"Kanye West's New Testament" Short Film Released (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West’s interviews, rants, and stream of consciousness speeches have become the stuff of legend. Now Ye’s words have been combined with visual backdrops in the new short film “New Testament.”

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The 34-min project takes quotes from the Yeezus creator over the past year and a half. Images of statutes, sports event, animals, commercial advertising, and more are complimented by string instruments. Andrew Michael Stubbs edited the film, and Jonny Greenwood provided the soundtrack.

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Watch “Kanye West’s New Testament” below.

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    warniing the vid starts off with d*ck n balls in ya face lol

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  • s0rethumb

    Kanye is the truth

  • imagineTHATbang

    Kanye West is about to pick up where Tupac left off. The only thing is he not just trying to wake up n!ggas he trying to wake up society. We are all controlled by the wrong people and the only way to fix that is for the masses to wake up and pull together and take that control back.

    Kanye is the Truth – s0rethumb

  • RazaBladeKing

    Stop the madness. Kanye is NOT the truth, and he sure as hell is NOT anything like Pac. Kanye Kardashian wears blouses, skirts, and other women’s clothing. Kanye Kardashian spends a lot of time rapping about fashion, like obscure Swedish clothing brands that his audience cannot afford or relate to. Kanye Kardashian married into the most obnoxious reality tv family of all, and is actually the most annoying Kardashian. He is not a genius, or even a top-tier MC. 808s and Yeezus were both garbage truck juice. He wants to wake us up from materialism… right after you buy his $150 white tee and $250 sneakers. I repeat… Stop the madness.

    • imagineTHATbang

      It’s obviously you didn’t listen to what Kanye was saying. Name one
      thing he says that isn’t true. You talk a lot of hate with no

      Name one artist out right now that’s not talking that same sh!t. N!ggas is struggling in the streets right now and you got T.I, Drake, Two Chains, Rick Ross and others talking that same Versace, Gucci, Lui, Prada and red bottom mess. With nothing else to say afterwards.

      You might not like 808 or Yeezus but a lot more people did and both albums made it easier for other artist to pick new lane to create from. In order to change the game you first have to win the game, in basket ball terms it’s called make it take it.

      I don’t recall one time where Kanye said he didn’t understand the rap game OR how to play it.

      At least after he talks is expensive sh!t he lets you see behind the curtain.


      • RazaBladeKing

        Well, that’s all… fascinating.

        Its obvious I didn’t waste another 1/2 hr of my life listening to this diva rant, but I’d challenge you to “Name one thing I say that isn’t true.” It’s sad that you name a bunch of mainstream artists like they’re the end-all be all. I’ll name several talking other s***: Nas, Scarface, Bun B, Devin the Dude, Big KRIT, No Malice… how many do you want? You say a lot of people liked 808s and Yeezus… that’s a vague generalization so it’s hard to argue, but I’d say for every person I know that liked them, I know 10 that say those albums were garbage truck juice (including the message boards on this site). As for new lanes, original does not equal good. We’ve never had a rapper wearing ballerina clothes and a tiara (yet)… doesn’t make it a good idea. Kinda like Yeezus. It was original and unique, and still trash.

        And that stop hatin BS at the end is just that… BS. I hate the Hitler, I hate the KKK. Some things deserve to be hated. I honestly don’t care enough about Kanye Kardashian to hate him, but I hate what he represents: the feminization/emasculation of Hip Hop in general and the black man specifically, masked behind a thin veil of social consciousness. Funny how many n*****s go Super Pro Black after they start chasing white girls. If you want to idolize this cross-dressing fashionista, that’s your business. Just know that the revolutionary role has been filled in hip hop before, by more credible people, and done better in execution. To put Kanye in the class of Pac, Nas, Chuck D, Ice Cube etc is insulting to my intelligence.

      • imagineTHATbang

        HOT DAMN! Someone with so real intelligence and debating skills I’m with that!!!!

        You got off on a bunch of different topics but I’ll just keep to Kanye West and why I said what I originally said.

        I’ll CO-SIGN your thought: I hate what he represents: the feminization/emasculation of Hip Hop in
        general and the black man specifically, masked behind a thin veil of
        social consciousness.

        But to me again you got to play the game to win the game. The powers that be got them all in chains one way or another.

        All those artists you mentioned: Pac, Nas, Chuck D, Ice Cube etc… They all have a reach but it’s not as far as Kanye West’s reach is.

        Kayne said himself within this very video that a person has to sacrifice money, integrity or relevancy to have some kind of impact. So (this is me assuming) he gets what you are saying but the end has to justify the miens, and to him putting on a skirt to get everyone’s attention to what he’s really pointing at is worth it.

        Just like you I would rather listen to Nas, Scarface, Bun B, Devin the Dude, Big KRIT, No Malice… but them dudes have yet to make any kind of music that has the impact globally that Kanye’s music has while at the same time getting you to see what’s really going on in society. All them dudes sacrifice money and relevancy to keep their integrity, and even though they still got their integrity they still aint making the noise that Kanye West is “Socially”.

        No one since Pac has done it to the level that Kanye West is right now. Again I ask you… Name one person that is as socially conscious as Kanye is with the same reach musicly right now.

        At this very moment he’s the only one in Pac’s lane (socially conscious rapper) but he’s doing it his way. He’s not Tupac and neither he nor I have claimed that he was. But you can hear a lot of what Pac was saying in what Kanye is saying now but Kanye isn’t just talking about black unity he’s talking about the “haves (top 1%) vs have nots (the 99%)”

      • RazaBladeKing

        I was all over the place because I was trying to answer all the questions you posed, but I’m rapidly losing interest in this subject, and since no one in the history of the internet has ever successfully convinced anyone else to change their position, we’ll have to agree to disagree. I’ll leave it at this: I believe Kanye Kardashian is a FRAUD, flat-out phony revolutionary whose actions betray anything of value that he has to say. Pac and the others I mentioned were authentic in their words and motives, proven through their actions that they lived and, in Pac’s case, died for; Kanye Kardashian is not, therefore he is not in their lane, only pretending to be. Example 1: I notice a lot of dudes I know turn militant pro-black after they start chasing the Amber Rose’s and Kim K’s of the world, and I believe that is phony militance as a way to compensate psychologically for their ‘selling out’. Example 2: Kanye Kardashian cannot talk about unifying the “have-nots” against the “haves” when he proudly boasts about being a “have” in his music, talks about cars and clothes that only “haves” can relate to in his music, married a “have”, and prices his clothes and sneakers for the “haves” and the wannabes. Again, phony. As far as reach… man, I’ll just say “time will tell.” People still listen to Pac’s music 20 YRS LATER, and college curriculum is based on his lyrics… I have a hard time imagining a world where a Kanye Kardashian ever has that kind of impact or staying power. (Does anyone even still bump 808s for example?) The fact that you think Mr. Kardashian has more social reach or impact than OGs like Pac, Nas, Ice Cube, and Chuck D, who built this house called hip hop that Kanye is currently squatting in and fruitifying… well, that’s your opinion. I guess I do see a lot more dudes wearing leggings and skirts now, but I think that impact is both destructive in nature, and derivative of the culture those OGs molded. Said another way, Kobe can’t surpass Jordan if he’s just stealing or even perfecting Jordan’s moves, and (in my mind) he definitely can’t do it in a pink jersey. I’d buy your argument if I was willing to make excuses for his contradictory behavior (and his suspect behavior), but I’m not a fan, so I’m not.

        In my eyes, he’s a fraud. And a fruitball, too.

      • imagineTHATbang

        You are right, we’ll have to agree to disagree and I’ll end with this:

        Societies and Governments were both built on contradictory behavior.



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  • Insite The-Formula

    Kanye is not comparing himself to pac…hes saying hes an artist and the modern day shakespear .. hes not limited to music

  • Insite The-Formula

    critics OD on selective hearing

    • RazaBladeKing

      As delusional as Kanye Kardashian is, no one is saying Kanye compared himself to Pac. His delusional fans were the ones that made that comparison. You could just scroll down and see for yourself… or should we chalk that up to “selective reading”?

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