G-Unit Perform Reunion Show, 50 Cent Addresses Slowbucks' Investigation(VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) G-Unit officially reunited on stage after a 7 year hiatus at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert on June 1st, but the group saved the nostalgia for Webster Hall. Last night (June 8th), G-Unit performed most of their hits and new songs, while 50 Cent took the time to address an ongoing investigation he is apart of, courtesy of Slowbucks.

The group performed their remixes to Drake’s “0 to 100” and HS87’s  “Grinding My Whole Life” along with past hits such 50 Cent’s “In Da Club”, Tony Yayo’s “So Seductive”, “Stunt 101” and many others.

News surfaced yesterday that 50 Cent affiliate Mikey Fingers, was arrested in connection to the assault and robbery of Slowbucks. Slowbucks refuted those claims on his personal Instagram account stating ” We not entertaining NO #Police @ all!!” Before ending the show, 50 Cent let the crowd know he did not believe Slowbucks’ story

I want everyone to get home safe, because there’s so much police in here courtesy of slowbucks.”

Check out G-Unit’s Reunion show and 50 Cent dissing Slowbucks footage  below:

  • Dointer

    Ok before all the comments from “haters” and “dick riders” come in … I just want to say how F***king awesome it is to see a crew who were actually in touch with the hip hop culture come back together.Seriously though……Banks has always been on another level….

    May I say, last real group before it all went………downhill.

    • I just hope banks take advantage of this independent g-unit situation. they can drop as many albums as they want!

  • gf

    They rocked dat stage,hi haters

  • chevy_weight_champ

    G- unit have always put out good music as group in my opinin, good 2 see them catz come back 2gether!!!

  • Super-Khalifah

    Banks was always the best lyricist in the crew. I’m actually glad to see them back together. They should consider reaching out to Game also.

    • chevy_weight_champ

      Nah I think its best Game stay out West, out here we have a bad habit of not letting ish go, 2 be honest the way 50 carried bucc back in the day, I was surprised he was there, but glad 2 see he was!!!

      • Ipullcards

        I think buck was closer to 50 than the rest tbh. 50 was hurt when game switched sides but he got real personal with buck and his attacks.. I think buck situation was inevitable, but here in nyc I can honestly say we like buck more than yayo

      • Guest

        buck was always that nigga. he wasnt the best rapper but he was the coolest. buck had swag

      • I know me being a man I couldn’t ever fk wit 50 again, put the tape out wit bruh crying and sht. Man please

    • No REAL g unit fans dont want to see gayme in this. That nigga gayme is a emo, closet homo diva. Only real niggas allowed.

    • dee


    • Dope

      Name one hit song by G Unit that featured Game. He was never really part of the crew, just added on by Interscope to boost his career with that affiliation.

      • Name a hit song from Tony yayo

      • Dope

        I don’t know if he has one, I certainly can’t name one. But that’s irrelevant to the discussion. The point here is that Game wasn’t even featured on any G unit song that I can remember (probably was on some mixtape stuff, but as I said can’t really remember it). Yayo and others were.

        Therefore, Game is not needed for a G Unit reunion as he was only a member for a really short amount of time and left no trail on the group’s material. Of course, everyone would like to see him and 50 do ”Hate it or Love it” but that’s another story.

      • kieran

        yayo had so seductive but thats not the point. the point is game never did any songs with all the members from g-unit. mostly game only did a few songs with 50 not g-unit.

      • Where I’m from, I’m so sorry, a mixtape by whoo kid called g unit radio 8 the fifth element…A few songs I found on the net.

      • JS

        game had a few songs on the mixtape but he never worked with them much. he only has one song with young buck in it when he was with g-unit. they dont have any big hits that were on tv that had game featured in them because he wasnt really part of the rap group g-unit he was just signed to the label g-unit records.

    • Havoc Wreaka III



  • LoverOfHipHop

    This is a good look

  • Ipullcards

    Why slow bucks get this man started! Smh

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • dbfromdc


    • kieran

      he wouldn’t still be with interscope even if he was with g-unit because his contract with interscope has expired. when 50 signed with interscope the agreement was that he would release 4 studio albums and thats what he did.

      • Hungry Mutombo(cookie monster)

        actually it was 5 studio albums which was supposed to be released every other year….03, 05, 07,09 and the last one was supposed to be 2011 but it was delayed due to issues with interscope

  • GP

    Ion know bout ya’ll but gunit together a good look. now only if glizzy, wale and fat trel will come together and then everybody can see how dc rappers get down. #dcrapgame comingup.

    • Casor_Greener

      don’t know any of them dudes but Wale

  • GP

    yayo looks like he just used some yayo

  • Terrance

    A lot of kats be up here talkin bout NY rappers being wack. Who could really say G-Unit as a group is wack? #GOOD4NY

    • kieran

      G-Unit were the best rap group of the 2000’s

      Buck had the flow
      Banks has the lyrics
      Yayo brought the energy
      And 50 was just that nigga.

      • Terrance


    • Game after he ended them niggaz, after g u not campaign and them 8 million bars where did g unit go? They didn’t even touch a hair on that man head…guess it was to keep niggaz from getn on they ass when they travel out west. Funny the two hottest niggaz they had wasn’t even from NY….banks can flow tho but him and yayo ain’t selling

      • Terrance

        They look pretty much alive and well to me…

      • I only talk sht cuz I know yall love them boys like crazy, yea they alive and well but who checkn for g unit seriously? Besides 50 cent and maybe buck who checkn for yayo? Banks cool but really who checkn for em man?

      • Guest

        go on to twitter and see for yourself. twitter is going crazy right now and g-unit are trending worldwide so that’s who’s looking for them. 50 just announced a new g-unit album and everybody is hped about it and they just performed infront of 60k people. game just announced his new album and nobody even cares lol

      • I don’t have twitter or Facebook or none of that stuff bruh I’m even surprised I got this account….All I use it for is to talk sht

      • Guest

        your only say you talk shit because you got proved wrong.

      • kieran

        game fans always say he killed g-unit when really that’s not what happened. g-unit never fell off until young buck got kicked out the group and that was a few years after game dissed them then they stopped working together. if game ended g-unit then why did he petition for a reunion? he literally started a g-unit reunion campaign lol

      • Man sometimes yall fans go too far…my thing is did they stop game? On any level? I think yall g unit fans don’t like the fact that he stood on his on two and went at supposedly the best rap group of the 2006 ‘ s if u let yall tell it…. that man murked them boys and all they did was watch….I’m a fan of game and 50 cent, g unit as well except garbage ass yayo. I’m just being unbiased. Do u deny game murked them on that 200, 240, 300, 8000 bars songs? Keep it a hunnit man.

      • Terrance

        I stopped following the beef after 300. However, those songs were RUTHLESS.

        Until those, I can’t remember ever hearing someone drop so many bars on a song. Wasn’t 1 of them like 8 minutes long?

      • They never fell off are u kidding me…them niggaz own boss talked down on them. You ain’t heard nutn from the unit until now man keep it real bruh…banks wasn’t even rapping when his pops passed according to 50 cent himself. What does that equal man? I like g unit too but damn bruh be for real.

      • best_believe

        How you figure that? 50 from NY and sold more then all of them combined.

      • I already said that man and everybody know that….

    • scullyson

      Nah Fif and the Unit look like they havent ,missed a step. I aint mad @ em …

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    To little to late… NY rappers struggle together now…ahahha

    • The two best rappers they had wasn’t even from NY. …..banks cool but game and buck prolly outsold tony yayo and banks……50 was that dude tho.

      • Guest

        banks sold more than buck and game. they all went double platinum in the us but banks sold more worldwide. game fans always say he went 5 times platinum because he sold 5 million worldwide but thats not how record sales work. they go by country and game only went double platinum in america. game sold 5 million worldwide but banks sold 6.5 million worldwide. buck also went double platinum in the us but his worldwide sales are unknown.

      • JS


      • I guess I stand corrected? Damn u really know ur g unit….

    • RightOn

      *too little *too late

      • Debra

        only fags correct people at spelling

      • Terrance

        Debatable. I don’t do it. However, if a person is intentionally trying to be a d*ck about it… They would just be a d*ck.

        If a person’s intention is to educate, that would be a different story.

        Ignoring the facts is being ignorant. Some ppl could use a language 101 refresher.

        Better to KNOW how to spell correctly than to continue in ignorance. I would be more offended at NOT knowing the correct spelling than someone correcting my mistake.


  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Yayo looks like a ghetto deer in the headlights

  • RightOn

    Look the pic tho..young buck looking like slow buck.

    • Debra

      that pic is from years ago

    • SD

      young buck looks nothing like slowbucks

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  • GP

    50 you standing kind fruity in that pic, yayo looks like he just sniffed a few lines, banks looks like he finna shower with them dudes and buck just looks like he fresh outta cash ville smoking pine

  • Rhaegar Targaryen