Stevie J Arrested On Camera For Owing $1 Million In Child Support (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Stevie J had a private moment in his life caught on tape and Mona Scott Young was not behind the camera. The Love N Hip Hop star was arrested for owing over $1 million in unpaid child support.

Back in February, Stevie J was served a subpoena to appear in Family Court over unpaid child support payments in connection to a child he conceived with Carol Bennett. According to reports, Stevie J and Bennet had their children in 1997 and 1998, however Stevie stopped paying child support back in 2001, two years after he was court ordered to pay.

Stevie J’s child support payments were initially $6,600 but reportedly increased to $850,000 as the producer began to attain more fame. Stevie J was arrested by police in Georgia and will have to face criminal charges in New York City.

Check out the footage of Stevie J’s arrest below:

  • Twonpass


    not a fan of the courts, but dumb asses, when you do dumb shit, dont expect much of anything else to happen….

    thats what u get, i have no remorse for brothas that continue to fake the funk and act like they winning when they are a bunch of losers…

    No excuse for any man to not take care of his kids…..if he had any real back bone, none of this would be news…

    and now u married a clearly classless stripper who will never change, she is content being ratchet as hell….

  • Dubz

    Who recorded this? Mimi and Nikko?

    • Twonpass

      hahahahaha prolly…

    • GP

      they prolly called the bo brown on steebie



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  • GP

    this nicca dumb I wouldn’t open the door for no police, I would have sent jose to da door. then again this dude act like he ballin on tv but cant pay child support. steebie on his was to new York like, ooooo no I neeed to leave these drugs alone…

    • Trill sht I wouldn’t have answered that door either. …something that simple can keep u from going to jail for the moment. I wouldn’t give a fk if they just seen me walk thru the door and came knocking. Hell I could be standing at my glass door completely visible, they just gon have to kick my sht in cuz I ain’t going voluntarily.

  • brotha_man

    a millie….this brotha is done.

  • The Black Fist

    Classic mugshot with the Stevie J face LMAO

    clown, just another fake mufucka on TV playing the baller role.
    if it aint back taxes owed then it’s child support and in some cases it’s both

    • Celz

      Fraud willies gamblin they reup.. Smh.. Ballin is buying depreciating assets Wealthy is buying investments that accrue interest…





  • equinox2009

    FIVE CHILDREN and this man hope can’t even feed and clothe them. DISGRACEFUL. Maybe Mimi can lend it to him after her next pornography tape!

  • equinox2009

    OH WAIT–just read Joseline is about to release her sex tape-now she can support Steebies kids!!!!!

  • Jared

    In all seriousness I’m sure he can file for bankruptcy. No way his assets are even near a million legally. He does that and he can still do his TV shit and get a few $100,000 before his 15 minutes is over

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  • Slaughtr

    Filing bankruptcy does not free from paying child support so in reality he eithers pays the shyt or face more legal bs. even with his TV appearances I gurantee the judge will eat his ass up on principal. When you fake ass ballout in public they get you. 8 more months and I’m done no fckn way was jail in the equation them boys are heartless and ruthless it’s all corporate with courts and jails. Stevie pay that shyt joe.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    This is one bum a$$ N@gga.

  • IceBergSlim

    He is Trifling, their is no excuse you have brothers making minimum wage take better care of their kids or child. When you love your child I do not care what you have going on with the mother you can hate her til you die but don’t leave your child too suffer. I have a child too so I am speaking from experience. I have not had a relationship with her mother since we parted ways three months into her pregnancy. My daughter just graduated from High School on 6.09.14. I can not describe the feeling but I am the Proudest Father In The World. She is spoiled with love my LOVE

    • Celz

      ^^^ Real nicca shyt right there bruh.. Much respect

    • hoeyuno

      Thats whats up!!!

    • Twonpass

      Always a Big up,

      Right on my brotha…..

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  • blackasia7033

    It just disgust me how “SOME” celebrities have children and do not acknowledge them in their royalities..I thought becoming famous was the goal to be a better provider for your family. All that drama on his show, fighting over bitches, waving stacks, and bragging about how much money you got…but then forget about the importance of providing for your children…..People who even watch the show and contribute to this nonsense is beyond senseless..Just like bad credit you can’t get shit, Child support should have the same results!!

    • It does go on your credit, but do you agree that a million bucks sounds very excessive? What does the broad do? Who the fk spends a million to raise a kid? That’s not justifiable ever and I don’t care how much u make. It doesn’t say he doesn’t take care of his kids, it says he doesn’t pay child support. There is a difference, I would just take care of my child outside of the courts, i wouldnt pay that bullsht either. Seriously, who the Fk are they to decide how much I have to spend on MY child? Momma sitn at home thinking she never has to get a job, anything over a few stacks a month is just insane really. So momma gets to lay on her azz for yrs after laying on her back for a few moments….gtfoh. I pay child support and also have 2 of my boys living with me so I’ve dealt with both sides. For women that’s stuck with the child I feel your pain, I’m a man and I’ve been a single dad b4 so I know, funny thing is I’ve never asked my kids mother for a damn dime, didnt take her to court to get em either. we talked it out and figured I could provide better. Some broads be out for that check tho. One things for sure tho, on the child support side of things it just complicates things and puts them people in ya business, and for what if a nigga don’t wanna pay he just ain’t gonna pay and then what?

      • Trey

        I understand what you saying but that applies if it is just out of the blue he agreed back in the day to pay her a certain amount ($8,000 or so) from 1997 or 1998, so he made like a handful of payments then stopped at the time and he had the bread cause he always was a stunting ass nigga even back then…my dude this is the total he owes for not paying over 13years… Jose need to pay up

  • hoeyuno

    Fucc this guy!!! 2 kids he hasn’t taken care of for 13 years…..fucc out of here!! I got a baby moms whos the most difficult human being on the planet but I dont let that shit come between me and my daughter…i hope this dumb mofo gets the flesh eating disease on his face!!

    • Nobody said he don’t take care of em, he just don’t pay child support. Really, who the fk are they to tell you exactly how much of YOUR money YOU should spend to raise YOUR child. That number is astronomical under any circumstances. I can understand why dudes rebel against the system because males don’t usually have a voice when u walk in that courtroom. I really would have to disagree if ol girl just sitn at the crib getn her nails and hair did. Which judging by his number she is severely under employed compared to his earning potential. Whose fault is that tho?

      • hoeyuno

        Im gonna guess the $850,000 was annually and was probably the result of him not showing up to court dates. .and your right it never said ish about him not spending time with his kids but he had to be ignoring somebody for it to get to this point. .

  • Hood Oracle

    850’000 a month…no way

  • dj coldheart

    that nigga Steebie is a trick . He gives his money to hoes like Joselyn and strippers but cant pay his baby mama? Dude was tellin Niko his Rolex watch was fake but now the feds is at his door . Wow. Not a good look. Karmas a bitch . That bitch Joselyn better go back to the strip club and bail her nigga out of jail

    • You ain’t never tryna hand over a cool mill to a broad you was just fkn….kid or not that’s too damn much realistically…..absolutely ridiculous number no matter how much you’re worth.

  • scullyson

    Thats alot of dough yo

  • i’mreloaded!

    At one point didn’t you realize you still had children to support to let it reach dat high of an amount?

    • A million dollars bro….ain’t no way in hell a child needs more than I need to sustain a decent lifestyle, that’s just real. It’s almost like a slap in the face to have a number like that for a child. Them numbers could take care of that child and the bitch ‘ s whole side of her family. You would feel that same way if someone got in your business and TOLD you how much you HAVE to spend on your child when all they need is essentials and tlc.

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  • Killuminati

    baby mama drama at an all time high

  • Jamel Williams

    I’m sorry I’m with Stevie on this one why should I give up a million what is that kid going to do with all that money these child support laws are ruining peoples lives.

    • Ruining lives 4 sure….u lock the dude up for failure to pay…he loses job and then definitely can’t pay…your L gets suspended and ya kid still ain’t getn that check…dumbest system I’ve ever heard of. If you don’t have a job they damn near mandate that you get one, but on the flip side the woman gets the luxury of never having to venture out and get a job and better themselves. B4 these hoes try to attack my comments my son’s stay with me and I’m with them everyday. I do pay child support for my others but not once have i been to court and they ordered this broad to make more money. I’ve seen them tell guys all the time to get one and they barely even let them talk. Meanwhile this hoe gets to sit at home to collect welfare and cs. Seriously flawed system, i can go on and on. You send THEM PEOPLE the money and they dish it out to them? If it doesn’t go thru them it doesn’t count under any circumstances. ..wtf kinda sht is that. I can’t lie I’ve made the mistake of just handing the bread to ol girl outta convenience but it’s a no win situation, that money don’t even count or go towards ya tab. Omg i could talk 4 ever about this, of course if you politely ask the broad to hand the kid over and you won’t ask them for nutn guess what she gon say? Women like that ain’t worried bout nutn but dollar signs.

      • hoeyuno

        the system is flawed ..I know my pops got his wadges garnished over some bitch who got him stabbed and made his life a living hell. ….rather then just giving him custody when he had his shit together…

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  • Clondyke Classic

    I aint gon even judge homie cuz these hoes be lyin. My potna used to buy his daughter shit all the time but he wasn’t goin thru the courts so it wasn’t on record. One day the bitch tried to get some money from my nigga for whatever reason and he turned her down so that bitch went to them people and told em my nigga hadn’t been paying his child support. And he not the first nigga I seen go through that. Dirty ass bitches!

    • If u ever been to child support court that sht is not a game….Dudes get no love up in there…even when their numbers wrong they can give two fks about u. Ask me how I know, and I’m a dude that pays mine on time. I used to still say fuk it and buy sht all the time til they told me it don’t count at all under any circumstances….since my Bm wanted to be nasty due to the breakup she gotta live with that decision. She used to be able to ask for anything anytime and I would give it to her, all I told her was to never put them folks in our biz. She got in her feelings and put em on me, it kinda worked out tho cuz now I pay less and don’t have to deal wit the broad at all….n I was one of them do it all dad’s man. These hoes get in they feelings and think you sposed to be hurt by it. I don’t like it but it ain’t been too bad in my case, not gon lie I hate her more than anything for doing me like that cuz I wasn’t one of them nothing azz niggaz that don’t do nutn. Hell they told me I was doing way too much. I still hate going thru them vs her being mature enough to work the sht out. She did it outta spite and that’s what pissed me off, but if she like it I love it.

    • Trey

      I can understand everybody’s point but he stopped paying from a certain year on up he agreed to the terms then went Ghost…I am a man myself and you would not see me on TV like a Dumb ASS renting shit and fronting and not have taken care of the owed BACK Child Support…don’t mix this coke head up with a real man, a real man wouldn’t do the COON ASS SHIT HE DO.

  • All yall talking down on bruh don’t even know his story…..how many of you cats would honestly shell out a million dollars just because the court told you too? Just cuz he ain’t paying that absurd amount of child support doesn’t mean he don’t keep his kid straight. A million is very excessive no matter what the circumstance to raise a child….I wouldn’t pay that sht either, I’d take care of mine outside the court…Seriously, who the fk are they to decide what’s best for you and yours? That system is so flawed anyway, if you can try to work that sht out, cuz it’s nutn but headaches dealing with that system for real. What if his Bm a dead beat stay at home broad collecting welfare? Ain’t no way in hell man that number way too high. Like I said homegirl would get what I want to pay, not finna hand no broad that much cake just cuz the courts say so. That number just so nasty that I would feel a certain kinda way about it.

    • Trey

      Look He agreed to the terms the right way…but he stop making payments. He has a total of #5 Kids #2 Boys #3 Girls,Baby Momma Carol has his #2 Sons Stevie and Dorian #1 chick has Savannah Mimi has Eva and another chick has his other Daughter…I know cats out there that don’t have the bread he has had over the years that take care of theirs they wouldn’t wife no hoe and be on National TV fronting and he was arrested not too long ago for weed, he got money for stupid shit but not his seeds SMH FOR REAL If this isn’t some footage for LIES & HIP FLOPS LOL

    • Chelle

      It’s all based on what the child have with both parents in the house, and the life style they would have. Please remember it is always your responsibility to take care of your kids. You sound like a DEADBEAT DAD.

      • I could say u sound like a bitter bumble bee……lmao my son’s live with me….fire with fire sht



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  • bigdo

    a million dollars in back child support??? *reads how much his payment amounts were * Ohhhhh, I see… he was getting hit with those ridiculous payment amounts way back in the day… damn… tough stuff man… tough stuff… feel for him, but it is what it is… don’t have em’ unless you’re gonna be with the woman for the rest of your life and she’s not a bum… and yeah most of these women demanding these insane amts of loot are just that–bums, looking for a quick come up and using the children as cheques…

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