Chief Keef Talks About Being Evicted From Highland Park Home (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Chief Keef was back in the news recently after the Chicago rapper was evicted from the home he was living in. TMZ caught up with Keef to ask him about his forced moved and reports he owed his landlord back rent.

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“I don’t know what they talking about. I don’t know if owe or not,” responded Keef about the supposed debt. “I don’t give a f**k neither.”

The “F**k Rehab” performer also states he believes he had to move because his Highland Park neighbors did not want him living near them.

“They say they don’t want me around. They don’t want me in their neighborhood. I’m too bad,” said Keef. “I guess I’m just a bad, little young boy… One day I’m gonna be a grown man, and I ain’t gonna be bad no more.”

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Watch the video below.

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  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Exactly why he no one will give him a home either. He is making it bad for black people who might move in that same neighborhood. Fking ignorant slave ass nigga. You are 18 years old stop acting like a child. Calling himself a little boy. Man you sound stupid.

    • Troll_E_G

      He makes himself look bad not black people…know the difference

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        No I know the “difference” homie. Unfortunately I live in a reality where other people actions affect me. I go to the same area and white people would say we can’t have any black people here because of the past. We are judge whether you see it that way or not by perception as a whole of ignorance. So we as a whole must teach the young like him as a whole. The older people around him are just as much to blame as him. Though he is a grown man who should take responsibility for his actions. He is not mature enough to have snakes around him with money.

      • Troll_E_G

        Thats your first problem…caring about someones opinion of u ….if white people can’t tell the difference between negativity and positivity then u don’t need to be around them Spending money n time with people who only judge. That’s foolish

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    no hate here……….when i was young i was doing sh!t like this too

  • johnblacksad

    Keep not giving a fcuk… you’ll find out soon enough where that leads you

  • Dointer

    What more can you say about this young man that hasn’t been said….I hope for his life and his young child ,that maturity strikes down on him soon.

  • Super-Khalifah

    What do you expect when you give a young person money and freedom and they are not yet mature enough to handle it correctly. He needs older people around him that are a good influence

    • cromthelaughinggod7


  • The Legendary Troll

    2 million dollar deal and you still getting evicted? lmao youngins never learn. dude will be broke within the next 5 years. count on it

  • bigdoe6

    What u mean you don’t give a fcuk??? You have to pay that rent. That’s not your property homie. You daughter needs a roof over her head. Why do labels sign these idiotic rappers man. This is just crazy. Where’s his manager because he wasn’t supposed to even entertain this TMZ crap. Keep your business to yourself and handle your affairs homie. You gotta pay that rent no matter what. Stop buying cars and fake jewels and buy yourself and nice crib for you and your fam. Why are u renting a mansion???

    • These nigglets make Blacks look bad. Phuck ’em.

      • The Black Fist

        NO, you make blacks look bad by making ignorant comments like that, he don’t make Jay-z or Oprah look bad, even the youngsters his age. Like I’m responsible for his stupidity! GTFOH

  • That’s ok young homey!

    Rent in a more expensive area, where they don’t want you there even more, and keep paying rent / eating with a hole in your back, until you are flat broke, with nothing to show for it, then you can move back to an area that cost less, and they want you to be there!

  • Executive

    First time I ever heard this dude talk.

  • HATER PROOF hate cause the truth is if he was white, niggas and wiggers would be call him a “real nigga”and “dick ridin” SMMFH

  • Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin’

    What’s up with the dreads all in his face?

  • Mos High

    He doesnt make black people look bad, he makes himself look bad. To be honest he is young 18,19 or 20 whatever he is. The issue I have is his handlers, if he has any. Nobody can say put down hmm 20,30,40K down on a house, condo or townhouse? Maybe his credit is torn regardless of his supposed income. No doubt with in 3 yrs at this pace it will be all over, reality will strike that he just f*cked up.

  • Ipullcards

    This guys retarded

  • TimeWillTellu1

    No shit bro because you’re Ignant

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    this guy is on his 14th & a half minute of fame.



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  • GP

    Getting evicted for non payment of rent, that’s the shit I don’t like! Roast Beef gotta manage you doh better brah!

  • binary_star

    smh @ a grown man with a child saying “I guess I’m just a bad, little young boy”

  • Dadon850

    If you find the word jigg-a-boo in the dictionary, Chief Keef face has got to be beside it. Wow!! Poster child for a spook n!gga. Perfect Jimmy Iovine victim.



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  • Hutch Thirteen

    i don’t care at all about Keef – but my mom lives in HP – here friend was Keef’s neighbor. they were complaining about him. I’m like “the kid is a new millionaire… what do you think he is be like? he is 18/20 year old with millions. Of course that’s what will happen.” again – horrible rapper, whack beats; but i don’t blame him for movin there or anything he did.