Peter Rosenberg Calls Chuck D A Twitter Troll; Chuck Responds

(AllHipHop News) Hip Hop legend Chuck D has been using his Twitter page recently to takedown New York radio station Hot 97. It started when the Public Enemy frontman began commenting on Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert calling out the channel for creating a “sloppy fiasco” of Hip Hop culture.

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Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg has now responded to Chuck D during his segment called “The Realness.” The Morning Show host started out by stating how much he respects Chuck for his contributions to Hip Hop, but then Rosenberg accused him of “trolling” and makes a point that Chuck D is not the leader of the culture.

“Chuck D, no one elected you president of Hip Hop,” said Rosenberg. “We love you. You’re a forefather of this game, you contributed, but we did not elect you president of this culture. No one owns Hip Hop.”

Rosenberg ends the segment by asking Chuck D what he is doing to aid Hip Hop.

“What are you doing to support this culture besides tweeting confusing messages in 140 characters of less?” asked Rosenberg. “What are you doing? Cause if all you’re doing is trolling on Twitter, you ain’t doing that much.”

Chuck D went back to Twitter to reply to Rosenberg calling him a social media troll.

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Watch “The Realness” below.

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101 Responses to “Peter Rosenberg Calls Chuck D A Twitter Troll; Chuck Responds”

  1. Blaknificent

    At som point youngsters need to stay in their place at the kids table . Pete, don’t make your self the sacrificial lamb.

  2. B.U.

    Since there is no election process and therefore, no “president” of Hip Hop, Rosenberg sounds like a mealy mouthed clown. But if there ever was a president of Hip Hop, it would damn sure be Chuck D.


    So this Peter guy is trying to diss the all mighty Chuck D??? Bitch please!! Chuck D is not only one of the leaders/elders of Hip-Hop, he is an icon of the culture. So basically Peter, you just played yourself a losing hand bruh…

  4. ChiVa02

    “What are you doing to support this culture besides tweeting confusing messages in 140 characters of less?” asked Rosenberg. “What are you doing? Cause if all you’re doing is trolling on Twitter, you ain’t doing that much.”

    –He’s done more than enough, Rosenberg. His place is secure. Anything else he chooses to do is a bonus..

      • ChiVa02

        Lol. I nearly fell out my chair, fam…How about just saying, “well, it’s Chuck D. He’s earned the right to say whatever he wants”. Conversation over after that.

  5. PeoplePlease7

    Remember that hot 97 disrespected Minister Farrakhan a few months back. As radio hosts (basicallly cashiers in the chain of command) rosenberg and ebro get their cues from upper management. This is no accident. Stop supporting hot 97 (Thot 97 – Lupe Fiasco), let them whither away..

  6. johnblacksad

    The nerve of this Jew… goin at Chuck D. on a hip hop related subject… smh

    Trollin vs Controllin… easy sonning!

    Listen Paul… like he said : get better with words before you even think about goin at him!

  7. YaheardSyndicate

    No one elected Chuck D president, and no one elected Rosenberg to even be in Hip Hop. What does Chuck D do for Hip Hop? What he’s supposed to . Make the masses think, when dumb asses like Rosenberg have these kids believing that they have anything to do with Hip Hop. Im with Dame Dash on this one, These guys are employees, acting like they own something or ever created anything for Hip Hop. You tell me one thing Rosenberg has created or added to Hip Hop to even have the right to respond to Chuck D?

  8. Obi Won

    I get Rosenberg has he pride & opinion, but this is a situation where the people will not side with you. He’ll have to get love in more POPular places rather than hip hop spots.

  9. YaheardSyndicate

    This dude really asked what Chuck D added to Hip Hop? Im sure when Rosenberg was listening to AC/DC and Duran Duran, he was def. in the first batch of Suburban White Kids to jump on Public Enemys jock. Rosenberg, youre name is Rosenberg. Be a good Rosenberg.

  10. Troll_E_G

    Real hip hop heads a vote Chuck for President…Chuck is a grown man steering people towards positivity…how can u talk down on that and call your show the realness…right now is the time to step up…they literally promoting the soundtrack to our destruction

  11. johnblacksad

    If Chuck D. ain’t in the Hip Hop government then Rosenberg doesn’t even have his hip hop citizenship… smh

  12. scullyson

    Man Chuck is more of a leader in the hip hop community than Rosenberg and ebro or whatever his name is. Hot 97 and rosenburger and co. Are masters of deception. Both are cornballs. First he gives Chuck some fake props and then he tries to go in on him on some weak bs.

  13. Brooklyn Stoop

    “Chuck D, no one elected you president of Hip Hop,” said Rosenberg. “WE love you. You’re a forefather of this game, you contributed, but WE did not elect you president of THIS culture. No one owns Hip Hop.”

    See how this works. when the jew’ish people talk about they culture they say never forget. when the jew’ish people talk about our culture they talk like they own us and own what we creates
    which is why now this little jew boy can say who is and isnt hip hop. who can and cannot rep OUR culture. but let macklemore put on a costume that is PERCEIVED as offensive to jew’ish people and they shut that down. but when we perceive disrespect in our culture, or dont want these vultures of our culture to eat off us anymore then they attack us. do you still think jew’ish people are your friends…………..or as rick rubin said our “natural allies”

  14. hoeyuno

    This is YOUR opinion Rosenberg and nobody should really take it for more then that (even though YOUR opinion is voiced on your own show on a major radio station in a major city)…but over the years hip hop has brought us some unique leaders that outta respect we shut our fuccin mouths when they talk…Chuck D, Krs one, Scarface etc…

  15. Opposite Of Everyone

    No one elected Eric B neither but he was still President! Hip-hop ain’t a Democracy; it’s dictators, coups and guerilla warfare. Chuck doin what he always done and told y’all what time it is, that is all. Is this the same Paul Rosenberg who’s Eminem’s manager tho?

  16. Brindle

    Chuck is right, and Peter using that “no one elected…” crap to avoid the argument that Chuck D is making…

  17. RomeRebel

    From all of the responses I’ve read it’s good to see that people recognize the real. Chuck is still & will always be that voice of our cultures core.

  18. Ace

    Since when does a white guy talk back to a hip hop legend about hip hop??? Y he keep using “we” who’s he with?


      He with all the sellouts fam lmao -Chuck D is bad for BUSINESS, at least the dumb down racket they got going

  19. Ghetto Suburbia

    Peter Rosenberg just bumped his head, disrespecting Chuck D like that. I don’t get that alot of these people on air really think they bigger than the artist themselves. You a clown, you should be over at a top 40 station, or Country station. Nobody knows who you are or even values your dumb ass opinion.

  20. Elayorx El

    Wow. I mean, I really try to keep an open mind when it comes to anyone, regarding anything, for the most part. Even our so-called, “alliance” with Jews, as it relates to our experience here predominantly in the West. However, the more information, and news that comes out, that is factual, and possesses the nature of the stuff found in this article, I’ve just got to come to the realization that people are just plain stark crazy. I think everyone can agree that it is the actions that really do all the talking, and not what one says verbally. As far as the actions are concerned, it is quite clear, that the, “Jewish” involvement has been a rather specious, and questionable one, if we were to pay attention to the, ACTIONS. Sure, people can say things all day, about love, unity, etc, but what are your deeds saying? People can utter that they don’t hate all day, but what are the things that they do, saying? Until we get that sh@t out of us, that has us acting much like Rosenberg, just in other areas, can we really separate ourselves? Much like ancient, “Judaism”, Hip-Hop is being taken over much the same, and ironically by similar people, who in Hebrew, or Yiddish, probably said the same thing Rosenberg said eons ago, in the same context, when real representation stepped up, and spoke up. Life is cra. I’m sorry, but people are d!cks, and if we can’t get it together enough, to not be like this guy, obviously being paid to do, and say these things, then what is truly the point of all of this? Chuck=Legend………..Rosenberg=paid overseer “Hip-Hop” enthusiast? IDK #”BLACK”QUANTUMENTANGLEMENT

  21. Quintin Williams

    If Hot 97 really cared about Hip Hop they would’ve asked Chuck D to visit the show and have a civil conversation about the situation. Rosenberg and Ebro seem to be ducking the Hip Hop legend. Also, Hip Hop has no “President” but Chuck D is damn near close to it

    • foshow38

      Yeah I know what you mean, I wanted to comment just with reading the headlines alone, but I’mma do some research before I comment on this.

  22. sac'em

    I think Chuck needs to re-introduce the “YO Bum Rush the Show” movement, so these young dudes who think they can’t be touched learn a valuable lesson…and this isn’t ignorant – I just want to hate talk – where is Hip Hop when mthfk@Z like Zimmerman the child killer get to walk around freely? The money runs things and thats what it is – so frustrating to see these young dudes who had nothing to do with the manifestation of a response to urban struggle be so clueless to the larger picture. Rosenberg isnt willing to compromise his job for dignity – and he sure as hell isnt laying down foundational ground work for generations to come. So his comments are not surprising but most definitely far from making any type of sense. Guess he got too comfortable with himself…fists up – salute to a legend CHUCK D – and correct me if I’m wrong but Chuck never claimed to be the father of nothing other than his own children. Stupidity breeds ignorance. Ignorance makes money and keeps the masses dead asleep! Middle finger to you Rosie….

  23. Opposite Of Everyone

    Paul, did hip-hop ‘elect’ YOU to make critical decisions about what gets transmitted? Or was it some be-suited committee of financiers?

  24. Freshly Snipes

    Yet again these so called jew acting as if they own EVERYTHING! but niggas is scared so no big figure in hip hop is gonna back chuck’s words. Hot 97, white corp greed and jews are part of the bigger issue with radio programming or lack there of and the bastardization of our culture….turning mc lytes to hoes and bitches and legitimizing coons like chief keef and french montana …i wish dr khalid was still with us ..he’d speak on it…

    • midas617

      Finally someone with some sense out of all these comments. and who isn’t afraid and is aware of the Jewish hand in the music industry, Hollywood, network television and the Mainstream media and politics (AIPAC) just to name a few. as a society we are too dumbed down to see and those who can see are afraid to speak out against the self proclaimed chosen ones. I guess it’s all about the shekels.

      • Freshly Snipes

        whats even crazier bro is they have literally programmed the culture..
        we used to diss ‘the ho” image and the ‘thug image’ now we embrace that shit wanna rap (which is cool) but to not wanna get educated to not wanna care abt killing each other and destroying your own communities and to glorify being a part of your own destruction? and for that shit to pushed down our throats as the ‘norm’ is in-fuc-in-sane!

  25. deanharris

    Power concedes nothing without a demand!! Chuck knows this well. Time for us to get some real power instead of crying like a bunch of Bs!!

  26. Arrie Mental Woodard

    he really asked what Chuck D is doing to better hip hop… does he not that chuck was one of the first Old Heads to embrace the internet and designed internet based shows to help aspiring artists (who dont make music for bitches) to be heard!!!

  27. Chrisblackusa not built to confront chuckie d…notice flex aint joining you n ebro on this suicide. .flex is hiphop he wont speak stupid about a man whose voice created militants and self awareness when our people needed the rhyme animal said.why meet withh you and your sidekick when he knows your boss..get your boss to meet with our general on air..soldiers like you follow orders..

    • Opposite Of Everyone

      And therein lies the problem!

      Are we really expected to believe the adage that the radio is only playing what the people want to hear? The average young listener doesn’t even know what they like until DJ’s/tastemakers put it into their heads as they are still developing their tastes and open to all sorts of influences, but your MO is to ‘keep em locked’ whilst only defining hip-hop to them in the narrowest terms.

      Would you really have us believe that there’s only ever 5-10 dope tracks out at any one time and that’s all the music the public can handle at once? Does anyone, even adolescents really want to hear a particular tune EVERY HOUR for a month?? Ever heard the saying ‘familiarity breeds contempt’?

      In the 80s what we demanded as an audience was something new, something fresh and different to what else was banging. And if 2 tracks sounded alike we knew one of ’em was a bite of the other.

      If you don’t believe me listen to Red Alert tapes from 84-88 and witness the diversity of styles on offer. And even though there was a hundredth of the amount of records out them times, you will not hear the same tune played over and over because the DJ’s had a mission to be innovative and to drop new jewels, & to be the DJ that played ish that no-one else had and play it before anyone else dropped it.

      things done changed….

      • diggdoug

        well said. but you mentioned red alert ! red gets no burn on 97 or 105. he gets a burn on 107.5 . the r&b heavy station. i feel like a ex civil rights fighter , watching his hard work wasted


        They got mad Red Alert shows from the 80s and early 90s on YouTube fam-get thet Tubemate app to download em to a smartphone…

  28. diggdoug

    i saw peter at the hit squad concert . he was not the guy you hear on the radio. humble dude when he’s in front of us

  29. Twm Owen

    How can you troll a radio station? It’s a media outlet, Chuck is simply campaigning on an issue he strongly believes in and trying to engage with those that are in positions of influence. Chuck hasn’t stated he’s the prez of anything, simply an experienced head commenting on matters he has deep understanding of. Chuck also hosts his own radio shows and promotes underground artist. His Twitter output is just one small part of his ongoing contribution to hip hop.

  30. Mec-One

    dude has no power at that radio station he just plays what he’s told to play …..nothing more …. he can try and deflect or talk big all he wants ……

    • slapurfavrit

      Im from NY and Hot97 and Power 105.1 are dick riders…pause they have the same song play line up as the south. The only way to get real music is through satellite Radio. Hot 97 and Power 105.1 needs to get it together…they need to fire some people to get things correct.

  31. BigHomie337

    Social media makes these once seemingly powerful rappers look corny by the day. Not just rappers but any type of entertainer that engages in Internet beef looks corny as shit!!


    wow! I have never seen a post where it looks like damn near 100% of the comments agree with each other! I love it! I read through almost every comment and everyone seems to agree that Rosenberg is out of line for disrespecting a hip hop legend and pioneer like Chuck D. “What is Chuck doing for hip hop?” What is Hot97 doing for hip hop!? Chuck has a track record of positive music, events and speeches. That morning show is pure ignorance. Listen to the “Ride or Die” garbage. Almost every topic is some guy from the “hood” telling his girl he got caught with some drugs, or he shot someone or some other ignorant BS to help perpetuate the stereotypes. Chuck D has a show on 99.5 WBAI where he showcases positive, thought provoking music. F Hot97 and F that loud mouth Rosenberg. NO one ever heard of you until you suddenly popped up on the radio. Why in the world would you think you have the clout to go back and forth for some one like Chuck D.

  33. TLcoop Coop

    Hip Hop now… SUCKS!!!!!!!! The mold that some of these kids have been stuffed into is pathetic and unoriginal.

  34. MFairclough

    This dude is making a living off the giants who created the music and the culture. Sit down dude take a back seat somewhere. You have no voice, your corney. This is why HOT 97 is losing listeners. HOT 97 was the trendsetter, now they are following. Ebro you need new blood, get the corny dude off the radio, need dudes like Gerald Kelly.

  35. Aunt Cookie

    If you talk to anybody about hip hop… I’ll BET you that Chuck D’s name will come up before this cats name will… Who elected him the speaker of hiphop? Who gave him the authority to say what or who Chuck D is in the game?? FOH… There is a large stadium with an arse of seats that has ole Peety boys name on it…feel free to choose several and sit’cho ass down…

  36. Dmac Uno

    U cant speak to Chuck D like that, Apology not accepted, I denounce your hip hop card for the crime of questioning an African American about his culture

  37. Seariyn .

    The radio rat dis, because in his heart he feels he is better that the man Chuck D. Same shit, different day.

  38. MalcolmLittle

    Good to actually see everyone on one accord on the board regarding this issue, a rare moment in AHH history…which pretty much speaks VOLUMES to just how bad Rosenberg fukked up on this one. Ain’t much I can say that all you brothas ain’t already covered, but what I’m wonderin is which one of these coon ass rappers is gonna be the first to come out and go outta their way to defend Rosenberg…we all know that train’s NEVER late. As someone alluded to in another comment, Chuck should use this as leverage to begin the MUCH-needed paradigm shift in Hip-Hop…if anyone in the culture is capable of rallyin the troops even in this day and age, it’s the great Carlton Ridenhour.

  39. Keyanna Celina

    Chuck D came to Oakland to speak at the Malcolm X Consciousness Conference at Laney College in 2004. I was a student from another college. Changed my life. From breaking down the meaning of the song “Strange Fruit” to our young generation to planting many seeds. I left that 3 day conference reeling from all the gems. Chuck D did more in one wknd for young Black kids than all of this Hot 97 puppet’s professional career. We need to get at these old saggy racists for disrespecting our OGs

  40. Aniyah Sydney Renne Tifari

    It’s no secret that HOT97 was the hottest radio station in the country but their ship is sinking rapidly! ..Rosenburg is entitled to his opinion however he doesn’t speak for the listener’s who are tired of “radio personality clowns with big ass ego’s, corny punchlines, and ridiculous rants! Emmis is killing HOT97 and very soon HOT97 will be POP 97 where REAL HIP HOP DOESN’T LIVE ANYMORE!》》》ON THE NEXT》》》POWER 105.1

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