Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys

Hip Hop Rumors: Swizz Beatz Bragging About Creeping Caught On Camera?

The wonderful world of technology. It can catch us at our weakest moments, and it looks like Swizzy may be get caught up in some ish with wifey A. Keys after this one.

Having a casual convo with a few friends, Swizz talks about how his wife knows “he likes to have fun.”

We doubt he knew that the cameras were rolling.

  • slowbucks got the confession out of swizz. sheeeeesh

    • justmathoughts

      what confession? he said he likes to have fun

  • Executive

    Zzz. Slow day I guess?

  • Dhz30

    lol damn that nigga craig mack joined a cult? i missed that one

    • Oh Mayane!

      Check the vid:


    • hoeyuno

      I was gonna mention that…I didn’t know that ish either till I clicked on it here..

  • johnblacksad

    These catchy titles… how is he creeping if he talking bout the wife knowing he has fun?

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    i know that wasnt slobucks in the vid………..
    1st 50
    now Alicia Keys gonna get in that ass lol

  • justmathoughts

    wheres the rest of the clip? i didnt hear the part when hes bragging about cheating

  • brotha_man

    i mean are we really that suprised? i mean…he had a. keys as a side piece before he married her

    • hoeyuno


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  • Sean Power

    16 sec video let see the full video so we can get full content of the conversation and how old is this video, mediatakeout just try to start beef

    • this joint is about a week or 2 old. you see he has the chain on…

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    This is too easy to deny because there is no context. They could have been talking about “whether you should still go to the club if you’re married” or 1,000 other topics.


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  • Dreday410


    One again it’s your boy SLOWBUCKS ratted out another nigga now swizz

    LMAO – nah “Say that again your wife know what” LOL

    • hoeyuno

      I thought that was that dude. He brought swizz closer to the camera and got him to repeat that shit…haha thats fucced! !!!

      • Terrance

        Kats need to be easy wit the tongue cause them cameras ALWAYZ rollin’. Plus… Did you peep the phone in homie’s hand? I would NOT have said no sh*t like that. ESPECIALLY next to somebody’s PHONE…

    • Terrance

      My wife just said homie #BADLUCK

    • HalfPast7

      That’s really Slowbucks tho?? Ayo I felt bad for that dude but now fucc him he one of dem bird head type ni99as, I hate niggas like that tryna make a ni99a repeat sh!t for the cameras then put it out there like he ain’t just entrust you with some real ni99a sh!t. And it sound like Swizz was bent too that’s fucced up. Swizz needa rock homeboys jawline ASAP.

  • krow132

    That vid really didn’t prove anything to be fair.

    but niggas are corny recording every little thing somebody says and trying to spin it to something else.

  • WhiteBlack

    niggas turning into their own little nsa groups…smh

  • The_Good_Life

    Damn. Dude became top snitch overnight…..

  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    Slow is just getting caught on camera getting everybody in trouble. LMAO

  • Arrie Mental Woodard

    fagoot ass slowbucks running his mouth again, tryingto be the loudest one…. swizz trying to keep his voice down.. smh

  • lol #SnitchingBoyOnEverything

  • KC The American Pimp

    Damn slowbucks is having a hell of a week!! No pun intended.