect for 40 on a street level (you win some and you lose some) but that whole lawsuit thing change everything how i thought about 40.

      • Just BOB

        if 40 glocc didn’t sue game then how else was he to get him back? if anything happened to game 40 glocc would be the prime suspect and if someone beat me up with all his friends in public and recorded it to benefit his own career then i would sue him because he is damaging my career to boost his own image. 40 glocc sued game for damages and thats fair because game destroyed his career. just like if someone says things about you that aren’t true it would damage your career and you would sue them for it. if someone is stopping you from making money athen why shouldnt you sue them for their own money? if a millionaire beat me up and released the video thinking he was super cool then i would sue the nigga because its probably the last thing he expects and you know he doesn’t want to pay up.i would sue that nigga for every last dime.

      • Guest

        Shut the fuk up!! You either a stupid little girl or a skirt wearing bitch ass nigga. This nigga 40 never even had a solid career in the frist place dumb ass. This nigga running around talking all that tough guy shit and putting videos of him and his boys knocking out homeless ppl, traping plies in a bathroom, trapping weak ass lil wayne and birdman in their SUV, etc. I can see if he wasnt talking all that tough shit and wasnt a tough guy and wasnt doing the samething recording ass whipping of other rappers/ppl. Man you niggas now days are on some 100% bitch shlt. Go put your skirt on you bitch ass nigga and sue you hoe ass nigga!!

      • Maleficent

        if 40 got what he deserved for recording people then game deserves the same thing done to him for recording 40 glocc. 40 is a bitch nigga for recording people for attention so if game does the exact same thing doesn’t that also make him a bitch?

      • Nah, but it doesn’t raise questions about his heart & how easy it is to change it!

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    Guess no one saw the lenox mall square up

    • Anthonyd Smith

      What? They had a face off? First time hearing this

      • RapItUp

        Not with Game, some random ran up on him

    • EniggaMA

      um nothing happened

      • David Gonz


    • Guest

      game got knocked out in a shopping mall. nothing even happened in the video with gucci all you see is him an some dude squaring up then the guy backs up.

  • This nigga need to shut up. He dont want it with Game. Dude already put too many careers on hold. This wont even be a good beef. Gucci half retarded so his diss songs gonna be garbage. Plus he in jail so its not like they gonna run into each other. Basically a fail.

    • Jack Sparrow

      game is a dope rapper but the streets know hes fake. gucci killed someone a few years back so game dont want beef with him. who career has game ended and dont say g-unit because game didnt do shit to g-unit. if he killed them then why did the petition for a reunion? game also just dissed lil durk then g count dissed game for it and game phoned g count to apologize like a straight bitch.

      • He’s fake because he didnt kill anybody? He’s been arrested plenty of times, fights with artists and cops alike. Whether he’s out gangbanging and murdering people when he’s not in front of the camera, I wouldn’t know. He hasnt “ended” careers, but who was looking for Joe Budden after he dissed him and before the whole Slaughterhouse fiasco? Memphis Bleek had a lil hit, than Game dissed him, where is he now? Not saying Bleek woulda been the next Jay or anything, but dude is legit gone. What about Ras Kass, Yukmouth, Bishop Lamont, who got dropped after he dissed Game, Who on G Unit has gone plat after game dissed them?

    • Guest

      game is average and the only good diss he had was 300 bars but even at that it was all lies because he apologized and petitioned for a g-unit reunion and now g-unit are back together and game isn’t included and hes felling some type of way. i bet game wished he never dissed g-unit because they are all everyone keeps talking about right now. they are also trending worldwide.

      • 300 isnt the only good diss song he had. 120 Bars, Red Bandana, GUnit Crip, 240 bars, Dont body yourself remix, body bags, Face of LA, etc. And thats only the ones going at G Unit. He petitioned to get a reunion started because he knows that any of them would make more money musically together than separately. Game is in my top 5 of favorite artists now and i dont even pay attention when he disses G Unit anymore. However, as you said everyone is talking about G Unit and he saw that 6 months ago when he first starting talking about a reunion. The apology was his attempt to squash the beef. After that didnt work, he went back to war.

  • IceBergSlim

    Wack & str8 country and ignorant..Grown man who can have a career even though his rapping is not for me. However he has a fan base but he is to dumb to come full circle and acknowledge what he has been given. oh well keep it movin

    • Guest

      gucci is independent so nobody can tell him anything. he puts in his own work so dont try and judge him from behind a keyboard. that shit is lame. he made a label from nothing and now look where hes at. i think hes come a long way from being a nobody. he made waka and numerous other people famous. what have you done for your people?

      • F.U.

        Look where he’s at? He’s locked up for doing dumb shit once again! Choose your hero’s wisely lol

    • Maleficent

      gucci is a millionaire so its not like hes done nothing.

    • arrdeesss

      Leaving an ignorant comment isn’t really keeping it movin homie. Check yourself before you try to check someone else especially when that someone else is a millionaire and you’re just a customer.

  • John Q. Public

    Don’t drop the soap Gooch

  • RapItUp

    It’s pretty obvious these are all old tracks.. He is ‘releasing’ songs with Waka (beef), Yo Gotti (beef) and not to mention the young thug collabs. These are old tracks, and despite the quality of the music, his PR team is pretty damn proficient. People forget he’s even locked up!

    • Jack Sparrow

      gucci’s management team said even though he is in jail gucci spends hours talking to them on the phone explaining how he wants things done. he might be in jail but he still makes all the decisions. his management team dont release anything without his concent so gucci must have told them to release this.

      • RapItUp

        Well sounds to me like Gucci is the true marketing genius.. People don’t give him nearly enough credit. How long has Gucci been entirely off the blogs the past couple of years, with no major releases? It’s pretty impressive actually..

  • Jheri La’curl James

    I don’t care what nobody say this is the best shit I’ve heard in months.

    • EniggaMA

      bruh…. you must have not been listening to music in months

      • Rico


      • Guest

        this is the best song froma a trap rapper iv heard in months

    • Best Guccie track 4 sure.

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  • STFUUIgnants

    if only rap music was actually about the music and not just nicca sh!t

  • The Legendary Troll

    Nobody is scared of you anymore gucci

    • JS

      bro game dissed lil durk then g count called out game and game apologized so what do you think he will say to gucci? game has 0 street cred. gucci could die and come back as a hologram and still be realer than game. who is game to back game up against gucci? lil wayne? rick ross? game wone even respond lol

      • Guest

        real shit. game pussied out when g count dissed him then he needed to call him to apologize. thats what you call a straight bitch. g count fucks with gucci so chances are game will be making a collect call to gucci soon lol

    • danboy1386

      Well they should be Gucci is a terrible rapper but one we know for a fact will catch a body.

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  • KingChandler

    Gucci must have been in a lean coma when 300 bars dropped, or the countless other diss tracks Game went ape shit on, regardless of what you wanna say bout Game, diss records are his specialty, he’s gonna body bag Gucci.

    • Spirit Equality

      Um, battle rapping can’t help you in a *boxing ring*. Gucci is talking about fighting, not rapping.

      From Ras Kass to 40 Glocc, has Game ever fought anyone his own size before? It’s all ignorance, but both Gucci and Game are walking around portraying the tough guy role, so let them have a charity boxing match and let there be a community benefit from all the f**kery for a change.

      • osborn

        the question is has game ever fought anyone without all his niggas?

      • danboy1386

        what little respect i had for Game was gone after that Ras Kass stuff. Maybe i missed it but did Game ever lyrically go at Ras?

    • Guest

      game is a good rapper but he is fake. he lost all his respect when he dissed g-unit then petitioned for a reunion. that just goes to show that everything he said about them was lies. he called 50 cent a snitch then apologized lmfao

  • fullyautomatic

    Game will wear is ass out (pause)…ever seen dat video of Gucci bought 2 fight dat dude in da mall…Gucci can’t fight he can shoot but not da fair one…

  • danboy1386

    The Ice Cream Cone VS The Butterfly! Hip-Hop in 2014 smh…..

  • I’ve never been a Gucci Mane fan and have never been keen on his music but I kind of like this track.

  • Thank Our Lord and Savior that nigga rhymes with nigga!


    This got released just to add to gucci tough guy image. He prolly got more diss tracks for other rappers but the thing is…. nobody will even care bout any of this by the time he is released.

  • AK

    this shit had to be recorded last year i dont know why they even put it out it was lowkey weak, but i still think gucci would mop the floor with game


    why is this nigga so ugly

  • GP

    game did diss guuci on that chiraq diss. but this my thing thou, Gucci my not be the best, but he real. last time I heard doing something he was beatin on his baby moms, then game suppose to be all gangsta, how you let 50 shot you man infront of hot 97 and you don’t do sh!t.

  • Huey Freeman

    read a book

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