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Lil Boosie: I Will Not Stop The Mothers Of My Children From Making A Reality TV Show

(AllHipHop News) There’s Southern hospitality then there’s letting the mother’s of your children document your family’s lives to broadcast on national televsion. In an interview following his first perfomance with Webbie since his release, Lil Boosie spoke on the possibility of a reality show featuring all of the mothers of his children.

This past March, a trailer for a possible reality TV show involving Walnita Decuir, Tracey Taylor, Trivia Weatherspoon, and Gerlissa Haze was released. The four women are the mothers of Lil Boosie’s seven children. Boosie spoke about his initial discomfort but how the root of capitalism is the reason for him giving his blessing on the show:

At first I wasn’t with it at all. I thought it’d make my children argue, all their mommas. I ain’t gonna stop nobody from getting money. If they want to get money, I ain’t gonna stop the show or nothing like that. I ain’t gon’ be in it. But I ain’t gonna stop them from getting their money.

The show was reportedly shopped to Fuse and the Oxygen Network. The Oxygen Network canceled a similar show, All My Babies’ Mamas featuring Shawty Lo and the seven mothers of his children before the show aired a single episode in January of 2013.

Check out the trailer to the untitled reality show featuring the mothers of Lil Boosie’s children below:

  • Killuminati

    free publicity,,,why would he care…he needs all the help he can get


    Celebrating unemployed girls sleeping with anyone they THINK may support them for 18 years for spreadin’ their legs, spewing out unwanted children destined for crime & the prison system, making this a WORSE WORLD every day! F*CK Lil Boopsie & his untalented unintelligible ‘garbage’ rap – one of the BIGGEST REASONS we live in a World of SH*T HOP, no longer a highly creative world of innovators like OUTKAST, 2PAC, N.W.A, B.I.G., DE LA SOUL, DR. DRE, PUBLIC ENEMY & others! Sad………….

    • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

      You are right but he is still going to make a much better album then All Eyez On Me. And you know this, maaaaan!

      • regalpimp

        You on that shit…

    • Slaughtr

      Shit Hop indeed!! nuff said!

  • BullsFan4Life29

    This is messed up.

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  • bigdo

    how these “women” can be so easily exploited and not really be clued into it, is just…. it’s beyond me. They realize that either Fuse or Oxygen, whomever decides to pick this garbage up is basically just making fun of them and broadcasting their silliness and pettiness out into the world for other people to point and laugh at them too…

    It’s so sad to see grown women so starved for attention and money that they need to survive that they turn to this type of thing… There’s little dignity and no honor in it. They playin themselves and they’re so unaware of it…. senseless..

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  • Keenan Jones

    At first look, I thought they were going to be some ignorant, unintelligible individuals but I was quite surprised. They all seem to know how to articulate themselves well enough. I don’t think something like a reality show is in the best interest of the kids but it’s not my decision to make. I just hope if it does happen, they aren’t showing their ass each episode (not that I’m going to watch it), just making the African American community look worse than it already does.

  • k.newell

    whats up lil boosie they just trying to get in your business keep ya head up aint seen him since club raine in Florence sc 2009 love ya !!! glad to see you out

  • jdubba

    Wonder if her mother knows what Trivia means? Here’s a Trivia question: name a dumbass southern retard rapper who’ll be back in jail in less than a year for some ignorant shit