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Chief Keef's Mom's Documentary "O.G. Sosa: A Documentary" Releasing Next Week (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) In less than a week, Chief  Keef’s mother, Lolita Carter will invite viewers into the “real ingredients of O.G. Sosa” as her biographical documentary O.G. Sosa: A Documentary will be released.

The film will include never-before-seen footage of Carter’s upbringing in Chicago. Carter shares her experiences of once being a member of the infamous Chicago street gang “The Black Disciples” and what it was like giving birth to Chief Keef  at the age of 16.

The film is produced by Hip-Hop Junkies Film and Video Production Company and will be available for digital download on June 17th at

Check out the trailer below:

  • Quintin Williams

    These two sound like some ignorant folks.

  • The_Good_Life

    Her story might be more interesting than her son’s, minus the king thing. Chicago was more active back then than now. What they got now is a result of what the old heads started.

  • tra mo

    More coon isshh f a chief keef and anybody that support his career his mother with all due respect ain’t gon show nothing we ain’t seen before a waste of computer space

  • Killuminati

    no wonder hes so fucked up lol….his mom had her mom raise him while she was out gang bangin, and now she is going to cake off her sons rap career by telling her gang tales lmao…aint nothing positive coming out of chi town….and who cares abt some old ass used to be gang banger hoe anyways bahahahahhaahaaa

    • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

      LOL and people wonder why Chief Keef doesn’t give a f4ck about anything.


        LOL…don’t give a f4ck about anything,lmao this is like the 90s ppl
        be believing everything they here or see on camera…smmfh
        well white ppl do especially!!! and thats how rappers make there
        bread,so i guess you good my dude!


    Great, the insights into one of the BIGGEST F*CKUPS IN MUSIC HISTORY! Can’t wait to see how GHETTO & how RACHETT this slore & her untalented unintelligible could be SO WACK & F*CK UP more than anybody could! GREAT ENTERTAINMENT! Gotta be better than that garbage ‘music’ SoSo BAD is spewing ……..

  • T R I L L ✞ S A V A G E

    She look like she was a shooter for Larry Hoover back in the day

    • Larry Hoover is from Gangster Disciples…shes from Black Disciples….and they are rival gangs!!!

  • diggdoug

    it starts at home . ( mic drop )



  • i’mtelling

    Yet we want to blame racism and white people.

  • Dope

    Filming in black&white doesn’t make it art.

  • Ty


  • i’mreloaded!

    I’m understanding why Chief Keef is da way he is. There are a lot of Chief Keefs in da world and they are raised by mothers who were only misguided children themselves. What does anyone know bout raising children at 16? The easy route would be abortion but I commend her on doing the best she could under the circumstances. Gang members serving as father figures are the ONLY influence this young man has ever had. People are products of their surroundings, and if you’re not introduced to anything positive in your life and negative influences surround you everyday, what positivity can dat individual aspire to? I won’t condemn this young man, but instead hope he lives long enough to see the error of his actions and attempt to get his life right. I will check this out because I’m actually interested in what she and him went through.

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  • bigdo

    smh… this deserves a documentary? Why? This woman has raised an idiot, knucklehead who hasn’t added anything positive to rap whatsoever… and he continues to promote a mentality in his city that literally has the place lookin like a war zone…

    I don’t wanna see this woman pretending as though she did a good job or copping pleas for doing a bad one… You raised an idiot and he happened to get rich b/c of the exploitive nature of the music business; end of documentary.

    • Schooly B

      “and he continues to promote a mentality in his city that literally has the place lookin like a war zone…”

      If you aren’t from the city don’t speak recklessly about it clown. What you think you see on the telly and what actually occurs here are two very different things. No one cares about a Cheif Keef. And he definitely doesn’t influence anything here. Stop talking now. Your ignorance is showing.

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  • jdubba

    This is literally the worst idea ever. Chief Queef will be dead or in jail within the year, and his mom will be back to blowin dudes for krills.