OPINION: My Brother's Keeper Or My Brother's Hater?


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More than 200 “prominent” Black men write an open letter to the President Obama and ask, “What about Black girls?”

This angers me… WHEN IS THE LAST TIME 200 BLACK MEN UNITED TO WRITE A LETTER TO ANY PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA??? And now, what prompts this extremely rare unification of an entire cross sector of inter-generational Black males? (The letter pointedly notes inclusion of filmmakers, taxi drivers, college students, high school teachers, ministers, former pro­ athletes, inmates, fathers, males from the straight, queer and transgender community and of course, professors.) An attack to insult and criticize none other than our very first Black President of the United States of America… On what, you ask? Of ALL things – the rolling out of the VERY FIRST INITIATIVE IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA designed to address the marginalization of specifically, you guessed it, the very group writing the letter: BLACK MEN AND BOYS!

And who was this letter initiated by: Who else but an aspiring member of Black Academia… The letter is an untimely response attacking President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, which unapologetically addresses issues faced by men and boys of color in America.

My unfiltered response to this letter would be very brief, captured in a just a few letters using social media jargon. However, as a woman in the Black male development space and mother of a Black male as well as the creator of one of the largest (of several!) girls initiatives in the Eastern region, I feel the need to share my personal and professional perspective on this letter (which you can google because it’s not worth me posting!).

In short: It is a disgrace. Another public display supporting the perception that, no matter WHAT you do, “the Black community can not unite” around even the most obviously prevalent needs… “What about Black girls?” the letter pushes. Mind you not ONE girl or woman of ANY color was included in the writing of this letter! So for 200 men to make this poor case for the “inclusion of women and girls” while, themselves, taking the patriarchal and hypocritical position to exclude women and girls is extremely telling and undermines their own question… But, in the name of controversy and publicity…

The better question is to YOU 200 Black Men who signed up for this public note: What will YOU do??? Will YOU SIGN UP to mentor a fatherless girl? Will YOU SIGN UP to call for equal wages for women?? Will YOU SIGN UP to support legislation for fair treatment for pregnant mothers in the workforce??? Will you SIGN UP to write an open letter to men, encouraging responsible fatherhood? Will YOU SIGN UP to demand justice and peace for youth in cities across the nation? Will YOU SIGN UP for equitable education in public schools???? Will you SIGN UP to disrupt the Prison-industrial complex and mass incarceration of youth??? Better yet will you STAND UP – 200 Black men actually DOING something in the true spirit of UNITY??? Now THAT would be powerful!

But instead you join together and “sign” to minimize and question the power of another Black man.. While there will always be an opportunity to criticize the President (or anyone else for that matter) or My Brothers Keeper (or any other meaningful initiative) change has got to START somewhere. The fact is that our sons, boys and young men in the Black community are among the most marginalized people in this country. Many are dying and have no clue who they are or who they have the great potential to be. Our sons, my sons, need you. Our brothers need you. Our women and girls – WE need you!

Now put down the f— pen, and DO SOMETHING!


Chandra G. Pitts, President & CEO ONE VILLAGE ALLIANCE


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  • $18916246

    Thank You, Chandra G. Pitts. Your sentiments concerning the hate letter written by 200 black men has been definitely felt with me. It’s truly tragic that black people collectively refused to accept responsibility and accountability for our own negative wants and behavior. We refuse to adapt an agenda set to build our inner selves and restore our global presence in this world. I often say we need to restore our family structures, rebuild our spiritual and moral commitments to each other as Black people. This n*gga thing is sadly on auto pilot as we have tragically aligned ourselves collectively with the devastatingly destructive definition of this word. GOD BLESS BLACK AMERICA! not just Black America but it’s obvious we unlike any other race need it. Black people as a race are on life support.

    • TimeWillTellu1


    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      welfare is our problem – its turned against us – created the black mothers we have now – new gen black mothers are our problem – I won’t type long in explaining the reasons

      • TheOnlyCoop

        That more propaganda to divide us.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        foh that’s dumb – so you suggest never talking about issues – and let dummys like you run amok

      • TheOnlyCoop

        No problem with talking about issues. Just don’t do it in and ignorant. But you seem to condone that, but you’re ignorant that explains a lot.

      • SBRon

        You must be speaking on your own Momma!!! Leave that “us” & “we” shit alone, son…

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        us and we means my race boy – my mom is betta than anybody you will ever associate with in your life

      • Gimme your mom’s facebook & I’ll fugg that B’ish tonight!

      • Troll_E_G

        White supremacy is our problem…u brothers gotta do a lil more research

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        No Way Fool ! – I don’t even know what white supremacy is – I’ve never seen it in front of me, my family, or friends, and I been around whites most of my life – that white supremacy bull is your life experience

      • We can tell you been around whites most of your life…probably in their house, you stiff necked, 4-9-3-11 sucking, ham & egg eating, Housenegro’Pean M.A.G.with the fake ButchCraig account, fuggin’ sucka.

    • We refuse to fight to establish our own country to be free from this form of slavery, yet want to complain about the conditions.

      At this point, it;s either fight for a homeland , or become extinct quietly.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    What the 200 men wrote the president about is a bit asinine but what troubles me more is that you seem to feel that black people can’t criticize the president. This attitude that as blacks we must blindly follow Obama is ridiculous.

    • John Q. Public

      the title of the article alone….
      “baa baa” sheep

      I think its been proven nobody should ever trust any elected democrat or republican. US politics is by large a big joke.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        I co-sign with you 100 percent. The author should know better.

      • That was the main reason to put a Black face in….too lullaby the sheople.

    • johnblacksad

      acting ignorant aside… let us follow or support blindly just this very first black president… promise we’ll look more into the politics if another one ever erupts again

      but for this one tho, again… ignorance aside, we couldn’t help but support… we couldn’t help but root for him to win almost no matter what his politic would be… you have to try to understand that too…

      first latino candidate that has his chances might get the same support from latino community just because… I would understand it… at least for the first one… and I do understand the part why you would say it’s an ignorant thing to do, but I know unless Obama clearly had Hitler’s program or some sh!t like that, there’s no way I could have not supported… truly sorry about that

      • That’s why they picked him…but what exactly are those policies?

        I mean, are the powers that be, so smart, they would dip Donald Duck in chocolate, knowing we support him engineering our doom?

        He’s not Black, he’s African, and looks at us the same as the other Africans & everyone else does, as something to exploit, like selling us fake watches on 125th & ‘chet, or bootleg Tupac tapes.

        i remember when Messy Jesse was running or trying to, against Jesse Helmsa, Klansmen, and my OG was talking that, “Deciding on the issues” BS….I mean, Yeah…Fugg my OG, etc….while we vote for a ninja that makes Bush look like a cupcake…..since Bush couldn’t get into Africa & continously rape her resources…like they’ve been doing, anymore.

        Racism = One groups unfair advantage over another’s in the race for resources.

        The whole KONY 2012, he’s a bad guy because he’s been fighting to oust the same president for over 30yrs, etc…( Didn’t the U.S. body Quadaffi & Saddam for the same reasons…being president too long?, supposedly, but anyway, notice how oil just happened to be discovered there, later….with troops already in place on that wild goose chase, before the announcement was made?

        Ali predicted Obama:

      • John Q. Public

        damn shame Ali has Parkinsons. wish we could hear the stuff he has to say these days.
        He has an interview on youtube with the same guy but its in 1974. Its over an hour long but time well spent if u ever have the time.

      • Link it.

      • John Q. Public

        1hr 7mins long

      • Yeah, that’s official tissue, I’m watching that jawnt right now.

        He’s start off going in…or, just goes in str8 off the muscle.

      • Guest

        “To me, I don’t see the mirage, I see reality.”

      • Wish it were longer!

        I’m gonna wath it again & again!

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        I co-sign this post. Obama was the perfect candidate. They chose wisely with that dude.

      • You’re either an Uncle Tom or a racist if you disagree with getting fugged by his policies.

        They playing chess, not checkers.

        He moved on AFRICA & had Black folks supporting it!

    • TheOnlyCoop

      Criticism is fine, but what they spew was just ignorant right wing propaganda.

  • John Q. Public

    • johnblacksad


    • Ian Stuart


      • John Q. Public

        Che kept diaries all thru his adolescence & adult life. These were published after his death and revealed he did say some dumb things when he was younger.

        But what you must not know is that after the revolution in Cuba, Che wanted to spread the revolution to all indigenous people across the world. He went to the Congo and trained and fought by African men for a whole year.

      • SBRon

        And even Castro has doctors in Africa giving much needed medical aid! But, you won’t read that in your city’s newspaper…

      • Good comeback….i thought you were finished for a sec.

      • John Q. Public

        “¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!” (“Until Victory, Always!”) -Che

      • Semper Fidelis – Always faithful – USMC


    LOL…this man is “HATER PROOF” and then sum!

  • It does not matter who the president is.
    The real important decisions are made
    by somebody else. We shouldn’t worry
    about the current president. We can be
    sure the next one won’t be better.
    The US are not a democratic country,
    but still acting as the only defender of
    democratic values. A 2 party system
    in which both parties have been bought
    by the same corporations is what per
    definition appears to be an aristocracy.
    Your vote only chooses the guy who
    reads the teleprompter.
    It’s time for a real change.
    Change can only come from a new third
    party, which is significantly stealing votes.

    No Ralph Nader green party which only
    exists to prove that other parties won’t
    be successful.

    • Scroll up a few posts!

      • I saw. We cannot blame Obama for everything. We just need to educate ppl to not look at his color, rather check for what politics he actually stands for. Just like any other president. It’s not about race here. it’s about the haves and havenots. Stupid vs. intelligent. Useful vs. useless.
        When you don’t have a highschool diploma and you don’t work for the same price as an illegal mexican they will render you useless. When you learned a profession which has already been replaced by machines, you will be rendered useless.


        It’s not unusual. It is probably a stage where all advanced life forms will go through. While the elite understands, they will teach the creationists model in public schools. So you do not understand the evolution which happens right now.

      • Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin did the work of 10 slaves and ushered in the age of industrialaztion, which led to the civil war.
        The North was more industrialized, but if slaves ran the machines……what would you hire a white person, at full salary to do?

        Snitch on the Blacks goofing off?
        Highly unlikely, since they had enough B’ish@$$, yellow bellied, lilly livered, sambo shufflng, ham & egg eating, stiff necked House’Negro’Pean, Butchcraig type sellouts willing to do it for pennies on the pennies.

        It won’t take much to make Walmart totally automated, run on a skeleton staff, like vending machines, etc. Take a look at the Fed Supermax in Coloroado, ADX….just peep the HIVE.

  • disqus_ezTUErk4HI

    I just don’t understand how many black americans look upto Obama yes hes the president but he is the biggest piece of shit ever , lie after lie scam after scam worst president ever! a puppet of the rich white man get a clue

    • IceBergSlim

      slim your comments are weak I have no respect for you. Chump

    • TheOnlyCoop

      Worse President ever? LOL do you know any history. Do you know that it was the policies of 3 straight Republican Presidents that led us into the Great Depression? Have you ever done any research on the Iran Contra drug scandal. And let’s not forget Bush Jr. I only talk facts. You talk propaganda.

      • Actually, the depression was caused by the Israeli owned Federal Reserve that prints U$D’s out of thin air, and loans them to us, at intrests, which is the National debt that is bankrupting the country ( *exponential growth / Hockey stick chart, etc. ), and their counterfitting / printing out of thin air / quantative easing is what causes inflation, and their constricting of the funds is what causes depressions, stock market crashes and hard times that cause stocks & real estate to be sold to the rich for pennies on the dollar.

        Article 3 of the U.S. Constitution gave Congress the right to coin / print interest free money, the only reason the national debt is 17? Trillion dollars…is because of the Rothchild’s / J.P. Morgan’s hustle.

        Calling any pres, post 14th amendment the best or worst, is like saying one manager of Burger King is any better than the other, from a customer’s standpoint, because they are still going to serve you a Whopper or whatever the “FRANCHISE OWNER” decides will be on the menu.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Actually when the Federal Reserve was created by the US government there was no Israel. In fact Israel wasn’t created for almost another 40 years. And actually many of the things you mentioned weren’t even thought of at that time.

        It should also be noted that Glass-Steagall which was put in place by FDR kept the nation from having any major financial crisis for the remainder of the century.

        As far as Article 3 of the U.S. Constitution it refers to the judicial branch of the government. And states nothing near what you have stated.

        With that be said I’m at a lost because nothing you stated is based on FACTS. I’m sorry but someone has been giving you false information.

      • *Correction : Article 1, section 8 of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress the right to coin money.*

        “The Congress shall have Power To: ( *Among other things ) To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;”

        Clearly congress has the right to print interest free money, like it did before 1913…so why doesn’t it?

        While Israel ( 1947) wasn’t created when the Federal Reserve (1913) was, it was however, created and ran by future* eligible Israeli citizens.

        ( IE: J.P. Morgan, Monopoly Man on Get Out Of jail free card & bank behind the EBT / Welfare system. )

        Israel was financed and still is, by the international banking cartel, or as some say, Jewish criminal enterprise.

        As far as you stating that nothing is based on facts, in regards to quantitive easing & currency restriction, it only sounds crazy & false, because it is crazy, just not false.

        In simple terms, Kush = $10 -$20 a gram?

        legalize it to where everyone and their momma has it growing like grass in their yard, in vacant lots, free for the picking, and the price with drop.

        (IE: Quantitive easing)

        If them boys hijack & burn 20 ton shipment destined for your local tree spot, who is now out….the price goes up.

        (IE: Currency restriction)

        Israel’s creation can be traced back to the end of the Napolianic wars, when Rothchild got news that Napolean lost, but said he won, and made a fortune on the stocks that were dumped in the false panic he created,and the great depression that spawned the Federal Reserve’s creation was also a windfall for the wealthy, as they seized property and collateral from the poor who could pay when their markers were called.

        Israeli’s aren’t the Jews in the bible, like Jesus, halle salasie, etc., but AshkeNAZI or European jews from Khazakstan, (*Borat’s ‘hood…coincidence )


        That is “Monopoly Men”, a documentery about the Federal reserve fraud, I think you will enjoy the information it will give you.

        Astana is the capital of Khazikstan, commonly referred to as the Illumanati capital of the world.


        Check that too ^^^

        I think the information in those videos will give you a different aspect of the topics we discussed.

        Good look on the Correction!
        P.ositive .Education A.lways c.auses E.xpansion


    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      worst president ? – your dumbass must been inhaling sh#t during George bush’s 2 terms before him – biggest depression in recent history months after inheriting 170 trillion surplus

      • Twonpass

        No president has ever been any good… they like to paint that bold bullshit picture, they were all full of shit…
        Barack just joins the list…..

  • disqus_ezTUErk4HI

    wow erase my comments thank you

  • disqus_ezTUErk4HI

    wow free speech is ever dead on allhiphop Obama really has his hands up your ass on this shit site

  • disqus_ezTUErk4HI

    real talk that’s your nigga

    • johnblacksad

      fcuk you motherfcuker… you racist piece of sh!t

      fcuk you, your moms and anything related to you

      find yourself a republican website and leave these nuts alone

      • LOL~N

        Still, he’s a fraud though, real spill.


        We’ve been hoodwinked, swindled, bamboozled, and that’s coming from someone who worked on his campaign…for free.

        It is what it is.

        He added Assata Shakur to the FBi’s Most Wanted List….made her #1, and she’s was a female Malcolm X…with guns.

        He’s not down for Black people, #IJS

      • jgraves58

        You are wasting your time telling these house-ninjas any facts about Obama. He came out of a white woman and most of his upbringing was in a white household, nobody with a brain in their head should be surprised he won’t go hard for black people.

      • He was groomed since age 5, by the CIA.

        He’s not Black, he’s African American.

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  • Black

    If you can’t name 1 thing he’s done for the black community then you’re the fool for supporting him. Only difference between Obama & another politician is his name & ancestry

    • IceBergSlim

      Man shut up..What have you done and also what have you done with your life ..unreal

    • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

      he may not have done anything for me a black person but he sure has done a lot for me as a veteran.and he continues to try to help the vets so as far as im concerned he’s alright with me.

      • Ian Stuart

        Do you watch TV or read a newspaper ? Obama hasnt done ANYTHING with veterans except be the holder of the WORST record of VA management.I suggest you google VA Death Lists and put the weed down.Oh,BTW..look up the ENLIST ACT,they want to exclusively recruit the illegal immigrants into the military by releasing active duty soldiers to free up the space and funds….You,fine sir,are a complete and utter MO-RON!!

      • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

        bitch i dont need to read a news paper when im going to the VA and getting access to all the programs that were implemented for veterans under the obama admin.are you a veteran?NO …so shut your dick warmer.you clearly have no clue and get your info from the media…..so like i said i am fine and your mother should be executed for not sucking you out of your fathers shaft.

      • Calico Joe

        Well I actually work at the VA as a contractor, and I can tell you first hand it’s f*cked up how they treat them vets. I’ve seen people wait months for surgeries, wheelchairs, glasses, ect. The only thing they expedite is medication and dead bodies.

      • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

        i know its not perfect and every experience is different.i use the LA va system and loma linda and have had no real complaints.could it be better hell yea…do i have any reason to bad mouth the system i use hell no.

      • He also added returning veterans to the terrorist watchlist.


      • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

        nah bruh that was bush under that patriot act shit,i heard about that shit way before obama was even thought about.but this shit is deeper than obama he is only doing what every other president has done .but because he is black everything he touches is going to turn to shit because of the good old boys.they put obama in office for a reason as a distraction to cover what they are really doing.up on crapitol hill.

      • Exactly, and he knows it.

        He could have repealed the patriot act, instead his signed the NDAA 201, which technically speaking, makes the Patriot Act look like a traffic summons.

        The government can now kill (*Non judicially) an American Citizen, if they are deemed an enemy combatant or terrorist, and there in no checks balance system in place to determine who is or is’t a terrorist.
        in essence, that decision is made arbitrarily, in secret, with no review process.

        Loon from Bad Boy is in jail for selling dope, which is a Patriot act violation, just like any infraction that could cause the risk of loss of life….such as crossing against the traffic light.

        Now I’m not saying the USG is jelly rolling Ninjaz for jaywalking, I’m just saying that if they wanted too….the legal aparattus is now firmly in place.

        P.S. Who did you serve with & when?

      • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

        i see what you’re saying yeah but every president usually just picks up where the last one left off any way.i was a seabee i served from 93 to 93 i helped construct camp x-ray at gitmo but back in the 90’s it was a refugee camp for cubans ans Haitians picked up by the coast guard.when we were building the kitchen they told us it was a temporary installation but know here it is almost 20 yrs later its still running.trust me it makes a perfect secret prison to send citizens to not to mention the other abandoned military bases around the world that no one knows about.

      • Semper fi!
        We may have chewed the same Earth!

        >> On Topic:
        They pick up where the last one left off because they are all the same.

        “Meet the new boss…same as the old Boss!”

    • IceBergSlim

      First and foremost his job is to lead the country second the image of him and his family sets the foundation of family ( powerful) something you can look up too and inspire to be help yourself first Man, show your wife and children the man you are. As a black man Obama is a reflection of what was said we couldn’t be we defied the odds..Did you finish college? Did you run for congress? Did you run from president are you something that your children look up too. I wonder why we hate to see each other fly. Freedom of speech is cool however ignorance is no excuse.

      • He’s African American, not black.

    • TheOnlyCoop

      Well it was just announced yesterday that the uninsured rate among Blacks and Hispanic has declined the most . That’s one I can go much further.

      • Did he have a black insurance plan…or one for everyone that Blacks just happen to benefit from?

      • TheOnlyCoop

        That’s the beauty of it. It’s in place for all but Blacks and Hispanic are benefiting the most. It would be ignorant to make a law just for one race, and to ask for that would be ignorant.

    • Slaughtr


      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        my comment to Black applys to you too

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      nah you wrong – not a fool for supporting him – we were tricked – he didn’t campaign that he wasn’t going to do anything for us – anybody can be tricked – your wrong , we’re Not fools – that is Stupid of you

      • So why you keep sucking his 4-9-3-11 if he hasn’t done anything for us?

        He actually made it worse, because the next president is gonna be like “Since he didn’t do ‘chet for you …why should I?” & zip down his pants while you commence to sucking them off again.

        You’re both a bunch of House ninjaz!

    • jgraves58


  • DreamBigLiveLarge

    the fact that people actually think this country could get any better or worse off of a president’s merit is ridiculous and hilarious at the same time. why do you people put some much thought, time, faith, and energy into politicians? America would of been fucked with or without Obama, and there is nothing he can personally do to fix anything. Nor will the next president.

    • Slaughtr


    • Da Ledgendary


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  • cm

    technically, he is our first half black president. i think he’s just arab

    • Technically, he is our first African American president, his father is African, kenyan to be exact, which also makes him ineligble to hold office, but we’ll skip that & The Top reason he hasn’t done anything for Black people & deal with the topic at hand.

  • SBRon

    Funny how no one cares to address the exclusion of BLACK WOMEN?!? Didn’t all of you sexist, misogynistic niggaz slide out of a black woman’s vagina (or cut out of the belly)?!? You wouldn’t be on your little device, posting your little Bullshit without one!! As a BLACK MAN I can’t omit, exclude, deny, hate, belittle that FACT…

    • Troll_E_G

      Black girls rock, black woman’s expo, hair conventions etc. Many black wombman events exclude blk men…pretty corny of u to spew that bs

      • SBRon

        You’re an IDIOT…

      • Butch Magnus Milosevic

        No, he’s right. Black women do many things to empower themselves, excluding Black men. The media and the powers that has designed it so that anytime black men attempt to empower themselves, they’re greatest opposition will be black women. You need to understand while black men and women struggle together, their struggles are DIFFERENT and must be addressed separately

      • Alpha Male

        On everything, I think the initiative is smoke for a coming fire where black men will be the targets (systematically). Its already happening while these women on their high horses and the rest of black America always speaking about self derogatorily. Watch for this in future news events and issues that come up. White supremacy been getting nursed back on its feet. I hate to say it, but sometimes I believe Obama was the trojan horse to hide and inspire its rebirth. From out of the shadows, that is.

      • Freezamon

        Black women have Organizations, they also have the Jobs ( because most of the black male population is in Jail or Jobless) We are being attacked at an high rate ( Manhood, Economically etc..). So when Black men stand up to say we need to get back to being real Black men they send a misguided Black female to scream out against it. The System in America was created to tear down black families and we all should know they do it by making us hate each other. You weaken the protector/provider ( Black Male ) You compromise the soul/ teacher of the family ( Black Female ) you can control them for generations. What you need to check out is this documentary series called: Hidden Colors all the facts are there. peace

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  • BillyDe ”°º×»-(¯`v´¯)-» ♥ ♥

    “males from the straight, queer and transgender community and of course, professors.”

    Was it too difficult for you to say “gay” instead of “queer,” young lady?

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      yo momma a nig#er – she dumped out yo dumbass – proven by that’s what your sh#t head get outta this article – go back to yo child porn you typical stupid white heethan

      • BillyDe ”°º×»-(¯`v´¯)-» ♥ ♥

        YOYO Ahh HONeSTlEeee DOn’t CCCCC whgaYy Yo’ gettIn $oo UPsett TrUth Telluh AN’ MAayyy AHH poiNt OuTiiii Dat MAh momma Iz nWTT uh NeGRo, $hE were BOwnnn An’ Raized Ynnn ireland,,, Nwt Datt AH Diggg OR <3 Hurr bUT $he dIdd Gevv biRTh 22 me An' Ahh WisH 2 GoDD $he AborteD ME,,, Lyfff HonJeSTLee Doo $uCk. BUt cOm AwN NW, $hortee Pornography?? $ound DIgg UU HVV it AwNN Yo' Mind An' DaT'$$$ whayy U BRORTT It UHp, Bad, vEREE BAd. U Tayk Care Nw Mahhh Crispayy Blaqq homie.

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    I dis-agree with this lady – writing to the president IS doing something – he can cover a much bigger population, she’s wrong to try’n criticize people for doing Something – she aint said nothing about all who have tried nothing

  • Mark Lamount Burns

    Can we take a second from spitting at each other and realize that this is just what this country wants of us black people: to get our feathers ruffled by these kinds of articles and go at war with each other? This isn’t anything new. As long as we do not see the real oppressor, we are going to keep getting at each other about who gets more attention from the government. The truth is that the government does whatever it can to turn us against each other and it has been successful at this for generations! We are being humiliated by Hollywood, beaten up by cops, dragged to jail, robbed through child support and so on. Do we take this rage to our oppressors? NO! We get hot and bothered about who’s getting more attention from our oppressors and fight each other in comment sections! This lady is clearly blowing smoke, but then how new is this? The government has been consistently successful at turning black women (not all of them) against the black man, and we decide to take the fight to each other.
    Bottom line: If we want to see change in the black community, stop waiting for the government to stick pacifiers in our mouths and stroke our backs until we fall asleep so they can rob us again! Change can happen whether Obama is in office or not. We just need to help ourselves and learn to build together. We need to be the initiative, not the government. When we build together, we bring power back to the black community. Yeah, I sound like an after-school special. But I strongly believe that we need to stop cutting each other’s throats and earn our keep in this backwards country.

    • $18916246

      Your point taken bruh, We as black people have to live like black people. As I mention all the time and I’ll ask you where do you stand on our negative values? We have come to a sad state of existence when we as a people clearly see nothing wrong with personifying the word n*gger. We live to manifest the very negative stereotypes that hold us back as a people. I’ll say it again black people collectively have to den*ggafy themselves. What other people on this earth seek to own ignorance? We are a spiritually dying race because of this. Out of sync with this universe. We have to establish and maintain our own self worth. Black people are not n*ggers/n*ggaz.

    • Da Ledgendary

      I think she is saying the same thing you are saying. Instead of wasting ink writing and bashing the president, we as black men need to do something about the problem instead of waiting for the government because that may never happen.

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  • Jehiel

    This was a refreshing read… Thank you! A good friend, who is also doing work in Black male achievement, has already seen a surge in resources available for his work. These resources have come directly as a result of the My Brothers Keeper initiative. More is always needed but I see this as a move in the right direction… Thank you again for YOUR HARD WORK.